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_and it’s back!

Nat'l Drink Wine Day

Nat'l Drink Wine Day

Nat'l Drink Wine Day


Heck yeah, I’m in!

After all the detailed hand stitching I’ve been working on—it’s for Medicinal Purposes!  Then I’ll finish attaching those ties for the chair-seat slip covers. . . and share that little twist on the end of this project!

(priorities people…)


the chair-seat slip covers


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Yesterday was our annual

family sleigh ride!


Now, I am NO winter-girl, but I do PRAY for snow twice a year-  for Christmas & our annual Sleigh Ride.

After that–summer can’t come fast enough.


The horses that pulled our large sleigh and BIG load are french Percheron draft horses.  They are LARGE- no joke.  Larger than Clydesdales.  And SO beaUtiful!  

These ladies were named DeeDee and Dot.  And they were pretty amusing.

  1. My younger nieces EAGERLY jumped in the front seat with our driver, but when you see in the video above my niece turn around making a face—one of the horses tooted.  Let’s just say that the smell matched their size.  A couple of toots later had them moving backward in the sleigh!
  2. Roughly a mile out the Ladies spied 8 deer and were transfixed.  Well~WE kinda’ were too!  The ride halted until all 8 passed.

Uh- Oh---

--who's THAT?












uh~we have company!

It was really cold out, but somehow, you just don’t mind as much on a sleigh!  And blankets helped!  ~Passing one of the barns we saw a cutter sleigh getting worked on.  Apparently it’s been VERY active of late with marriage proposals ♥♥♥.  I LUV the fur-lined blanket!

a cutter sleigh--

The driver jumped out to check on the horses and snap some pics for us.  Somehow Rachel took over the reins and became the new driver— uh, Roger?  You know she doesn’t have a driver’s license, right?”

our "new" UNlicensed driver

2018 Family Sleigh Ride

2018 Family Sleigh Ride

We rounded the corner just as the sun was setting, and spent the rest of the evening in the warming house with hot chocolate, dinner, and games!

This is such a great family tradition,

and very much looked forward to each year!

I wish you all this pleasure at least once in your life– 


2018 family Sleigh Ride

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I’m not off to a good start.

My computer “crashed.”  I’m struggling with the new one.  EVERYthing didn’t transfer as they said and I still haven’t figured out where my pictures are loading—just TWO of the issues.

this is not the life I ordered~Apparently I got a bit run down with my big To Do List before Christmas ~which all came crashing in on me.  Surprise, surprise.  No matter the flu shot, I always seem to catch something.  I am NOT a winter-girl.

Whatever I caught this time really took hold—mostly all in my chest.  And so goes the cycle of taking expectorants to cough out the gook, but cough suppressants to get relief  from the super sore throat-pounding headache-no sleep from coughing.  And the Dr’s office says it’s just a virus~not antibiotic grade.  The OTC stuff is making me loopy -so power tools are off limits- and I’m not level-headed enough for painting.  I’m bored silly.

It’s been 3 weeks and I think I’ve coughed out a gallon of mucus.  I’m finally getting some quality sleep and this morning can finally feel a difference breathing.

I’ve put away virtually all of the Christmas decor— s l o w l y.  It’s about all the energy I could muster.  Just one item remains—the upstairs Christmas tree is the last vestige and one source of –comfort while I’ve been sick.

A n d  Christmas songs and Christmas movies!

the last vestige of Christmas~

But since I’m not a Christmas baby and tomorrow is my B’day. . .

I guess  I should take it down now.


yeah-its my birthday

birthday cake


Actually~ where’s the wine

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w e l l, Hello!

Guess who started the New Year with a


C R A S H.


Yep~ my beloved computer died at Christmas.  How FuN.


my NEW vs OLD computerObviously, I’ve got a new computer—picked it up 11am this very morning, wOO hOO!

And WHEW! No more trying to function by phone!

But it’s new and it’s different and I’ve got some adjusting to do.

Like—WHERE are my pictures loading to?  I am NOT appreciating the hide & seek!

I went SMALLER~yet they’re the SAME.

More portable.  Light weight.

The OLD screen and keyboard FRAMEWORK were so generously proportioned that they’re virtually IDENTICAL to the new streamlined laptop–as you can see below (which doesn’t seem possible).

The visual screen only dropped from 15″ to a 14″ screen.

my NEW vs OLD computer

my NEW vs OLD computer

The new screen is a TOUCH screen too~LUV THAT!
And the whole unit folds backwards to be used as a tablet!  The screen is folded under in the last picture so I could compare keyboards.

Omg, ME–with such NEW technology!

Now I just have to learn how to USE IT!

HaPPy NeW YeaR!

~from my new computer!


Now be patient with me as I learn where my pics are to post on…

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taking some time off....The pace was very steady AND very busy leading into the holidays.

Things did settle down in January and February, but sort of accelerated soon after that, and then took off like a runaway train.

12, even 14 hour days became the norm, and I was just trying to hang in there.  Posting projects got pushed off the loooong lists—in favor of sleep. You know?  SOMEthing had to give.

When I found a couple short, surprise lulls~ trying to edit what pictures I DID have and gather my thoughts to write something felt daunting.

And I was exhausted.  So I passed.

Part of that exhaustion came from tough, early morning workouts AND cutting carbs.  CARBS.

* I’ll have to share some of my bragging rights on the workout progress soon!

But the sheer  –physicality–  of the tree damage-repair-moving plants-clean up of this big property was -d r a i n i n g.  There were  m a n y  “zombie” days.

that which doesn't -- what?

OMGosh the changes without the tree and its shade!

The project scope grew exponentially and I wore a LOT of hats!  Landscape designer, landscaper, crew foreman, laborer, the buyer & deliveryman–and the watergirl so no one fainted on me from dehydration in the heat and humidity.


The tough, laborious work continues, but is not so all-consuming anymore. And I’m back to tell you all about it!

The landscape changes, a bench, a dresser, the antique mall(s), a kid’s cubby, the pergola porch swing, new grapevines and trellis—

and a vacation!


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Yes, it is moi!

Back from a much needed time out.

time out~

time out~

And now. . .

I can’t wait to share and reconnect!

I'm back!


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I'm working out!What’s going on and where I’ve been.

My focus has shifted to-  ME.

I’m just finishing my 5th week of big CHANGE.

I’m hard at it-



With the help of a personal trainer to do it the right way.
I have always been very physically active, so I thought I could jump into the deep end and really get some fast results.  Uh~ W R O N G.
ME!Those are OTHER muscles.  The trainer has me working on the ones long UNused. Oooooph.  But I’m totally in it and fully committed.  And even though I did have to back off some in the 2nd week (doing front planks felt like I broke a rib kind-of-pain), I was still there every day–just doing OTHER stuff.  Weight training 3 days and cardio 3 days a week.
ME and my Mini-ME in our playful tee shirts!  And me with an extra 25lbs -ugh.
I find I actually look forward to the (now) 35 minute fat burning cardio I use as a warm up to begin every morning!  Really!  The “hills” are getting a LOT steeper and I’m a puddle of sweat by the end,

but I’m already feeling stronger &

SO much better after just these 5 weeks!

My goal is to get back HERE—and STAY!

getting back to a thinner ME!

Now~ I promise to get back to sharing


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