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The -task- of clearing through all those loooong-stored boxes

was only made FUN by the things I was finding!

Like this!

-some of my treasures found in the storage unit!~still on the fence to sell it at the Main St Market sale mid June.

Oh, but, when I opened THIS box—o m g!

I can’t believe I forgot about this BEAUTY!


~see what I mean?  Heart be still!    See the incredible patina?

-some of my treasures found in the storage unit!

-some of my treasures found in the storage unit!

-some of my treasures found in the storage unit!

-some of my treasures found in the storage unit!

-some of my treasures found in the storage unit!

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another "glue trial"I’m participating in another “glue trial.”

I’ve been in several now, and they’re actually starting to win me over with some of the Gorilla gluesI wasn’t much of a fan previously.

I thought I’d try it out while building a few of those cutie (scrap) wood boxes.

one of MY versions of the antiquefarmhouse.com "box"

AND- I used it in some of the repairs to the door of my cottage-y cabinet.

There’s more to tell you on that front, but for the moment let me just say—

I wasn’t especially impressed with this particular product. :  /

So this morning I went online to fill out my survey for the product trial.  I grabbed the flier with code info to fill out

and just now noticed

It’s NOT glue—it’s SILICONE.  Duh!  . . . . . . . . . . No wonder I wasn’t “impressed.”

Yes—when all else fails, READ the INSTRUCTIONS.

So that’s my confession—and here’s my CORRECT trial use project!

Well—kind of!

I’ve wanted to try this out for a loooong time so I’ve finally done it with this Gorilla Sealant (silicone).  I made my own silicone-dipped light bulbs!

My glue trial project inspiration!

1 watt flicker flame bulbsI bought these at Michael’s craft store (above in the alcove) during the holidays and love using them in a couple chandeliers!  BUT—each bulb is just 5 watts, times 5 bulbs (5 armed chandelier) is still only 25 watts, but is decent light in a very small space and very candle light-like elsewhere.

All the bulbs I’ve found seem to max out at 15 watts in brightness, so I thought it would be interesting to make my own with a 25 watt bulb…?  But I thought I’d test the waters on my first try with these cutie little flicker bulbs!

making my own silicone-dipped bulbs

Everything I’ve read on this DIY says

-to warm the silicone and

-thin it down with a little rubbing alcohol.

-Then dip your bulbs and hang them to dry.


making my own silicone-dipped bulbs

making my own silicone-dipped bulbsI struggled to thin the silicone and/or warm it enough to just get to DIP the bulbs.  Because it was still “thick” I had to twist them in the little jar getting a rougher look—bummer.  I couldn’t even get the little “drip” on the end.

I think it would have been better to skip trying to warm the siliconenext time! . . . (It’s like warming it seem to “cook” it.)


silicone-dipped bulbs


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5ft column lamps

-No one

seemed to “get”

-to understand- my

5ft columns

made into Floor Lamps w/skeletonized shades for sale at the antique mall.


Well you know what?

I brought them back to my mom’s house and used them in the Holiday Decor!

Even though It’s time to take down all the Christmas decor

(end of vacation and everyone’s heading back to school and work), I’ll strip them down to “winter decor” and leave them a bit longer ’cause I lov’m!  But the rest of the room needs to be restored now —so it’s a “working” day.




I’m sad to dismantle some of these pretty things, but, I’ll always have the pictures. . . .



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painting a chandelier "gold"Wanted to show you the finished chandelier

I will let it go at mid day.

Reluctantly.  It’s sO cOOl!

I already told you how I wore myself out trying to sand off the previous texture, and then used a Rust-Oleum metallic paint-and-primer in one as my base.  I used it to completely cover the textured verdigris finish and to seal any raw metal exposed in sanding.

I let it have the night to completely set up—especially because our humidity felt like it working on the finish--reached 1000%.  The Next day I began work on capturing that “golden patina” she was after, which comes from a multitude and range of “gold tones.”  Hence the menagerie of paints!

I used a combination of brush, spray & my fingers.

*I’ve had gold fingers for a few days~ down to some gold fingernails now! ; D

For the spray part, I used a handy little sprayer for small projects by Preval It’s a spray paint kit that allows you to make spray paint with latex paints—you’ll need to thin your paint just a bit.

Preval paint spraying system for small projects*You can buy these handy sprayers in most big box store’s paint departments.

I buy/keep a few starter (complete) kits and a few replacement sprayers on hand.  I’ve found the power unit can get too cold so I’ll switch to another and rotate between them.  The lidded jar lets me keep extra paint on hand “just in case!”

With all of these metallic colors and “techniques,” it was just a case of building up the COLOR in patient layers.

After it had a good amount of drying time, it felt a little “rough” again so I “sanded” it down with extra fine steel wool to a smooth touch, but,

enough talk—

Kristen's chandelier--

Kristen's chandelier--after

It’s tough to get a good shot of this because it has to hang from a rafter (it’s really heavy), and my studio is a wreck once again (Uuuuhhg).


another detail, andange of color to the candle sleeve--lor to th a chSo, one more thing….

The white candle sleeves just look too stark white so I painted a few of the old ones an old white that I thought might look more natural.  I’ll see what she thinks when I give up this beauty today.

*the old white candle sleeve is in the foreground—

And, Btw—below is the house it’s going to live in!  I laughed arriving there to meet with Kristen—I almost sold this house back in 1991 but my buyers were scared away by the amount of work it needed.  It was incredible then and more so now!

.…hey, this is the ceiling it will hang from—sigh……


--the incredible details of OLD architecture!

I know this house!  ; D



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Kristen's chandeliers--This project began in a call from my favorite lighting store, (who has rewired many a crazy lighting projects for me) would I be interested in a decorative paint job for one of their clients…?  Well, let’s see it!

No—they don’t want me to paint this beauty, whew!  They wanted the finish of this one to inspire the finish of another…..

it too, was amazing!

*Can I turn them down and just buy both from them instead!?!

Kristen's chandeliers--

Yes, I can see why they want to alter this one!  Big job getting between all those arms -16 of them- but, SURE!  Here are some details—-

details of Kristen's chandeliers--

I could totally see the first chandelier’s finish inspiring this one’s finish—but it turned out she wanted something else after all.

She would like it to have the soft, golden, brassy tones and glow of THIS ONE to be the inspiration.

the inspiration chandelier--

Yep~this is going to be a challenge.

After a thorough cleaning and a few test patches for color I realized the texture that came with the verdigris finish was seriously problematic.  And I spent the next 2 hours HAND SANDING the whole thing—a job I would NOT want to do again.  Ever.  I was filthy by the end of it, and my hands just ached.

sanding away the texture--

You can see all my hard work in the smoothness of the primer coating.

--the smoothness after sanding the texture away

working on the finish--

When I finish the FINISH haha

I’ll share pictures….

it’s looking really nice, and actually old!


I want to keep it!


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I miss my own “stuff” so much, but I’ll need to stay with my mother a bit longer, soooooo……long story short—

-it’s kinda’ silly to keep things sitting there any longer,

-it’s too expensive over the long-haul each year,

-I’m ready to let things go in favor of the “new” things I’ve been finding…


some of my lamps---So many beautiful things in that unit!

Here’s a sample of the lamp collection I had left behind.

I know, I know, it’s a sickness.

…there’s no vaccine.

I have lots of cool stuff to show you, from my unit AND from a few of my favorite stores I ran through when I first got in…so come back….


~ ~ ~

Oooops—-maybe I didn’t word things too well.

I am emptying things out—and loading up a 20ft UHaul to take back to my mother’s until things settle and I get my own home again.  All this work is because I‘m unwilling to walk away from my things.

Still sad though—I hate that I have to visit my beautiful belongings in a storage unit.

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WoW–you guys are good!

Yes–I’m making light sconces!

corbel sconces

I’m also working on their half shades.

I’m covering this one with anaglypta paper.

I’ve just begun painting the corbels…

And I’m working on some other cool lighting too!


covering this half-shade with anaglypta paper--I’m sharing with this FAB linky party!


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