It all started with a Curb Alert on Craigslist,

and then I told you about my tentative plans HERE.

the Curbie cabinet-

I love Terry‘s idea to make a wine bar out of it, and was actually going to run with that—BUT—

since I’m already REworking another cabinet in just that way,  a n d… . it IS for REsale~ I realized I needed to think more about mass appeal.

REfitting the carcass--I know, I knowb o r i n g.

Hoping for a quick flip with the least investment, I made it into a, granted, much less sexy


Something everyone can use, and usually needs!  I’ve created and sold quite a few through the years.

I REfitted the bottom and back with ¼” plywood—luckily, the sides were really good!  But thin.  Do I REbuild them anyway to make two adjustable shelves?

If so~ they will end up being only 9″ high.  Not super practical.  One fixed center shelf will give two shelves 13½” and 14″ high.  AND, the easier thing to do!

This project went really fast!

But there was one other issue to deal with—the PLYWOOD.  It’s rough & uneven. The easiest thing I’ve found to make it smooth is—trowel on dry wall compound (or something like it) to LEVEL everything out and fill the voids.  Once dry, it sands out to a super fine finish.  Then paint.

*It’s hard to show you this from raw wood, so I painted THEN troweled over it filling all the voids so you can see it better.

-filling the voids in plywood

Simple in white with a punch of color and a little decoupage!

It may be a simple Federal style bookcase, painted white. . .

but that doesn’t mean it can’t be punched up with a bold color!  And I love this blue’ish green!

I’m not noted for using too many strong colors in my REsale projects—neutrals are just a safer bet!  This’ll make for a fun surprise in my antique mall space!

I added a little decoupage to the oval medallions and just used clear and dark wax to finish the top.

...a little decoupage...

--all ready to go!

-my antq mall space!

A n d  it’s off to the Antique Mall,

Where it looks kind of fun positioned by my Peace & Love chairs
(that I put back in for another shot)


the red squirrel did it--. . . I honestly don’t know.  The Satanic Red Squirrel did it—well, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

Don’t be fooled by the cute face~he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, creating MAJOR damage in the garage.

It’s been a tough year for working on any projects.  I got pecked off by a heavy solid wood headboard last June that sprained my ankle and bruised the bone in two places.  It took -essentially- the whole summer of staying off my ankle to heal.

Then I had hand surgery the end of September and, as you know, I’ve only just been able to confidently start working with power tools again.

Somehow, in my absence, my work studio went to Wrack & Ruins (as the saying goes).  Literally.

This is the only picture I am -willing- to show you.  There IS a workbench under there somewhere and is the least embarrassing of the whole catastrophe.  There could be a pony in there too.

~there could be a pony in there

I’ve donned the full body suit and gloves to get in there and remedy the situation.  I have cleaned out more squirrel poop than you could possibly imagine.  So. Gross.  Those devils have been in  e v e r y thing.

Things are once again sorted, organized, put away,

and CLEANED UP!    see…

Omg! There's room to work again!

And here’s a little more of my organization…

my work bench~storage bench

good paint storage--

--if you need a pencil I've got some!

--just a little anally organized, huh?

If only you were here to take the full tour—and we could work on a project together!



some of my wood and mill work supplies--


--more supplies

Light’en up!

my Model Home Lamps!A lifetime ago,

when I was still a

New Construction Superintendent,

once all our home sites were sold the model homes went up for sale and one of our benefits was to get first dibs at auction on the model home contents!  I bought some amazing stuff for next to nothing—for real!  Nice employee benefit!

Furniture, accessories, lighting—and these lamps for my mother.

They might’ve cost me-  $10  ??

I loved the fruit festooned garlands, the oxidizing, the SIZE ~they’re big!  They looked nice in mom’s LL, but eventually got the boot with other changes.

Giving the lamps a new color!So they’re going up for REsale,   and definitely need a REfresh!

I won’t give up the expensive silk shades I had on them—a n d  luckily a month ago I happened to find a pair of drum shades I hoped would work!  LINEN drum shades$6 each.

I let their color dictate the direction of this change, and used a Fossil and Peanut Butter-y color brushed together for a mottled tone.

Once dry I Lime Waxed for added dimension!

I think they look better than ever!


....making changes....

-LIME waxed for added dimension

The harps are too tall so I will change them out.  AND, I’m hoping the lowered shades will help to distract that the shades are a little small.

REfreshed lamps!my REfreshed Model Home lamps!

the lamps BEFORE...

a Curbie!

Last fall I saw a CURB ALERT listing on Craigslist in the FREE category.

I chased right over to snatch up this cabinet. . .

can you believe it?


This could make a really fun REinvention, right?
-tools of this job!

I love it—

but it was a stereo cabinet and the defunct compartments don’t work for me.

So demo day has at last arrived for this curbie.  I took it all the way back to a carcass and even stripped the top to see its true condition.

. .Below are pictures of that process!

And the array of tools it took to get there.

The beginning of its DEconstruction!

--stripping the top

That done, it’s time to make some decisions about its


and I thought I’d run a few ideas by you guys.

Tell me what you think!

It’s a basic and simple Federal style so I’d like to stay –simple– and make it into perhaps. . .a BOOKCASE?  With a couple of adjustable shelves?

...maybe make it into a BOOKCASE?

I could build a couple of DOORS for a CLOSED CABINET.

◊ they could be solid paneled,

◊ they could be glass doors,

◊ they could be wire doors.

...maybe make a CLOSED CABINET?

Any preferences?

Any other  or  better ideas?

I’m all ears


the Curbie cabinet-

What is it?

another CL cabinetQuick back story

March 7 I chased 30 miles south to pick up an old cabinet off Craigslist.  Which happened to be ¼ mile from one of 3 ReStores around this area—so I stopped in.

A bit of a rant—feel free to bypass.
*We have 3 Restores—right here,  about 30 miles North  and 30 miles South of us.  Now, I love and totally believe in the philosophy and purpose of the ReStore, and both patronize and donate…BUT.   I’ve developed a bit of an attitude.  Right or wrong, here’s why.
The best is about 30 miles North, and the one I actually feel committed to- by patronage, donations, and my own built-for-charity projects.
The one about 30 miles South is incredibly junky and grossly over-priced~IMO.  The one right here?  Dropping off a donation-load, someone just ahead of me dropped off 4 inCREDible french-styled paneled doors!  I wanted them badly and asked the A-Mngr if they could be priced and I’d buy them right now!?!  “….no, but check back in the morning.”
I was there as they opened  next morn’ and was told they had lead paint and got crushed in the dumpster.  W H A T?  I was upset.  1-I would have taken them right to the strippers to make them safe, and 2-if I donated something they didn’t want to/couldn’t sell, I’d take it elsewhere!  At least give the option—DON’T just destroy it!  Before I left the store, a volunteer I had some familiarity with very quietly told me the “dumpster” was the MNGR’s TRUCK.  W H A T??  I’ve only gone back there twice in 4 years.  Under “duress.”  I will NEVER again give that store a donation.  TOO MUCH?  Well…MOVING ON….

a ReStore piece....So I got that cabinet above for $30 and have some fun plans for it! 

At the ReStore, I did buy this poor thing with no identity.  It was priced at $75.  Seriously folks?

They were calling it “a desk,” but I knew that wasn’t true.  They also decided to reduce the ridiculous price to $37.50.

I thought it was interesting and had potential!

A few days ago -in the fog of a baaad headcold- I pulled it into my work space to figure out what it WAS and think about what it COULD BE.

Well~ it had the tell-tale signs of originally being a tall dresser. Damaged?  That somehow caused the dissection?  It was actually too low for a chair to go under it to be the desk they said it was—only 18″ leg clearance.

I could picture lowering it even more to create a (masculine) coffee table—on wheels—but how to address the back…?

It might be nice as a nightstand and add a shelf in the lower midsection…?

oooooooo-yuck!What if I just finish PROPERLY what someone else started and make it a desk for real!

I stripped its top to see what I had.  Nice– but for what looks like an ink ring.  Let’s just call that CHARM!

REinventing a ReStore piece $37By its size I thought about a younger boyby its style I thought about travel.  I dug through my collection of vintage maps and found one that covered a horizontal section of the upper Midwest-East coast that seemed meant to be!

-from my vintage road map collection

It’s aMAZing how much territory it covers!  It even caught NYC and a sliver of Vermont!  It does look meant to be, but now I’m sad to give it up.  :’ (

I painted the sides -inside & out- and the back.

I also repaired the inside sides from the old drawer construction.

decoupaging a vintage road map

decoupaging a vintage road map

-beefing up the "legs"I decoupaged the inside legs with another of my vintage Midwestern maps.

◊ I ripped and contoured ¾” boards to beef up the cut off bottom~now “legs.”  I ran them through the router to  1-round over the bottom edge and  2-add a bead detail to the top edge as it meets the desk legs.

◊ It also gives more support to the reproduction ball-styled wheels I’ve added.  All this boosted the desk leg clearance to 21¼”, good for a bench.

-beefing up the "legs"

The desk legs feel beefier, and the whole desk is more substantial now that it’s boosted higher.

It came out really nice and is at the antique mall already!


a Vintage Dresser makeover

a Vintage Dresser makeover

saving a ReStore piece!

I’m sharing this project with The Curator’s Collection!

cash only~ dang

my little sweet little/small platter find -very small town antiquingRecently, I responded to a Craigslist ad about picking a fallen barn just out of town.

The email response said some Amish men were taking down the “good” barn (can’t take any part of THAT) but I could take all I wanted from the fallen barn.

So off I went—ever eager for FREE barn boards!  Free wood is always good!

On my way back I spied one of those small town antique stores—

of course I stopped.

Unfortunately for me, it was cash only and I had about $12 on me.  I bought this very small floral platter to hang in the LL kitchenette and. . . .

this little kiddo-sized suitcase.

Albeit in rough shape!

kiddo-sized suitcase project!

How I love old suitcases. . . and their cool hardware.  And even though this one was small -18×12 small- (trending purses are bigger than this guy)

I thought it would make a cute wall shelf.

◊ But first I needed to clean it up ’cause it was GROSS and STUNK!

◊ Then I set the table saw fence for a 9″w  cut and ran it through.

cutting the suitcase on the table saw-

◊ I ripped some scrap wood to make a cleat and stable back.

◊ I used construction adhesive to glue (and sort of caulk) the boards in and shot some nails into it too.

stabilizing the interior with cleats-

◊ I painted the back board, then used a gel stain to cover the water staining.

◊ Lastly~ I drilled hanging holes 16″ apart (like wall studs~16″ on center).

-after cleaning, I re-stained the leather

I drilled hanging holes at 16½"

my finished luggage shelves!
I really liked the hardware on the BOTTOM of the suitcase too, and since it still had a deep enough shelf ledge to hold a picture frame…

I prepped it too and will sell ’em together!

They’re ALWAYS  a fun project-


my finished luggage shelves!

CL--hanging chairs!

So~ I found these on Craigslist a month ago and just couldn’t resist!

I thought they would be inCREDibly fun for two of my teenage nephews.

C’mon, this has GOT TO score big in the favorite auntie department~right?!

Sadly, they were in rougher condition than I was expecting so I needed to rethink how to actually tackle this project.  And since I was ultimately trying to surprise the boys with them -thankfully- they had no expectations to be let down by if this became a project-FAIL.  I had doubts.

I cut away all the unraveling and broken reed.  Then I used clamps to help pull things “back together” so I could glue and staple broken areas.  Since I could find no local source to buy new reed to REwrap and REsupport the critical connections~I came up with what I thought was a scathingly brilliant idea!  ; D

repairing the hanging chairs--

repairing the hanging chairs--

What if I REwrap the frames like a doctor wraps a broken arm?

A cast!

That might give it some stability!


Y e a h—not quite.

Somehow…somehowI have escaped breaking a limb in my accident-prone, clutzy life.  I know—shocking.  Since I have NO 1st  hand knowledge about casts, I watched some Youtube videos to see how they do it (which looked easy).  And then Murphy’s Law butted in.

My plaster-gauze cast wasn’t very stable.  Do DR’s use industrial strength plaster?  So I regrouped and decided to use Gorilla Wood Glue and gauze.  Now a rock hard, stable finish- just rough. So I coated THAT with a generous coating of gesso to smooth it out and give it an extra binder.  Success!

Painting was the last task and I delivered them to the boys for Easter!

They love ’em!  Their mom loves ’em.  Their  d a d—not so much. But again, THEY do!

hanging chairs for the boys!Ah, yes. . . Luke lowered his chair so I could swing too!
The boys can raise & lower them, spin, swing—which they really liked!

Fav-Auntie Catherine




In the 11th hour- I suddenly felt compelled to color Easter eggs.  Let’s just say, it looked like I used veggies to dye them.  I didn’t.  I have a really baaad head cold.  So to save my ugly eggs—I gave them faces!

This was my greeting opening the fridge Easter morn’.

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter—

saving my Easter egg fail!


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