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. . . there’s a missing wall in this space.

Because it used to be ONE – HUGE space and is now subdivided.

And the neighbor has this large 3-paneled screen.  With a dog.  A ridiculous dog.  Annoying me to NO END.  So I’ve come up with a remedy I’ll work on today.  Otherwise, I’m trying to take it easy today—I need a day off!

I NEED that beach I’m dreaming of…sigh

THIS is my HaPPy PLacE!

Okay~ dream over~ well, deferred


what's WRONG in this picture?

WHAT doesn’t belong here . . . hmmmm . . .


what's WRONG in this picture?

Ottilia Catherine's pop up estate sale!

Ottilia Catherine's pop up estate sale!

Ottilia Catherine's pop up estate sale!

AND there’s WaY more waiting for space to free up. . .


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OTTILIA CATHERINE's pop up saleThe estate sale I’m working on has a LOT of interesting things,

giving me a lot of angst to RESIST!

I really don’t NEED more things.

I confess I AM adding to my silver collections though!


An upstairs bedroom was storing a very old, pitiful-looking bench.  Sure~it needed a good dose of love, but would be great for their sale! Catherine to the rescue!  ; D

It had a broken arm, a warped leg, and was pretty loosey-goosey.  The seat’s springs had become pretty wonky, but its leather was intact and still relatively supple.

Overall, a basic REdo!

an entry hall bench

~I drilled out/cleaned up the original doweled joints to fix the arm.

~I used a pocket screw method to reinforce and firm up the wiggly frame.  Which seemed to straighten the “warped” leg some.

~I applied new furniture-upholstering webbing underneath to REsupport the springs and pulled the nail heads.

THEN I sanded, primed, and painted!

Already looking better, I added it to the growing list of pieces that would need to be REcovered.  But they’d all be done together in a few days.

an entry hall bench~ REPAIRS

an entry hall bench~ UPHOLSTERY

I had several projects going at once, but when the weather changed for the worse on us I decided to go “play” indoors with some upholstery!

I played with several options for this bench–like vintage linens and ticking, some unusual damask patterns~ and a feed sack.

In the end, the feed sack won out because it was more FUN!

And I trimmed it out with vintage pillow case tatting!


an entry hall bench~ UPHOLSTERY

My coat hook rail happened to match so I moved it over here to pair them in staging!  I’ll share pictures of the space soon—it’s really taking shape!

an entry hall bench~ UPHOLSTERY

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Besides MY OWN crazy array of the usual projects,

I have been ~ I am

juggling projects for 2 other families!

TOO MANY projects at once!

For Judy~ REstyling some ladder-back chairs AND a trestle table,

plus a REdesign for a change of TV.

And THEN there is a “pseudo estate sale” for a senior couple leaving their home of MANY years–overwhelming and exhausting in the best of circumstances.  I’ll be helping them sell their treasures at the antique mall beginning April 1st!

The preliminary work is almost daunting–almost.  One bite at a time, it’ll get done!  Dressers are getting stripped–one completely REstyled!  Things are getting painted, even REcreated—

and EVERYthing is getting cleaned and polished!

Bear with me—COOL PICTURES ARE COMING!  I promise!  ; D


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Check out these legs!

Those legs  I sketched out,       cut out, sanded clean—and then set aside for a minute. . .

I’m back on them-


They weren’t quite working with my original plan  so I set them aside to focus on other projects.

Wednesday I cut out 1 more so I could move forward with a 2 bench project.

making the legs-

So~ I pulled some 1½” thick wood, drew out my profile, cut it out on a band saw, sanded them all clean.

– I tried cutting out the first leg with a jigsaw, but the cuts came out kind of beveled because the blade struggled to stay straight up & down through the thick material.
– A bandsaw is truly the best way to get a good, straight up & down cut line with thick material.  BUT, you can’t just follow all those curving lines, you need to make a lot of relief cuts and clear the chunks as you go so the blade doesn’t get “pinched.”
– I bought a specialty sanding kit that you can use in a drill or drill press.  It essentially  becomes a drum sander, and is an AMAZing help and time saver!

my new specialty sanding kit for the drill or drill press

Instead of making a stretcher to stabilize the legs, I made a decorative piece -still like a stretcher- to go under the seat to stabilize the whole bench.

I pre-drilled (including a countersink) from the outside of the leg to attach.

attaching the decorative stabilizing piece-

-attaching the "stretcher"-attaching the "stretcher"









the benches- almost finished with construction

construction- FINI!

don't let that "white" finish fool you...Okay~ “funny” story here.  See the faded white paint on the boards above?  When I cleaned them it all washed away—it was actually

bird poop.

Seriously~ what’s with the birds and me lately?

Now that I had to REaddress the finish of the tops, I decided to keep it   “natural.”  I gave them a good sanding and waxed them, which really made the wood come to life, BUT.  Barnboards can be very. . . sliver-y.

I gave them a good coating of polyurethane.  BeaUtiful!


Hope to see you at the  Vintage Market  tomorrow!

the "new" tops/seats

my new bench projects!

my new bench projects!

my new bench projects!

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-scatterbrainedI’ve got so many irons in the fire I’m feeling a little bit schizo’.

Sometimes- it’s best to work on something from start to finish.

Sometimes it’s better to work assembly line-like.

I’m finding the latter to be more effective right now and—why I’m so scattered.  Which makes it all tough to share with you

  what I’m working on.

Here’s the big deadline for a lot of my projects. . .

If you’re in the Chicago area—would LUV to see you!

Vintage Market at The Grove!

Check out these legs!

Here’s a peek at one of (maybe 2) those projects.

Drawn out, cut out, even sanded clean and ready for the next step of the project!


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O m g …a finished project!

It’s been a  w h i l e !

The stress and pressure of a first REAL project was taking a toll on my finger, so day 2 was a “rest” day to deal with the swelling and aching.

it's my Birthday!

AND~day 2 happened to be my birthday. Family took me out for Mexican & margaritas  ~for medicinal purposes!  ; D

Day 1 I shared that I stripped, sanded, and waxed the wood base.  And before the day was out, I applied the padding and batting.

Day 3 I worked on the upholstery.  But first there was a bit of prepping for the 4 button tufts.

◊ I marked out the locations,

◊ and cut slits all the way down to the wood decking…

◊ then drilled a hole completely through that decking.

prepping the coffee table for some button tufting-

I positioned the fabric and started working on the tufts.

I used welting cord tied in a pretty top knot for the temp “finish”  because none of the 3 stores I chased to currently had upholstery-grade covered buttons.  I’ll hot glue a covered button over it later.

◊ Because I was using a thick medium, I used wire to pull the cord through the holes.  Think of it like a flexible sewing needle.

1st, I poked the wire through the fabric to pull the cord through.

Then I poked the wire up through the wood decking and padding from underneath—caught the cord and pulled it down through the layers.

creating the tufts-

Once you pull the cord through to the under side,

you’ll need to pull it down and taut,

-adjusting & smoothing the top side to look how you want-

then staple the cord back and forth in a zig-zag fashion to keep it from letting go.

Make sense?

With the tufts in place, I worked on stapling down the fabric at each of the corners, pulling and smoothing, then stapling down the rest.  *I use a pneumatic staple gun—it makes a HUGE difference in a job!

The last task was to run almost 12ft of single welting to cover over the raw, stapled edges.  Btw~this ottoman is really comfy to sit on!

I’ve already taken it to the antique mall ’cause — I need to clear the decks for  A Dresser Project!

I WiLL have to pace myself + I have another Dr assessment Friday.

But baby~I’m staging my comeback!  


covering the raw stapled edges with single welting-

my newest CL project-

my upholstered coffee table-ottoman

my upholstered coffee table-ottoman for sale at the antq mall!

I’m sharing this project at

The Curator’s Collection

Kammy’s Korner

Talk of the Town #4

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my new CL find-

I don’t know about you guys, but

I have wAy better luck buying off of Craigslist than selling.

I don’t get that, but, oh well.  As long as I can find some interesting things to work on…!

And here‘s something I just found! It came with a “slate” top, which was actually stamped concrete, but I’ll find a use for that later.

AND, I also picked up another old door!    Pro-ject!

THIS picture looks REALLY exciting, doesn’t it? 

How ’bout THIS angle—

my new CL find-

Okay, I know it’s a coffee/cocktail table, but I see an

awesome upholstered ottoman

with a large vintage silver tray on display to hold drinks!

Ya’ with me?

my new CL find-

So yesterday I headed into my studio to get busy

◊ stripping it,

◊ sanding it,

◊ waxing it- clear wax and a little liming wax in key areas.

My inspiration?  Think raw wood and Restoration Hardware.

And before I quit for the day, I padded it and topped it with batting. Tomorrow I’ll work on the upholstery and welting.

-getting stripped-

my new CL find-

More tomorrow—


my new CL find-

-and waxed-

my new CL find-

my new CL find-

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