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taking some time off....The pace was very steady AND very busy leading into the holidays.

Things did settle down in January and February, but sort of accelerated soon after that, and then took off like a runaway train.

12, even 14 hour days became the norm, and I was just trying to hang in there.  Posting projects got pushed off the loooong lists—in favor of sleep. You know?  SOMEthing had to give.

When I found a couple short, surprise lulls~ trying to edit what pictures I DID have and gather my thoughts to write something felt daunting.

And I was exhausted.  So I passed.

Part of that exhaustion came from tough, early morning workouts AND cutting carbs.  CARBS.

* I’ll have to share some of my bragging rights on the workout progress soon!

But the sheer  –physicality–  of the tree damage-repair-moving plants-clean up of this big property was -d r a i n i n g.  There were  m a n y  “zombie” days.

that which doesn't -- what?

OMGosh the changes without the tree and its shade!

The project scope grew exponentially and I wore a LOT of hats!  Landscape designer, landscaper, crew foreman, laborer, the buyer & deliveryman–and the watergirl so no one fainted on me from dehydration in the heat and humidity.


The tough, laborious work continues, but is not so all-consuming anymore. And I’m back to tell you all about it!

The landscape changes, a bench, a dresser, the antique mall(s), a kid’s cubby, the pergola porch swing, new grapevines and trellis—

and a vacation!



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Yes, it is moi!

Back from a much needed time out.

time out~

time out~

And now. . .

I can’t wait to share and reconnect!

I'm back!


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I'm working out!What’s going on and where I’ve been.

My focus has shifted to-  ME.

I’m just finishing my 5th week of big CHANGE.

I’m hard at it-



With the help of a personal trainer to do it the right way.
I have always been very physically active, so I thought I could jump into the deep end and really get some fast results.  Uh~ W R O N G.
ME!Those are OTHER muscles.  The trainer has me working on the ones long UNused. Oooooph.  But I’m totally in it and fully committed.  And even though I did have to back off some in the 2nd week (doing front planks felt like I broke a rib kind-of-pain), I was still there every day–just doing OTHER stuff.  Weight training 3 days and cardio 3 days a week.
ME and my Mini-ME in our playful tee shirts!  And me with an extra 25lbs -ugh.
I find I actually look forward to the (now) 35 minute fat burning cardio I use as a warm up to begin every morning!  Really!  The “hills” are getting a LOT steeper and I’m a puddle of sweat by the end,

but I’m already feeling stronger &

SO much better after just these 5 weeks!

My goal is to get back HERE—and STAY!

getting back to a thinner ME!

Now~ I promise to get back to sharing


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W e l l-  this is either going to give you a good laugh or

make you roll your eyes

with certainty I’ve lost it for sure!
some UNconventional cleaningWhile the compressor is still in the house, uh, well–
you know the furniture that doesn’t get moved to clean behind-above-under??
Well I was thinking~ 

“Why can’t I use the air gun to blow [anything] out?”

Y’ know??

I know—c’RAzy.  But you should see the stuff that blew out!  AND I blew off the tops of all the books on multiple bookshelves, and the vents, and . . .    ; D


yep~ call me crazy!

yep~ call me crazy!

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*Sorry for the long story*

found on a fb shopping page--Saw this ad on one of the fb shopping pages.

A very cool dresser but ~almost an hour’s drive.

B U T~

the price—makes. it. w o r t h while?


You just know it’s gonna need work.


So I messaged her to ask about it.

And this is how it went.

How long would YOU have stuck with this?

idk~ is it worth the trouble?

idk~ is it worth the trouble?

All I did was click on the pic-icon from my phone to see a bigger picture of the dresser—and it changed her ad…???

Take notice of the silence~gaps in time just to arrange this whole thing…

(this was all while I was working on the 3rd looooong table)
idk~ is it worth the trouble?

When I STILL hadn’t heard anything around 6:30 I was reluctant to start out in her direction.  What if I get to her small town and still haven’t heard from her?….  Is this a new “Craigslist killer” on the loose??

All of this “communication” was through fb message.  Which I hate.

Now almost 8:30 (original appointment SET BY HER was for 6pm)  Oh yeah!  She gave me a phone number to text her on—so I called it.

Of course- got voicemail.  I left a –frustrated– message.

DID YOU SEE THAT?  10:44  Can you come tomorrow?

Seriously lady?

Are you REALLY trying to sell something?

I stewed on it for a while.  Looked at the picture a few more times—do I really want this?  IS IT REALLY WORTH THIS MUCH TROUBLE?  I toyed with setting another appointment and NEVER SHOWING UP to get even…

…and then -foolishly- text back I could come at 10am. . . F O O L.

She responded with it WOULD HAVE TO BE 9.

O.  M.  G.

I returned to ideas of NEVER SHOWING UP again.

idk~ is it worth the trouble?

…how generous.  Did you notice how many times I had to ask for the address?

Just to finish~  when I got to the address at 9:45, there were 5 or 6 cars on the long driveway — but I had to keep knocking to get anyone to answer the door.  Then, another 15 minutes to get her kids up to move cars just to get to the dresser in the garage.

Is this a joke?

Figuring I might be on my own to load it—I made her help me before I would pay.  No ‘thank you‘s were exchanged—I sure wasn’t feeling very -kindly.

was it worth this much trouble?

Here’s my before –treasure–.

Airing out ’cause -omg- it stinks.  Can I report her to fb?

I’ve lost my mind~haven’t I?

-ugh, stay tuned


can anything be worth all this trouble?

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Hope all of you have a

wonderful day!


Happy GALentine's Day!

HaPPy GALentine's DaY!

HaPPy GALentine's DaY!

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My last thoughts before closing my eyes Monday night~

a lazy birthday~“I can’t believe I’ll be another year older tomorrow~WoW!”

There’s such a disconnect between the calendar and how I ACTUALLY FEEL.
You too?  Weird, huh?
Yesterday, my birthday, as I changed to painting clothes—I stopped halfway. . .
“I don’t  FEEL  like it—painting today.”   Y’know?
So I put back on my jammies and just “crashed” all day.  Movies, chocolate, wine, a really good book!

A very relaxing birthday present to myself!


Now— go finish that  -4 day-  painting project!

happy birthday to me!

happy birthday to me!

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