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So- I’m finding a “rhythm”

to my newly learned nursing skills, and,
spend so much time at the hospital –I should be put on salary.
I now know my way around that HUGE place, AND even the tv channels.

But with Knowledge comes Power
and I’m much more confident in all I’ve suddenly had to learn & do.
THAT has been calming in many ways.

And mom is doing “better”___!

And as things progress and we settle in to some sort of “schedule,”
I think I can start to fit some projects into my days—for sanity’s sake!

There’s PEACE in those projects, y’know!

Christmas decorating!

But 1st comes some Christmas decor!


W e l l- maybe the 1st project might be to REarrange
this top 20 Christmas movie list—

#4 is my favorite and a seasonal MUST!

I disagree with their order!


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a Spring BLIZZARDYes–


Can you believe?

In mid-April.

23″ plus.


NOT.  funny.  Mother Nature.  Not funny.


We were in pouring rain most of Friday, that switched to sleet by evening and snow through the night.  The windows were mostly all encrusted with ice or snow so it was hard to look out to see what we were dealing with.

EVERYthing was shut down and we weren’t going ANY. where.

My usual gym workout became ALL weight lifting  –ON THE DRIVEWAY–     if you get my meaning.


A neighbor had to help me get the driveway door open just so I could get outside to begin shoveling. . .  And the city plows have FINALLY come down our street. . .














a Spring BLIZZARDObviously- we won’t be getting out the FRONT door for a while.  That’s “heart attack snow” -wet & heavy, with ice at the bottom.  I’m not shoveling a Spring BLIZZARDanything extra.

ALL the guys in the neighborhood came out with snowblowers.  This job was definitely going to require a tag-team effort.  The chain-link fence you can see in [this] picture is 4ft high- for another idea of depth.

When I noticed the dryer vent was buried, it got me thinking about the furnace and water tank vents, so I waded/climbed my way to the back of the house to check out the situation.  Thank goodness I did–they needed clearing.

BUT- I sunk in the snow about mid-thigh and couldn’t get any leverage to get myself out.  Crap!  Who’s going to hear me yelling with all the snowblower noise?

I finally thought to fall backwards and try ROLLING out–and almost lost my boot in it.




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I WANTED to title this post–

my Muscles took Tuesday off

But that might be too weird.  Very true, but weird.

I started at 7:30am with a tough cardio workout then decided to make it a weight lifting day too.  My arms were already tired, but I had a LOT of thick-heavy woodcutting to do.  And sanding.  Lots and lots of  aggressive  sanding.

I finally quit and cleaned up at 8pm.  A very long and physically exhausting day.  I didn’t sleep well for how achy my muscles were, so I just couldn’t get up for the gym Tuesday morn.  It HURT to change the tv remote-kind-of-ache.        No gym–No projects.  Day off.   *Maybe I can lift a glass of wine.  Medicinally.

I opened the door just long enough to take this picture for you to see how things looked from Monday night.

NOW I’m trying to figure out the finishes– ugh.  Two different woods, that both look cool—but I don’t want a COMPLETE stain job.  Same with the bench so far.  Double- UGH.

my TREFOIL sofa table project, and a bench!

my projects~

Here’s a look at my bench ends.

They make me laugh so—they look like fat thighs & butt!

Seriouslydon’t they?

A N D -back from the gym, and back on these pieces,






Gym Humor-  and how I usually keep going through the aching muscles…


Gym Humour- how I keep going!

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what. a. week.

what. a. week.

Seriously Mother Nature?  Again?

seriously? again?

The sum of my week . . .

how my week went. . .

and  this  again. . .

and it's that "time" again. . .

Ahh yes, but pretty soon—

pretty soon. . .


can't wait!

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Girl Power!



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with a New Adventure, right from home!

I have become a Community Counselor for an Au Pair Agency!

Instead of the usual chasing kiddos to and from Day Care––    how about hosting an Au Pair from another country, who lives with your family for a year?  Providing you with LIVE-IN CHILD CARE!

There are MANY obvious benefits, but I really love the idea of exposing children to another culture -even language!  Probably one of MY favorite things about growing up in a military family and living abroad.

As a Community Counselor, I’m required to meet monthly with my Au Pairs and share things unique to American culture.  Which is stretching my imagination to REthink many things we tend to take for granted about “America.”  I’m totally enjoying this monthly interaction!

I only have 2 Au Pairs right now,

my goal is 10~for the broadest experience!

Gaby is from Venezuela and wants to ultimately be a TV journalist.  Her personality fits me to a tee, and feels like she could be one of my nieces!      I find myself offering to spend more time with her than is required.

Her incredible English skills are not the usual–and I’m told to be very lucky with her.  We’ve had many a laugh over the translations of some phrases and words!  Our October meeting involved Halloween pumpkin carving–something she vows she will  N E V E R  do again it was so gross and she couldn’t believe “we”  WILLINGLY  do this each season!

Paulene has just arrived from South Africa–in the middle of an ice storm and bitter cold temps~yikes!  Her host family took her shopping for WARM clothes first day!

Coming from a country of British influence, her English is impeccable and I love listening to her and her accent.  But she’s also accustomed to driving on the other side of the road AND car!  She has MANY things to adjust to.


Paulene (on the left) and Gaby!

I took them to a local Culvers Friday night so THEY could meet, we could chat, and they could taste a few Midwestern things like Deep-fried Cheese Curds and Chocolate Custard!  They liked!  A lot!

I’m enjoying getting to know their host families as well,

and the children these young ladies are caring for!  They are some amazing people with interesting backgrounds bringing them to THIS adventure.  I hope one day their children realize just how cool this was and how lucky they were!  Imagine the memories they’ll have looking back—even if it’s by their parent’s stories because they were so young.

The experience might be essentially all THEIRS, but I’m finding my share in there too!  Plus, it’s getting me out and about more and that’s a good thing!  Working on my numerous projects leaves me more isolated than I guess I truly realized.  This is making me check out more community things  –for the girls–  that I may have paid no attention to otherwise.

What a fun adventure to add to my life!


PS~ if you or someone you know have interest in hosting an Au Pair, or want more info on this amazing program, PLEASE do reach out to me!

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While I’m sharing things from my crazy last summer. . .

here’s another kind of

life lesson.

I was in charge of desert for a big family BBQ.  Thought I’d make DEEP dish fudge-brownies and take vanilla & chocolate-fudge ice cream—

have I just made you drool a bit?

The big mixer was was doing its thing as I added the ingredients, but I procrastinated getting started and things weren’t moving—FAST ENOUGH.

So I spun the dial on the mixer to HIGH to get this job—DONE.



Don’t Do That.

AFTER I quit laughing hysterically at my faux pas,


Oh yeahI was coated too.

Btw~we had REGULAR sized brownies with ice cream, & it was STILL YUMMY!




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