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a little "trouble"1st, a little


I found this old game board in a thrift store for $1  -because the pieces were missing.  Awwww.

But you know me—I bought a 3ft ½” wooden dowel and cut it down to a bunch  of 1 inch pieces.  20 of them –actually.  Then I painted 5 each~

red  yellow  green  and  blue!

No more missing pieces!

a little "trouble"

Blue is currently drying!

Can’t wait to play a round with the kiddos!

a little "trouble"

I actually have another FUN project I’m just wrapping up to show you—
B U T  –I’m also launching into a big

architectural bookshelf makeover!


launching into a BIG makeoverIn terms of this project~we’ll call this Before.

But you can see by the arched piece, I’ve been kicking around ideas for a while.  Below—it’s stripped down to the carcass for me to get going. . . Catherine

launching into a BIG makeover

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Pardon the punI couldn’t help myself!


I bought this fun basket because I loved it!

a wonderful wire basket!

But I confess, I also bought it

because -it needed- a WAY better handle!

And I wanted to add it to my stashes for 2 pop-up flea markets later this year.

Cool wire basket.  Stupid handle.  My remedy!

Stupid Handle

I happily took a hammer to the stupid plastic smashing it to pieces!

To the alarm of m’ma, I borrowed another piece of her mother’s broken cradle.

I cut out the section I wanted to use on the chop saw, then ripped that part in half at the table saw.

using a piece of an antq crib

*There was no way to disconnect the metal handle to make any other kind of change.

 Now cut in half to wrap around the metal handle, it would also require a long channel, a groove–which I created at the router table.

routing a channel, a long groove

routing a channel, a long groove

a new handle for the basket!Make sense now?

I glued and clamped the pieces back together and left it to dry overnight.  Sanded, lime waxed—and called it finished!


I know, a lot of fuss for such a small detail, right?  But doesn’t this look nicer?!


a much nicer handle, right?

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found on a fb shopping page--

LAST Saturday

I was in a pseudo Twilight Zone trying to buy this danged dresser.

And TODAY-Saturday

the dresser has a whole new look-style-vibe and is already looking for a new home via the antq mall!

working on a classic REfinish

Well, like I said in the last post,

I had visions of  a simple, classic, and elegant REdo.

I jumped right into REfinishing the top and working on the many needed repairs.  I knew what colors I planned on using—I could SEE IT finished!

A N D   T H E N, when I couldn’t fall asleep one night, this OTHER IDEA came to me.  Contingent to finding the right floral~something.  With NO wallpaper that fits this new vision, I went in search of a large poster!

working on the drawers

I was feeling kind of badly that I already painted the drawers that pretty pale watery-blue-green.  Seemed like a waste.  But then–I made an adjustment to the poster as I cut it out, and left a ½” reveal all around.

FYI– Press n’ seal works great to cover & protect the steel wheels,  as you see below.

working on the Victorian dresser

On to the poster~

a great poster!

Taking one drawer at a time –from the bottom drawer up– I tacked the poster at the bottom drawer edge, then used a box cutter along the top edge to cut out each part of the poster.

cutting & applying the poster sections

cutting & applying the poster sections

Once things were “settled” and easier to see, I absolutely decided on cutting each section down for a ½” reveal of the blue-painted drawers.

You can see how “pristine” the poster looks, which some might like, but I wanted a very old look.  So I crumpled up each section, and even tore it a bit like “wear.”  THEN I used heavy-duty wallpaper paste to apply each section.

–Decoupaging with a poster is no easy feat, and very different to work with~thickness and finish of paper.  LOTS of patience is REQUIRED.

decoupaging a poster~

decoupaging a poster~

TEXTURE!  This poster was a printing of a canvas painting! ♥♥♥

Plus, you can see my additional “age.”

This poster was a printing of a canvas painting!

Once the postered sections were afixed and dry, I brushed on a top coat to seal it.  I’m tempted to run back down to the antq mall with a white paint pen and outline the edges for a little more “finish.”  Up close~I think it needs it, but in the general view it looks fine as is.   So, idk~


~here’s a bunch of views to really show the details of this project.
I really LUV it!
I’m sharing this dresser project at Feathered Nest Friday!
And with WoW us Wednesday!

my Victorian dresser~NOW!

my Victorian dresser~NOW!

my Victorian dresser~NOW!

details~my Victorian dresser~NOW!details~my Victorian dresser~NOW!

the side panel of my Victorian dresser

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Yes, they had problems.

The bottoms were sagging and falling out.  Nails were sticking out so much that the drawers were really difficult to open and close.  Veneer was chipped, cracked, gouged, and missing in a few areas.

But all conquerable problems.

repairing the many drawer problems

not original but worth keeping!

Although the hardware is NOT original, it looks pretty nice and only needs minor attention–so it’s a keeper!

I did use a hammer to PERSUADE them to follow the curves of drawers!  ; D

I HAD a vision for this dresser.  Simple, classic, and elegant.

But thenI was struck with this other idea. . .


~can’t wait to show you—here’s a little hint!

just a little HINT!

working on the drawers

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can anything be worth all this trouble?This poor dresser.

Did I rescue it from a hostage situation?

It certainly –felt like- a high level ransom exchange.

Some people should be banned from selling/buying -ANYthing.  E V E R.

Well~ it’s mine now to

shower with LUV!

Until I REsell it to a new good home, that is!

The smell was overwhelming on the drive back, so I off-loaded it to air out and sit in the sun all day.  Honestly, it could sit there all week and I’m pretty sure I’m still going to have to take additional measures.  Ugh.

starting from the TOP!

Well–as predicted, I started out by stripping the top.


The stain was miserable, there were areas of some very thickly applied -varnish?  Over the dirt and bad condition.  wth?

Stripping was a sticky, gooey, nasty mess.  It was GROSS.  But a VAST IMPROVEMENT already.

UNfortunately, something LARGE left a watermark, and someone wrote on something VERY HARSHLY that etched its way through too.  B u m m e r.

Especially because I had visions of a waxed, RAW wood top.

Instead, I used a natural oak stain that would be slightly more than a clear-coat.

showing the TOP some luv

showing the TOP some luv

showing the TOP some luv

showing the TOP some luv


too bad I couldn’t get the underside very clean-

Stripped, sanded, then RAW.
Finally, in the last dresser top picture~ a light natural oak stain, and with a (just applied and very wet) PROTECTIVE-satin finish-SEAL COAT.

Now, moving on—it’s time to address

those drawers.


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*Sorry for the long story*

found on a fb shopping page--Saw this ad on one of the fb shopping pages.

A very cool dresser but ~almost an hour’s drive.

B U T~

the price—makes. it. w o r t h while?


You just know it’s gonna need work.


So I messaged her to ask about it.

And this is how it went.

How long would YOU have stuck with this?

idk~ is it worth the trouble?

idk~ is it worth the trouble?

All I did was click on the pic-icon from my phone to see a bigger picture of the dresser—and it changed her ad…???

Take notice of the silence~gaps in time just to arrange this whole thing…

(this was all while I was working on the 3rd looooong table)
idk~ is it worth the trouble?

When I STILL hadn’t heard anything around 6:30 I was reluctant to start out in her direction.  What if I get to her small town and still haven’t heard from her?….  Is this a new “Craigslist killer” on the loose??

All of this “communication” was through fb message.  Which I hate.

Now almost 8:30 (original appointment SET BY HER was for 6pm)  Oh yeah!  She gave me a phone number to text her on—so I called it.

Of course- got voicemail.  I left a –frustrated– message.

DID YOU SEE THAT?  10:44  Can you come tomorrow?

Seriously lady?

Are you REALLY trying to sell something?

I stewed on it for a while.  Looked at the picture a few more times—do I really want this?  IS IT REALLY WORTH THIS MUCH TROUBLE?  I toyed with setting another appointment and NEVER SHOWING UP to get even…

…and then -foolishly- text back I could come at 10am. . . F O O L.

She responded with it WOULD HAVE TO BE 9.

O.  M.  G.

I returned to ideas of NEVER SHOWING UP again.

idk~ is it worth the trouble?

…how generous.  Did you notice how many times I had to ask for the address?

Just to finish~  when I got to the address at 9:45, there were 5 or 6 cars on the long driveway — but I had to keep knocking to get anyone to answer the door.  Then, another 15 minutes to get her kids up to move cars just to get to the dresser in the garage.

Is this a joke?

Figuring I might be on my own to load it—I made her help me before I would pay.  No ‘thank you‘s were exchanged—I sure wasn’t feeling very -kindly.

was it worth this much trouble?

Here’s my before –treasure–.

Airing out ’cause -omg- it stinks.  Can I report her to fb?

I’ve lost my mind~haven’t I?

-ugh, stay tuned


can anything be worth all this trouble?

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the breakfast chair makeoverA couple of weeks ago

I started working on the

new caned chair

found FOR the breakfast table.  A close match to what will be its mate!
I knocked it down,
primed it,
painted it,
and then it needed set up time so I detoured into painting the LL/lower level.  With THAT project wrapped up

I’ve returned to the chair!

I removed its wool and taped off/covered the muslin before priming and painting.

the breakfast chair makeover

I’m using another of my grain sacks,

but the stripes were much too “bright” for me so I washed it with bleach a couple of times.  Although not super faded, it looks cleaner and definitely~ BETTER.

I used the former chair cover as a pattern!

*I also washed it after and set it aside for a future project—I orange and it has such a great patina!

using the original chair cover as a pattern & one of my grain sacks

Below, the original wool felting and muslin~all in GOOD shape!  YaY!

Wonderful surprise~it’s a Baker chair!  Well made from solid wood, but a little bit wobbly so I added screws to firm it up.  C’est la vie.

the "new" caned chair getting a makeover!

Surprise! It's a Baker chair!











REupholstering the caned chair with a grain sack

I was hoping for a chance to run off to beg Katie (my favorite professional Upholsterer) to run double welting for me.  I can run single welting but don’t have the right foot to run my own double.

Then I started thinking.  The soft wool welting cord that you sew the fabric around actually kind of “looks like” the grain sack.  Hmmmmm. . .

Why couldn’t I use it RAW and wrap it twice?  DOUBLE welting!

It’s not for sale~it’s for me, if it doesn’t wear well I can correct it later. Let’s do it!!!

using RAW wool welting cord

using RAW wool welting cordThis welting may be a test -but- I like it!

Mismatched pieces united by paint—and eventually ALL similar fabrics!
Yes~I still have work to do~


*I need to clean the chalkboard wall from the kiddos at Christmas so mom can start drawing out the FAMILY TREE— the whole reason for the chalkboard wall!

the cane chair made over!mismatched but similar caned chairs, brought together with paint and grain sacks!


mismatched but similar caned chairs, brought together with paint and grain sacks!

Just a small cozy breakfast space inside the kitchen.

mismatched but similar caned chairs, brought together with paint and grain sacks!

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