I found some time to steal Saturday.

Besides some  –clean up and putting things away

does that job EVER end?

I dug through my stashes for some EASY TO WORK ON things that could go to Nellie’s!  I REfound a pair of those small handkerchief drawers that used to be attached to the top of an antique dresser I deconstructed for “parts.”  Oh BOY!

They’ve been sitting on a shelf about 2 years now—I truly had no ideas for them until Saturday.  Sometimes inspiration comes  S L O W L Y.  I just thought “What if I just stack them?”  Totally simple, but it works.

handkerchief drawers~UNfortunately- I only have “after” pictures to share—sorry, but here’s the long & short of what I did!

After simply stacking them together and deciding “VOILÀ!” I gave them a good look for which should be on top.  The one selected for the bottom then got its top pried off to also get moved to the BOTTOM… because

Each drawer box was configured & constructed to support & guide its little drawer -complete with stops- which means you can’t

just turn it UPSIDE DOWN.

So, again, I pried off the top and REapplied it to the new “bottom.”

Both pieces were pretty disgustingly dirty so I took them in the house and hosed EVERY INCH of them in Clorox Clean Up, then rinsed.  INSIDE too!

I affixed them together, found a matching handle to add to the top, and cut a back to enclose everything.

I taped off the glass hardware and seal-coated the whole piece to arrest the incredible craqueleur from chipping any further and it’s DONE!

The other project next!


handkerchief drawers~NOW A 2 DRAWER CADDY!


I’ve had this  2ft × 4ft  unusual piece of ceiling tin

for quite a while.  I’ve ALMOST used it in a number of projects, but just couldn’t cut it up–or surrender the whole piece.  I guess it just wasn’t the right project–or I was (cough-cough) hoarding.

*Now cut—I still have this left-over!

ceiling tin!

I was thinking about a “POCKET” to hang on a door with greenery or flowers.  Something  –in lieu of-different from–  the STANDARD DOOR WREATH.

a ceiling tin door pocket

  I played with several round objects of varying sizes—to make a half circle bottom for the pocket.  Then I played with height—by way of the tin AND what felt natural.  I totally over-thought this part and went back and forth on both fronts for way too long.

  I cut the half circle with the jig saw, and the back on the table saw–free hand, because of the diagonal shape.  *I honestly wouldn’t suggest this without a LOT of table saw experience~it’s easy to get a “kick-back.”

Yeah- forgot process pics.  But this should explain the 2 parts!


my cone-shaped TIN DOOR POCKETIt’s hard to see, but, there’s a slight flair making the shape get wider at the top.  Think CONE shape.  Hopefully you can see better in the following pictures!

FastSIMPLE (haha)

and I’m pretty sure to cut a handle in the top.


I think I'll cut in a handle~

a ceiling tin door pocket

a ceiling tin door pocket

a Spring BLIZZARDYes–


Can you believe?

In mid-April.

23″ plus.


NOT.  funny.  Mother Nature.  Not funny.


We were in pouring rain most of Friday, that switched to sleet by evening and snow through the night.  The windows were mostly all encrusted with ice or snow so it was hard to look out to see what we were dealing with.

EVERYthing was shut down and we weren’t going ANY. where.

My usual gym workout became ALL weight lifting  –ON THE DRIVEWAY–     if you get my meaning.


A neighbor had to help me get the driveway door open just so I could get outside to begin shoveling. . .  And the city plows have FINALLY come down our street. . .














a Spring BLIZZARDObviously- we won’t be getting out the FRONT door for a while.  That’s “heart attack snow” -wet & heavy, with ice at the bottom.  I’m not shoveling a Spring BLIZZARDanything extra.

ALL the guys in the neighborhood came out with snowblowers.  This job was definitely going to require a tag-team effort.  The chain-link fence you can see in [this] picture is 4ft high- for another idea of depth.

When I noticed the dryer vent was buried, it got me thinking about the furnace and water tank vents, so I waded/climbed my way to the back of the house to check out the situation.  Thank goodness I did–they needed clearing.

BUT- I sunk in the snow about mid-thigh and couldn’t get any leverage to get myself out.  Crap!  Who’s going to hear me yelling with all the snowblower noise?

I finally thought to fall backwards and try ROLLING out–and almost lost my boot in it.




Nellie's JUNE Barn Sale!  I’ll be selling my treasures & creations at the June

Nellie’s Barn Sale

and it’s coming up quickly!  I’ve got a LOT of work to do to be ready.  But waiting for something to set up on one said project (to be able to continue) –thought I’d make good use of my time with some SUDDEN

UNexpected inspiration!

misc parts~ I bought this

“Part of a Chandelier”

long-long ago for $3–I’ll bet it originally included some lantern-styled glass around it.  I’m always collecting misc parts of things~found this wood piece in one of my bins with a $1 price sticker on it.  AND a random lamp shade was laying around- 50¢.

The wood piece looks like it was part of a lamp so it was already drilled out down the center–YaY!  I DID still have to make/drill some modifications to fit the center shaft through it.  Then I put the chandy back together -THEN- I painted!

Doesn’t it almost look “authentic?”

misc parts to REmake a chandy!misc parts to REmake a chandy!

random lamp shade~

Now the shade—it LOOKED like the perfect size and scale to add to the end look and design!

Digging through my stashes of grain sack- I was excited to find an end cut still WHOLE in its tubular form.  And can you believe, it was EXACTLY the right diameter.  Omg- MEANT to be?

Don’t ya’ love when that happens?!?

REcovering a lamp shade

REcovering a lamp shade

REcovering a lamp shade

And now a REcovered — CUSTOMIZED lamp shade!

REcovering a lamp shade

~adding the shade

I took the chandy apart one last time at just the top section so I could feed the shade into the mix for a solid attachment.

Et Voilà!

I LUV IT—but time to get back to what I actually WAS working on!

Small in scale but perfect for a hall, foyer, or small bedroom!


a REcreated Chandelier!a REcreated Chandelier!










a REcreated Chandelier!a REcreated Chandelier!

BIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStoreSeriously

not trying to beat the subject of Birdhouses to death-


Back in November of 2011, roaming around one of our local ReStores, I saw this gargantuan light fixture.  Presumably for a 2 story foyer.  $34

I saw interesting parts.

Even back then- my thoughts gravitated towards the ROOF of a birdhouse.  Two of them!

Do you see it?






Maybe this helps?

BIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStoreBIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStore


BIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStore

Obviously, I bought it–  and promptly deconstructed it!

But sadly, any kind of project got back-burner’d into my stashes.

BIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStore
my Bespoke Birdhouses!

So now I’m thinking about this potential project–again

I just think the two BIG “roofs” will make super fun  -and even biGGer-  Birdhouses!
Btw~ yesterday I ran back to the antique mall with a few props for my latest two favs!  I really love them—and if for some reason they don’t sell- I really won’t be so terribly upset about it.
So you see- my mind is stuck on spring. . .  if only Mother Nature would get on board!



my Bespoke Birdhouses!

. . . something I’ve never built before–a birdhouse.  You?

The construction of both was actually a lot of fun, and a project I see taking on again—I have some other ideas!

Monday– I started working on the 2nd design idea I had in mind.  I got a late start, but got the key parts laid out and cut out.

I discovered my choice of dimensions and angles made for some tough construction.  Well, actually–CHALLENGING CUTS.  THAT slowed me down and challenged me to problem solve just HOW I would make some of these cuts.  I messed up one of those cuts not just once but- twice.

So maddening—I really hate wasting materials.

By end of Monday night the birdhouse was constructed.  Tuesday was really busy and I was lucky just to get it painted.

details of a birdhouse~

Thursday—something was bothering me—it was the roof line.  It had an awkward overhang.  But easily remedied by a saw!

I took my painted birdhouse over to the strippers asking if they would “wreck” my paint job!  They already think I’m nuts so this was not a very strange request.

"wrecking" the paint job


"wrecking" the paint job

"wrecking" the paint job

I gave it a light sanding and REcut the depth of the corbels I’d already made for it.  I had to do a bit of paint REtouch, but it was more a matter of rubbing it down with some Natural Oak stain to “age” the white paint and darken the exposed wood.  I seal coated everything—

But something was still. . . felt. . . missing.

my Bespoke Birdhouse

I added a very little FINIAL!

Like any good pediment would have!
Both of these birdhouses can be hung on the wall, but can become a table top piece by detaching the corbels!  Both are large-
yellow  27w × 26h  —  white  30w × 13h


my Bespoke Birdhouses

Happy Easter!Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter!  Yes, I was “torturing” my brother’s dog again ~he totally lets me & loves me!


I am SO eager for summer. . .

Besides building bird feeders and bird houses–I’ve filled rooms with the heady scents of spring hyacinths, I’ve been dragging through spring and summer clothes and shoes to see my workout progress and freshen everything up kind-of-EAGER!

PLUS–I’ve got lots of ideas for things to build for the Nellie’s Barn Sale June show!


Nellie's JUNE Barn Sale!Several projects are sketched out and planned ~can’t wait to get started!
I’ve been hoarding some aMAZing OLD barnboards for some of these projects!

But in the meantime~

here’s another view of my big “Sensible Chic” birdhouse, almost finished, now sporting a pair of corbels for that EXTRA touch hanging on the wall—but that also DEtach to become a table-top piece.

(I just need to paint them)

my BIG "Sensible Chic" birdhouse!


making corbels for the birdhouse

That little pair  –I used as a pattern to make a bunch of–  came back out to be used as a guide for more.  Of varying sizes!  I added a “tenon” to lock these in to place–but, again, they can be removed for table-top display! 

Yesterday I started working on that 2nd design I spoke of.  Here’s how it’s going. . .

I drew out the “what goes where” on the pine boards before cutting so I could make a few last minute REadjustments to sizing.  I used a hole-saw bit to cut the “arches” and cut the “legs” at the chop saw.  Sanded the holes very thoroughly before running them through the router table with a chamfer bit to create an architectural “door.”

creating & cutting out the 2nd BIRDHOUSE desgn

I was still putting pieces together at 7pm last night, and another hour puttying and caulking joints with a little construction adhesive.  Before I quit I cut down and added parts of old chair spindles to look like COLUMNS.

A N D- I have a few other embellishments in mind. . .

What do you think?


the 2nd design of my "Sensible Chic" BIRDHOUSES!