Thought you might like to see some of those holiday stockings

I’ve been sewing.  Yes, they’re all on the feminine side.
Probably more for decorating with than truly stuffing!
And, at the end of the day~ I liked the plainness of them and wrinkled linen.
Like this, I think they’ll be more flexible to embellish with/in other holiday decorating.  Like- stuffing them with a bit of evergreen, sage, or holly.  Or by hanging a personalized initial from the backside hanging loop.
Holiday Stockings
And these are two other styles and textures I was playing with. . .

...a couple other styles and textures-

...a couple other styles and textures-


Besides sewing, I’ve been hard at it on the fall clean upoh my aching muscles!

Raking leaves -endlessly- rounding up and covering furniture, cleaning out gardens, cutting down a LOT of plants prepping for the snow to fly.  Unfortunately SOONER than later—they’re predicting a big snow storm this weekend.  Boooooo

fall clean up-

fall clean up-

fall clean up-.


. . . and prepping for

holiday decorating. . .

I decided on this iron urn for this season’s front steps arrangement.

*only bumped finger like 21 times getting work done.







-on the road to recovery!woo·hoo~I’m just about to stage a comeback!  But until~

It has been a  L·O·N·G  6 weeks     since my hand surgery.

It sure feels ·SO· much longer, but I’m happy to have at least that much time -and healing- behind me as I adapt to all kinds of new “normals.”

Like how everything touching my finger either feels like super coarse sand paper or razor blades trying to hurt me further, or how incredibly painful it is because of the swelling AND trying to bend it again AND because my clutzy-self keeps bumping it into everything imaginable!

It’s also shorter nowhmm…because of the screw?

I am SO happy to finally jump back into at least a “soft” project—like sewing!

found on pintrest!I’ve begun working on some Christmas stockings for an upcoming Holiday show.  Looking around pintrest for some inspiration, I keep coming back to this beauty!  (*can’t seem to find the original creator though)

I have all kinds of textural scrap leftovers from other projects ~grain sacks, linen~ I only needed to buy some pleated trim (too lazy to make my own).

I may –or may not– add some graphic transfers or extra embellishments since they look pretty –plain– too!  We’ll see!

Here are my first four

I made a template from some larger-sized blank stencil sheets.  It’s a firm pattern to use for consistent sizes AND you can see fabric prints through it.  (I accidentally bought white sheets this time~ooops!)

sewing the cutout sides together-

sewing the liner and outsides together and adding the trim-

-stockings for a Holiday show!Christmas stockings are actually very easy sewing projects…

to all you non-sewers!

I still need to add the loops they will hang by, and make the decision~

to embellish or

not to embellish!

That is the question!

I’ve been playing with grain sacks and linen, and pleated cotton & grosgrain trim,

as well as vintage laces from my collections/stashes.


*btw— I had a really good 6wk post-op check up, so I’m hoping to be back to my furniture and wood projects really soon!
-the first Holiday Show Christmas Stockings!

-stockings with some vintage handkerchief lace!

The Way

Post-surgery has left me with a lot of time on my hand(s)—pardon the pun.

No saws, no sanders, no wood—I’ve been watching a lot of movies, backed-up TV shows on the DVR, On Demand shows~you name it.  I’m restless and bored—when I’m not foggy/dopey headed on those danged pain meds.

Quick update~

I –WAS– so excited to go get my stitches out—until the 1st one got snipped & pulled.  There are a LOT of nerves in your fingers—I had 7 more to go.

I have “new” pain to deal with.  First- it took a little while for the stitches removal pain to settle down.  2nd- my finger is now uncovered.  It’s HYPER sensitive to EVERYthing.  NOT bumping it is near impossible, which takes my breath away and nearly makes me cry.  The thick, crusty scabs are rubbing/falling off and skin is peeling off too  -IT -IS -RAW under there.

My finger is very swollen (almost the size of my thumb at first) and  I can just barely bend it—but I’m working on that (therapy).  The swelling is already wAy down in this picture.

*I’ve also discovered that I need to learn a new way of typing.  Right now,  Left handnormal typing, Right handpeck.  Looks ridiculous.  When healed, I’ll never again be able to bend my pinkie properly for normal typing.

post surgery, post stitches

Okay~I’ve only ever pushed one other show on you

Downton Abbey banner

That was in Jan/Feb 2012– when it seemed like I was totally alone in my excitement over the premier of Season 2!  And I shared this fun quiz!  ~I didn’t hear anyone talking about the incredible first season. . . huh??

The Way-I really want to tell you about this great movie I watched (during recovery)

that was SO incredibly good, inspirational, and profound (IMO)— 

The Way.

If you have opportunity and/or can make the time (2:15), I would love to hear your take-away.  Maybe like me, you’ll be dreaming about taking that long walk too!

One man’s spiritual journey along the Camino de Santiago.

“…don’t choose a life…live one.”


btw~ I am SO close to finally getting back to work..!

It’s always good to be open to new tips and tricks~

So when I stumbled onto THIS ARTICLE recently, I was interested & curious.

Painting Tips-

article source-  Popular Mechanics

I consider myself a good painter!  I’m seasoned,” my mom had me painting at 12! (or was it 10?)  Both rooms & furniture.

For me, the article was more Back to Basics—but smart & good habits are always a good thing!  I learned some of these tricks by “experience,” and some by the generosity of the professionals on my former construction sites.

By the end of the list I wondered— do others know any of these  invaluable  tips and tricks?

· With the exception of #1 (I only sand when necessary)

· and #10 (which I know is good, but don’t do)

I practice the rest religiously, plus some others I’ve shared along the way!

◊ Check out TIPS -construction & finishing from my categories column!


-sharing with this linky party!

The Curator's Collection

barn board accident- yikes!Don’t want to gross anyone out, but—here’s where I’m at

To recap—crushed hand under some barn boards,

needed surgery~had surgery, lots of pain and seriously watching clock for next pain pill.

4 days in, figured out bandages were too tight~got loosened and things were markedly improved.

9 days post surgery, necessary flight out East,

1st TSA agent encountered accidentally hit finger trying to help me~ couldn’t breathe, almost cried, more pain, and now nauseous.

injury and post-op...Saw Dr upon return~ screw held, sutures held, a little bleeding, but—okay.

VERY interesting to travel. . . . .just function– ONE HANDED.

Stitches come out this Friday on schedule, then move to a soft splint and therapy soon after.

SO nice to have FRESH bandages,

AND to get to see healing, progress—

and a straight finger again!

*hope the pictures don’t gross you out.

Maybe just EXIT now!

I’ll totally understand. . .

not too late to turn back-

not too late to turn back-

post-op....and a 1st look

12 days post-op...

Look, my hand will look NORMAL again—YaY!

Sure can’t wait to get back to work!




I’m currently a 1·armed bandit- huntin’ & a peckin’- to say HI!

I made it through my (1st) surgery

the Dr broke it, cut it open to cut out/cut away the damage, and put a screw down the tip to hold it all straight.

If you’re thinking  O W E,

then you know how I’m feeling. . . I’m in a lot of pain, but coping.  And can’t wait for this all to be just a memory and I‘m back to work~

Catherine .

*The above bouquette & proxy hug are from 2nd big brother away on business 

our satanic Red Squirrels-The satanic Red Squirrels have hit a new nerve.

I took the car in for an oil change and was alerted to the terrible news that the squirrels have now been nesting in the car’s engine!  Besides stuffing areas with insulation from my workshop ceiling, they’ve chewed critical engine/computer wiring to the tune of $568. Thankfullyand surprisinglythe car insurance picked up the bill.

This is not so uncommon—seriously??  WHAT NEXT?

Needing a distraction from THAT aggravation, my mother and I ran off to see the very special exhibition of

Dressing Downton Abbey!

Dressing Downton Abbey

The pillow I bought!The costumes were INCREDIBLE!  They were the ORIGINAL costumes worn—NOT REPRODUCTIONS!  The women were MORE shockingly tall and skinny than I was expecting—the bigger surprise was how TALL -and skinny- the men were!  (We usually hear about how short so many male actors tend to be.)

The exhibit ended Sunday for us and is traveling to

Richmond, VA next!

Are you reading this Connie?!?

barn board accident- yikes!Okay, so last on my list is that I’m having hand surgery Thursday morning.

I  am  nervous.

But I’ll be happy to be out of pain (with time and therapy) and my hand no longer look deformed.
Obviously~working on projects will be on hold a bit. For now though, I’m trying to at least finish this dresser to share with you—I’m onto plan “C!”



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