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So, long story short~

This was part of my late uncle’s bedroom furniture at Grandma’s house wAy down in IL.  I know –somewhere– there’s got to be a picture showing its original severely dark stain~but I can’t find it.

When we cleared out grandma’s in the sale to cousins, I brought it back to change things up in one of mom’s guest bedrooms, and painted both bed and dresser a soft white.  Seriously– this was already old hand-me-down stuff that moved from Grandma’s farm, up to her hill house, and then to mom’s.

It had a 1904 date on the back side of the headboard I’d never noticed before.

Uncle Fred's old bedroom furniture

Above, painted a soft white for a lighter, shabby chic look in the guest bedroom.  Eventually, it got bumped for another 1930’s set.

Below, painted something funky for a teenage nephew to use for a while. . .

REpainted something funky for a nephew~

And then it all came back –again.  With no one else in the family having need of it—I gave the dresser a total makeover and sold it in the antique mall.  Remember this project?  (it’s near the end of the post link)

one last makeover for Uncle Fred's dresser

And finally– I’ve pulled the bed from storage for

one last REinvention before Nellie’s Barn Sale!


I padded and upholstered the headboard with one of my vintage grain sacks.  The foot board is just REpainted, but I did add vintage wood wheels—
I LUV them, they’re just fun, and it’s SO much easier moving a bed around!

Uncle Fred's old bed with one last makeover!

I also added a padded back rest and tied-on seat cushion to this petite rocker (the neighbor gave me) with the leftovers from my
bed project—
I think they look really cute together!

Nellie's Barn Sale!They’re already getting great attention and feedback from the Nellie’s Barn Sale pages and on instagram!
OMG–I’ll be packing Wednesday, driving & setting up Thursday!
Hope to see you at the show
Friday or Saturday!



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another serpentine dresser project!I love this style of dresser, they’re just so pretty!

Uh. . . well. . .
they CAN be so pretty.
OMG is THIS one sad.
What was someone thinking here–???

The problems.

I’m just speculating, but, did someone streak a brush full of stain through the wet paint to get this look?  Ugh.

The wheels were toast.

The hardware was just  W R O N G.

It needed several repairs and one drawer bottom needed replacing.

And O-M-G it STUNK.  The car (and my nose) needed serious venting out.

another serpentine dresser project!

I took it to the strippers first thing Monday.  It wasn’t going to be a “pretty” wood so I opted for my UNorthodox strip job—“…just wreck the top please, and I’ll go from there!”  Stripping solution was also used to kill the horrible smell, and I pressure washed EVERYthing CLEAN.
(above & below- the top “stripped”)

I bought a new set of wood wheels before I left and –GOT. BUSY.

The Top.  The wood was that REALLY heavily grained oak.  I’m not a fan.  So we left the stripper on to melt-bubble-crackle the paint, then lightly rinsed it off trying to NOT disturb the effect.  I left it to dry in the sun -THEN- hit it with course sand paper to get a VERY chipped up paint effect.

getting a chippy paint finish with stripper-

floetrol-I was only looking for TEXTURE at this point.  I sprayed the top with primer to seal in my chippy effect, then added Floetrol to a simple white paint so I could brush paint the top and body and not have obvious brush strokes in the end.

I had several ideas for the end product.  When I decided on using some of my collected vintage ’40’s wallpaper, I found the white was TOO much and over-sprayed with Rust-Oleum’s Chiffon Cream Chalk paint.  It gave a much softer, off white that worked much better with my wallpaper!

WoW!  NOT easy to get a picture of the top for the end effect.  Trust me—it looks authentically chippy-layered old!  I waxed the top and buffed it out 4 times.  It is absolutely smooth as silk!

the chippy top~

adding new & larger reproduction wood wheels

I pried off the old broken and missing wheels, and replaced them with an almost 2″ reproduction wood wheel.  It raised the height to 27½”.  I’m thinking this would be better as a night stand/extra storage dresser.

painting the body~

drawers repaired and now painted too~

I added an orphaned mirror.  I like the scale and height but wish it was oval to go better with the curvilinear serpentine-front.

Now 5’7″ in its overall height!

~and I added an orphaned mirror!

adding 1940's wallpaper!

I waxed the wallpaper with the rest of the dresser—yes, it did alter the softer yellow color, but will give it more durability.
I added back the missing drawer stops, gave it appropriate hardware, and put the whole piece back together again—with the additional mirror!

my newest Serpentine-fronted dresser project!

a detailed string of "pearls"

I love the detail of the string of pearls!

Isn’t she beautiful now? 


my newest Serpentine-fronted dresser project!my newest Serpentine-fronted dresser project!

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the Art Deco nightstandLast fall my bf came for the weekend with a carload of projects she needed help with.

She teasingly calls me Bobbie the builder.

But I couldn’t do everything and gave her a tutorial on the varying tools, one at a time per task–which gave her a chance to get comfortable & confident!  WE were able to tackle a LOT of the projects!

A couple of projects got left behind for me to take on solo, including this

Art Deco nightstand.

It has a missing drawer, missing hardware, and the veneer shows how much it’s been banged around & abused–

but it’s still really solid!

REinventing the Art Deco nightstand

I thought it was worth “restoring” and would REmake the missing drawer,  but then I started thinking about the repairs, hardware, and RESALE,    and decided to REINVENT.

I removed the door and demo’d the drawer section.  That left a dado on each side to be filled–I ripped wood from the drawer parts for the “same wood” to blend in.

filling the dado's after demo

filling the dado's after demo

I used a caulk styled construction adhesive to apply the strips for 2 reasons.

1- Instant bonding.

2- As I pushed/hammered it in, the excess oozed out and let me scrape it away for a level surface.

filling the dado's after demo

While that set up and the other areas of fill (chipped veneer, hinge and hardware holes) I took the top off and stripped it.

some of the details and the top

the primer and base coats

Then I finally started priming.

I forgot to coat it with varnish first for bleed through, so Thank God it didn’t!  2 coats in I decided to take a short cut and use the spray chalk paint again—have I become lazy?  I used the Linen White to better cover my primer coats.

THEN I grabbed a warm beige to over-coat the white and wipe it off.  I just wanted to accentuate the details of the cabinet.

While each coat of paint was setting up (that chalk paint is very thin but multi-layered paintsdries SO slowly) I worked on a shelf.  I used the door and the drawer rail.

This little project won’t fetch a big price tag so I’m trying to minimize any expenditures.  That’s also what made me REmake it into a NIGHT TABLE.

And from this picture you can also see that I made it a fixed shelf with larger quarter round shoe molding.

Bullet clips cost money.

All in all, I think it came out pretty cute.

The top was stripped and only waxed silky smooth.   But it all works!


And it’s at the antique mall for sale already–




Lighting is the color difference in the pics–

the ART DECO night table

the ART DECO night table

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Bouguereau~So I bought it in the morning and was finished by nighttime.  And today it’s in the antique mall looking for a new home!

This is how the day

the project

went (yesterday)

I was 1st in line, with 1st dibs on this dresser.  I noticed 2 others lingering–once I pulled the ticket, they disappeared.  I honestly wasn’t sure until that moment if I was going to buy it, but now so glad I went early. 

It took 2 of us to load it in the car so I wasn’t sure HOW I was going to deal with it on my own getting back at the house~yikes!

I had a planbut plans can should be “fluid.”

THE TOP– was in awful condition and since I don’t like painted tops, out came the stripper.  But even stripped, the veneer was pretty well shot having a LOT of water stains and smoking burns.  I tried sanding, but to no avail.  Plus, it was going to need a LOT of REgluing. Such a waste of time.

the SHOP HOP dresser--the topYou know how it goes–if I was trying to be oh-SO careful sanding, I would manage to damage the veneer.  But I was trying to remove it and couldn’t damage it to save m’danged life!  Okay~so a bit of exaggeration, but I’ve NEVER had such difficulties removing veneer before.

The raw wood top underneath the veneer had all the pencil marks and notes of the carpenter–I should have taken a picture before I sanded the whole thing down.  It was very cool.

The raw wood top actually looks way better than the Walnut veneer and I’m so glad I went to all the trouble!  I clear waxed the top to keep its beautiful patina, and buffed it to a silky hand.

Funny how you can’t see the damage in the picture—??

THE DRAWERS, thankfully, needed only a modicum of attention.  I had a few minor repairs to perform, some puttying and sanding.  BUT- the numerous appliqués were mostly broken with missing sections.  I decided to just strip them away—I had a different decorative idea!

I have loved the beautiful works of  Bouguereau  forEVER!  So I went dragging through my old print calendar collections and found 5 I really liked–but 1 I thought would appeal to the masses and lend a sweetness to this piece.


I stuck with a classic pale gray & soft white color scheme.

Mostly because it just looked so heavy-handed, and I really thought PALE PAINT would totally lighten, brighten, and freshen it up.

*I was told that fully stripped it might have lighter wood tones, but the MIX of woods and veneers are why the stain was so dark.  Too bad, I love pale stripped wood and this design would have been cool!
a pale color scheme

I brushed on primer before taking the easy way out with spray paint.  I was trying to get this done FAST and to the antique mall asap!  Maybe it will still get some attention from the SHOP HOP!

the vintage SHOP HOP -2018

the new hardware-

I’ve taken on some grueling projects of late, the last two kindly gave me a reprieve.  I think I earned this break—thank you Lord.

I haven’t been to a flea market in a loooong time and my hardware selections are depleting.  BUT- I found 6 pieces more true to the styling and that matched up pretty good  (even color) to the side carrying handles.

Carrying Handles!

Isn’t that cool?!

the new hardware-

Someone drilled monster holes to add those modern “ball” wheels–presumably to make moving this big, heavy piece around easier.

I intended to remove them in favor of reproduction wood wheels, but I would need more time to plug the holes with large dowels, then re-drill.  So I painted their wheels into the body of the dresser hoping they would blend in.

Once the paint seemed well dried, I decoupaged my Bouguereau selection to the empty medallion.

It was the perfect finishing touch and

I LUV it!

–and that was my crazy 24 hours–


the medallion and Bouguereau the SHOP HOP dresser

the SHOP HOP dresserFANCY thrift store DRESSER!

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W E L L —I did.

I saw this late day Wednesday in a little

2nd hand shop I seriously had NO BUSINESS going into.

It had an unbelievably low price—my 1st instinct was to jump on it!  But, “c’mon Catherine–big dressers are  S L O W  to move & this looks like a fairly big project.”

She. Has. Issues.

FANCY thrift store DRESSER!

Can you believe that?Then the manager says, “We’re participating in the big SHOP HOP Friday and Saturday, and it will be 40% off—you know!”  Oh, gee, thanks.  AS she shot a very devilish smile my way for all the trouble she knew she was causing.

I just needed to check if it was still there at closing Thursday, then show up FIRST THING Friday morning.  If someone’s already bought it, it’s the end of my angst.  Or it’ll haunt me.  But I took my chances.

You may not want to look at the price tag—I made it small so you can just bypass and not irritate yourself.

I skipped the gym this morn  to be there before they opened —just in case, as she warned— there’d be a line waiting.  I was there alone for quite a while.  And then they came.  LOTS of “them.”  But I was FIRST!

Omg, it has pretty handles on its sides to help move it!

I’ve NEVER seen THAT before!

It has pretty handles on its sides!

Y e s,  it’s pretty.

But it wasn’t without trouble.

And I’ve been working on it ALL day.  I’ll report back tomorrow after I’ve settled it in at the antique mall.  Omg~it looks aMAZing!


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Judy's old bathroom dresser

I was pretty sure it was a Wash Stand,

so THANKS everybody for the confirmation!

But I had NO IDEA that door was for the chamber pot!  Well THAT’s the end of THAT!

I realize it had to go SOMEwhere!  But ewe!

Now I’m even MORE glad I gutted that part O-U-T!

To REcap—

Judy's old bathroom dresser

And then I was going to fit out -or- box in the new open area.

the bottom gutted & fitted out

You can see that I changed my mind here.  I decided to short cut this whole part.  Uh, huhlazy.

I kept the paneled walls—it was in good shape, was “pretty,” and only took a little sanding and paint!

Instead of cutting a panel to close out the drawer section, I cleaned that up better and painted the underside of the drawer to go with the lower area too.

I only had to cut a new floor for the cabinet.  AND notch it in and trim it all out.  UNfortunately, this was the only big-enough oak board I had, and it had some “green” sections.  I was trying to use things I had on hand.

the drawer all cleaned up

It's now a SIDE TABLE!

All in all

I like the outcome!


I still think this would be awesomely perfect as

a side table

by a chair or sofa!

It’s exactly the right height.

Or pretty perfect as a NIGHTSTAND too!


And it’s at the antique mall for sale–


It's now a SIDE TABLE!

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A wash stand?



Well, they were pretty common, that much I DO know.

Judy's old bathroom dresser

Here’s how I came into possession of this guy.  My friend Judy had this one you see above in her master bath—but she REALLY liked THIS dresser I did, oh gosh–a year ago?  She procrastinated  and  someone else bought it.  THEN I came across another very similar and was about to “repeat” the project, but in a different color scheme.  Which she liked too, but…

“…could I possibly duplicate that 1st one?”

So I DID—which orphaned THIS one!  A N D  she didn’t want it anymore and I could HAVE IT—just take it away.      …Uh, o k a y

Now, I admit I wasn’t terribly enthusiastic about it,

but you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right?  The Black & White dresser  I recently finished sold immediately (YaY!) and I had a hole to fill in my antq mall space—so I find myself looking at this guy–seriously.

I am NOT an Oak fan, it’s weirdly LOW, I don’t like the configuration.

But here’s what I DO like.

It’s VERY solid and sturdy.  I like the contoured top and top bowed drawer, and that it’s on wood wheels.  The height is much like a side table, so what if I gut the lower and just MAKE IT A SIDE TABLE?

Judy's old bathroom dresser

This piece was in really great shape, but did need a couple of simple repairs.

I did a little stripping to clean it up, some sanding, and REstained it.

Judy's old bathroom dresser

Judy's old bathroom dresser

I gave it a good clear-coat this morning when I got back from the gym.  So I’m writing this post while it’s drying.  Oh yeah–I forgot to mention that I popped the drawer bottom out and stained IT too.  I’ll be ripping wood to fit-out, or, box-in the lower cavity.  I’ll paint that portion and the inside sides of the drawer to brighten those parts up a bit!

Judy's old bathroom dresser Judy's old bathroom dresser

spare parts!

I’ve been dragging through my hardware for something more fitting than the glass hardware that WAS on it.  I’ll REuse those parts in some other project, as well as the drawers and door—just watch!

You know~

this may turn out to be a really cool project after all!



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