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how about using some old luggage handles?!While I was busy decoupaging the vintage road maps to the drawer faces, a thought hit me

(my imagination can be a mystery). . .

“wouldn’t it be fUn to use

old luggage handles for drawer pulls?”


So, the next problem was- I happened to have this ONE handle, but where to find more old suit cases for their handles?  I checked out Craig’s List and some local thrift stores, I even checked the antique mall (the only place I found anything).

Omg—these leather handles would be AWEsome, but it would’ve broken my heart to cut up the suite.  But $30 for the set is not bad—just to have them!

awesome vintage luggage--AND, there were only 6 handles to be had.  If necessary, I could just use 4 down the center of the drawers—but, ehh.

After giving some thought to my dilemma, I called a local shoe repair to ask if they had REPLACEMENT handles~no? Uhh. And then on a whim I called Ace Hardware~JACK POT!

My last task was to cut a new, simpler, pine top for the dresser, and,

My luggage handled drawer pulls!



I luv the playful outcome!

From boring 1960’s to Well Traveled!


A "well traveled" dresser!

◊ I’m looking for an old luggage tag now and it would be kinda’ fun to see    if I could pry off and add a luggage lock!  ; D

◊ btw—if I didn’t find the handles I was going to use these flea market vintage bin pulls. . .

I did consider the old bin pulls--
details of the RETRO dresser!

From boring to well traveled!


I’m sharing this project with a few of my favorite linky parties!

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a freebie from CLOkay,

I really don’t like the stepped-back top,

not diggin’ those “feet,”

and not too keen on the blonde finish either.

What I DO like though- the large deep drawers, the softly curved front, and that it’s a space saver in a small room!

AND—it’s an easy style to manipulate!

Look where it’s going!

Back down memory lane—

maps that used to help us find our way to visit Grandmas and Aunties and Uncles and cousins. . .

yes, I’m playing once again.  ; D


You might think you’ve got this one figured out, but,

wait till you see my surprise twist!

-back down memory lane!

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This was a surprisingly quick project!

~woot-woot!  Luv when that happens!

REstyling a Provençal-styled bed frame

REstyling a Provençal-styled bed frameMonday—1st project for the year!

I made a few minor repairs, cleaned the frame, then got painting. Easy-peasy!

Tuesday I worked on the upholstery part of this project, and again—    easy-peasy -AND fun!

One of the things I absolutely wanted to do from the very beginning was pad and upholster the flat rail of the foot board.  It was just sO blah—it needed something!


*See what I mean from the picture below?  B o r i n g.

REstyling a Provençal-styled bed frame

The picture below shows some of the details, with the pointer showing where I had to seam the fabric on each side to get the extra width needed to wrap the whole bed frame.  The texture of the fabric left such a subtle line!

REstyling a Provençal-styled bed frame

With only a few hours of work, I love the outcome -but-

I still think it would’ve been cOOler to be upholstered in grain sack  can you see it?!?  I’ll be watching to buy more and replenish my stock.

If I was keeping this bed, I’d also give it a boost with reproduction casters. Just love that style foot board! 

I think this would make a fabulous guest bed—with a linen or lace bedskirt & soft white mattelasse coverlette over goose down!


REstyling a Provençal-styled bed frame

I’m sharing this project with a couple of my favorite linky parties!

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The hiatus is over.

Guess I needed that more than I realized.  Anyway—

My 1st project

SHOULD be making order of my

‘tore up’

work space.  It’s what seemed to happen on a steady basis   throughout the year.      Yeah, THAT’s going to change.

Page 10---yes, it's a wreck!

Clean up & recovery will come shortly -but- I’ve got to get some big stuff back in the antique mall which is needing some immediate attentionaaack!

Patty's bed!I acquired this bed as part of a package deal to persuade me to sell my sign hanger.  Actually, several things were bundled with some cash to persuade me—I’d been saying “NO” for so long.

This French Provençal bed is in the process of a whole “STYLE” makeover,

which should be finished tomorrow—fingers crossed!





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good bye to 2014Reading so many of the


Year in Review

blog posts made me think about my own once again so I went scrolling through from my first project January 11th — Christmas!

Apparently, I was S L O W getting back to work last year too.  : /

As much as I traveled throughout the year–it totaled 46 projects.

That really surprised me.  Sure, some were small and minor, but many were quite involved and lengthy.

bigger surprise came from my WordPress Year in Review ~5 OLD projects & posts were in my list of Top Viewed Posts for the year–STILL!

These are my bigger projects for 2014

The upstairs hall built-in bookshelves and bench,

the UPSTAIRS HALL project--

the ALCOVE project--modifying the alcove,

and re-building the hall linen closet.

the HALL LINEN CLOSET project--













-a CL dresser totally REmade

A ’60’s styled dresser and bench


screen doors for the closet

SCREEN DOORS for closet doors--

our Great Aunties' dresserOur Great Aunties’ dresser

Lily’s birthday rockers

Lily's birthday rockers



Mom’s old vanity    &     The bow-fronted cabinet

Mom's old vanity--The Bow-fronted cabinet--

The old Record Cabinet-




An old record cabinet














My 90¢ dish hutch

Dish Hutch Collage

"Plain Jane"

desk conversion--A Plain-Jane dresser



From a desk to a bookcase






Under the Stairs Storage  ~which is not yet finished, so watch for more on that!

extra storage UNDER the STAIRS

Still super popular and always high in my daily stats are these–

The Former Dresser

I had a dresser, but I needed a bookcase

The Craig’s List dresser #1

The Lingerie Chest

The Deck Rug

continued all-time favorites!

There were some awesome smaller projects too-

-a few I had a hard time letting go of.   :’ (

Wishing us All  an





New Year!


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getting things painted--Thank goodness I didn’t start this project any closer to Christmas–it has NOT been easy going and has tested me at every turn!  It may have been easier to build a new staircase and the storage underneath~WoW.

This is what I last shared with you… it may not seem to you like I’m much further– but I actually am.  There’s a multitude of solved problems and issues you can’t see.

Overcoming those problems, . . I could move on to covering over the stair stringers and work on the face frame.

progress under the stairs--

working on the face frame--

Just above, you see I’m trying to figure out a trim piece for the front edge of the upper section and I was testing some plates out for shelf-heights and plate rails.

I’ve been juggling the under stair storage AND the kitchen refresh,

another project~ re-casing the windowwhich has now been repainted. …. The back-splash project is complete, and I tore out the yucky old counter top caulking and have re-done that too.

Next, I’ll be re-casing the sink window before end of day–it wasn’t done properly and doesn’t match the new casing from the house renovations.

AND if time permits– I want to make changes to the chandelier.  Beginning with its placement.  It’s sO off center to the table.  THAT is just ONE of the builder items I corrected on every house I used to build. And the usually inconvenient location of thermostats.

. Catherine


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I’m juggling multiple projects–again!

You guys do that too, right?

I showed you my “Christmas list so you know I’ve got a lot going on.

Well, here’s the latest on my Under-the-stairs project. . . .

an engineering problem--I needed to cut a top -or- the base for the top section.

My design has 3 sections–the open top, the middle  pull out shelf, and the bottom will be closed with doors.

The pointers are showing you the next big “engineering” setback I discovered after I cut the board. . .. in ONE piece- complete with weird angles to fit exactly in place over that pull out shelf.

It fit really snugly and was tough to set it place–but I was happy!  UNTIL.  I discovered an inherent problem I hadn’t considered.  The center of the top was sagging.  And it didn’t even have weighty dishes on it yet.

The only solution seemed to be to take it back out and cut it in -sigh- 2.  Then create a vertical divider that could be screwed into the left side of the base and secured to the back of the stair riser, which completely stabilized the sagging-YaY! I re-installed the right side and tied the two sides together with a front 1″ strip. Problem solved.  Nothing hanging down on the pull-out shelf!

making a template--Next, it was time to close in the upper section.  With some really crazy angles, I made templates to make the job easier.

Yescard stock paper, scissors, and tape were the necessary tools!  ; D

I also used this template to make easy work of cutting the pine bead-board!


Using a template to make the job easier!






I re-skinned the entire upper section with pine bead-board ~because I ran out of plywood and some of my cuts were -rough.

The first coat of paint is on–YaY!  And I need to get on to the face frame and shelves.

re-skinning the interior with pine bead-board

getting things painted--

repainting the base cabinets--While that paint is drying  I headed back to the kitchen. The base cabinets have been repainted in a lighter blue and I got busy working on the “back splash.”

Until we can truly renovate the kitchen, small changes  will have to make it feel fresher.

creating a "back splash"I decided to use Venetian Plaster and Frog Tape‘s Chevron patterned tape that I got at Haven.

My mom loves her blues and isn’t very sold on the lighter color, so I thought I’d give her more blue in this refresh!  After figuring out the spacing and taping the wall, I troweled on a mix of white-beige & blue Venetian Plaster.

Before it could set up, I pulled the tape–tomorrow I’ll give it a very light sanding and seal it.

Here’s a glimpse of this project, I’ll have more to show by Saturday. There’s more going on!  Btw~she likes it!


A new back splash!

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