oh boy~ Pt 2

oh boy.


I have a  2nd blunder  to reveal.

A neighbor’s mother passed, they were holding an estate sale to clear the house.  A daunting task, to be sure, in the “best of” circumstances.  I went.
There was a “cool” table in the basement they said and wanted me to see—!?!
Back—W A Y  back—in a corner room with NO lighting.  Like where you’d hide the bodies corner room.  Like no one’s gonna find this corner room—on purpose.
Best I could see of it—it DID look interesting~?  “How much?”  “What do you think?”  “$20….?”  “I’ll ask.”  We headed back up to rejoin the world.
 “He said $45.”  “Yeah.  I really can’t pay that much, sorry.  $20 is gonna have to be my max—I couldn’t really see, but it kind of looked like it needed some work.  Besides, hey~ no neighbor discount available?!”
The older brother [in charge] decided they’d take my $20, and would bring it upstairs for me to pick up the next morning. . . !

In those circumstances~ I really had no idea what I was getting.
estate sale table -or desk?

oh boy.THIS is a

“pretty” view.

EVERY part of it is in major distress.   AND it’s weirdly short.  Barely 26″.

~For a table~as they called it.  OR a desk~which is what I think it might actually be. . . ???  Even boosting it with wheels won’t really get you a normal working height.

Looks like another “gonna be DEconstructed & used in MANY other ways.”

Did I really pay $20 for this?


oh boy~

Craigslist--Farmer's Dresser $20Craigslist“1 very old dresser, falling apart.  A good project for someone to put back together.  $20”

I thought it would be a fun project and negotiated $10 because of how old the listing was.

I found my way out to his country farm to pick it up.  It had been stored in a pole shed/barn.  It was ROUGH.  And an animal had peed in it.  O.M.G.

Did I say ROUGH?  I thought I’d die getting it home.

Craigslist--Farmer's Dresser $20This was all the end of June.  It’s been parked on the driveway this whole time.  In the sun.  In the rain.  Constantly getting “aired” out.

It STILL stinks.

REEKS, actually.

HowE V E R. . . .it now has this aMAZing crackled finish!  AND authentic glass knobs!

I decided to just DEconstruct the whole piece—there is NO WAY I’m putting this stinky thing back together.  And WHO would buy it?  Yikes!

Anybody. . .anybody?


Craigslist--Farmer's Dresser $20Craigslist--Farmer's Dresser $20

finishing up~

the Frenchy sconces REwired and mountedI’ve had a week full of

finishing this~finishing that.

NOT the most fun spending days on end going BACK to multiple UNfinished projects.  But~oh well.

The early 1900’s (Scott’s Antq Mrkt) Frenchy sconces were professionally REwired, and I mounted them on the pilasters!

New candle sleeves were cut -and melted a little on the ends to look less NEW.

They’re now in my antq mall space for sale!

My bedpost cut-offs to architectural lamps

are also back from being professionally wired, and also for sale in the antq mall.  YaY!

my architectural lamps and pilaster-sconces

I finished framing my newest plaques.  And puttying, sanding, adding hanging hardware—they too are up for sale!

I was SO incredibly filthy from all that salvaged wood—but it was worsened by the amount of sawdust I was creating and the HIGH humidity.  I was QUITE a sight—especially my hair!  It swelled bigger, and BIGGER with the high humidity.  I tried to avoid being in public at all costs till this project was DONE—lest I should scare anyone.

As of this morning, I’m now sportin’ a bouncin’ and behavin’ CLEAN head of hair!  O.M.G.  NEVER take THAT feeling for granted.  ; D

My Plaques- finished and ready for sale!

my newest CALL BUTTONS!

I’ve created a couple more [cheeky]

Butler & Maid CALL buttons!

They always sell quick for me!

my newest CALL BUTTONS!

I actually have several things in the works beyond this “update.”

One of those projects is~ I’ve begun to play around with/and to REinvent the living room bookcase design.  You can see one of the initial changes coming below—I pulled some arched casing bought at the ReStore long ago.

I’ve also pulled something else architectural to potentially work into my new design idea—orphaned bed posts.  And I had them stripped.  Stay tuned for this future REstyle!


BED POSTS -floor lamps, maybe pilasters

my lighted pilasters!I really love Antiques, Vintage.

And Architecturals.

And European design.

And I love to add them into my house designs—and making them for sale for others to add to their homes!

Anyone can buy brand new—THIS has just always been so much more interesting to me.  Literally~since I was a young girl, already fascinated with design.

This door project fits me to a tee aesthetically.    It ticks all my boxes!

my vintage French sconces--newly REwired!

Now, even though I LUV’d the vintage sconces I first applied (but couldn’t give up), I really love these Frenchy sconces too!  I’m so glad I held on to them for such a special project!

I picked them up today, REwired for totally safe use now!  And I promptly prepped the door for their installation!

What I would LUV is to add half shades to each side—but they are not commonly found (for me), and at present I only have –1– .

So I’m thinking about adding mercury glass drops—perhaps like these!

mercury glass drops!

I’ll get things settled out right away so these beauties can go directly to my local antique mall space for sale!

I say cringingly.
From a 100yr old throw away door to~

Pilaster Light Sconces!

This is how I would love to use them—framing the door to a living room or dining room!

I’d actually mount them “permanently” and hard wire them directly.  But I’ll add heavy duty D-rings for simple hanging with a temp-wired cord to an outlet.

Catherine. . . .

These are, of course,  just leaning against the wall below~

my Pilaster Light Sconces!

my days, of late

Plaques- with vintage graphics and salvaged woodsI’ve discovered 3 particular items to be really good sellers for me in both antique malls.
Call them “RENT PAYERS!”
And since there aren’t many left~I’m busy making more.  Plaques first.
Then on to the BUTLER call buttonsShirt Aprons!

I feel like a printing press!

These were two of the first made– and that one with the cobbled corner-  sold immediately!  She said she really LIKED the image but

LUV’d “the wonky corner!”

I made a point of creating two more the next go-round—



1st—set up the graphics, print, cut, apply, dry.

1st—set up the graphics, print, cut, apply.

2nd—cut out the boards, fine sand.

2nd—cut the boards.

2nd—cut the boards.

The whole process takes such a tedious amount of time.  But it’s very worth it in the end!

Hey!  Did you know even van Gogh was a DIYer?

van Gogh's DIY project!

Yesterday I settled in for a day of ripping and routering salvaged wood to frame everything—by end of day.  Nice goal~but I’m back at it today.

Here’s a variety of some—

in queue, “drying” in the rack, AND finished!


Yes!  I added a few that are a little cheeky!

Here’s a variety of some—in queue, “drying” in the rack, AND finished!

The ones that are finished!

something experimental!

plans change

my next DOOR project!I had this fun idea of how I would transform this door,

but then I got another idea,

& jumped into it with great excitement!

my next DOOR project!

The project started by cutting the door in half.  Without an extra pair of hands on the back side of the saw (safety 1st), and because I don’t have an outfeed table for my table saw, I pulled out my Kreg Circular Saw Rip Guide.  An inCREDible tool I got at Haven the 3rd year!

The Rip Guide made an easy task of the first and main cut, but I left the hardware on parts of the door (for something down the line) so I returned to the table saw after.

Since I cut the door down the center of the middle stile, I needed to cut the outer edges to match.

my next DOOR project!

my next DOOR project!










my next DOOR project!

~what a beaUtiful wood to find under there!You can see in the above pics that I added crown molding, a small profile detail molding, and some large oak doorstop ~to clean up the sides and stabilize those cut stiles and rails.

You can also see how dried out the old paint is—so before painting- I decided to hit it all with the sander~

just to see what would happen!

What great luck!  What beautiful wood!

~But I did paint the molding!

So finally~ THIS is where I took my project!

But~ I just can’t part with the pair of sconces you see here and will be using a very Frenchy pair of vintage scones that are being REwired (for safety).  Both pilasters will have a long cord through the back side to plug in.

I’ll share the absolutely finished project once those are mounted!

My “Lighted Pilasters!”


just finished for the night!

-the sconces I can't give up. I have others...

my lighted pilasters!

my lighted pilasters!











my lighted pilasters!

my next DOOR project!I’ve told you before about my mother’s neighbor who is

“modernizing” his 100yr old house.

I really hate when that happens.  Why don’t they just move to a more “modern” home?

How e v e r~

I~  have been the lucky recipient of numerous doors, lots of chippy-caked-on-layers of painted casing, and some aMAZing wavy-glass windows!  And you won’t hear me utter a word of complaint there!

So, this particular door has been parked in my path since winter waiting for attention.  Its day hath come.

I cut it in half.

I added oak door stop to each side.

I added crown molding.

I added a little detail molding.

my next DOOR project!I sanded the deteriorating old paint off. Mostly.

I have a VERY specific plan—that I will share as quick as I finish—S O R R Y.

NOT trying to be so mysterious, BUT—

they’re going to be

So Awesome

it’s going to be

hard to sell!

~but I can do it again!


I promise~I’m almost finished!

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