leaving for the Main St MarketAll packed–

last errands–


now the highway

My niece wanted to “apprentice” with us for this show!


leaving for the Main St Market

my lists--EVERYTHING!

Well maybe not everything, it just FEELS that way.

Lots of things are checked off my list—but lots of things are  -NOT. Yikes.

Foot is still killin’ me, but I’m determined to get things done.  I admit I am beginning to wonder if something is fractured—I’ll probably go in when I get back— .  Real colorful, huh? ~I’ve been wearing a compression sock to reduce the swelling & it’s “cast-like.”

I'm accident-prone...

Enough of that—

on to the FUN!

found on Craigslist!I found this violin on Craigslist.  It was a bit beyond reasonable restoration

so I REinvented it

for the Main St Market sale.  Both parts of it— the violin AND the case!

the violin case-I refinished its beautiful case, and needed to make some repairs.  Even rough I still thought it was so fabulous and I just love its Bombe‘ish lid!

Lastly, I decoupaged sheet music in the interior.

I think this would make a wonderful jewelry “box,” don’t you?

my fabulous Violin Case!

As for the VIOLIN itself—I made it into a



  1. I had to cut into the back to accept a clock mechanism.
  2. I used a clock face image I found online, printed it out, cut it out, wadded it up to create wrinkles, decoupaged it in place, then coffee stained it.
  3. I drilled a hole for the clock mechanism to poke through, then applied the hands.

They’ll both be going to the Main St Market sale!




I’m sharing this project with a few of my favorite linky parties!

French Country Cottage


Furniture Feature Fridays

There is SO much still to do~finish before packing and leaving for the Main Street Market show—so I have to just “limp along”. . .

. . . really.

Main St Market show-- June 13th

yes--I'm accident prone

Last Friday, while I was working on the twin beds that will be going, a VERY strong gust of wind came out of no where and knocked one of the headboards down my leg.  H a r d.

It knocked the wind out of me, and almost knocked me to the ground for the pain. And I could barely hobble into the house for an ice pack and ibuprofen.  It swelled and turned all kinds of colors—instantly.

This is how it looks 4 days later.  (getting better)  Going to be interesting come Friday (loading) & all day Saturday (the show).

So—the offending bed.  (the culprit is on the left)

Here are both -BEFORE.

◊ Mine (with the ovals) was found at the Elkhorn Flea Market, bf’s was bought from an estate sale.

ready for some LUV!

I pressure washed both of them—they were that bad.

Then I made a few repairs, Kilz’d them, painted them, and upholstered the ovals of the Left one (that little culprit).  Oh yeah~ someone sprayed the “oval” one with some of that awful textured spray paint that I had to sand down too.

Better alreadyright?

REworking the twin beds!

--this one is getting a little upholstery job!

REworking the twin beds!

Oh NO!

Somehow the fabric puckered hot-gluing the braided gimp around it—???  arrrrrgh  Now whatany suggestions?  It has to be ready to go Friday!

More on the other bed tomorrow~


oh NO--it puckered!

oh NO--the upholstery puckered adding the trim!

the gimp trim I used

. . . like making the smallest adjustment and addition!

I found this great basket, but wondered about those “HOOKS“…???

-large wire basket I just found!

-it only needed a SMALL CHANGE!

No problem though. I bent the ends of the hooks inward and added some cut-off spindles from a


You just never know where the right material   will come from!   ; D


I’ll be selling it in the Main St Market sale if you’re interested!
-it only needed a SMALL CHANGE!

-it only needed a SMALL CHANGE!

-it only needed a SMALL CHANGE!

the round Frenchy table--With the “holes” in my antique mall space needing to be filled,

and no room in my studio to work,

(and especially because all that remained was to restore the doors…)

there was just no more excuse to keep overlooking the end of this project.

The Long and Short of it is this

I bought the table later year 2010 as a project for my auntie—she was interested in creating a small island in her kitchen.

Ballard Design outlet- AtlantaTHIS was our inspirational piece—perfect, but very expensive.

The project was abandoned when she happened to find something else. 

Finally, I pulled the table from storage and stuck it in my antique mall space.  But no one seemed to be interested in it so I pulled it for a new project of my own.

So~ what to do to it. . . what to do. . .

My first instinct was to just paint it.  So I grabbed a sander to give it a tooth so the paint would stick.  But that common French Provincial paint finish was coming off INCREDIBLY EASY!  And the wood was a nice maple!

working on the frenchy round table

Stripping the leather top--Sanding still lead to a bit of Gel Stripper cleanup.

The leather top had issues too, somebody coated it with “something” that I couldn’t figure out or work around—so, with nothing to lose, I stripped it too.  It actually left an interesting patina in the border-area!

I decided to just wax the wood.

But I did ultimately paint too!

paint AND wax

paint AND wax

I also “oxidized” some areas with the same paint.

Here’s the REfinished project

and it’s back in the antique mall for sale (if you’re interested).


ps—the center spins!

the round frenchy table

paint AND wax

paint AND wax

paint AND wax

paint AND wax
I’m sharing my Frenchy Table with a couple of my favorite linky parties!

Savvy Southern Style

Now THAT certainly sounds weird, doesn’t it?

-looked sort of like this. . .Okay, a couple summers ago the neighbors across the street set a settee out for the overflow pickup. Hmmmm—what is—THAT—?

It looked sort of like this one.  → But it was in rough shape, and only had the wood apron.

I persuaded the Mr. Neighbor to help me haul it up mom’s driveway, and I spent the next few hours demo’ing it down to the few “good” parts!  Then added them to my other cOOl parts stockpiles! ; D

Cut to NOW, and, I have an idea!

I retrieved the apron to take a fresh look at it and check out the size.     Uh huhperfect!

So, after making a few marks,

  1. I took it to the chop saw and made some specific miter cuts.
  2. Glued and nailed the mitered returns.
  3. Sanded the profile down to the raw wood (mostly), and shaped the oddly matched, mitered return-joints with a belt sander.
  4. Grabbed a fairly clear Aspen board to create a contoured top— which I cut with a jig saw, then routered a beveled edge, and secured to the decorative profile.

the SOFA APRON shelf

the SOFA APRON shelf

Still with me?  Easy, right?

the SOFA APRON shelf

the SOFA APRON shelf

Now I just need to decide on a finish!


Craigslist dresser--another map and luggage handle finish

Oh!  BTW—my newest map~luggage handled dresser was sold in just less than 24hrs at the antique mall!  Since it really didn’t get any exposure, I’m tempted to make a quick replacement to go right back in its place.

I don’t know—would that be pressing my good luck?

Duck photobombs his friends!I’ve been working in the usual hundred directions at once.

And- the continual rain has made everything a challenge. BUT—the antique mall called to say several big things sold and I had “holes.”  More importantly, it meant many breakables were left sitting on the floor!

another CL dresser-

Sure, a gOOd problem, but a challenge to drop everything and hustle through some BIG replacement projects.  I scoured Craigslist -with little success.  But, I did find this dresser that was in pretty good shape (except for the nasty ashtray smell—yuck).

I aired it in the sun for several days, then cleaned it with vinegar water. It doesn’t smell -now- I just hope it won’t -revive- sitting in my store space.

Craigslist dresser--another map and luggage handle finishNot having a lot of time to devote to this project, I decided to repeat a successful old project!

Having done the project once, it was fast to do it again –and- since I kind of liked the original walnut finish, cleaning was also faster than painting.

Although it’s not some fantastically-stylish dresser, I think it came out pretty nice!

I tried out a few different state maps, but ended up using a late ’50’s era map of Wisconsin for its vertical shape—and more of my replacement luggage handles!…….  I really like the very masculine feel!


Craigslist dresser--another map and luggage handle finish

Craigslist dresser--another map and luggage handle finish


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