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Good deals—sucker deals.

Worth the effort—burn it.

patience-I have to stop thinking so negatively about this poor guy.

We were BOTH badly abused in this deal.

“He” –because of the masculine paint job– I think, deserves a PROPER name.



was suggested and–I like it!

So –Caleb- is growing on my affections.  Maybe because the project is Hallelujah-  FINI!  M a y b e  ’cause he’s kinda’ handsome now.  Whatever—he’s going to the antique mall in the morn.  Please sell right away!

To REcap~

  1. I was sort of strong-armed into this purchase.
  2. It was lived in by some critter and was a disGUSTing clean up job.
  3. It needed wAy too many repairs, the drawers were all jacked up, and it was stripped of its original hardware.


That’s a GOOD picture—and VERY deceiving!

newest project~

Here he is now,

all cleaned up!

Meet Caleb!  Anyone looking to adopt?


I call him CALEB-

 Even though the drawers cleaned up good & DON’T stink now, I painted every inch of them just for comfort–I tend to let my own comfort levels guide me.

Then –to jazz things up a little– I took a few liberties with the sides!  Think stripes & polka dots!  A fun contrast for the big over-sized wood knobs.

Call him CALEB-

I DID run the drawers through the router for an extra bead detail, and I cleaned up and put back the brass key holes–but left them tarnished for the patina!

Call him CALEB-

He looks pretty cute now, huh?

No more sow!


you can call him CALEB now!


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is seriously testing me.

testing my patience

~a silk purse out of that sow


have been

the BANE

of this project.
I  AM closing in on the finish line, but I’ll admit
I thought about a Great Big Bonfire more than once.
I pray to never run into that lady again—I’m not sure how I’ll hold my tongue.

Even though I cleaned all the drawers with a professional-grade soap & pressure washer—I really had to think about how I’d feel putting MY clothes in there.  So I’ve painted EVERY inch of these drawers.

Here’s hoping a fun paint job will sell this dresser,

please Lord~’cause it’s taken WAY too much of my TIME and MONEY for the meager sale price it’ll fetch.  That really sucks.  And will suck more if it doesn’t sell quickly.

Please Lord, help a girl out?


please Lord~

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making a "silk purse?"I usually enjoy a good project, even a good challenge.

Maybe because I still feel so dragged out from that virus does this one feel like more of a chore.

Or maybe because I know I won’t make any money for all the efforts and UNdoubtedly someone’s going to offer me a much lesser priceinsert Rolling Eyes here

If there was actually some money to be made on this dresser, it would have been a fun project to flip “upside down.”  Make that 1 TOP bowed drawer become the base of the dresser!  Create a new matching top, give it some ball & claw feet, FaB vintage hardware, and a great mirror from my stashes!

Oh what fun THAT could have been to create!


to minimize my Damages

it’s a Clean it-Repair it-Paint it  job.

I’m restoring wood knobs to the drawers and adding reproduction wood wheels.  They make it easier for me to move around and typically help a sale!  A N D- I’ll give it a two-toned paint job.  I’m also toying with routering that bead detail on the drawers for a little extra Oooomph!  It just needs something more style-wise!

This is the dresser I saw on pintrest that lead me down my path.
I LUV IT but I’m not trying to totally copy it.
♥ Although I actually have that vintage hardware in my stashes! ♥

~the inspirational dresser I saw on pintrest!

I’ve already repaired the dresser carcass and painted the 1st coat.

The drawers are a WHOLE OTHER project.  Tomorrow.

Noooo~I’ll be working on those today too.  Wish me luck.


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Thank You guys for indulging me in a little cry-babying,

AND the encouragement AND confidence in my skills!  Truly!

“…if anyone can make a silk purse out of that sow…”

Good description.  Sow.

~a silk purse out of that sow~a silk purse out of that sow











~a silk purse out of that sow

~a silk purse out of that sow

~a silk purse out of that sowI donned some work clothes AND GLOVES, and loaded this -albatross- into the car to go beg the strippers for use of their pressure washer.  A F T E R  they quit laughing at me, I was welcome to use the facilities.  Tough entry fee.

It.  was.  dis.gust.ing.

No part of this has yet to be “positive.”  Unless you count positively disgusting.  Even Craig advised using his professional-grade soap & Pre-soak—it was THAT kind of disGUSTing.  The color of “liquid” running down/off this poor thing seriously looked like dark urine (sorry about that visual).

W e l l—it’s clean. . . and definitely smells better.

The guys took pity on me and gave me some tootsie rolls for comfort while I waited for the parts to dry enough to REload and head out.  And all the laughing at me aside, they seemed genuinely surprised at how good it actually cleaned up.  BUT~ cleaning it revealed a couple of amateur repair jobs. to add. to. the list.  Geesh.

Now, I know SOME would just  “put some lipstick on it”  and call it done, but that’s not ME and I AM putting my name on it.   “If I wouldn’t want it/love it, why would anyone else?”   is my standard.

~a silk purse out of that sowI–

It’s back in my studio drying out fully,

I’ve  been through the shower,

the car is hosed down with Lysol,

and tomorrow I’ll start working on the numerous repairs.


Suffice it to say—it’s a

Clean Sow.


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newest project~I love the hunt for a Great Treasure!

I love it even more when they present themselves TO you!

And then there are the people who take advantage and “strong-arm” you into buying “a real gem” for WaY too much money that turns out to be an abSOLUTE piece of (cough-cough) crap.  Ugh.

Like said dresser, as it turns out.

WoW, did I get taken to the bank here.  You wonder how they keep a straight face.  Seriously.


It was brought TO ME with “pressure” to buy~making it harder to 1) say NO, and 2) negotiate.

Saturday was the first time I truly got to inspect it.

An animal has nested in at least 3 drawers—sO gross!  3 of the 5 drawers have to be comPLETEly REbuilt, the contact paper on top is actually hiding very broken wood, and it is SO grotesquely filthy I hope a good pressure washing will clean it.

I knew it would need some repairs (they generally all do) and better hardware.  The rest—w e ll—perhaps I just have more integrity?

I considered putting it on the curb, but I can’t afford to throw away $50.  So here goes ANOTHER charity project.  -s u c k e r-

I’m hoping to minimize my “damages” and at least get back my investment.  And THIS YEAR I will look harder before leaping.  And with



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I’ve been on a dresser hunt.

I’ve found 3 that are perfect!

DRESSER projects!

About a month ago I got an email with a funny request.

They just couldn’t make up their minds about this dresser quick enough and missed out.  But was there ANY WAY I could DO IT AGAIN?

Why, YES, I could!   That’s the 2nd dresser.

FUN & Playful!

Remember this project?

my Victorian dresser~NOW!Well~having found another serpentine-fronted dresser, I was going to leave it that “blonde” finish and do a variation using THIS poster.

floral posterA new project~but an old one too!


But someone else with regrets for letting that 1st get away asked if I could do it again!   Why, YES, I can!

Although she liked the new direction . . . could I do the other?  Again?  Yes, I actually had another of that poster too!  So I painted the dresser white yesterday.

Both dressers needed minor repairs, then a paint job.  Today I will decoupage the posters and ready them to leave—Saturday and Monday!

The 3rd dresser, so far~

no specific plans, and,

no one asking for some kind of REPEAT!

I guess I can think about it for a minute. . .


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face book, Buy-Sell-RummageIn no particular order,

from all I listed at the end of my last post. . .


July 09

I saw this dresser on one of the facebook shopify pages.

It was during one of those little unexpected lulls.  A quick, FUN project to play with!

Structurally, it was good, but it needed some REstyling.  BADLY.

The plan

It was pretty clean, but OMG did it STINK like an ashtray!

adding corner blocks to support new wheels

new wheels to make it more mobil

a reproduction postered front!


*If anyone knows a miracle cure for ashtray stink, please, I’m all ears!

I washed it inside and out with white vinegar and left it out in the hot sun for days—it STILL stunk.  In the end, I painted the inside drawers~only an 80% cure.

Up on saw horses, I added blocking to the bottom corners so I could add wheels. It’s a fun touch, AND helps me move it in around easier!  ; D

A N D- I found this Marvels comic reproduction poster.  I thought it would be a really fun addition to the 60’s bow-fronted dresser style.

But 1st~ let’s strip and REstain the top!

stripped and REstained top

I mixed paint to match the border of the poster—because it didn’t completely cover the dresser face.  Plus, the wood was marred in several areas and would’ve required more work than was worth the trouble  ~considering a REsale price.

the Captain America poster

And here’s the end result!

Fun & Playful!


before~FUN & Playful!



N e x t . . !


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