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surviving cancer~priceless

& most importantly

my mum is now “officially” in recovery!
Hair is growing back in– super cute, I might add!
Appetite– well, more desire than ability, but
even that’s an improvement!
The road to recovery may be looong—but
every week marks more progress!



some jewelry!

Mom’s full-time care has meant no time  -for Me -for Projects -for quality sleep, and am I feeling that.  BUT- lately, I’ve been able to find a little quiet time here and there and a little creativity in the form of some jewelry making!

My G-Grandmother was WaY ahead of her time apparently.  To begin, she was born in 1871, and around 1900± she had these FABulous Cameo buttons REmade into earrings!  I was fascinated by them cleaning out the Great Auntie’s and Grandma’s jewelry boxes and cupboards—and being an only granddaughter I was the next in line!  I just REfound them mingled in my own stashes & decided to alter them again now for MY style!

Cameo buttons = earrings

Another old earring found among Grandma’s things–but sadly, an orphan.
Just too pretty to discard, I took it anyway.  That was back in the 80’s.

2019 now- I was struck with an idea and pulled it back out!
I snipped off the screw-back part, leaving just enough to create a loop for a necklace.  An orphaned earring made into a beautiful necklace!

An orphaned earring to a necklace!

Speaking of things found in Grandma’s jewelry closet-
look at this amazing pin!
(Is it very obvious that side of our family is British?!)

another treasure from Grandma!

I was really having fun with all my “Earring Making” sessions!  I was growing weary of wearing the same-old, same-old things, and got totally lost in all my new creations!

I made several new pairs for mom, her former teacher-friend who has helped me out so many times—and for our FAVorite Cancer Center nurse!
I needed the bit of creativity SO much!

Most of what you’ll see in the next pictures are MY creations!  I have collected all kinds of old & junk jewelry forEVER that I always intended to take apart for just the “good stuff.”  And pieced together with some amazing things you can find in the craft stores—it’s a huge WoWza!    (Mostly all mine below)

My new creations!

earrings & a necklace for my mother~

And these were all a surprise for our Cancer Center nurse!

~all a surprise for our FAVorite CC-nurse!

And the next 3 pair were created from 1 large, very gaudy, overdone pair.  But the price was cheap and I knew it would be fun to REbuild them into something else!

3 pairs out of 1 overdone, gaudy pair!

And then I got my Au Pairs in on it—with wine!  Making some for themselves, their Host moms- and for their own moms to send them in Spain & Brazil!

even my Au Pairs got in on it!

And then some random pairs for “Thank You’s” to varying people!
Yes- I got a little crazy!

Random pairs as gifts!

REbuilding parts of jewelry
into NEW jewelry!

Really just another form of
construction, right?


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