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my Model Home Lamps!A lifetime ago,

when I was still a

New Construction Superintendent,

once all our home sites were sold the model homes went up for sale and one of our benefits was to get first dibs at auction on the model home contents!  I bought some amazing stuff for next to nothing—for real!  Nice employee benefit!

Furniture, accessories, lighting—and these lamps for my mother.

They might’ve cost me-  $10  ??

I loved the fruit festooned garlands, the oxidizing, the SIZE ~they’re big!  They looked nice in mom’s LL, but eventually got the boot with other changes.

Giving the lamps a new color!So they’re going up for REsale,   and definitely need a REfresh!

I won’t give up the expensive silk shades I had on them—a n d  luckily a month ago I happened to find a pair of drum shades I hoped would work!  LINEN drum shades$6 each.

I let their color dictate the direction of this change, and used a Fossil and Peanut Butter-y color brushed together for a mottled tone.

Once dry I Lime Waxed for added dimension!

I think they look better than ever!


....making changes....

-LIME waxed for added dimension

The harps are too tall so I will change them out.  AND, I’m hoping the lowered shades will help to distract that the shades are a little small.

REfreshed lamps!my REfreshed Model Home lamps!

the lamps BEFORE...

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My Weather vane Chandelier!I haven’t visited my favorite ReStore in a loooooong time

Saturday presented my first opportunity and

look what

I found!

I LUV this, but I’m not so keen on the black.  I was thinking it would look better, fresher  -and more current-  in a soft, medium gray!

I taped off and covered/protected the metal parts with Press N Seal.

(This stuff works great for a LOT of DIY’er things—especially covering wet paint brushes overnight!)

painting the chandelier gray-

painting the chandelier gray-

I knew this would be tough to brush with all the “obstacles,” so I sprayed it, but. . .

hmmmmmm. . .

The gray just looked flat.  So I dry brushed a little darker gray~glaze mix over the top, but. . .

hmmmmmm. . .

*forgot to take a picture of the dry brushing-

Maybe I should strip it.

I also taped off and painted the shades gray to match—so I need to REthink their finish too.

painting the chandelier shades gray-

the chandelier stripped- the chandelier stripped-







stripped and now waxed-

I didn’t strip it “clean,” I left some trace paint for character.  I lightly sanded~ then waxed.

Now I love it—but it still went to the antique mall for sale.  ; D

*sorry, it was really hard to get a good photo…



the Weathervane Chandelier

the Weathervane Chandelier

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Let me preface this post with a quick backstory.

I’ve had a really strong interest in interior design since I was a kid.
I was always WAY more interested in “building” and decorating a house for my dolls than actually playing with my dolls.  Lucky for me, my parents fed this early passion with an architecturally modular doll house that could be put together and taken apart in numerous ways!  That was the end for my poor dolls.  I was 7.
By my later teens I was reading design books to learn all those WHY’s & HOW’s.  There was SO much more than just a lot of beautiful pictures to look at in those books—my design education was fully launched!
MY TEACHERS—the generously shared  -information, knowledge, education- written and published in those High End Designer’s books!

..This was one of those lessons!

-isn't this incredible?!?I was just recently guiding someone through the mysteries of selecting the right size of chandelier,

which made me wonder,

did you know…?

(I’d like to make one like this!)

The 1st thing I learned was to figure out the proper general diameter

by adding a room’s dimensions together.  So a room that is 15ft wide and 12ft long would be 27ft.

Then just change the FEET to INCHES.

A chandelier of 27 inches in diameter is a good starting point!

2nd~Dining Room chandeliers.

general rule of thumb is to be about 10-12″ narrower than your table.

So if your rectangular table for 6-8 is 40″ × 78″ your chandelier should be no more than 30″ in diameter.  A 48″ round table = no more than 38″ diameter.

◊ Round tables can totally mess with these rules—consider the room size once again to find a balance of size!

◊ If there’s a big disparity in what the ROOM size says vs the TABLE size, maybe your table is the wrong size for the space.  This has actually given a reality check to some design clients!

◊ In an open-space design, figure your dimensions based on the “designated” dining space.

3rd~table & ceiling clearance.

rules for CHANDELIER SIZINGThe bottom of a chandelier should, generally, clear the table top by a min 30″ & the ceiling by 10-12″.

With an 8ft ceiling  (or 96″) from the floor up

table,  30″ high

+  30″  table to light clearance

+  10-12″ light to ceiling

=  chandelier should be about 24-26″ tall/high.

Ceilings higher than 8ft, you should add about 3″ per foot to the table to light clearance. So a 9ft ceiling = 33″ and a 10ft ceiling = 36″ bottom of chandelier over table.

Over an Island

the general rule is 30″-34″ over counter.


Diameter—add the WIDTH and LENGTH of the room/space together, change the feet to inches and you have the suggested chandelier or lantern diameter for that room.  A 10ft x 10ft foyer = 20″ diameter light.

Height—this one’s tricky, no kidding!

1—The general rule is 2½” to 3″ in light fixture height for each foot of ceiling height—the higher the ceiling, the taller the chandelier.  But, see #2.

~a 10ft entry ceiling =   2½” or 3″ × 10ft = 25″ to 30″.

~a 12ft entry ceiling =   2½” or 3″ × 12ft = 30″ to 36″.

2—The TOTAL HEIGHT of light fixture = light AND chain & canopy!

3—An 8ft ceiling will accommodate a chandelier that is 20″-24″ in height.  WRONG.  You need to keep a minimum of 7ft of clearance for people to walk under it!

4—2-story Foyer lights should hang in the “volume of the 2nd floor,” and, should be centered in any window over the door to be visible from outside.

5—Don’t forget to think about the weight of a light.  Most ceiling j-boxes will only hold up to 50 lbs!  You may have to add extra hardware.

See?  These were great guidance rules to learn,

but sometimes rules are meant to be broken.  And in the end you may find you still have to make a judgment call on the exact size you choose and hang!
The thing is—when it doesn’t look or feel right—these rules might help you figure out WHY!

Below are some examples of

just wrong, breaking the rules & just perfect,

but you decide!





525e64e61d06d615917d942f75b88858.jpg (433×897):

Camp Boxwoods in Madison Georgia For Sale:




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a setback and a special splint--Sorry I’m so –sporadic– in posting anything anymore,

the finger is giving me a true run for the money.

You’d be surprised at how difficult the simplest and most innocuous things have been to do!  Plus~ a setback has me sporting a special splint now (that is painful at times).  All I want for Christmas is a healed & straight fingerpretty please!

But, in the meantime…

…and because I’m feeling SO project-deprived…

I showed you THIS picture last time~

making some changes-

And THIS is what I’ve been up to!

It’s not a BIG change—but it has some BIG impact!

changes are afoot!

1st- My mother has ONLY agreed to let me COVER OVER her beloved mural BECAUSE- I had a fun idea for her to focus on.  A 4ft x 10ft chalkboard to draw out our family tree!  Our British and German maternal families!

She’s traced us back to the 1600’s so far, and this should make it easier and more fun to share it all with us!

2nd- I had the j-box moved so the chandelier will hang centered over the table for the first time  E V E R.  AND, I hung a “new” chandelier!

3rd- I deleted the old wall phone.  It was a fun thing back in the 70’s, but time has moved on.  It held the phone books in the side and had a chalkboard front for messages.  It’s now for sale at the antique mall should you be interested.

I got some help hanging the hardboard and wasted no time painting.  But the color was mis-mixed!  A purple-y periwinkle…NoNoNo! Then it was too bright and “yellow-y” a blue, so I had a gray’ish color mixed and played with the two till I got the lighter blue-gray I actually wanted!

Uh Oh!

Here’s the new look!

mom's kitchen "makeover!"

The banquette-bench and table are moved to the left to clear the deck door swing when it’s open (which is a LOT).  You can kind of see that MOST of the chalkboard is primed—THAT’s an exhausting exercise!  I love how the color is faded just a bit more by the priming!

The chandelier is vintage metal with a great patina, and yes, I added white doves to each arm for Christmas!

The "new" chandelier!

The "new" chandelier!









The other thing I took liberties with was changing out the decorative switch plate cover –although– the new cover is DECORATIVE too!  This is what it will say just above the door bell-button when finished—I‘m just sharing prematurely.  It makes me giggle every time I walk by.  *If only a butler WOULD actually respond!  When no one comes I guess I’ll just say it’s his day off!  ; D

My humorist twist!

My UNfinished as yet extra touch!
— I have to frame the whole chalkboard.  
I have the wood and crown molding for the top, but, operating a saw is still iffy with my finger.  I bang the poor thing into just about everything….dah!

doesn't everyone have a beauty salon chair in their kitchen !?!Oh yes— one more thing to share!

Many years ago I bought an old beauty salon chair at auction for $5.

I reupholstered it and used it in my master bath while I was getting myself together for the day! Yes—felt a little bougie!

I’ve put it in mom’s kitchen.  I’ve seemingly become her hairdresser and it’s inCREDibly handy to raise/lower as needed  -AND-  it becomes a booster chair when little ones come over!  Truth be told- the bigger ones fight over it too!

Whew!  That was a loooooong post—sorry!

Can you tell I’ve missed you—


on a daily basis-

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We sure do ♥♥♥ spending time on the different levels of the deck—both day AND night!

the deck -in July

*Above- is the deck in July, from when I was REworking all the umbrellas!

Although the existing, varied lighting, IS beautiful at night, we were still missing the old market umbrella that had built-in lights at the dining table.  SO

Replacing the Deck Step Lights


what I found!

Umbrella Lights!

You just NEVER know where you’re going to find solutions!

And that PRICE!

Umbrella- standard and plain

umbrella- with LIGHTS!

Check out this beautiful glow of light at dusk!

That’s what we were missing from the old umbrella!

the ambient lighting from the new UMBRELLA LIGHTS

pretty, ambient lighting on the dining deck!

Super easy to install-  just needed a screw driver.

And about 30 minutes.

Well, and a scissors.  You’ll probably want to cut off the excess of the baby zip ties that hold the end of the light strings tight at each spline! (it just looks neater)

It’s the little touches


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my old

W e l l ,

was going to sell this lamp, but

I don’t think I

want to now.

This is not an ORIGINAL lamp.

It’s a lamp built from odd parts.

You see~ I needed a lamp in the hall, and since I COLLECT lamp parts (it’s another one of those sicknesses, what can I say) I dug through my boxes to find something fUn to build with!

the making of a whole new lamp

The center portion was a deep, forest green color of transparent glass—just hideous, trust me!  But it was -interesting- so I kept it.  It reminded me of those gourd lamps.  Ideally, it would have been cool to paint the inside of the glass (think mercury glass) but there was NO WAY around that green color.  So I painted the OUTSIDE a soft, warm, taupe-y brown and worked with the “texture.” (I tried to scrape it off but it wasn’t budging.)

All the metal was some ugly, brassy pot metal—but with great styling!  I played with varying silver paints to re-do its look!

The wicker shade was NOT a shade.  Nobody really knew WHAT it was, but at some point someone affixed horrible silk flowers to it trying to make something creative—fail.  Anyway- I paid something like a dollar for it in a thrift store.

-as it was used in the hall of my old house.Anyway~I just thought all the parts could be interesting pooled together!

*This is a terrible picture- but the only one I could find.

So, this was to be another of the casualties I was going to cut loose from the storage unit.

I thought it might have a better chance for REsale with a bit of a makeover though, and decided the center glass might look fresher in a soft gray~and be more tone-on-tone to the metals!

I taped it off and played with a few grays!  Happy with the outcome, but then I started having 2nd thoughts about letting it go.  Dang it.  

creating a lamp shade--Do I REALLY want to let that amazing base go-?  And I’m still diggin’ the wicker shade. . .

BTWthe wicker “shade.”  I drilled a hole through what I’m calling the center top, then poked a lamp-clamp up through it and secured it with a finial.  (I also could have secured a lamp harp and finial.)

-making a shade. . .

I didn’t mind the off black color of the wicker, but thought I might like it better in a darker gray!  I dry-brushed it to build it up to what I liked.

I’ve only ever used this lamp as a “night light” with a 25watt bulb.  The light is really soft showing through the wicker.

my lamp REfreshed!

-the new gray color!

I luv this base!






-my lamp REfreshed!








I actually really like the REfreshed look!

And I’m pretty sure I’m keeping this lamp

it all over again!

Even the wonkiness of the shade, it has a certain je ne sais quoi, non?


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Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since I sprained my ankle so badly.  I’ve had ups and downs trying to heal, and our recent tornado scare was certainly no help—but all in all, it’s “better!”  I’ve been trying to work on small, non-stressful things, and was finally about to jump back into a big furniture project when the storms hit, so once again, things got side-lined for clean up.  However

the deck step lights died and needed replacing, and since that was a pretty low key project~I jumped on it!

The Deck--the step lights need replacing....


I found white·clear rope lights seemed to work well for this project.

  • They gave a nice, even illumination of the steps AND the flagstone at night for safety—and pretty, ambient lighting too!
  • BUT—they yellow with age and don’t have a long life.
  • They are low profile (½”) and fit well under the lip of the step,
  • except- their mounting clips push them back out.
  • And until recently, they didn’t have  l o n g  lengths so you had to connect multiple strands to get the length you wanted (which could be a gOOd thing too).

The Deck--the step lights need replacing....The guy at the store told me I might prefer to try out the 

  • longer lengths,
  • lower profile (3/8″),
  • brighter light, and
  • longer LIFE – lower energy consumption

of the LED rope lights!

And how convenient—I needed 48ft!

So I bought them & installed them AT DUSK—so I could see where I was putting them, but also, how I wanted to REadjust the lighting layout this time around!

The Deck--the step lights need replacing...And- instead of using the included mounting clips (same issue of projecting out more than I wanted), I used cable staples.  I could secure the lights in more places and tighter to the deck!  I just had to hammer them in place one at a time—really easy!

Mom snapped a couple of pictures of me working on it as the sun set (it was not as dark as the picture would have you believe).

Replacing the Deck Step Lights

Replacing the Deck Step Lights

Thought you’d like to compare—with lightswithout!

Now you see why we need’m?

Replacing the Deck Step Lights

Replacing the Deck Step Lights

And you can see they aren’t too in your face by daylight.

Replacing the Deck Step Lights

Btw—those are outdoor floor lamps on each side of the porch swing!  Totally portable, except that I did screw them in place after a few wind storms knocked them over.  And, they have built-in dimmers!


the outdoor floor lamps on each side of the porch swing-

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