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Groundhog's Day movieIt’s almost feeling like

Groundhog’s Day 

around here.  Almost.  Although my 4 sectioned~4 day project is on day 5 of actual work—I started last Friday.  What the heck~??

I broke my work into 4 sections, and saved the “worst” for last. Partly because this North corner bothers me.

*To clear up any confusion—I prefer to call this the Lower Level or LL because it’s too nice down here to be called a basement anymore!

the North corner of the LL (basement)The North corner is, well~ darker.

When I added the builtin down here, I actually wanted to put mirrors in the back wall of the shelving to reflect light and brighten things up.  As much as could be.  COST crossed it off my list, but I’m REthinking that once again.

I called for prices this morning.  Uhhh~let’s just say I’m still thinking about it.  Each side is 40½” wide × 46½” tall.  They quoted $122 per side. AM I CHEAP?  THAT’s crAzy!

PLAN B.  I asked about plain old glass being cut for each side— ½” thick $90 each, ¼” thick $70. Times 2 remember.  UNbelievable.  My thought was that I would silver the glass myself making it affordable~haha.

Then I considered glass (I would silver) to cover ONLY above the top 2 shelves—design magazines completely cover the bottom shelves.  Even THAT was $70’ish something!  YES.  I guess I AM cheap.

I checked if there were any mirrors in their Ooops section that could be REcut—?? You DO know most glass/mirror stores have an Ooops section, right?  Unfortunately, everything was too small.

Ok a y ~plan C.

I could paint the back with a silver leafing/metallic paint…

or A REALLY high gloss paint for a lacquered effect…?

Maybe I should check out the price and sizes of mirror TILES…?

the last of the 4 sections~and adding MIRRORS?

So~ 1 last potential option.

*BTW~ here’s an example of the ltd natural light.

1 last potential option~

Looking online, I found a mirror that could be FRAMED IN like a picture.  $24.46 × 2  which is a lot more to my liking.

I taped it out, and put the shelves back to get a visual.

I don’t know. . .

So it looks like my project is still in “Groundhog’s Day” limbo. . .


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just say NO!


I’d just jump into a project full-fledged and NOT quit till it was done.

But this time—I don’t feel like it.

I mean, I won’t stretch it into forEVER~just NO to the killer pace.  I’m breaking this project into 4 sections—4 days.  It feels reasonable and not so back-breaking.  Come on~look at all the doors, casing, and baseboard!

This is day 2.

REfreshing the LL paint color

…on to day 3.

Hey~maybe I’ll have some wine  while  I’m working!


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REfreshing the LL paint colorIt turns out the LL DID need some painting.

I didn’t think so until I pulled stuff away from the walls.  HuH…dang…oh well.
AND~where do these spider webs keep coming from??  It was just a month ago that I did a DEEP cleaning, including using the vacuum hose-brush on every. single. nook and cranny & baseboard.  Geesh.


See the difference in the lighter, whiter color?

REfreshing the LL paint color

It’s not a HUGE difference,

just fresher and brighter and less yellow-y!
And now I have to get on to the left side/dining side today.  THAT’s going to be the biggest part of the job~ugh.


REfreshing the LL paint color

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My Tray Chic project is in a REthinkin’ hold.

My caned chair is in the works, but “drying.”

So what next?

I’ve been thinking about REpainting -REfreshing- the LL.  It’s in good shape and doesn’t really need a paint job—it’s just that the color just seems “old.”

You know what I mean?

the stairwell-hall to the LL PAINT COLOR

Standing in the kitchen,

looking towards the driveway door and stairwell—

this is the paint color,

Hall and LL.

Standing in the kitchen,

looking towards the hall and living room—

you see the soft “white” suede paint color.

the hall and living room SUEDE PAINT COLOR

See what I mean about how it

looks “old” ?

I have –more than I needed– suede paint left over and am thinking it would look nice downstairs too!
Fresh and brighter.
But what a big undertaking.



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the breakfast chair makeoverWhile I’m REthinking

that tray (not so) chic  fiasco,

I turned my attention to the “matching” caned chair found for mom’s breakfast table.

I grabbed my upholstery staple puller and wire cutter-pliers and got to work on knocking down the orange velvet fabric.  Its upholstery was done so well, I really took my time to study their job!
I was kind of sad stripping the orange velvet.  Aside from being dirty, the velvet was in pristine condition, has the best patina and a really nice hand.  I’m thinking I’ll wash it and try to REuse it in another project down the line.  AND~it is and always has been my very favorite color!
Did you know ORANGE is the color of CREATIVITY ?!?

ugh~trying to get the glued on parts off

Unfortunately, someone used some glue on what I’m guessing was a velvet padded back cover.  I seriously struggled getting the residue off.

BUT~ I won the battle with a razor blade, pliers, scrub brush, a n d  patience.

While I had the scrub brush going, I knocked off the small areas of thickly built up dust and grime, and just cleaned the chair WaY better this time around.

I LUV the seat—and YES, it’s as generous as this vantage point would suggest!

what a seat!

the breakfast chair makeover

You can see I taped off and covered the muslin before I painted it.  Gotta luv the many uses of Press N’ Seal!

I sprayed it with Kilz and left it to set up over night.  Tomorrow I’ll give it a top coat with a very soft white and give it another 24hrs to dry before I REupholster that seat.


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a TRAY makeoverI bought a black lacquered tray.

$1.65 ~can you believe?

NOT beautiful OR in good shape.

That’s okay—we luv makeovers.

I coated it with that big box store spray paint chalk paint now available.  Aged Gray—soft and mellow.  Hmmm.  So I blocked out a simple design with tape, and over painted the soft white chalk paint.

Still, ehh.

1- predictable,  2- too contemporary,  3- paint bleed  =  FAIL.

~My taping / taped version of a makeover.

a TRAY makeover & FAIL

~and outcome.

See what I mean?

a TRAY makeover & FAIL

~let's try this again!

So I lightly sanded and REsprayed.  HaH~ a makeover for the makeover!

How’s your day going?


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a Bird Song Dresser

Oh how this Craigslist dresser gave me such…

heart burn.

Don’t remember?
Read about THAT nightmare HERE.

And then it never sold.

It had  g o o d  exposure—?
But no one pulled the trigger.  :’ (

It got bounced from the antique mall to make room for other things, but I worried it would be abused in my over-flowing workshop (garage), so in the last few days before Christmas I put it into use in the LL. It gave me last minute storage of misc. ribbons and sewing supplies. . .

AND~became a coffee station during our Christmas lunch!

the Christmas Day coffee station!

To -even temporarily- put this here, I had to remove a tilt top table and booster chair.  This dresser will still go for sale, but I’m really sold on the extra storage!    I see a future project!

hmmmmm~I think it needs something...Having opportunity to really LOOK at this project—I think it NEEDS something.  And I have an idea!

I turned to thegoogler (as Wendy Williams always calls it cracking me up) and searched for phrases and bible verses with birds in it.  I found some cool stuff that I’ll probably use in the future!

I played with some graphics on the computer.  Hmmmmm. . . I don’t know.  How ’bout translating it to french?

I block printed my text.  I played with placement on the dresser front.  Slept on it—REarranged it some more. . .

then used tracing paper to transfer the image.  Pulled out a silver leaf pen and “wrote” over the top.

amending the Bird Dresser

handwriting with a silver leaf pen


An amended project.

I like it!

Please let someone else like it too.  (fingers crossed)
I might lightly sand the lettering…I don’t know…


“Comme deux oiseaux dans le ciel ouvert, des âmes incassables, toi et moi.”
“Like two birds in the open sky, unbreakable souls, you and I.”

A new~ Bird Song!

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