--out of scraps. . .

I need some “smaller” projects for an upcoming flea market.

Things easy for someone to carry off and fit in a car.

Hmmmmm. . .

I’ve got some scrap boards,
I’ve got some balusters (from a Victorian porch). . .

to make a-  s o f a  table ?

A console?

Wellsomething architectural!

I actually needed a bit from a few other boards to build this table, but I did have stuff on hand—so no store-trips involved!  Use what you have, right!?!

I ripped and mitered some old pine boards to make a simple frame, then covered it with salvaged boards.

I played with the placement and spacing of the balusters- pre-drilled, counter sunk and screwed the parts together.

making an architectural sofa table

Making the top was essentially the same exercise, except that the “frame” is wrapping the outside edges of the boards to stabilize the form.  I used 3″ long screws to attach the top (again~ pre-drilled and counter sunk).

It’s pretty sturdy~unless someone tries leaning hard on it.

--making the table top...

-just a detail shot....I ran a little detail molding around the bottoms of the balusters (that I created at my router table).

This is truly a very basic construction project

it’s really all about having the architectural parts and salvage wood. Of course it is made easier by having the right tools to cut it all!

NOW the problem is trying to figure out the finish—I would have LUV’d raw wood but the balusters were beyond stripping. . . bummer.

I gave it a general white-wash and distress-sanding, and now I’m playing with some gray in areas, but—I don’t know yet.

I have a week to sort it out.

And I have 2 more balusters!


my architectural table

my architectural table

my architectural table

20160623_160644I saw an ad on Craigslist for 6 really old windows  $25.

Say W H A T ?

I had to rub my eyes and look at that again.  I clicked on the posting expecting the description to clarify that it was $25 PER window—nope. I read right—what a shock!

I also called immediately and headed out the door!

Except that one window had a broken pane— O M G!

They’re tall,

they’re skinny,

they have ARCHED tops,

and they’re MINE!

OLD windows with their wavy glass make FABulous mirrors!

I added graphics to 2, left 1 plain & hustled them to the antique stores!

old window mirrors!

old window mirrors!



--at the new antq store in Door County

my original antq mall space REset!

. . .fingers crossed for quick sales!


And check out these items that are getting my attention next!


bed post cut offs--

my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresserI wasn’t totally feeling the  hardware selection on my newest dresser project.

So I went in search of  another choice.

I tried a LOT of things, but didn’t have enough of anything that actually looked good.  So I SETTLED for what you see here…

but wasn’t—SOLD.

~a change of hardware

I HATE when that happens!

You know, great hardware can completely take something over the top and make the sale!

I ran off to two of my “local” ReStores, but—nothing.

Litterally, nada.

So I went with new/ReProduction pulls..  . from my furniture strippers.


BUT, I had to “tarnish” them a little.

See how shiny they are?

Well, I’m happy AND it’s at the antique mall now!


With a change of hardware--and now for sale in the antique mall!

Charity yard sale dresser-- $15

a new "themed" dresserIt would seem I’m  caught up in “themes.

This time, it’s found in a Hudson’s Bay blanket

crossed with an Adirondack twist!

First to go—the Asian-styled base/feet and that hardware.

Then I flipped the carcass upside down and added some small Industrial wheels.

Next up—lay out the remains of my split log boards across the drawers.  I did need to run a few of the boards through the table saw to get the best fit on the drawer faces.  AND~I may have enough leftover end cuts -and 1 whole board- to clad a good side table/night stand!

laying out the boards to REclad the drawer faces


The boards were super rough and splintery -just like on the REclad bookcase project- so I had to get the sanders out again which ruined the cool look of the raw boards.

I’ll spare you the gory details of how-where-why my initial plans fell apart—I just seemed to be having a B A D day.  I waved the white flag and called the long day quits.  Annoyed with myself AND project, I headed for bed problem solving instead of to sleep.  I’m a problem s o l v e r.

And I came up with a solution!

Hudson's Bay labelIt all hinged on a fellow vendor’s Hudson’s Bay blanket still being available.  Alas, it was sold—but there was “another.”  One that had “faded” colors?  Or was it a knock-off?  I put it on hold to do a little research first.

I don’t think it’s the real thing because it doesn’t have a label, but did you know that Pendleton makes a National Parks blanket look-a-like?

Also 100% wool, also very pricey.

I think that’s what my blanket is—YES, I bought it and am moving forward with my “salvation” plan.

--discovering another beautiful wood under the awful paint job!I stripped the nasty-streaky paint off the top to discover a really beautiful woodwhy would someone cover such a beautiful top?

Yes, yes—hideous ugly and getting worse with everything I tried!  UNTIL NOW!

I mixed up a dingy white and started painting—everything but the top!  Then I marked off what colors would go where—after I played planned it out on the computer.

I customized each color to go with my blanket instead of the true blanket colors (which would have emphasized that it wasn’t actually a HB).

*I think someone may have put this wool blanket in the washer, fading the colors.

Hudson's Bay blanket dresser

Hudson's Bay blanket dresser

painting the body--painting the drawers--

planning and painting the stripes

Et voilà!

My “Hudson’s Bay” blanket dresser!

(with an Adirondack twist!)


my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser

my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser

my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser

Charity yard sale dresser-- $15I got this dresser from a charity yard sale— $15.

It’s old, really solid wood,

but SO ugly!

Someone seriously gave it this really weird, streaky paint finish~then added Asian-styled hardware.
Gag me.
To go with the Asian-styled base/feet?  Perhaps?

W e l l, guess what?  I have completely different plans for it!



Hudson's Bay Blanket













My BURBERRY Dresser!

In spite of the totally royal pain in the p’tutie it was to create my first —I took on another!

I loved the outcome even in spite of how

tedious  &


it was to get all those crisp stripes.  Not to mention the challenging iconic logos.

It was a very quick seller in the mall

~did I price it too low?

The first time around I suffered greatly—all because of “cheap” painter’s tape.  I thought.  Well, once a victim~twice a volunteer, and I wasn’t volunteering for another round of punishment!  I spent the crazy-extra dollars for Frogtape!

THIS project would go easier.  (fingers crossed)

That’s laughable considering the amount of pre-planning and strategizing required.  I bought both of the expensive multi-surface and delicate surface tapes—I thought it might take both throughout the different stages of the project.

Now, let me just say— I’ve given a LOT of thought to this before writing.  Sorry Frogtape, maybe we could talk?

the beginning of another BURBERRY DRESSER

This was a  L O N G  project to get through.  No joke.

◊ I sanded the body just to even out the raised stenciling—and generally AWFUL paint job.  It also gave the dresser a tooth for my painting.

◊ I stripped the top.  Evened it out with a lighter stain, and waxed it.

◊ I mixed up some “Burberry” beige and painted the body of the dresser.  It just so happened that it was 2 days before I could come back to continue, so the paint was well cured.

I planned, I strategized, I worked the math.  And I finally started taping off the first of the stripes—the white.  I used the multi surface Frogtape.  I painted all six white verticals and immediately peeled off the tape—so far so good.

I probably gave this part about 2 hours drying time.  I had lunch, I cut the grass, checked emails, it was a moderately hot day.  I gave the stripes a VERY light sanding and got busy REtaping for the dark gray stripes.  I used some standard painter’s tape to keep accurate spacing throughout the project.  I used a chip brush to achieve a striae’d effect.

my Frog tape fail--Again, I peeled the tape off right away.  This time I saw a bit of bleed through, but worse—it pulled off the other paints!

I know all about burnishing the tape edges and have actually discovered over many years of painting that using a razor blade applies much more consistent/even pressure and adhesion—WaY better than your fingers!

I was really disappointed to see even a little bit of bleed through considering all the hype.  But I was IRRITATED beyond measure that it ripped the paint off!

I lightly sanded, REpainted the white, and walked away from THIS project till the next morning.

my Frog tape fail--With a fresh attitudeI REtaped and painted the gray stripes, AGAIN, and peeled the tape off right away—successfully.  I had other projects going simultaneously and resumed work a couple hours later with the horizontal (mathematical) stripes.

I taped (forever), I painted, I peeled off tape. AND paint!  In OTHER areas!

Come on~moderately hot weather, with exception to the “touch ups,” everything had a gOOd amount of set up/drying time, so WT???

I used the delicate surface tape this time  thinking that the problem was in the multiple layers of paint –right?- but it still peeled paint off—arrrrgh!

4 days in now, my attitude was becoming hotter than the weather.

Burberry stripes and hardware--Day 5, just looking at this project conjured ideas of rolling the whole dang thing outside to build a good bonfire—so I ignored it for more cooperative projects.  I certainly had enough else to do.

Day 6.  THIS project needed to be ready for the next morning’s trip to Door County so -like it or not- I had to deal with it.

I taped off for the red stripes—and prayed for success.  The paint held, but I saw a little bit of bleed through again and settled in for a good amount of touch up by HAND, where I found my Venetian plaster trowels to be incredibly helpful!  The thin sharp edge created a nice guide to paint against—sort of like the tape was supposed to do.  Insert sarcasm here.  I lightly sanded the whole dresser for “wear” and to camouflage the many crummy areas (IMO). 

--one of the iconic Burberry logosI made a “new” hardware selection of old, tarnished brass L&R pulls found at the ReStore—it was 9pm and I had nothing left for this guy.

EARLY next morning~ I headed back out with scaled print outs and tracing paper to work on those iconic logos.  I traced the images, then drew back over them with a sharpie marker.  I locked them in by lightly over-spraying with a non-yellowing sealer.

11am and I was finally pulling everything out that needed to get loaded.

7. days. in.  NOT some of my finest work—but hopefully someone will like LUV BUY it!

my newest Burberry Dresser for the Door County antique mall!

Uh WoW~ the picture makes this 42″ tall dresser look short~???

Okay. . .Frogtape. . .I don’t know.

Worth the extra cost?

Guess I’d like to have a conversation with a rep to problem solve my issues before bailing altogether.  I hate to sound negative or burn a product-bridge, but—HOW MUCH CURE TIME does paint need before you can use this tape?  ‘Cause I really felt like this was the main problem.  What’s your experience?

The Jury’s still out.


. . . s u r e~ I can find time to do one more thing. . .


Well~ it’s always better to be busy than bored, right?

So yes, I’m taking on another antique mall space and  -WoW-  it sure takes a lot of juggling to load & stage TWO mall spaces!  My plate is seriously full!

I took it as an opportunity to completely REfresh and REset my original antique mall space.  To finally work on some projects that have sat on hold because, well, there’s only so much staging room in a 10×11 walk through (2 walls~2 openings). I practically ransacked  the original space to outfit the new.

And I haven’t gotten the new stuff to the original space yet~Yikes!

One of the trips to the new antique mall netted a mismatched pair of FAB vintage suitcases to bolster my luggage shelves~which sell well for me!

vintage suit cases=luggage shelves!

vintage suit cases=luggage shelves!

You can also see that I created another Burberry dresser for the new mall—that’s a post story all by itself!


My newest antique mall space!


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