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just say NO!


I’d just jump into a project full-fledged and NOT quit till it was done.

But this time—I don’t feel like it.

I mean, I won’t stretch it into forEVER~just NO to the killer pace.  I’m breaking this project into 4 sections—4 days.  It feels reasonable and not so back-breaking.  Come on~look at all the doors, casing, and baseboard!

This is day 2.

REfreshing the LL paint color

…on to day 3.

Hey~maybe I’ll have some wine  while  I’m working!


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REfreshing the LL paint colorIt turns out the LL DID need some painting.

I didn’t think so until I pulled stuff away from the walls.  HuH…dang…oh well.
AND~where do these spider webs keep coming from??  It was just a month ago that I did a DEEP cleaning, including using the vacuum hose-brush on every. single. nook and cranny & baseboard.  Geesh.


See the difference in the lighter, whiter color?

REfreshing the LL paint color

It’s not a HUGE difference,

just fresher and brighter and less yellow-y!
And now I have to get on to the left side/dining side today.  THAT’s going to be the biggest part of the job~ugh.


REfreshing the LL paint color

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My Tray Chic project is in a REthinkin’ hold.

My caned chair is in the works, but “drying.”

So what next?

I’ve been thinking about REpainting -REfreshing- the LL.  It’s in good shape and doesn’t really need a paint job—it’s just that the color just seems “old.”

You know what I mean?

the stairwell-hall to the LL PAINT COLOR

Standing in the kitchen,

looking towards the driveway door and stairwell—

this is the paint color,

Hall and LL.

Standing in the kitchen,

looking towards the hall and living room—

you see the soft “white” suede paint color.

the hall and living room SUEDE PAINT COLOR

See what I mean about how it

looks “old” ?

I have –more than I needed– suede paint left over and am thinking it would look nice downstairs too!
Fresh and brighter.
But what a big undertaking.



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the breakfast chair makeoverWhile I’m REthinking

that tray (not so) chic  fiasco,

I turned my attention to the “matching” caned chair found for mom’s breakfast table.

I grabbed my upholstery staple puller and wire cutter-pliers and got to work on knocking down the orange velvet fabric.  Its upholstery was done so well, I really took my time to study their job!
I was kind of sad stripping the orange velvet.  Aside from being dirty, the velvet was in pristine condition, has the best patina and a really nice hand.  I’m thinking I’ll wash it and try to REuse it in another project down the line.  AND~it is and always has been my very favorite color!
Did you know ORANGE is the color of CREATIVITY ?!?

ugh~trying to get the glued on parts off

Unfortunately, someone used some glue on what I’m guessing was a velvet padded back cover.  I seriously struggled getting the residue off.

BUT~ I won the battle with a razor blade, pliers, scrub brush, a n d  patience.

While I had the scrub brush going, I knocked off the small areas of thickly built up dust and grime, and just cleaned the chair WaY better this time around.

I LUV the seat—and YES, it’s as generous as this vantage point would suggest!

what a seat!

the breakfast chair makeover

You can see I taped off and covered the muslin before I painted it.  Gotta luv the many uses of Press N’ Seal!

I sprayed it with Kilz and left it to set up over night.  Tomorrow I’ll give it a top coat with a very soft white and give it another 24hrs to dry before I REupholster that seat.


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Christmas TO DO list 2016



hard to keep a steady pace. . .

I finished the hallway project yesterday, I just have to restore the design books to their shelves.
Additionally, the living room is “mostly” painted—

let me explain.

*Yeah, I got knocked off track for a minute.

I ran off to lend some support & push (often needed) to launch a daunting project.  But, it was only 3 days, & I’m back to my own daunting check list!


     the living room.  Instead of a total room knock down, I decided to split the work into 3 sections, which actually kept things more orderly & in control. I left the “worst” for last—the floor to ceiling windows and bookcase areas, but, I probably won’t complete those until I’m ready to hit the bookcases.

REpainting one section at a time!

REpained one section at a time!

My projects took a bit of a zig-zag approach—

pre day 1- the upper hall walls were painted the night before

day 1- the living room was split into 3 sections and 2 are finished!

day 2- yes, the board & battens were cut-hung-prepped, BUT,

I started the morning with an accident.  I spilled chocolate milk ALL OVER the sofa and carpet in the freshly cleaned~painted living room.  Hello, Stanley Steemer?  I was going to have them come the week before Christmas, but, oh well.

A LOT of misc things were going on simultaneous to the above list, so there was even MORE zig-zaggin’—I don’t know how I get anything done this way! ; D

The hall~

adding board & batten to the guest hall~

Here’s the B&B installed and prepped—

adding board & batten to the guest hall~

and painted—

the hall freshened up!

I found I needed to modify the chair rail cap behind the bookcase because it stood too proud of the wall, so I cut out ONLY that portion to countersink the cabinet. Funny what difference ¾” can make.

the bookcase & the chair rail

And now I need to REload the hall bookcase with my aMAZing design books,

and check this off the list!


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Christmas TO DO list 2016

I seem to do this to myself every dang year—glutton for punishment.

26 days to Christmas and I’m taking on an ambitious project list.  What can I say, I’ve been SO busy

it’s NOW or –never-.

I added board & batten to both stairwells and always intended to run it down the guest bedroom/bath hall…
w e l l, guess what day it is!

Btw~  mom’s curio below is such a beast to clean every Christmas, but needs to be done (at least ONCE a year)!

It contains family treasures passed down from as far back as the early 1800’s. There’s also an 1860‘ish Top Hat in there that belonged to my G-G-grandmother’s brother.    Check THIS off the list now!!!

more tedious Holiday Cleaning

Anyway, getting back to the hall. . .

the BRUSHED SUEDE wallsMany years ago I faux painted a soft pallet marbleized treatment down the hall.  The intention was to conceal the handprints of numerous young grandchildren—it worked well!

The top glazing coat also made it super easy to clean any offending areas with a damp cloth.  But it really needed an update—NOW!


I had 3 fresh gallons of brushed suede made up for the living room and will use it in the upper hall too!  The “suede” gives a much softer feel than just using FLAT paint.  *It’s painted using a cross-hatch pattern, and depending on color, really looks more like a soft-worn velvet.

I don’t know~ can you see it in the photos?  It’s beautiful in person!

I’ve loved using this color over the past 15± years.  Every manufacturer seems to make some variation of “this” soft color choice, so if you want something “neutral”  -neither beige OR white-  THIS IS IT!  IMHO


I finished painting the hall last night and am heading to the living room shortly.  Then I’ll go back to install the board & batten!

Stay tuned!  ; D


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With that breakneck pace behind me & SOME much needed rest,

~though only a short time out from all things Christmas~

I am now busy-busy with my annual


before the holiday decorating begins (yay).

This DEEP CLEANING happens twice a year~ before decorating for Christmas and in later spring for the burgeoning GLORY of SUMMER!
The rest of the year is just a –perfunctory cleaning job.

a DEEP CLEANING for the Holidays

a DEEP CLEANING for the HolidaysWindows to silver are once again sparkling—

wood is gleaming, rugs are switched out,
(although the summer rugs are only rolled up, waiting for shrink wrap and storage)
the vacuum hose finds every nook & cranny and lamp shade, and there’s the purging of lots of “how did this get here?” -STUFF.

Before I start decorating this room though, I  MAY take on 1 or 2 ambitious projects…???

Maybe.  I don’t know yet. Hmmmstay tuned!


I need a REWARD!

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