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I just need a minute~e s,  I sort of abandoned blogging for a while last year.

I needed a FEW minutes.

My bad.


Just like on the computer– I needed to hit the REfresh button.

But that’s not to say I wasn’t working on projects.  Oh, I was.

I had a  L O T  of project ideas, and I’d be selling in 2 Fall shows.  BUT- I knew the summer would be consumed by yard and garden repair.  And I started focusing on myself & hitting the gym hard.  A N D, of course, there was FAMILY TIME.  Seemed like EVERY. thing. was a full time proposition.

I just showed you the wall cabinet that was created because of orphaned desk drawers.  I actually made a variety of wall hanging things.  -Shelves.

I still had some very plain-Jane ReStore corbels.  I bought all 6 they had and parked on them forEVER before I came up with the first project.  But each time, I found I had to cut a bit off—and I kept themYou never know

3 corbel pairs became 3 shelves.

And the cut offs became another shelf!

The 1st pair of corbels were used to create an Over Mantle Shelf.

I backed it with 3 of the many fleur-de-lis tins I bought in a flea market.

the 1st pair of corbels--

The Over Mantle Shelf sold so quick & easy at Nellie’s Barn Sale 2016,

I decided to make a 2nd shelf for the 2017 show too.

6 ReStore corbels used for 3 shelves

There’s a place I go by with regularity that tosses out some out-of-the-ordinary pallets—I now stalk them!  The 3rd shelf was made from the boards of one their pallets.  I liked the mixed woods and only sanded and clear-coated.  You can see I ripped trim pieces on the table saw for extra detail.  It too, was a quick sale!

6 ReStore corbels used for 3 shelves

I now had 6 corbel cut offs, which got me thinking. . .

how about stretching them out for a  L O N G  plate rail?

* The long boards were also pallets from that place!

a 5ft long plate rail with the cut offs

5ft long, with a routed groove to catch the standing plates.

a 5ft long plate rail

That shelf above the plate rail was made from salvaged parts of a vintage sewing machine cabinet.  I made 2 like that!

salvaged sewing machine shelves

I only had the decorative door for the one below.

I made the sides and used part of a drawer face for the top.

salvaged sewing machine shelves

I like making shelves, they’re so easy!

And speaking of corbels and pallets

I know most of you only look at and use the top pallet boards, but look again at the thick “foot” boards.  They’re usually 2″ to 3″ thick— and thick wood is expensive to buy.

I bought this amazing and adorable pair of corbels in a church flea market.  I’ve been hoarding them because, well— they’re too cute to give up!    And then I noticed they were roughly the same size as the pallet FEET,

so look what I did!

It was not easy pulling the nails, but once clear, I traced out the shape of the corbels and cut them at the band saw.  I got all of these from 1 pallet foot! 

Wouldn’t they be awesome under a plate rail/chair rail in a room?

THICK pallet "feet"

corbels in a chair rail/plate rail

And one last PALLET FOOT project–

I played with the spacing of my last 5 votive candles, then cut the pallet FOOT board to length.  I drilled the holes with a 1½” mortising bit at the drill press.  Sanded smooth, then Lyme-waxed.  I LUV IT!


I told you I was busy working!

made from the FOOT board under a pallet


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Penny-pinching.  Tight.  Cheap.


Thrifty.  Frugal.  Economical.

Sparing.  Careful.  Prudent.  Efficient.

k a y—a pinch of Parsimonious.  Yes, I’m a bit of all of the above.

Call me thrifty!

I cut a LOT of wood.  And I’m not very fast to toss the scraps into the garbage OR burn pile.  You just NEVER know when you’ll NEED some small scrap.  For a test cut, a spacer, all kinds of—things.  And then there’s always that UNexpected—Project.

Call it a WooD CraFT project!


MY version of the DIY Workshop Home Depot challenge~ CHRISTMAS TREE SHELF!

-made from SCRAPs!



All kinds of STARS for Christmas!

From all kinds of scrap wood AND some leather-clad wood!


barn-styled, farm-styled coat racks

Do you SEE why I don’t toss wood scraps so capriciously?

I picked up a CRAZY CHECK today for—
a variety of my stars, the Christmas Tree shelf, a scrap wood box, and the bottom rustic coat hanger-shelf!  Woot-woot!

From the TRASH to Paid TREASURES!


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I have an idea~


W e l l, I’ve never posted from my phone before, but my new computer is being “fixed.”

L o n g story, I don’t like Best Buy. Worst Buy would be more accurate.
I bought this dresser last fall.  Had a couple creative ideas~I thought.  Changed my mind.  But I have anOTHer idea. . .and I’m feeling better now. . .

Stay tuned!


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taking some time off....The pace was very steady AND very busy leading into the holidays.

Things did settle down in January and February, but sort of accelerated soon after that, and then took off like a runaway train.

12, even 14 hour days became the norm, and I was just trying to hang in there.  Posting projects got pushed off the loooong lists—in favor of sleep. You know?  SOMEthing had to give.

When I found a couple short, surprise lulls~ trying to edit what pictures I DID have and gather my thoughts to write something felt daunting.

And I was exhausted.  So I passed.

Part of that exhaustion came from tough, early morning workouts AND cutting carbs.  CARBS.

* I’ll have to share some of my bragging rights on the workout progress soon!

But the sheer  –physicality–  of the tree damage-repair-moving plants-clean up of this big property was -d r a i n i n g.  There were  m a n y  “zombie” days.

that which doesn't -- what?

OMGosh the changes without the tree and its shade!

The project scope grew exponentially and I wore a LOT of hats!  Landscape designer, landscaper, crew foreman, laborer, the buyer & deliveryman–and the watergirl so no one fainted on me from dehydration in the heat and humidity.


The tough, laborious work continues, but is not so all-consuming anymore. And I’m back to tell you all about it!

The landscape changes, a bench, a dresser, the antique mall(s), a kid’s cubby, the pergola porch swing, new grapevines and trellis—

and a vacation!


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I know, I knowI’ve been horribly absent.

"out of stock"

Like everyone else, I’ve had a thousand and one things going on.

Blogging, heck  -just opening my laptop-  has taken a total backseat.

One weekend after another I’ve had— a bridal shower, a big pop-up show, the outdoor wedding of my niece/Goddaughter, the twins’ huge birthday party, a graduation & party, a surprise 70th birthday party. . . and all the work and prep associated with [a few of] the events.

Plot Twist!*Add to that  -in the vain of my standard klutziness–  I took a little tumble at my niece’s outdoor wedding, spraining my left ankle and right knee.  Suffice it to say that even a low heel and undulating, soft ground don’t mix.  AND, before the night ended I also got a fat-split lip in a hugging accident with a VERY tall nephew.  (Murphy’s Law’s got nothin’ on me.)

I generally just consider it all “Catherine’s World”

but I believe this could be my new mantra  and  a sign for my studio!   Do I hear you laughing…?

I’m also weeding and working on the gardens.  Losing our huge BoxElder means a LOT of plants need to be moved, so I’m taking advantage to REarrange and REcreate some of the garden vignettes!  This will launch a couple of architectural-construction summer projects too!  ♠ the Domino effect!

I have been squeezing in some actual projects here and there, and have several post-drafts in the works to share with you so

c’mon back!


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barn board accident- yikes!Don’t want to gross anyone out, but—here’s where I’m at

To recap—crushed hand under some barn boards,

needed surgery~had surgery, lots of pain and seriously watching clock for next pain pill.

4 days in, figured out bandages were too tight~got loosened and things were markedly improved.

9 days post surgery, necessary flight out East,

1st TSA agent encountered accidentally hit finger trying to help me~ couldn’t breathe, almost cried, more pain, and now nauseous.

injury and post-op...Saw Dr upon return~ screw held, sutures held, a little bleeding, but—okay.

VERY interesting to travel. . . . .just function– ONE HANDED.

Stitches come out this Friday on schedule, then move to a soft splint and therapy soon after.

SO nice to have FRESH bandages,

AND to get to see healing, progress—

and a straight finger again!

*hope the pictures don’t gross you out.

Maybe just EXIT now!

I’ll totally understand. . .

not too late to turn back-

not too late to turn back-

post-op....and a 1st look

12 days post-op...

Look, my hand will look NORMAL again—YaY!

Sure can’t wait to get back to work!


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I’m currently a 1·armed bandit- huntin’ & a peckin’- to say HI!

I made it through my (1st) surgery

the Dr broke it, cut it open to cut out/cut away the damage, and put a screw down the tip to hold it all straight.

If you’re thinking  O W E,

then you know how I’m feeling. . . I’m in a lot of pain, but coping.  And can’t wait for this all to be just a memory and I‘m back to work~

Catherine .

*The above bouquette & proxy hug are from 2nd big brother away on business 

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