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* Uh-huh, yeah~  I’m bouncing from project to project, which means nothing is getting –finished.  I just don’t want to keep getting paint out, then clean up-put away, then get it back out, then clean up……..  You get it.  So until I finish everything marked for Cornforth White–the job bounces.

Below you can see how I got a little over anxious to see how the new color would affect the built-ins, and used some of the wall paint to see!

turning the Library into a Fancy Dressing Room!

I did get some eggshell Cornforth White mixed to paint properly!
The interior of the bookcases will be a soft white.
* I can report- the Cornforth White wall paint is now cleaned up/put away!
** I dread moving all those books!  TG it’s just into the hall!

room for clothing display-

My initial plan was to hang decoratively framed slat board
—about 2ft high × 56″ wide—
high on the wall adjacent to the closet for flexible hanging of clothes & hats.
I was fully ready to order metal hangers- (×4) 5 hook waterfall hangers $1.95 each & (×20) hat holders w/foam pads $2.50 each, for a total of $57.80.
I figured I earned this treat.  And then they informed me the shipping would come in at $59.  Uh–  NO.

dept store hangers!

So I will BUILD what I need.
1st- I decided to now add a long buffet mirror high on the wall-
then layer in my own hanging system.
I ripped wood to create a “shelf” to fit under the mirror.  Simple pieces, run through the router table with a ½” round-over bit for softer edges.
2nd- I ripped 3  2½”×14½” strips to “mimic” the one cascading hanger I happened to have—which became my guide.
I pinned all 3 arms together.  All cuts are made at once AND uniform.  The Dept Store hanger I had hung on a 10° angle, so I cut the ends of mine to match on the chop saw.  I tipped the table saw blade to 10° to make the slits that will catch the hangers.  I spaced my slits at 1½” apart for 10 slits.
4th- I separated the arms and ran those through the router too. 

making my hanging arms-my hanging system-  

I screwed the arms into the shelf from the back side with 3″ & 2″ screws for the most stability against the weight of the hanging clothes.
I took the whole assemblage outside for a primer coat.
Finally- I screwed the shelf to the wall finding 3 studs to make sure
nothing is falling down!

I had to test things out right away!

(Mom still had a few clothes needing to get moved downstairs.)

I’ll leave the mirror in its dark stain, but paint the rest to blend into the walls.
Then I’ll load everything up!

I’ll tell you about the hats soon~


No—wire—hangers!  ; D

my hanging system-

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