winter storm Feb '16
They are warning this is

“Heart Attack” snow!

It’s that wet and heavy to shovel!
Let me testify.


~the armilary sphere an hour into the storm yesterday, and then at noon today.

winter storm Feb '16

winter storm Feb '16winter storm Feb '16

oh boy…

I  joined a gym.
I don’t know why.

Mother Nature has been working me over for free.

6+   ·    more   ·   inches.


These pictures are only an hour into the storm!

It came with a fury—

and is expected to quit early afternoon –tomorrow– !

February snow storm- February snow storm- February snow storm-

I’m SO happy to be working on projects again, but there’s an odd process to finding my “voice” again since I can’t hold anything  -normally- . Example—

I just needed to renew my passport.  A lot of paperwork to fill out and it’s really tough to write—my mother obliged me, I just needed to sign my name. But my signature LOOKS LIKE A FORGERY.  An extra form needed to be sent to explain why it IS legit.

router profile~My mind is whirling with project ideas,

but I find it’s like trying to work without the right tools.  You might be able to do it, but it’s  w·a·y  harder!

So I’ll be working my way back to the “big ideas.”

I thought I’d tackle framing out the new kitchen chalkboard.  Ordinarily the simplest of jobs.  Now an awkward task AND keep safe!

◊ I wanted to router a picture frame profile to the inside, and just soften/round over the outside edge.

◊ I also needed to run the boards through the table saw creating a thin rabbet enough to lay over the chalk board, with the rest to lay flat on the wall.

Hopefully this helps make sense of things—

the rabbet-

the routered profile-

putting the pieces together to create the frame

mom's kitchen "makeover!"

framing the Kitchen chalkboard

the leg and header connection-

~I pre-primed and it’s up—now I just need to lightly sand, putty any little gaps, then paint.

What’s next is to hang coved molding across the top for that extra finish, and create a chair rail for the bottom (over the brick). And THAT will actually tie into another project to come.

I know it all seems pretty fussy for such a simple finish, but, the devil is in the details!


a snow day

The snow started last night~

and this is what we woke to.

January '16 snow storm

another snow fall-

another snow fall-









another snow fall-




I’ll admit it’s pretty~

but it’s SO·MUCH·WORK!

5″ of work…and no snowblower.



Sleigh bells ring

Yesterday was our annual

Family Sleigh Ride!

Instead of giving Christmas gifts~

we make new Christmas memories!

DeeDee & Dotty lead our carriage!

-a private sleigh ride!

A wonderful ride under a full moon, LOTS of farm animals to see and pet, then family time (dinner & games) in the warming house!

And NOW it feels like Christmas is over.  :’ /

Our Percheron “tour guides,” Dee & Dot!


the "kids!"-the "optional" sleigh ride!

*They had OPTIONAL sleigh rides!

Kiddos took turns getting dragged behind our sleigh!

; D

a winter "look"

Yesterday I


what remained in the house.

Since the decorations went up so late~they’re coming down late too (they were up a month total).
For me, this is always a sad day—removing all the merriment.
And~ I’ll admit I’m still listening to Christmas CDs.  Don’t they just lift your spirits ?!
But every year, while I UNdecorate & put it away, I wonder—

how can something so beautiful and joyous. . .

be so·much·work?



O m g …a finished project!

It’s been a  w h i l e !

The stress and pressure of a first REAL project was taking a toll on my finger, so day 2 was a “rest” day to deal with the swelling and aching.

it's my Birthday!

AND~day 2 happened to be my birthday. Family took me out for Mexican & margaritas  ~for medicinal purposes!  ; D

Day 1 I shared that I stripped, sanded, and waxed the wood base.  And before the day was out, I applied the padding and batting.

Day 3 I worked on the upholstery.  But first there was a bit of prepping for the 4 button tufts.

◊ I marked out the locations,

◊ and cut slits all the way down to the wood decking…

◊ then drilled a hole completely through that decking.

prepping the coffee table for some button tufting-

I positioned the fabric and started working on the tufts.

I used welting cord tied in a pretty top knot for the temp “finish”  because none of the 3 stores I chased to currently had upholstery-grade covered buttons.  I’ll hot glue a covered button over it later.

◊ Because I was using a thick medium, I used wire to pull the cord through the holes.  Think of it like a flexible sewing needle.

1st, I poked the wire through the fabric to pull the cord through.

Then I poked the wire up through the wood decking and padding from underneath—caught the cord and pulled it down through the layers.

creating the tufts-

Once you pull the cord through to the under side,

you’ll need to pull it down and taut,

-adjusting & smoothing the top side to look how you want-

then staple the cord back and forth in a zig-zag fashion to keep it from letting go.

Make sense?

With the tufts in place, I worked on stapling down the fabric at each of the corners, pulling and smoothing, then stapling down the rest.  *I use a pneumatic staple gun—it makes a HUGE difference in a job!

The last task was to run almost 12ft of single welting to cover over the raw, stapled edges.  Btw~this ottoman is really comfy to sit on!

I’ve already taken it to the antique mall ’cause — I need to clear the decks for  A Dresser Project!

I WiLL have to pace myself + I have another Dr assessment Friday.

But baby~I’m staging my comeback!  


covering the raw stapled edges with single welting-

my newest CL project-

my upholstered coffee table-ottoman

my upholstered coffee table-ottoman for sale at the antq mall!

I’m sharing this project at

The Curator’s Collection

Kammy’s Korner

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