my next DOOR project!I’ve told you before about my mother’s neighbor who is

“modernizing” his 100yr old house.

I really hate when that happens.  Why don’t they just move to a more “modern” home?

How e v e r~

I~  have been the lucky recipient of numerous doors, lots of chippy-caked-on-layers of painted casing, and some aMAZing wavy-glass windows!  And you won’t hear me utter a word of complaint there!

So, this particular door has been parked in my path since winter waiting for attention.  Its day hath come.

I cut it in half.

I added oak door stop to each side.

I added crown molding.

I added a little detail molding.

my next DOOR project!I sanded the deteriorating old paint off. Mostly.

I have a VERY specific plan—that I will share as quick as I finish—S O R R Y.

NOT trying to be so mysterious, BUT—

they’re going to be

So Awesome

it’s going to be

hard to sell!

~but I can do it again!


I promise~I’m almost finished!

bed post cut-offsSOMEONE wanted to update their bed.

They hired my favorite furniture strippers—who stripped the head board~foot boards and, as instructed, CUT OFF the decorative bed posts.

But that was the COOLEST PART—wt??

The guys already chucked some of the parts, but others were still laying on the ground. . . .until I happened by with a project in tow.

“What’s  T H I S?

What’s going on here?

Can I have them?”

Clearly, I’m not above begging.  And once they checked the owners didn’t want ’em back—THEY WERE MINE!

I asked the guys to strip themthey’re Maple!  I cut off the extra “ends,” drilled holes down the center (not an easy task with HARD wood), and pulled some Maple veneered plywood to make a pair of plinth boxes for them to sit on.

THESE are going to become lamps!

BED POST cut-offs~stripped and getting prepped

drilling a hole for the wiring~

building a plinth box~

creating an architectural lamp~

Things were humming along (YaY!)

and then I remembered I had a perfect pair of lamp shades found in the ReStore!  Yes~I also hoard collect lamp shades.  Don’t judge~it’s a sickness.

But look at what I found for the price!  Perfect!

Lamp shades for my new lamps!

This is the roughed-in shape of things~

now onto wiring and some finishes!


roughed-in and only propped

~the legs cut down and reproduction wheels added!WAY back in March my bf found a couple of things in her local thrift store for me—for next to nothing!

THIS was one of the finds—. .. . .  a 1970’s little side table!

I can’t find the original picture so I’ll just catch you up as I’ve just now worked the project.

I cut the legs down to a good height for an ottoman,

AND, I added my last set of reproduction 70’s wheels!

Next up~ I wanted to upholster the top. I used a reproduction ticking.

I removed the top to get the best (and easiest) job done.  I padded it, wrapped it in batting, and finally, wrapped and applied the ticking—squaring off the corners.  Then screwed the top back on.

-padding & batting

-the ticking

A quick "ottoman" project!

I loved the finish of the wood,

and the cute drawer hardware,

(did I mention there was a drawer for storage?)

so this became a

very quick


A girl needs that   once in a while!


--out of scraps. . .

I need some “smaller” projects for an upcoming flea market.

Things easy for someone to carry off and fit in a car.

Hmmmmm. . .

I’ve got some scrap boards,
I’ve got some balusters (from a Victorian porch). . .

to make a-  s o f a  table ?

A console?

Wellsomething architectural!

I actually needed a bit from a few other boards to build this table, but I did have stuff on hand—so no store-trips involved!  Use what you have, right!?!

I ripped and mitered some old pine boards to make a simple frame, then covered it with salvaged boards.

I played with the placement and spacing of the balusters- pre-drilled, counter sunk and screwed the parts together.

making an architectural sofa table

Making the top was essentially the same exercise, except that the “frame” is wrapping the outside edges of the boards to stabilize the form.  I used 3″ long screws to attach the top (again~ pre-drilled and counter sunk).

It’s pretty sturdy~unless someone tries leaning hard on it.

--making the table top...

-just a detail shot....I ran a little detail molding around the bottoms of the balusters (that I created at my router table).

This is truly a very basic construction project

it’s really all about having the architectural parts and salvage wood. Of course it IS made easier by having the right tools to cut it all!

NOW the problem is trying to figure out the finish—I would have LUV’d raw wood but the balusters were beyond stripping. . . bummer.

I gave it a general white-wash and distress-sanding, and now I’m playing with some gray in areas, but—I don’t know yet.

I have a week to sort it out.

And I have 2 more balusters to play with!


my architectural table

my architectural table

my architectural table

20160623_160644I saw an ad on Craigslist for 6 really old windows  $25.

Say W H A T ?

I had to rub my eyes and look at that again.  I clicked on the posting expecting the description to clarify that it was $25 PER window—nope. I read right—what a shock!

I also called immediately and headed out the door!

Except that one window had a broken pane— O M G!

They’re tall,

they’re skinny,

they have ARCHED tops,

and they’re MINE!

OLD windows with their wavy glass make FABulous mirrors!

I added graphics to 2, left 1 plain & hustled them to the antique stores!

old window mirrors!

old window mirrors!



--at the new antq store in Door County

my original antq mall space REset!

. . .fingers crossed for quick sales!


And check out these items that are getting my attention next!


bed post cut offs--

my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresserI wasn’t totally feeling the  hardware selection on my newest dresser project.

So I went in search of  another choice.

I tried a LOT of things, but didn’t have enough of anything that actually looked good.  So I SETTLED for what you see here…

but wasn’t—SOLD.

~a change of hardware

I HATE when that happens!

You know, great hardware can completely take something over the top and make the sale!

I ran off to two of my “local” ReStores, but—nothing.

Litterally, nada.

So I went with new/ReProduction pulls..  . from my furniture strippers.


BUT, I had to “tarnish” them a little.

See how shiny they are?

Well, I’m happy AND it’s at the antique mall now!


With a change of hardware--and now for sale in the antique mall!

Charity yard sale dresser-- $15

a new "themed" dresserIt would seem I’m  caught up in “themes.

This time, it’s found in a Hudson’s Bay blanket

crossed with an Adirondack twist!

First to go—the Asian-styled base/feet and that hardware.

Then I flipped the carcass upside down and added some small Industrial wheels.

Next up—lay out the remains of my split log boards across the drawers.  I did need to run a few of the boards through the table saw to get the best fit on the drawer faces.  AND~I may have enough leftover end cuts -and 1 whole board- to clad a good side table/night stand!

laying out the boards to REclad the drawer faces


The boards were super rough and splintery -just like on the REclad bookcase project- so I had to get the sanders out again which ruined the cool look of the raw boards.

I’ll spare you the gory details of how-where-why my initial plans fell apart—I just seemed to be having a B A D day.  I waved the white flag and called the long day quits.  Annoyed with myself AND project, I headed for bed problem solving instead of to sleep.  I’m a problem s o l v e r.

And I came up with a solution!

Hudson's Bay labelIt all hinged on a fellow vendor’s Hudson’s Bay blanket still being available.  Alas, it was sold—but there was “another.”  One that had “faded” colors?  Or was it a knock-off?  I put it on hold to do a little research first.

I don’t think it’s the real thing because it doesn’t have a label, but did you know that Pendleton makes a National Parks blanket look-a-like?

Also 100% wool, also very pricey.

I think that’s what my blanket is—YES, I bought it and am moving forward with my “salvation” plan.

--discovering another beautiful wood under the awful paint job!I stripped the nasty-streaky paint off the top to discover a really beautiful woodwhy would someone cover such a beautiful top?

Yes, yes—hideous ugly and getting worse with everything I tried!  UNTIL NOW!

I mixed up a dingy white and started painting—everything but the top!  Then I marked off what colors would go where—after I played planned it out on the computer.

I customized each color to go with my blanket instead of the true blanket colors (which would have emphasized that it wasn’t actually a HB).

*I think someone may have put this wool blanket in the washer, fading the colors.

Hudson's Bay blanket dresser

Hudson's Bay blanket dresser

painting the body--painting the drawers--

planning and painting the stripes

Et voilà!

My “Hudson’s Bay” blanket dresser!

(with an Adirondack twist!)


my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser

my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser

my interpretive Hudson's Bay Blanket dresser


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