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a "KNICK-KNACK" shelf?I made some pretty good use of Saturday’s “stolen” time!

Another  thing  I REfound in my stashes was a wall hanging

“knick-knack” shelf?

  Yes, it was one of  THOSE days, and once again—forgot all about BEFORE pics.  Sorry.

This was basically a

clean up~freshen up~dress it up job!

I need those EASY ones once in a while too!

I knocked out the back and cleaned it up/prepped it for a decoupage job.  It seemed to have some water damage at the bottom so I re-positioned and shortened it a little, AND cut a piece of ¾” pine to bulk up its bottom –and give it more support.

The bulkier bottom makes it much more stable and now I think it would be kind of a fun way to display perfumes on a dresser!

I decoupaged the back and drawer face with a few pages from my stash of vintage Etude musical magazines (1883-1957).  I’ve been lucky enough to find these magazines in some odd places for a couple of dollars each–NOT from expensive etsy or amazon!

I moved on to give the basic structure a light hand sanding, then painted it with some “exhausted” white paint.  You know–the stuff that’s at the end of the bucket that’s been opened and closed so many times it’s “thick” and not so nice any more, and NOT worth trying to sieve or add any thinners to save.  I still just can’t throw it out—yeah—I’m “frugal” like that!

"special" paint technique!Anyway~ funny thing.  I painted the piece with “that” paint, gave it a few hours drying time–and when I went to sand it lightly for a smoother finish

this is what I got in several places!

Perfect!  Luv it!

Plus- you can see the grungy OLD paint finish now.  Uh, consider THAT a “before!”  ; D

Here’s my finished quickie project!

27½h × 16½w × 5½d

One more piece for my Nellie’s stash!


a cute vintage "knickknack" shelf?


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ReStore sconces
I can’t remember ever sharing this with you—from 4 years ago.

I found them at the ReStore,

got them cheap,

did a very simple face lift,

and REsold them quickly!
. . . gotta love when that happens!

I painted them with a charcoal gray metallic spray paint, and decoupaged the metal shades with parts of an early 19oo’s newspaper.

ReStore sconce FACE LIFT

I’d actually forgotten about this project,

so fun stumbling onto these old pictures!


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Bouguereau~So I bought it in the morning and was finished by nighttime.  And today it’s in the antique mall looking for a new home!

This is how the day

the project

went (yesterday)

I was 1st in line, with 1st dibs on this dresser.  I noticed 2 others lingering–once I pulled the ticket, they disappeared.  I honestly wasn’t sure until that moment if I was going to buy it, but now so glad I went early. 

It took 2 of us to load it in the car so I wasn’t sure HOW I was going to deal with it on my own getting back at the house~yikes!

I had a planbut plans can should be “fluid.”

THE TOP– was in awful condition and since I don’t like painted tops, out came the stripper.  But even stripped, the veneer was pretty well shot having a LOT of water stains and smoking burns.  I tried sanding, but to no avail.  Plus, it was going to need a LOT of REgluing. Such a waste of time.

the SHOP HOP dresser--the topYou know how it goes–if I was trying to be oh-SO careful sanding, I would manage to damage the veneer.  But I was trying to remove it and couldn’t damage it to save m’danged life!  Okay~so a bit of exaggeration, but I’ve NEVER had such difficulties removing veneer before.

The raw wood top underneath the veneer had all the pencil marks and notes of the carpenter–I should have taken a picture before I sanded the whole thing down.  It was very cool.

The raw wood top actually looks way better than the Walnut veneer and I’m so glad I went to all the trouble!  I clear waxed the top to keep its beautiful patina, and buffed it to a silky hand.

Funny how you can’t see the damage in the picture—??

THE DRAWERS, thankfully, needed only a modicum of attention.  I had a few minor repairs to perform, some puttying and sanding.  BUT- the numerous appliqués were mostly broken with missing sections.  I decided to just strip them away—I had a different decorative idea!

I have loved the beautiful works of  Bouguereau  forEVER!  So I went dragging through my old print calendar collections and found 5 I really liked–but 1 I thought would appeal to the masses and lend a sweetness to this piece.


I stuck with a classic pale gray & soft white color scheme.

Mostly because it just looked so heavy-handed, and I really thought PALE PAINT would totally lighten, brighten, and freshen it up.

*I was told that fully stripped it might have lighter wood tones, but the MIX of woods and veneers are why the stain was so dark.  Too bad, I love pale stripped wood and this design would have been cool!
a pale color scheme

I brushed on primer before taking the easy way out with spray paint.  I was trying to get this done FAST and to the antique mall asap!  Maybe it will still get some attention from the SHOP HOP!

the vintage SHOP HOP -2018

the new hardware-

I’ve taken on some grueling projects of late, the last two kindly gave me a reprieve.  I think I earned this break—thank you Lord.

I haven’t been to a flea market in a loooong time and my hardware selections are depleting.  BUT- I found 6 pieces more true to the styling and that matched up pretty good  (even color) to the side carrying handles.

Carrying Handles!

Isn’t that cool?!

the new hardware-

Someone drilled monster holes to add those modern “ball” wheels–presumably to make moving this big, heavy piece around easier.

I intended to remove them in favor of reproduction wood wheels, but I would need more time to plug the holes with large dowels, then re-drill.  So I painted their wheels into the body of the dresser hoping they would blend in.

Once the paint seemed well dried, I decoupaged my Bouguereau selection to the empty medallion.

It was the perfect finishing touch and

I LUV it!

–and that was my crazy 24 hours–


the medallion and Bouguereau the SHOP HOP dresser

the SHOP HOP dresserFANCY thrift store DRESSER!

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I’ve been on a dresser hunt.

I’ve found 3 that are perfect!

DRESSER projects!

About a month ago I got an email with a funny request.

They just couldn’t make up their minds about this dresser quick enough and missed out.  But was there ANY WAY I could DO IT AGAIN?

Why, YES, I could!   That’s the 2nd dresser.

FUN & Playful!

Remember this project?

my Victorian dresser~NOW!Well~having found another serpentine-fronted dresser, I was going to leave it that “blonde” finish and do a variation using THIS poster.

floral posterA new project~but an old one too!


But someone else with regrets for letting that 1st get away asked if I could do it again!   Why, YES, I can!

Although she liked the new direction . . . could I do the other?  Again?  Yes, I actually had another of that poster too!  So I painted the dresser white yesterday.

Both dressers needed minor repairs, then a paint job.  Today I will decoupage the posters and ready them to leave—Saturday and Monday!

The 3rd dresser, so far~

no specific plans, and,

no one asking for some kind of REPEAT!

I guess I can think about it for a minute. . .


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face book, Buy-Sell-RummageIn no particular order,

from all I listed at the end of my last post. . .


July 09

I saw this dresser on one of the facebook shopify pages.

It was during one of those little unexpected lulls.  A quick, FUN project to play with!

Structurally, it was good, but it needed some REstyling.  BADLY.

The plan

It was pretty clean, but OMG did it STINK like an ashtray!

adding corner blocks to support new wheels

new wheels to make it more mobil

a reproduction postered front!


*If anyone knows a miracle cure for ashtray stink, please, I’m all ears!

I washed it inside and out with white vinegar and left it out in the hot sun for days—it STILL stunk.  In the end, I painted the inside drawers~only an 80% cure.

Up on saw horses, I added blocking to the bottom corners so I could add wheels. It’s a fun touch, AND helps me move it in around easier!  ; D

A N D- I found this Marvels comic reproduction poster.  I thought it would be a really fun addition to the 60’s bow-fronted dresser style.

But 1st~ let’s strip and REstain the top!

stripped and REstained top

I mixed paint to match the border of the poster—because it didn’t completely cover the dresser face.  Plus, the wood was marred in several areas and would’ve required more work than was worth the trouble  ~considering a REsale price.

the Captain America poster

And here’s the end result!

Fun & Playful!


before~FUN & Playful!



N e x t . . !


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OTTILIA CATHERINE's pop up saleIf you’re following me on instagram, then you already got a glimpse of this yesterday as I was finishing up!

So- I was telling you about the family I’m helping

to sell off all the furniture and decor that they couldn’t take with them to their new senior apt ~or that their family (kids) didn’t want.

Many things were inherited from her grandmother, Ottilia Catherine, who was born on April 1st—the same day we move into the antique mall!  Think she’ll be watching over everything?

This was a very petit dresser from the very early 1900’s.  In today’s living, it would be more of a nightstand (to give you a better idea of scale).  It’s made from a really soft, mellow pine.

a very petit dressser

The reflex answer was to strip the top and REpaint.

And then you see I went in a little bit different direction.

a very petit dressser AND A MAKEOVER!

Yes~ I decoupaged another poster!  But did you notice that clearance price!  AND I ditched the plastic knobs (2 were missing anyway) to 100yr old glass knobs!

And now THIS piece is ready for the sale!


a very petit dressser AND A MAKEOVER!

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found on a fb shopping page--

LAST Saturday

I was in a pseudo Twilight Zone trying to buy this danged dresser.

And TODAY-Saturday

the dresser has a whole new look-style-vibe and is already looking for a new home via the antq mall!

working on a classic REfinish

Well, like I said in the last post,

I had visions of  a simple, classic, and elegant REdo.

I jumped right into REfinishing the top and working on the many needed repairs.  I knew what colors I planned on using—I could SEE IT finished!

A N D   T H E N, when I couldn’t fall asleep one night, this OTHER IDEA came to me.  Contingent to finding the right floral~something.  With NO wallpaper that fits this new vision, I went in search of a large poster!

working on the drawers

I was feeling kind of badly that I already painted the drawers that pretty pale watery-blue-green.  Seemed like a waste.  But then–I made an adjustment to the poster as I cut it out, and left a ½” reveal all around.

FYI– Press n’ seal works great to cover & protect the steel wheels,  as you see below.

working on the Victorian dresser

On to the poster~

a great poster!

Taking one drawer at a time –from the bottom drawer up– I tacked the poster at the bottom drawer edge, then used a box cutter along the top edge to cut out each part of the poster.

cutting & applying the poster sections

cutting & applying the poster sections

Once things were “settled” and easier to see, I absolutely decided on cutting each section down for a ½” reveal of the blue-painted drawers.

You can see how “pristine” the poster looks, which some might like, but I wanted a very old look.  So I crumpled up each section, and even tore it a bit like “wear.”  THEN I used heavy-duty wallpaper paste to apply each section.

–Decoupaging with a poster is no easy feat, and very different to work with~thickness and finish of paper.  LOTS of patience is REQUIRED.

decoupaging a poster~

decoupaging a poster~

TEXTURE!  This poster was a printing of a canvas painting! ♥♥♥

Plus, you can see my additional “age.”

This poster was a printing of a canvas painting!

Once the postered sections were afixed and dry, I brushed on a top coat to seal it.  I’m tempted to run back down to the antq mall with a white paint pen and outline the edges for a little more “finish.”  Up close~I think it needs it, but in the general view it looks fine as is.   So, idk~


~here’s a bunch of views to really show the details of this project.
I really LUV it!
I’m sharing this dresser project at Feathered Nest Friday!
And with WoW us Wednesday!

my Victorian dresser~NOW!

my Victorian dresser~NOW!

my Victorian dresser~NOW!

details~my Victorian dresser~NOW!details~my Victorian dresser~NOW!

the side panel of my Victorian dresser

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