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What a surprise!Accepting my current limitations

…I’ve been spending quality time sorting through things, organizing, putting things away, cleaning, PURGING.    ~long overdue~

Years ago- I bought some pink hyacinths and transplanted them into a decorative container. SO beautiful, fragrant, & thoroughly enjoyed!

When they “died” I cut off the stalks, but left the soil and “roots” in the container (laziness) and just stashed it all away.  5‘ish years  a g o…???

Yesterday’s sorting adventures uncovered this surprise—

In a box for  how  long?


I only figured out what was budding because I happened to leave the tag too!

What a surprise!I’d completely forgotten about this container.  It was something I found in a thrift store that had a gaudy-garish green & white glaze.  No surprise—I painted it.  I’ve been learning and using a variety of decorative and distressing techniques for (I almost hate to admit) 25 / 30 years now!

What I do remember about this project was that it was around 2000 and I was trying to learn “distressing with Vaseline.”  I bought several items to learn on, then sell, but I loved the face on this and kept it!

I get the biggest giggle when I come across folks sharing these “new” techniques!

Everything old is new  again!


learning the "old" technique of using Vaseline!

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-tin tile collage found at the ReStore!I’m bored, I’m restless, I’m project-deprived.

I’m still not confident in safely working on my saws.

So I’ve been staying away from the usual sources of  “new project material”— trying not to torture myself.


I did venture into my very favorite ReStore right before Christmas, and

look what I found!

At first I just took notice and breezed by, BUT THEN, I hit the brakes and backed up.  The WHOLE doesn’t do anything for me, but as PARTS…hmmmm?!

I was determined--I’ve been spending quality time in my studio cleaning up and REorganizing— ’cause that’s about all I can do still. But I’m restless and decided to test the waters.  I fired up the compressor and metal grinder to see about taking this guy apart.  Very awkward right handed trying NOT to bump the finger—only marginally less awkward left handed but,

I was determined to do SOMETHING!

The spot welds were done VERY WELL, but patience won out!  After grinding down the leftover rough welds, I primed each square with Kilz.  But then I remembered a technique I haven’t employed in a long time.

◊ I REsprayed each tile, one at a time, heavy handedly with the Kilz.  I let the paint have just a few minutes to firm up.  *Can be done by brush too.

◊ I attached the air gun to the compressor and played around “destroying” the paint with harsh blasts of air -creating texture.

The effect can get even better when the paint is only given enough time to set up before attacking with a hand sander.  You can achieve much more of a chipped up, layers of old paint, alligator’d look—depending on the firmness and thickness of the paint!

*I’ve only ever done this technique with Latex paints.

*And remember, only while the paint is just “set up,” not cured.

(*Set Up = “dry” to the touch, but you can still smudge it.)

But alas, I  -HAD TO-  head back to the house to watch the season premier of DOWNTON ABBEY, you understand, right?   So my paint had overnight to cure~unfortunately.

Below, a picture of my air-blown, “wrecked” paint (now settled down & dry).

"wrecking" the paint-

See the pointing hand below?  If I would have sanded areas like this down while the paint was only “set up,” it would have come out more alligator‘d instead of what you see in the picture after.  But it’s nice too!

~I may STILL get more aggressive sanding areas like that on the bigger tin tiles.  What the heck!  Maybe I’ll try over-spraying, blowing, then sanding a 2nd time!  Maybe I’ll dry brush another top color, maybe I’ll just wax…??

"wrecking" the paint-

sanded down AFTER paint cured-

sanded down AFTER paint cured-

the other 2 bigger tiles-

The last two big tiles were primed with Kilz, lightly sanded, and waxed with a medium-dark wax.  I’ll be selling those and the four smaller tins.  I’m keeping two of the big ones for myself and gifting one away.

Below is one of the smaller tin tiles—they’re not totally finished.

BUT, hey

keep watching to see what else I’m planning to do to [all] of them! Hopefully! 


*All the images are raised, however, sometimes they look recessed~optical illusion at play!

one of the smaller tin tiles-

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a setback and a special splint--Sorry I’m so –sporadic– in posting anything anymore,

the finger is giving me a true run for the money.

You’d be surprised at how difficult the simplest and most innocuous things have been to do!  Plus~ a setback has me sporting a special splint now (that is painful at times).  All I want for Christmas is a healed & straight fingerpretty please!

But, in the meantime…

…and because I’m feeling SO project-deprived…

I showed you THIS picture last time~

making some changes-

And THIS is what I’ve been up to!

It’s not a BIG change—but it has some BIG impact!

changes are afoot!

1st- My mother has ONLY agreed to let me COVER OVER her beloved mural BECAUSE- I had a fun idea for her to focus on.  A 4ft x 10ft chalkboard to draw out our family tree!  Our British and German maternal families!

She’s traced us back to the 1600’s so far, and this should make it easier and more fun to share it all with us!

2nd- I had the j-box moved so the chandelier will hang centered over the table for the first time  E V E R.  AND, I hung a “new” chandelier!

3rd- I deleted the old wall phone.  It was a fun thing back in the 70’s, but time has moved on.  It held the phone books in the side and had a chalkboard front for messages.  It’s now for sale at the antique mall should you be interested.

I got some help hanging the hardboard and wasted no time painting.  But the color was mis-mixed!  A purple-y periwinkle…NoNoNo! Then it was too bright and “yellow-y” a blue, so I had a gray’ish color mixed and played with the two till I got the lighter blue-gray I actually wanted!

Uh Oh!

Here’s the new look!

mom's kitchen "makeover!"

The banquette-bench and table are moved to the left to clear the deck door swing when it’s open (which is a LOT).  You can kind of see that MOST of the chalkboard is primed—THAT’s an exhausting exercise!  I love how the color is faded just a bit more by the priming!

The chandelier is vintage metal with a great patina, and yes, I added white doves to each arm for Christmas!

The "new" chandelier!

The "new" chandelier!









The other thing I took liberties with was changing out the decorative switch plate cover –although– the new cover is DECORATIVE too!  This is what it will say just above the door bell-button when finished—I‘m just sharing prematurely.  It makes me giggle every time I walk by.  *If only a butler WOULD actually respond!  When no one comes I guess I’ll just say it’s his day off!  ; D

My humorist twist!

My UNfinished as yet extra touch!
— I have to frame the whole chalkboard.  
I have the wood and crown molding for the top, but, operating a saw is still iffy with my finger.  I bang the poor thing into just about everything….dah!

doesn't everyone have a beauty salon chair in their kitchen !?!Oh yes— one more thing to share!

Many years ago I bought an old beauty salon chair at auction for $5.

I reupholstered it and used it in my master bath while I was getting myself together for the day! Yes—felt a little bougie!

I’ve put it in mom’s kitchen.  I’ve seemingly become her hairdresser and it’s inCREDibly handy to raise/lower as needed  -AND-  it becomes a booster chair when little ones come over!  Truth be told- the bigger ones fight over it too!

Whew!  That was a loooooong post—sorry!

Can you tell I’ve missed you—


on a daily basis-

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It’s always good to be open to new tips and tricks~

So when I stumbled onto THIS ARTICLE recently, I was interested & curious.

Painting Tips-

article source-  Popular Mechanics

I consider myself a good painter!  I’m seasoned,” my mom had me painting at 12! (or was it 10?)  Both rooms & furniture.

For me, the article was more Back to Basics—but smart & good habits are always a good thing!  I learned some of these tricks by “experience,” and some by the generosity of the professionals on my former construction sites.

By the end of the list I wondered— do others know any of these  invaluable  tips and tricks?

· With the exception of #1 (I only sand when necessary)

· and #10 (which I know is good, but don’t do)

I practice the rest religiously, plus some others I’ve shared along the way!

◊ Check out TIPS -construction & finishing from my categories column!


-sharing with this linky party!

The Curator's Collection

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-just one of my 2012 curbies!I found it on a curb

wasn’t sure what it actually was

*I too, thought MAYBE an old radio/stereo cabinet, but the usual tell-tale signs weren’t there—so the mystery continues!

but I cut it down to a better height and turned it into

a new

side table!

It stands about 30″ tall now!

The gist of REconstruction~

the curbie--BEFORE AND AFTER, construction

The paint scheme!I painted the new cabinet form in my favorite Ben Moore- REVERE PEWTER but left alone the Zinsser primer white (lazy)! Finally, I lime waxed all the Revere Pewter for a sun faded look, and seal coated the rest.

The new lowered table top height will be super convenient for a pair of chairs to surround, and I can see a stash of books kept out of sight in that drop-down—and the drop-down itself becoming another surface to set a beverage down on!

It’s already for sale in the antique mall~

-everything was getting moved around in these pictures-


off the curb and REpurposed!

off the curb, and transformed!

a few details of THE CURBIE Cabinet

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The chairs at the breakfast table are really wearing out.  They were thrift store finds to begin that needed work—in 1999.

One was only $4, the other was a gift.

The breakfast area has a very ethereal feel to it. . .with all miss-matched pieces brought together by fabric and paint.

mom's breakfast area-

I’ve been watching for a couple of interesting replacement chairs    for a while now—and hoping for a matching pair this time around.

But LOOK WHAT I FOUND -but there was only ONE left—there were TWO, someone bought just one of them, dang it!  I presume because of the broken cane in the seat.  I negotiated $20.  I  LUV the super tall back!

Caned Chair from Diego's store $20

Well, first thing to do was -make sure it looked good at the table and with the banquett!   -Whew!

working on the new caned chair-

I painted the chair white.

I really couldn’t see the benefit in ripping out the cane, so I applied webbing right over the top -and decided to hot glue the cane and webbing together for extra strength.  Now you can sit in confidence!

Next, I grabbed some card stock paper to create a seat pattern.

Then I transferred the seat pattern to the grain sack I wanted to use.

* THE GRAIN SACK has a very special connection!  The farm my mother grew up on was eventually sold to distant cousins, who gave me one of their farm grain sacks on one of our yearly trips down to there—SO nice!

working on the new caned chair-

working on the new caned chair-

Thick Grain Sack can be very exhausting to cut, so I like to use the old electric scissors!

(Do they even sell these anymore?)

I cut banding strips too to sew a boxed seat cover.

~and I was off to the sewing machine…

Next I used batting and left over foam to give the seat a little extra cush’…

and finally I could apply the boxed cover…

working on the new caned chair-

working on the new caned chair-

The seat is a little shallow, but it’s wide and very comfortable!

working on the new caned chair-

I love the grain sack -and the personal connection to it- and I love the bespoke look and feel!  The other side of it, or, back side of it is in reserve for whatever 2nd chair I find.  As for the banquette—I’m hunting for some upholstery-grade linen (or if I’m lucky enough to find some HEMP), and I’ll REcover that as well!

The ceiling is in for a design change too- including chandelier, and a change to the back wall~but that’s a little down the pike!  Stay tuned. . .


the new caned chair!

making some changes-

making changes-

I’m sharing this project with–

French Country Cottage

The Curator’s Collection

Savvy Southern Style

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my old

W e l l ,

was going to sell this lamp, but

I don’t think I

want to now.

This is not an ORIGINAL lamp.

It’s a lamp built from odd parts.

You see~ I needed a lamp in the hall, and since I COLLECT lamp parts (it’s another one of those sicknesses, what can I say) I dug through my boxes to find something fUn to build with!

the making of a whole new lamp

The center portion was a deep, forest green color of transparent glass—just hideous, trust me!  But it was -interesting- so I kept it.  It reminded me of those gourd lamps.  Ideally, it would have been cool to paint the inside of the glass (think mercury glass) but there was NO WAY around that green color.  So I painted the OUTSIDE a soft, warm, taupe-y brown and worked with the “texture.” (I tried to scrape it off but it wasn’t budging.)

All the metal was some ugly, brassy pot metal—but with great styling!  I played with varying silver paints to re-do its look!

The wicker shade was NOT a shade.  Nobody really knew WHAT it was, but at some point someone affixed horrible silk flowers to it trying to make something creative—fail.  Anyway- I paid something like a dollar for it in a thrift store.

-as it was used in the hall of my old house.Anyway~I just thought all the parts could be interesting pooled together!

*This is a terrible picture- but the only one I could find.

So, this was to be another of the casualties I was going to cut loose from the storage unit.

I thought it might have a better chance for REsale with a bit of a makeover though, and decided the center glass might look fresher in a soft gray~and be more tone-on-tone to the metals!

I taped it off and played with a few grays!  Happy with the outcome, but then I started having 2nd thoughts about letting it go.  Dang it.  

creating a lamp shade--Do I REALLY want to let that amazing base go-?  And I’m still diggin’ the wicker shade. . .

BTWthe wicker “shade.”  I drilled a hole through what I’m calling the center top, then poked a lamp-clamp up through it and secured it with a finial.  (I also could have secured a lamp harp and finial.)

-making a shade. . .

I didn’t mind the off black color of the wicker, but thought I might like it better in a darker gray!  I dry-brushed it to build it up to what I liked.

I’ve only ever used this lamp as a “night light” with a 25watt bulb.  The light is really soft showing through the wicker.

my lamp REfreshed!

-the new gray color!

I luv this base!






-my lamp REfreshed!








I actually really like the REfreshed look!

And I’m pretty sure I’m keeping this lamp

it all over again!

Even the wonkiness of the shade, it has a certain je ne sais quoi, non?


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