barn board accident- yikes!Don’t want to gross anyone out, but—here’s where I’m at

To recap—crushed hand under some barn boards,

needed surgery~had surgery, lots of pain and seriously watching clock for next pain pill.

4 days in, figured out bandages were too tight~got loosened and things were markedly improved.

9 days post surgery, necessary flight out East,

1st TSA agent encountered accidentally hit finger trying to help me~ couldn’t breathe, almost cried, more pain, and now nauseous.

injury and post-op...Saw Dr upon return~ screw held, sutures held, a little bleeding, but—okay.

VERY interesting to travel. . . . .just function– ONE HANDED.

Stitches come out this Friday on schedule, then move to a soft splint and therapy soon after.

SO nice to have FRESH bandages,

AND to get to see healing, progress—

and a straight finger again!

*hope the pictures don’t gross you out.

Maybe just EXIT now!

I’ll totally understand. . .

not too late to turn back-

not too late to turn back-

post-op....and a 1st look

12 days post-op...

Look, my hand will look NORMAL again—YaY!

Sure can’t wait to get back to work!




I’m currently a 1·armed bandit- huntin’ & a peckin’- to say HI!

I made it through my (1st) surgery

the Dr broke it, cut it open to cut out/cut away the damage, and put a screw down the tip to hold it all straight.

If you’re thinking  O W E,

then you know how I’m feeling. . . I’m in a lot of pain, but coping.  And can’t wait for this all to be just a memory and I‘m back to work~

Catherine .

*The above bouquette & proxy hug are from 2nd big brother away on business 

our satanic Red Squirrels-The satanic Red Squirrels have hit a new nerve.

I took the car in for an oil change and was alerted to the terrible news that the squirrels have now been nesting in the car’s engine!  Besides stuffing areas with insulation from my workshop ceiling, they’ve chewed critical engine/computer wiring to the tune of $568. Thankfullyand surprisinglythe car insurance picked up the bill.

This is not so uncommon—seriously??  WHAT NEXT?

Needing a distraction from THAT aggravation, my mother and I ran off to see the very special exhibition of

Dressing Downton Abbey!

Dressing Downton Abbey

The pillow I bought!The costumes were INCREDIBLE!  They were the ORIGINAL costumes worn—NOT REPRODUCTIONS!  The women were MORE shockingly tall and skinny than I was expecting—the bigger surprise was how TALL -and skinny- the men were!  (We usually hear about how short so many male actors tend to be.)

The exhibit ended Sunday for us and is traveling to

Richmond, VA next!

Are you reading this Connie?!?

barn board accident- yikes!Okay, so last on my list is that I’m having hand surgery Thursday morning.

I  am  nervous.

But I’ll be happy to be out of pain (with time and therapy) and my hand no longer look deformed.
Obviously~working on projects will be on hold a bit. For now though, I’m trying to at least finish this dresser to share with you—I’m onto plan “C!”


a dry run project

Barb's dresser-My mother’s neighbor gifted her childhood dresser to me.

I can’t believe she would part with it—but- oh well!

It’s a VERY SIMPLE DRESSER—but it’s SOLID wood and a heavy bugger.

I’ve been sitting on this piece for months now, primarily because I’ve had a lot of other things to do. But MOSTLY because-

I really wasn’t sure what to do with it!

Just recently, I was commissioned to REdesign a MCM dresser.  The husband loves it in general, but especially for its drawer-capacity.  The wife HATES IT.  She does NOT like MCM-anything!  She prefers antiques with a European flairme too!

After thinking about it, I thought I’d

take a dry run on parts of  that REdesign

on this dresser!

Practice makes perfect—right?!

TWO REdesigns-

Swedish Country Interiors-

The furniture throughout Judy’s house favored late 19th and early 20th century Euro and American.

A very eclectic and collected palette.

I could SO live at her house!  ; D

Seeing the blend of furniture in their bedroom, I could see REworking the dresser into a Swedish feel and gave her a favorite “reference” book to peruse!  Swedish Country Interiors!

Several things leaped out at her -and seemed to give her ideas for other things- so I knew I was on the right track for her project!

These are some of the simpler designs she lingered over—

Swedish Country Interiors-

In the meantime- I’ll work through a few of those design influences on THIS dresser, beginning with a change to the base and its top


making changes-

-just one of my 2012 curbies!I found it on a curb

wasn’t sure what it actually was

*I too, thought MAYBE an old radio/stereo cabinet, but the usual tell-tale signs weren’t there—so the mystery continues!

but I cut it down to a better height and turned it into

a new

side table!

It stands about 30″ tall now!

The gist of REconstruction~

the curbie--BEFORE AND AFTER, construction

The paint scheme!I painted the new cabinet form in my favorite Ben Moore- REVERE PEWTER but left alone the Zinsser primer white (lazy)! Finally, I lime waxed all the Revere Pewter for a sun faded look, and seal coated the rest.

The new lowered table top height will be super convenient for a pair of chairs to surround, and I can see a stash of books kept out of sight in that drop-down—and the drop-down itself becoming another surface to set a beverage down on!

It’s already for sale in the antique mall~

-everything was getting moved around in these pictures-


off the curb and REpurposed!

off the curb, and transformed!

a few details of THE CURBIE Cabinet

-just one of my 2012 curbies!A few summers back I found

this cabinet

on a curb with some other   FUN stuff.

Yes- it’s been on HOLD for a looooong time,

but I finally had an idea for it!

It’s such an awkward height

-and so odd in general-

I’ve yet to figure out just what the cabinet’s original use was—??

But I kinda’ liked it and knew it could be REworked into something interesting and useful!

I started this project with a SAWof course!

Wellactually– I started by removing the flip-lid and drop-down front.

-1st, remove the working parts...
-THEN the saw!

Then I cut away the former top rail to REuse, and knocked out the lower open-work front to make way for the relocated drop-down front.  I found the little apron was actually part of that front, and had to run it through the table saw to separate it -and REplace it.

the interior-

-the drop-down REattachedI REaffixed the top rail and REattached the drop-down front.

And before I called it a night (as you can see), I cut the back down and reapplied that, AND put it’s original top back on—but it’s “fixed” now!  I just can’t imagine having to clear everything off the top every time you want to open it.

-the drop-down REattached

I puttied and used construction adhesive to “caulk” all the new joinery, and left everything to set up for the night!

Today I’ll work on sanding and painting and waxing it.  Then I’ll have to hustle it out to the antique mall—a bunch of sales have left my space looking barren (I’m NOT complaining)!

This is such an EASY project, just very tedious and time-consuming—and I totally love the outcome so far!


REconfigured for a BETTER USE!

…the most

   Safe, Wonderful, Fun-Filled,


End of Summer

Labor Day




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