working from my outdoor office!I. am. bORed. siLLy.

But I’m behaving and doing as the Dr. saidmostly.  You  -I- can only sit still for so long.  And the swelling is down enough you can almost see the knobby-bone of my ankle again—yAy!

So I’m working from the deck!


Because I forgot to get the Rit Dye COLOR STRIPPER to use when first washing the patio umbrella covers, they weren’t taking the dye very well.

*Really helps to cut through “finished” layers too-

REdying the umbrella covers-That water resistant “layer” in the outdoor fabric was worn down and sun faded enough—I didn’t think I would have too much trouble.  But 24hrs in, they were only marginally brighter.

So I just left them to soak all week.

And poked them around a lot.

I had over done some other things and my ankle was really painful and swelling again.  So I sat.  The umbrella covers sat. [Everything] sat.  Since last week Friday.

Yesterday I finally pulled the plug. Ran them back through the wash just to rinse them out –no soap.  Twice—to clean the dye residue out of the washer too..  Although the 2nd time was early this morning.

the REdyed the umbrella covers-I put each cover back on and opened them fully so they would stretch back out and dry without wrinkles.

Plus—it just looked good to see them back UP!

And they look bright and cheery once again!

What do you think?

Better, right?!

And -I think- worth the trouble.

Btw—the BEIGE umbrella cover from out in the yard did take a little tint of the yellow and doesn’t look so comPLETELY orphaned!


restoring the REdyed umbrella covers-

. . . might not look dramatically different in the BEFORE and AFTER pics, but you can really tell “LIVE!”

the REdyed umbrella covers- B & A

the REfreshed umbrella covers
. . . umbrellas drying everywhere!
The deck--getting REfreshed!
. . . my current OFFICE CHAIR! ; D
The deck--getting REfreshed!

the oh-so sun-faded patio umbrellasOh, how sad-looking the patio umbrellas.

SO sun faded. . .by the Midwestern sun—?

I’m well versed

-even prepared for-

the harsh Arizona sun-damage… but the Midwest sun—huh?

You can see for yourself (at right) just how faded the umbrellas are—in ONE season!

So the umbrellas are getting a fresh washing &  DYE JOB !

Who says only Easter eggs get dyed—?

the very sun-faded patio umbrellas-

1st-  I removed the umbrella covers,

then, popped ’em in the washer to freshen them…

(I actually like to wash them fresh EACH season!)

freshening up the patio umbrellas-It’s very easy to remove the covers, pop the splines out of their pockets,

freshening up the patio umbrellas-
and then unscrew the top cap (or decorative finial on some umbrellas) to release the rest of the cover.  Market umbrellas generally have a nailed on top cap, so grab a hammer or pry bar to pop it off.

*I always screw/hammer the cap back on so not to lose (or damage) it.

freshening up the patio umbrellas-

freshening up the patio umbrellas-

While the umbrella covers were in the wash, I prepped a tub of fresh water and Rit DyeLemon Yellow– and stirred it in well.

freshening up the patio umbrellas-
freshening up the patio umbrellas-

This is where I left things for the night—

leaving all five covers tomarinate.

More tomorrow,


Did you happen to see any of these offerings

06-14-15 Main St Mrkt Sale projects

from The Antique Farmhouse or Decor Steals?

I can’t help myself, when I see these things, to think that—

“I can make that for myself!”

Well, at least  my own interpretation  of it.

The following are just 4 examples. . . knockoffs. . .

So, before the Main St Market sale, I started thinking about some fun-cool-awesome SMALLS to make & take to sell!  And I began “playing.”

found on Decorsteals--

I saw this  Decor Steals shelf during winter. Thought it was so simple and nice— and an easy project!  So I tabled it for the future.

“Hmmm-hey…remember that apron I’d pilfered off a curbie-sofa a couple summers ago…?” (I talk to myself often enough-)  “Oh, yeah..!”

So now you see the root of THIS project!  ; D   But mine has dimension instead of being flat.  And unfortunately, I never took a picture of the finished, multi-layered-painted, distressed, and waxed finish before it sold at the market!    -just SO crazy…but can you picture it ?!
the SOFA APRON shelf

the SOFA APRON shelf


found at The Antique Farmhouse-This was something I saw before the holidays.  I liked the chicken wire frame part of the project-

so I made my own to use as a Christmas card display!  Although I made mine 6ft×1ft.  Cost, $zero.  I used leftovers.  

After Christmas, the cards came down & school pictures of the kiddos were pinned to it.  At the last minute, I distressed mom by stripping it off the wall to take with me.  It sold -of course- and I need to make a new one for her now!

a little catch-all box I saw at The Antq Farmhouse!I loved this little catch-all box,

I played around with a couple ideas of my own.  This is one of the two I made.  I’ll have more to share on this project very soon and a few gOOd organizing uses for DIYers!

my interpretation of the cutie little catch-all box!

And my last playful  copy  is this zinc chalkboard found on The Antique Farmhouse.

a zinc chalkboard--I actually have a vintage farm table with a zinc top that I’ve toyed with cutting up.  Toyed with—haven’t done it though.

My medium is wood

I have a lot of scraps so I went that route!  And I made a wood template so I could make several.

Again—another project I  will share soon.  I’d like to break it down for you to see HOW EASY this is to DIY!

What have YOU seen that you’d rather make yourself?

Catherine. . .

my interpretation of the zinc chalkboard!

"..good news, bad news.."The Dr. said there are no breaks -BUT-

it’s a very bad sprain with bruised bones.  ~HuH?   Never heard of THAT so..  ..I googled it and it’s not so good~gonna be a tough summer.

…Have been TRYING to sit still and “toes over nose” for the swelling…let’s just say I’m bored. out. of. my. mind.  Can’t sit still so long—so I fired up the pressure washer and tidied things up.  Bought more flowers to plant the last urns, and, been taking pictures to share with you—on instagram!  (…now that the kiddos showed me how to do it!)

More Good news, Bad news—

the window box by my studio window!there are more market projects to share!

…however, FORGOT to take completion pictures in some cases (the frenzy AND ALL), accidentally LOST pictures of others. Dang it!

While I sort some of THAT out—hope you enjoy some of the garden views I’m seeing…

when I  am  sitting & the foot is up!  ; D

This is the window box outside my garage/studio—LUV the lichen/moss growing over the coconut liner!

Another view of that lichen/moss combo!  Nature is inCREDible!

the lichen and moss growing on the coconut liner-

These are just two of the window boxes overlooking the deck…

just two of the window boxes...

…and some of the Mandevillas that winter over in the greenhouse…

just two of the window boxes...

2015 gardens

…and the Wisteria are just beginning to bloom!

-the wisteria are just beginning to bloom!

-the wisteria are beginning to bloom!

2015 garden views

Hope you’re all having

a wonderful weekend

and a


Father’s Day!


the newest Craigslist dresserI bought this dresser off Craigslist on Saturday before the show.  Thought it would be perfect for my mom’s smaller guest bedroom, but—no.  Disappointing.

So I made the decision to go forward with it as an addition to what went to the show.  Yikes.

Sadly, the legs had been lopped off, but otherwise it was in fabulous condition! Isn’t it beautiful anyway?!?

Thinking in REsale terms now,  it needed to be “current” but neutral.  I chose to paint it Ben Moore’s Alabaster White and Wickham Gray.

But first, it required a lot of priming.

proming out my newest Craigslist dresser

missing drawer stops for the newest Craigslist dresser

A few other things also happened

First, I re-contoured the lopped off legs with the belt sander.

2nd, I replaced the missing drawer stops. . .

and 3rd, I added 1½” reproduction wood wheels to bring back some extra height.

After several coats of primer, I went back to choose what would be where for this two-tone paint job.

priming out the new CL dresser

Luv’d it’s original hardware—sure can’t improve on perfection!

choosing the color scheme

working on the mirror too!

I decided to add a little daily mantra-  Carpe Diem

to the small banner in the peak of the mirror’s frame.
Carpe Diem

I love how the dresser finished out, and was sad to think of not keeping it, but was so sure it would sell at the Main St Market.  What a shock and disappointment to bring it back with me.

-finished and beautiful and now at the antique mall!

I completely REset my antique mall space with all the projects that returned with me, and guess what?

My dresser sold immediately!  Imagine that


Oh the irony!

EXCEPT for a freak injury…

it was a good –but busy– week getting last stuff finished and checked off my list for the Main St Market.

Regarding the Main St Market…

it poured on and off while I tried to load Thursday.

It poured AT the Main St Market Friday before, and in part, while folks arrived to unload and set up.  It was a mud pit.

It became a pouring thunderstorm by 4:30 the morning of.  Bf wanted to just quit and go home—I was feeling much the same, but just felt like I HAD to try- the expenses would be TOO much of a loss.

This is the only picture I captured at the market—and, btw, we did finally get a small break in the weather -but halfway through.  Bummer.

Nothing ever really got set up as we would have in normal circumstances. Most things had to be protected under just one of the tents in case the sky let loose on us –again.  Which it looked like most of the time.

~The morning of, I hit my injured ankle on the trailer hitch, knocking the breath out of me and sending me into tears.  It was a rough day- period.

Oh the perils of an outdoor market—sigh.

the only picture I got at the Main St Market

No vintageantiquepainted furniture sold for either me or bf—and didn’t seem to for (m)any of the other vendors.  No one seemed to want to tackle that in rain and mud.  BUT, we sold a lot of “smalls” and those saved us!

*And having a Square card reader for credit cards was incredibly helpful too!

Here’s my  s-i-l‘s  van loaded up (literally). . .

packing to go--

packing to go--

So MUCH to tell, and

MORE of the unsold projects to show. . .


I know-I know, looks crazy, right?

packing to go--

packing to go--

packing to go--

leaving for the Main St MarketAll packed–

last errands–


now the highway

My niece wanted to “apprentice” with us for this show!


leaving for the Main St Market


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