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Memorial Day

…how ’bout this

Blast From the Past Project!

Hannah-banana!See this little cutie-petutie?

She’s my #4 of 8 GREAT nieces!

Where has all that time gone—?

When she was 2or3’ish -and soon after her parents bought their 1st house- my niece/Goddaughter relinquished the task of making a little Princess room for her!

Since I can’t find any pictures of the room to share, you’ll have to imagine this—

Mind you, it was the smallest BR in the house so you can only do so much. . .

The room was painted Pinkof course!

We wrapped the room in a picket fence and hot glued some silk wild flowers around and behind some of the boards.  Among other details, a vintage light was hung, and I re-worked a few pieces of vintage furniture.  THIS furniture.

I found the sweetest potential of a bed in a thrift store during a half price sale, $10  $5!  Sorry, no pictures from when I bought it (’02 or ’03), but you can see what I did to it below.  A simple shabby chic paint job, and an upholstery job with over-sized welting!  The same cabbage rose fabric and some lace also made a matching duvet, pillow sham, bed skirt, and drapes!  

a bed for Hannah!

This was the French Empire dresser I shabby chic’d for her

—that later made it’s way back to me for THIS other project!

Hannah's French Empire dresser

I had a Dresser, but I needed a Bookcase!I had a dresser, but I needed a Bookcase!

This was one of my earlier postings,

and,  it~I  was lucky enough to be featured on many prominent blogs for it!  Which put me in front of many of you!  My people who GET me!  ; D


I’ve got a couple of post drafts in the works to share with you,


I was thinking this Blogtalk conversation was one that should be shared. . .y’know, just in case!

It started with this plea for help—


Sheila Gerke

Help! I was transferring photos from my camera sd card to my computer and accidentally deleted all the photos! Does anyone know if there is a way to recover them???

Omg!  Left to me and what I knowit would be a lost cause.  I didn’t even know there was A CHANCE for recovery.  But, GUESS WHAT?!?

(from Beth)  You can recover them but it will cost something to recover more than one small pic. There are many downloadable programs that do it. I had to do it recently for a sponsored post after I accidentally erased the photos. http://www.cnet.com/…/how-to-recover-deleted-photos…/


Download ZAR demo. You do not need a paid version of ZAR to do image recovery. This set of functions is…
These are just two ways, and apparently there are more!

I don’t know about you, but, what great news!

Thank you Sheila, for saving a whole lot’a tears!


Now—back to those two posts left in a draft. . .



Furniture Dance

beds for projects--

gave me a fresh look at my stash of accumulated beds.

A decision was made to do a quick project on a pair of twins for an upcoming sale.  My bf and I have decided to participate in a Boutique-style,  juried Vintage show!  Time is tickin’ to get some fresh projects completed by June 13th!

So— this miss-matched pair of twins are getting

a bit of  …ahead of schedule!

ready for some LUV!

More tomorrow


Spring is FINALLY here!Truly  not  an understatement.

You know how it is,

L O N G  W I N T E R,

LOTS of clean up and 101 other things!

To Do List

………….– only a few highlights –

I’ve done the bulk of the HUGE Spring Clean up by myself  ~blisters and sore muscles to prove it.

new drawer organizers-Have triple-washed every window in the house  ~washed, then cleaned twice with Rain-X for a gOOd barrier.

I’ve begun work on an ambitious new headboard project (more soon),

built out a few drawer organizers,

helped a nephew build a horse shoe pit  ~let the games begin!building a horse shoe pit

Champ-ers stole my shoes!

Got my shoes stolen by the Champ-ster…

have been sorting through a LOT of boxes in storage  ~almost feels like Christmas REdiscovering some of my cOOl belongings!  Funny to see the craze of cow-sheep-horse heads that have become so popular—I bought these hooks in a ’97 estate sale!

REdiscovering some of my cOOl old belongings!

Saturday we took down the green house for summerwoo-hoo!  But that meant I had to practically empty the garage/Page 10 Studio to be able to pack away the 8 parts it’s made up of.  Uhhhhgh.  So went the dance of the furniture projects.

*These are just the beds. . . .

beds for projects--

Like I really nEEd to look for any more projects -but- I found this on CL and have plans for it!  ; D

a new CL find!

This was a much needed end of day  (medicinal)  Kahlua & creme!

For Medicinal Purposes!

Again—just a snapshot of the many things that’ve been goin’ on.

The bigger thing was that mom took a tumble over some books and a chair, into a commode, and broke 3 ribs!  So I’ve had to REschedule some projects to be close at hand.  She’s 3 weeks into healing and finally starting to get past the worst pain.  Yowza!


on my list

the round Frenchy table--My list is  L O N G,

and these are just a few of the items waiting to get checked off of it.

1I need to put the doors back on my REstyled Frenchy table and get it back to the antique mall.  Should be easy enough, but I’ve been gone and/or running in 5 directions.

2—I began working on my teen-aged nephews’ bedroom a couple of weeks ago while I was “baby-sitting.” They SHARE a LARGE “V” shaped room which I’m dividing in 2 for each to have “their own rooms!”

I started with the 15yr old’s side— eggplant ceiling, beige walls with a punch of stripes around the bed.  But there will be more to come!

the boys' bedroom REdesign--

the 15yr old side--

industrial-type hangers for the partition wall--The 13yr old brother wants a sky on his ceiling -and I’m not sure what yet for the walls.


The boys (and parents) like my partition wall!

In the mindset of USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT—I used a pair of bi-fold closet doors (that were removed in an upstairs project) and the boys’ bookshelves.  I used some industrial-type hangers to suspend the doors from the ceiling, and “L” brackets to secure the bookshelves to the doors.

*The hook you see me holding went into the ceiling, the eye went into the closet door, the center hanger had adjustable threading so the doors would just “kiss” the carpet.  *2 hangers per door, the last hanger is missing in the picture below.

the partition wall--

my next project will involve parts of this ugly chair!3I’ve been working my way through all the spring yard work, next will be to wash all the windows and switch out the winter rugs for the summer ones.

Also on my list is a new project involving this awful wing-back chair.  It’s a real stinker, but what do you expect for $5!   ; D

More tomorrow,





. . . so this is what I did in the end.

in the works--The dresser looked sO pretty and refreshed painted in the Revere Pewter and Alabaster White.

Yeah—WAS looking good up to The Accent Color Debacle. Ooooh well.

I’d decided to only accent a few of its subtle details, like the fluting in the full front stiles-legs, the flourishes, and the recessed upper drawer section.  And THEN I REvisited the recessed drawers.  With découpage.  Yes~more découpage.

I grabbed my vintage French vocabulary book and started leafing through for cool pages to use!  And I finally tore out the cover pages—which you can see on the 2nd drawer.

 découpage from a vintage French vocabulary book

 I also added the petit fleur de lis to each drawer.

I stained them dark to match what stain I kept.

After découpaging, I lime waxed each drawer to create a sun-faded appearance  -which also toned down each fleur de lis.

Lastly, I seal-coated all the remaining parts.

Tuesday morning I got everything REset at the antique mall and jumped on the highway to head out of town for the rest of the week!  More on that later -but- I’ve already found a new project to bring back—it’s REALLY UGLY, just wait till you see what I’m doin’ with it!

Impresively well-made dresser!Here’s the dresser, now at the mall for sale!

This is one very heavy, solid wood, well-made dresser.  Even Bird’s Eye Maple drawer boxes. Nothing cheap here!


the flourish on the back splash--…wish you could feel just how smOOth and silky the top feels—3 layers of liming wax, paste wax, paste wax all buffed out with my random orbital buffer!

my CL DRESSER  $25

I’m sharing this project with a couple of my favorite linky parties!

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