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Christmas TO DO list 2016

I seem to do this to myself every dang year—glutton for punishment.

26 days to Christmas and I’m taking on an ambitious project list.  What can I say, I’ve been SO busy

it’s NOW or –never-.

I added board & batten to both stairwells and always intended to run it down the guest bedroom/bath hall…
w e l l, guess what day it is!

Btw~  mom’s curio below is such a beast to clean every Christmas, but needs to be done (at least ONCE a year)!

It contains family treasures passed down from as far back as the early 1800’s. There’s also an 1860‘ish Top Hat in there that belonged to my G-G-grandmother’s brother.    Check THIS off the list now!!!

more tedious Holiday Cleaning

Anyway, getting back to the hall. . .

the BRUSHED SUEDE wallsMany years ago I faux painted a soft pallet marbleized treatment down the hall.  The intention was to conceal the handprints of numerous young grandchildren—it worked well!

The top glazing coat also made it super easy to clean any offending areas with a damp cloth.  But it really needed an update—NOW!


I had 3 fresh gallons of brushed suede made up for the living room and will use it in the upper hall too!  The “suede” gives a much softer feel than just using FLAT paint.  *It’s painted using a cross-hatch pattern, and depending on color, really looks more like a soft-worn velvet.

I don’t know~ can you see it in the photos?  It’s beautiful in person!

I’ve loved using this color over the past 15± years.  Every manufacturer seems to make some variation of “this” soft color choice, so if you want something “neutral”  -neither beige OR white-  THIS IS IT!  IMHO


I finished painting the hall last night and am heading to the living room shortly.  Then I’ll go back to install the board & batten!

Stay tuned!  ; D


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Vintage Mrkt at the Vineyard

I’ve been SO busy working on projects for Sunday’s show

I’ve been ignoring all else—sorry.

Yep.  No sharing of projects.  No pictures.
No posts.  Radio silence.
Bear with me~it’s all about to change!

In the meantime~

here’s a little glimpse of~

a little TEASER of~

a few small things going to the show!

I would LUV to see you there. . . ?!


Vintage Market teaser!

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Suddenly, I’ve stumbled onto lots of tin at good prices!

The first I found off Craigslist, and have sitting up by the garage door.

Until Now—but it’s my 2nd project and I’ll share that next time!

Craigslist ceiling tin!

Vintage Mrkt at the Vineyard

The second is a large singular panel with a featured center cartouche!

I found it exploring Simply RePurposed on Water St!

I’ll be participating in their Vintage Market in September!  And all this tin is getting worked on for that show as well as another in October!

Nellie's Barn Sale!


But, I digress. . .

I was really anxious to jump on the large fancy panel 1st!

I started by ripping wood on the table saw to build a mounting frame, then applied the awesome 4’w × 2’h panel!

building a frame to mount my panel

my Ceiling Tiin framed!

You also see I painted, distressed, and waxed the panel!

a beautiful ceiling tin cartouche!

I know a lot of mounted panels are left like this for the finish—NOT mine, oh no!  Where would the fun be in THAT?!?

I wanted to frame it!  I toyed with salvaged woods (like I’ve been doing with my plaques), and with some actual picture frame molding I have but—nope.  I pulled some coved molding and very small profile crown molding.  But whatever chosen, it made me realize I’d need to create a fillet to help make the transition from the rough panel edge to the frame.

framing my panel!

outside cove moldingBelow is a close up of the wood “fillet” I created. Essentially~ I created an outside cove—like at right. I forgot to take pics while making it, sorry.

You can see how it makes a cleaner transition on the front, and how it’s sandwiched in from the back.

The long part is sandwiched between the mounting frame and the actual frame. The short part covers over the rough edge of the tin.  Make sense?

showing the "fillet"

showing the "fillet"

I puttied and sanded my frame, then waxed it and let it sit overnight.  In the morning, I “painted.”  Gave that a few hours to set up, sanded, and dry brushed for the FINISH.  DONE.

My mounted, painted, framed Cartouche Panel!

I just need to add hanging hardware and it’s off to the antique mall!


My mounted, painted, framed Cartouche Panel!

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my Gothic Window decorated for Christmas!

I bought this super cool architectural window frame at Elkhorn, oh~like 4yrs ago now.  I was madly in LUV with it—but it had to go directly to my treasures-stash.  Awww.

I pulled it back out last Christmas for a particular vignette in Mom’s living room, but I HATED the painted finish.  Unfortunately, there was no time to do anything about it right then so I had to just deal with it.

I know the very nice lady who painted it.  In fact, I know~and can recognize her work at 50 paces.  She paints for hire for other vendors.  No matter the color or finish, her work always looks “dehydrated,” TO ME.  I do apologize if that sounds snarky or disparaging.

Well I pulled it off the wall yesterday to give it some looooong overdo LUV.

a "dehydrated" look, OR....

A new finish my Gothic Window!At first I started to over-paint, but abandoned that for another idea!

I was thinking about the 1898 door I just worked on and how beautiful the wood turned out to be underneath its dilapidated old paint.  I repeated the same actions—the belt sander to aggressively knock down the initial paint, careful not to damage the wood.  Then I used a stripper in areas to soften the transition of “worn” paint to raw wood.  Then fine sanded, and lastly~clear wax.

I LUV it now!


A new finish my Gothic Window!


*click on the pictures to see the finishes closer up!

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the Frenchy sconces REwired and mountedI’ve had a week full of

finishing this~finishing that.

NOT the most fun spending days on end going BACK to multiple UNfinished projects.  But~oh well.

The early 1900’s (Scott’s Antq Mrkt) Frenchy sconces were professionally REwired, and I mounted them on the pilasters!

New candle sleeves were cut -and melted a little on the ends to look less NEW.

They’re now in my antq mall space for sale!

My bedpost cut-offs to architectural lamps

are also back from being professionally wired, and also for sale in the antq mall.  YaY!

my architectural lamps and pilaster-sconces

I finished framing my newest plaques.  And puttying, sanding, adding hanging hardware—they too are up for sale!

I was SO incredibly filthy from all that salvaged wood—but it was worsened by the amount of sawdust I was creating and the HIGH humidity.  I was QUITE a sight—especially my hair!  It swelled bigger, and BIGGER with the high humidity.  I tried to avoid being in public at all costs till this project was DONE—lest I should scare anyone.

As of this morning, I’m now sportin’ a bouncin’ and behavin’ CLEAN head of hair!  O.M.G.  NEVER take THAT feeling for granted.  ; D

My Plaques- finished and ready for sale!

my newest CALL BUTTONS!

I’ve created a couple more [cheeky]

Butler & Maid CALL buttons!

They always sell quick for me!

my newest CALL BUTTONS!

I actually have several things in the works beyond this “update.”

One of those projects is~ I’ve begun to play around with/and to REinvent the living room bookcase design.  You can see one of the initial changes coming below—I pulled some arched casing bought at the ReStore long ago.

I’ve also pulled something else architectural to potentially work into my new design idea—orphaned bed posts.  And I had them stripped.  Stay tuned for this future REstyle!


BED POSTS -floor lamps, maybe pilasters

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--out of scraps. . .

I need some “smaller” projects for an upcoming flea market.

Things easy for someone to carry off and fit in a car.

Hmmmmm. . .

I’ve got some scrap boards,
I’ve got some balusters (from a Victorian porch). . .

to make a-  s o f a  table ?

A console?

Wellsomething architectural!

I actually needed a bit from a few other boards to build this table, but I did have stuff on hand—so no store-trips involved!  Use what you have, right!?!

I ripped and mitered some old pine boards to make a simple frame, then covered it with salvaged boards.

I played with the placement and spacing of the balusters- pre-drilled, counter sunk and screwed the parts together.

making an architectural sofa table

Making the top was essentially the same exercise, except that the “frame” is wrapping the outside edges of the boards to stabilize the form.  I used 3″ long screws to attach the top (again~ pre-drilled and counter sunk).

It’s pretty sturdy~unless someone tries leaning hard on it.

--making the table top...

-just a detail shot....I ran a little detail molding around the bottoms of the balusters (that I created at my router table).

This is truly a very basic construction project

it’s really all about having the architectural parts and salvage wood. Of course it IS made easier by having the right tools to cut it all!

NOW the problem is trying to figure out the finish—I would have LUV’d raw wood but the balusters were beyond stripping. . . bummer.

I gave it a general white-wash and distress-sanding, and now I’m playing with some gray in areas, but—I don’t know yet.

I have a week to sort it out.

And I have 2 more balusters to play with!


my architectural table

my architectural table

my architectural table

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20160623_160644I saw an ad on Craigslist for 6 really old windows  $25.

Say W H A T ?

I had to rub my eyes and look at that again.  I clicked on the posting expecting the description to clarify that it was $25 PER window—nope. I read right—what a shock!

I also called immediately and headed out the door!

Except that one window had a broken pane— O M G!

They’re tall,

they’re skinny,

they have ARCHED tops,

and they’re MINE!

OLD windows with their wavy glass make FABulous mirrors!

I added graphics to 2, left 1 plain & hustled them to the antique stores!

old window mirrors!

old window mirrors!



--at the new antq store in Door County

my original antq mall space REset!

. . .fingers crossed for quick sales!


And check out these items that are getting my attention next!


bed post cut offs--

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