on my list

the round Frenchy table--My list is  L O N G,

and these are just a few of the items waiting to get checked off of it.

1I need to put the doors back on my REstyled Frenchy table and get it back to the antique mall.  Should be easy enough, but I’ve been gone and/or running in 5 directions.

2—I began working on my teen-aged nephews’ bedroom a couple of weeks ago while I was “baby-sitting.” They SHARE a LARGE “V” shaped room which I’m dividing in 2 for each to have “their own rooms!”

I started with the 15yr old’s side— eggplant ceiling, beige walls with a punch of stripes around the bed.  But there will be more to come!

the boys' bedroom REdesign--

the 15yr old side--

industrial-type hangers for the partition wall--The 13yr old brother wants a sky on his ceiling -and I’m not sure what yet for the walls.


The boys (and parents) like my partition wall!

In the mindset of USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT—I used a pair of bi-fold closet doors (that were removed in an upstairs project) and the boys’ bookshelves.  I used some industrial-type hangers to suspend the doors from the ceiling, and “L” brackets to secure the bookshelves to the doors.

*The hook you see me holding went into the ceiling, the eye went into the closet door, the center hanger had adjustable threading so the doors would just “kiss” the carpet.  *2 hangers per door, the last hanger is missing in the picture below.

the partition wall--

my next project will involve parts of this ugly chair!3I’ve been working my way through all the spring yard work, next will be to wash all the windows and switch out the winter rugs for the summer ones.

Also on my list is a new project involving this awful wing-back chair.  It’s a real stinker, but what do you expect for $5!   ; D

More tomorrow,





. . . so this is what I did in the end.

in the works--The dresser looked sO pretty and refreshed painted in the Revere Pewter and Alabaster White.

Yeah—WAS looking good up to The Accent Color Debacle. Ooooh well.

I’d decided to only accent a few of its subtle details, like the fluting in the full front stiles-legs, the flourishes, and the recessed upper drawer section.  And THEN I REvisited the recessed drawers.  With découpage.  Yes~more découpage.

I grabbed my vintage French vocabulary book and started leafing through for cool pages to use!  And I finally tore out the cover pages—which you can see on the 2nd drawer.

 découpage from a vintage French vocabulary book

 I also added the petit fleur de lis to each drawer.

I stained them dark to match what stain I kept.

After découpaging, I lime waxed each drawer to create a sun-faded appearance  -which also toned down each fleur de lis.

Lastly, I seal-coated all the remaining parts.

Tuesday morning I got everything REset at the antique mall and jumped on the highway to head out of town for the rest of the week!  More on that later -but- I’ve already found a new project to bring back—it’s REALLY UGLY, just wait till you see what I’m doin’ with it!

Impresively well-made dresser!Here’s the dresser, now at the mall for sale!

This is one very heavy, solid wood, well-made dresser.  Even Bird’s Eye Maple drawer boxes. Nothing cheap here!


the flourish on the back splash--…wish you could feel just how smOOth and silky the top feels—3 layers of liming wax, paste wax, paste wax all buffed out with my random orbital buffer!

my CL DRESSER  $25

I’m sharing this project with a couple of my favorite linky parties!

Furniture Feature FridaysPhotobucket

I returned from Favorite Auntie on Duty

just in time to begin Spring Cleanup!

toasting one of our last dinners together

And I have at last returned to my CL dresser project.

newest CL dresserHere’s the skinny

Found on CL.  $25 — ——– ~after some nonsense.

Painted Revere Pewter with accents of Alabaster White.

Strip – sand – ReFresh top.

THOUGHT it would be fun to paint a PoP of color on the top 3 drawers.  Considered a Poppy or Fuchsia.  Bf suggested maybe a yellow instead—hmmmm.

Project going pretty good till the  PoP  of  color.


See what I mean?

Epic Fail.   (awwwwww darn)

Not even a lighter shade of yellow was gonna cut the –mustard.

*Earlier picture—not showing the Alabaster White yet.  Btw- DID try the Poppy—still a big ole NOPE.

Plan B.  I sanded off the paint before it had time to truly cure.  I rummaged through my fabric stashes for something to cover the drawer fronts with, but everything that would have looked REALLY RICH had too large a design.  So I defaulted to my favorite vintage French Vocabulary Book to découpage the fronts.

Completed (rescued) project tomorrow—


getting a new lease on life--I’m well under way on my newest Craig’s List dresserconsidering the limited time I’ve had to give it -once again- I’ve had some obstacles to deal with instead of projects.  BUT

◊ I’ve painted the entire dresser Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter.

◊ I stripped the top and backsplash, and fine sanded it.  1st I lime waxed, then clear waxed for a silvered/aged look, and used my orbital buffer to bring it all to a high luster and baby’s-bottom touch!

◊ Today I will work on the contrasting colors, seal coat everything, and, if everything goes well~

◊ it will be offered for sale in the antique mall before afternoon!

getting a new lease on life--

My  ·other·  project this week…

Now playing the role of “MOM,” Favorite Auntie Catherine!

Besides covering those routine duties of alarm clock, waitress, chauffeur, homework-checker, sometimes referee—

This FAVorite Auntie is coming in with the goods!

 Chocolate cupcakes and milk after school (and sending taunting SWEET pictures to mom)

 then playing games, flying kites, chasing around the yard with the dog, basketball…

 goofy, acting-the-fool singing and dancing!

You know

the Favorite Auntie stuff!

*click on above picture to catch the beat…
…just picture the crazy-fun-dancing AND feel free to JOIN IN remotely!

Hope you have a play-full week too,

Fav-Auntie Catherine

Go fly a kite!

we DID get the other stuff in too!

It has been one busy AND CRAZY week.

Big pieces selling in the antique mall, TRYing to finish multiple projects to go to the mall, & of course, looking for potential new projects –some off Craig’s list.

FREE off of CL!◊ I’ve been struggling with CL for a whileanything I post over $50 garners tons of spam.  I’ve been trying different tricks to minimize this, with no luck.  Plus, one REposted (4x) ad got pulled by CL and I can’t figure out why—they had no issue with it the other times…?

◊ Then there’s the (sadly) usual thingpeople don’t show up.  Even when THEY are the sellers—??

◊ Early Thursday, someone had been offering this pink chair Free!  Two day old ad, I responded, it was found on CL--mine!  But we were in pouring rain all day so I arranged to pick it up first thing in the morning.  Thursday evening the lady emailed me saying, “I gave the chair to a neighbor.  Sorry.  Thanks for your interest.”  HuH?  Sure-her chair, but I keep MY word.  Karma, lady –karma.

◊ Also early Thursday, saw this dresser.  $30.  I negotiated $25 (has missing doors on top) AND to pick it up in the morning because of the pouring rain all day.  Friday morning I text when leaving—also as per our agreement, remember, people don’t show up.  I get to her house and promptly get yelled at that she “almost called me last night because she had 3 offers [after our agreement] for full price….”  Now she’s trying to strong-arm me for the $5!  The husband came outside to try to bully me further.  Geesh.  “Are you kidding?”  I told her about the chair—and gave her $25 –as we agreed.

What is wrong with people anymore?  Seriously?

What happened to please and thank you, kindness~courtesy, or doing what you say~keeping your word??

Is that too old-fashioned any more?

Not the MODERN way?

Do I just sound crabby?


Ballard Design outlet- AtlantaMy mother and Aunt traveled with me to Atlanta for Easter in 2010.  We spent the holiday with my cousin’s family (my auntie’s daughter).  It was beautiful weather, we had a fabulous timeand of course, we went shopping!

A trip to the Ballard design outlet netted several things

including a new project!

Shortly after, I bought this round Frenchy table to modify into a “similar” island for my Aunt’s kitchen.  The Ballard Design island was very pricey I was sure I could come up with something cheaper for my Auntand found this table in a Chicago-area thrift store  $40!

◊ I was thinking to boost it with casters and add another tier to the top, ….finishing it with a butcher block too- and painting it.

round frenchy table--

Y e pshe found something else before I could work on this one, so it went to storage.  Until last Fall when I put it in the antique mall for sale.  As Is.

But no one seemed interested.

EVERYONE doesn’t like to do a project

imagine that ?!


I brought the table back to Page 10 for a little REvitalization!  *See, even the table is turning another “page!”  I was thinking I would give it a pretty paint job!

I flipped it upside down on saw horses to start with the legs.  I was JUST going to give it a light sanding to give it a tooth before painting, but that 60’s-70’s yellowy finish was coming off -WITH EASE.

OkayPlan D.

*Plan A was the original abandoned project, Plan B was just selling it, Plan C was to paint it. . .

plan BI decided to run with it and sand off and/or strip the yellow finish!  A Do-Over!  Since the table is made of mostly maple, the obvious would be to stain it but I’m going to do something different. . . .

Stay tuned!


The Frenchy table--getting REvitalized!

no one seemed to want it. . .

so I pulled it out to do some work on itfinally.


I bought it for an aunt, but more on the back-story with my next entry. . .


round frenchy table--


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