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another CL cabinetQuick back story

March 7 I chased 30 miles south to pick up an old cabinet off Craigslist.  Which happened to be ¼ mile from one of 3 ReStores around this area—so I stopped in.

A bit of a rant—feel free to bypass.
*We have 3 Restores—right here,  about 30 miles North  and 30 miles South of us.  Now, I love and totally believe in the philosophy and purpose of the ReStore, and both patronize and donate…BUT.   I’ve developed a bit of an attitude.  Right or wrong, here’s why.
The best is about 30 miles North, and the one I actually feel committed to- by patronage, donations, and my own built-for-charity projects.
The one about 30 miles South is incredibly junky and grossly over-priced~IMO.  The one right here?  Dropping off a donation-load, someone just ahead of me dropped off 4 inCREDible french-styled paneled doors!  I wanted them badly and asked the A-Mngr if they could be priced and I’d buy them right now!?!  “….no, but check back in the morning.”
I was there as they opened  next morn’ and was told they had lead paint and got crushed in the dumpster.  W H A T?  I was upset.  1-I would have taken them right to the strippers to make them safe, and 2-if I donated something they didn’t want to/couldn’t sell, I’d take it elsewhere!  At least give the option—DON’T just destroy it!  Before I left the store, a volunteer I had some familiarity with very quietly told me the “dumpster” was the MNGR’s TRUCK.  W H A T??  I’ve only gone back there twice in 4 years.  Under “duress.”  I will NEVER again give that store a donation.  TOO MUCH?  Well…MOVING ON….

a ReStore piece....So I got that cabinet above for $30 and have some fun plans for it! 

At the ReStore, I did buy this poor thing with no identity.  It was priced at $75.  Seriously folks?

They were calling it “a desk,” but I knew that wasn’t true.  They also decided to reduce the ridiculous price to $37.50.

I thought it was interesting and had potential!

A few days ago -in the fog of a baaad headcold- I pulled it into my work space to figure out what it WAS and think about what it COULD BE.

Well~ it had the tell-tale signs of originally being a tall dresser. Damaged?  That somehow caused the dissection?  It was actually too low for a chair to go under it to be the desk they said it was—only 18″ leg clearance.

I could picture lowering it even more to create a (masculine) coffee table—on wheels—but how to address the back…?

It might be nice as a nightstand and add a shelf in the lower midsection…?

oooooooo-yuck!What if I just finish PROPERLY what someone else started and make it a desk for real!

I stripped its top to see what I had.  Nice– but for what looks like an ink ring.  Let’s just call that CHARM!

REinventing a ReStore piece $37By its size I thought about a younger boyby its style I thought about travel.  I dug through my collection of vintage maps and found one that covered a horizontal section of the upper Midwest-East coast that seemed meant to be!

-from my vintage road map collection

It’s aMAZing how much territory it covers!  It even caught NYC and a sliver of Vermont!  It does look meant to be, but now I’m sad to give it up.  :’ (

I painted the sides -inside & out- and the back.

I also repaired the inside sides from the old drawer construction.

decoupaging a vintage road map

decoupaging a vintage road map

-beefing up the "legs"I decoupaged the inside legs with another of my vintage Midwestern maps.

◊ I ripped and contoured ¾” boards to beef up the cut off bottom~now “legs.”  I ran them through the router to  1-round over the bottom edge and  2-add a bead detail to the top edge as it meets the desk legs.

◊ It also gives more support to the reproduction ball-styled wheels I’ve added.  All this boosted the desk leg clearance to 21¼”, good for a bench.

-beefing up the "legs"

The desk legs feel beefier, and the whole desk is more substantial now that it’s boosted higher.

It came out really nice and is at the antique mall already!


a Vintage Dresser makeover

a Vintage Dresser makeover

saving a ReStore piece!

I’m sharing this project with The Curator’s Collection!

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I’m working on several things at once, and hunting for potential projects—which has netted some interesting things!

a ReStore -desk- ??LIKE~a trip out of town to pick through the remains of a fallen barn, and a super cute small vintage suitcase on the trip back.

A -desk?- there’s evidence of another drawer or two?  From the ReStore. Maybe a dresser~don’t like the price,  YET.  I’m watching.

this just looks like fun for a pair of teenagers, right?!?A pair of hanging chairs! (a surprise for a pair of teenage nephews!~won’t this be FUN for them?!?)

A trophy-styled lamp and several lamp shades to get REvamped.

A standard 6ft bookcase for a new antique mall space, (more on that soon)

a few leads on some other potential projects,


a large armoire I chased off to Chicago for yesterday

for $1.99 + a tank of gas!

~can you believe??

Hotel Armoire GW $1.99

And looky here, looky here,


I’m already messin’ with it!  You see where I’m going~right?


Hotel Armoire GW $1.99

Cabinet is huge~a beast!  So I put my nephew to work on it.   Cabinet, 6ft  vs  tall 14 yr old nephew!

I’ve got some stuff goin’ on!

Watch out!


Hotel Armoire GW $1.99

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Got this off the curb from the neighbor.

vintage soda crate-

It’s been parked in my stashes since spring of 2012, and conveniently housing misc stuff like  -lamp parts.

I’ve been testing the waters with different “activities” and picking my battles projects based on what I CAN do~SAFELY.

An idea came to mind. . . I pulled PARTS. . . and very awkwardly created a base.  
making the base-

Because of the metal bandingwhich I loved– I couldn’t attach the legs to the outer-most corners.  It ends up as a very awkward and unconvincing attachment.

-the makings of a "table"

With a couple of days to ponder the problem, I was onto something       I hoped would solve the “deficit” problem AND add to the end project.


-wrapping the legs in JUTE!

I wound it tight, securing it frequently with hot glue.

I even ran the jute to the underside edges of the apron sides.

-wrapping the aprons in JUTE!

The jute was giving me little slivers, the hot glue was burning my thumbs.


-wrapping the aprons in JUTE!

The aprons and legs are covered separately.

the JUTE-covered base

You can see that the jute helped to plump out the base and soften the awkward attachment.  PLUS~ I like the textural combo!

making a LID-Originally, I was thinking to give it a hinged lid

but opted for a simpler lift-off lid!

◊ I pulled some salvaged boards, and tested the waters of my HAND GRIP and ripping wood on the table saw.  SAFELY.  Connected the boards,

◊ ran it through the router to create a rabbet so the lid would counter sink somewhat into the top.  Oh, and round over the top edge.

◊ Played with some painting, staining, and distressing to bring it all together,

◊ and added old metal screen door handles.

~A dollar’s worth of ReStore legs, 50¢ a screen door handle, $6 worth of jute ~the rest off the curb and from my scrap piles!

A vintage SODA CRATE made into a table/trunk!

I cleaned up the dirty outsides and insides (including a fresh painted bottom) of the crate and seal-coated the whole

Side table~trunk!

It’s at the Antique Mall for sale—
I thought it might be a fun teenager thing to keep electronic stuff tidy- ?!


A vintage SODA CRATE made into a table/trunk!

A vintage SODA CRATE made into a table/trunk!

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My Weather vane Chandelier!I haven’t visited my favorite ReStore in a loooooong time

Saturday presented my first opportunity and

look what

I found!

I LUV this, but I’m not so keen on the black.  I was thinking it would look better, fresher  -and more current-  in a soft, medium gray!

I taped off and covered/protected the metal parts with Press N Seal.

(This stuff works great for a LOT of DIY’er things—especially covering wet paint brushes overnight!)

painting the chandelier gray-

painting the chandelier gray-

I knew this would be tough to brush with all the “obstacles,” so I sprayed it, but. . .

hmmmmmm. . .

The gray just looked flat.  So I dry brushed a little darker gray~glaze mix over the top, but. . .

hmmmmmm. . .

*forgot to take a picture of the dry brushing-

Maybe I should strip it.

I also taped off and painted the shades gray to match—so I need to REthink their finish too.

painting the chandelier shades gray-

the chandelier stripped- the chandelier stripped-







stripped and now waxed-

I didn’t strip it “clean,” I left some trace paint for character.  I lightly sanded~ then waxed.

Now I love it—but it still went to the antique mall for sale.  ; D

*sorry, it was really hard to get a good photo…



the Weathervane Chandelier

the Weathervane Chandelier

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-tin tile collage found at the ReStore!I’m bored, I’m restless, I’m project-deprived.

I’m still not confident in safely working on my saws.

So I’ve been staying away from the usual sources of  “new project material”— trying not to torture myself.


I did venture into my very favorite ReStore right before Christmas, and

look what I found!

At first I just took notice and breezed by, BUT THEN, I hit the brakes and backed up.  The WHOLE doesn’t do anything for me, but as PARTS…hmmmm?!

I was determined--I’ve been spending quality time in my studio cleaning up and REorganizing— ’cause that’s about all I can do still. But I’m restless and decided to test the waters.  I fired up the compressor and metal grinder to see about taking this guy apart.  Very awkward right handed trying NOT to bump the finger—only marginally less awkward left handed but,

I was determined to do SOMETHING!

The spot welds were done VERY WELL, but patience won out!  After grinding down the leftover rough welds, I primed each square with Kilz.  But then I remembered a technique I haven’t employed in a long time.

◊ I REsprayed each tile, one at a time, heavy handedly with the Kilz.  I let the paint have just a few minutes to firm up.  *Can be done by brush too.

◊ I attached the air gun to the compressor and played around “destroying” the paint with harsh blasts of air -creating texture.

The effect can get even better when the paint is only given enough time to set up before attacking with a hand sander.  You can achieve much more of a chipped up, layers of old paint, alligator’d look—depending on the firmness and thickness of the paint!

*I’ve only ever done this technique with Latex paints.

*And remember, only while the paint is just “set up,” not cured.

(*Set Up = “dry” to the touch, but you can still smudge it.)

But alas, I  -HAD TO-  head back to the house to watch the season premier of DOWNTON ABBEY, you understand, right?   So my paint had overnight to cure~unfortunately.

Below, a picture of my air-blown, “wrecked” paint (now settled down & dry).

"wrecking" the paint-

See the pointing hand below?  If I would have sanded areas like this down while the paint was only “set up,” it would have come out more alligator‘d instead of what you see in the picture after.  But it’s nice too!

~I may STILL get more aggressive sanding areas like that on the bigger tin tiles.  What the heck!  Maybe I’ll try over-spraying, blowing, then sanding a 2nd time!  Maybe I’ll dry brush another top color, maybe I’ll just wax…??

"wrecking" the paint-

sanded down AFTER paint cured-

sanded down AFTER paint cured-

the other 2 bigger tiles-

The last two big tiles were primed with Kilz, lightly sanded, and waxed with a medium-dark wax.  I’ll be selling those and the four smaller tins.  I’m keeping two of the big ones for myself and gifting one away.

Below is one of the smaller tin tiles—they’re not totally finished.

BUT, hey

keep watching to see what else I’m planning to do to [all] of them! Hopefully! 


*All the images are raised, however, sometimes they look recessed~optical illusion at play!

one of the smaller tin tiles-

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My new display cabinet for the antique mall!I’ve had several inquiries for one of my display cabinets in the antique mall.     The first one came—as I was installing it!

I really wasn’t interested in selling it—

       I built it because I nEEded it!

                4 adjustable shelves have made it incredibly flexible.

It started with pilfering off the bottom of this thrift store chair—see that post beginning HERE.

Where it all started!

Since a BIG cabinet seems to be so interesting. . .

Ensiola finished, Catrina only just built!Do you remember this loooong ago post for 2 Girl’s Armoires?

I had just finished building Catrina in this picture!  Ensiola is on the left.

The cabinet on the left -Ensiola- is the one I’m thinking I’ll REbuild  GrownUp size!

So, I’m off to my studio to get goingtalk soon!



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how about using some old luggage handles?!While I was busy decoupaging the vintage road maps to the drawer faces, a thought hit me

(my imagination can be a mystery). . .

“wouldn’t it be fUn to use

old luggage handles for drawer pulls?”


So, the next problem was- I happened to have this ONE handle, but where to find more old suit cases for their handles?  I checked out Craig’s List and some local thrift stores, I even checked the antique mall (the only place I found anything).

Omg—these leather handles would be AWEsome, but it would’ve broken my heart to cut up the suite.  But $30 for the set is not bad—just to have them!

awesome vintage luggage--AND, there were only 6 handles to be had.  If necessary, I could just use 4 down the center of the drawers—but, ehh.

After giving some thought to my dilemma, I called a local shoe repair to ask if they had REPLACEMENT handles~no? Uhh. And then on a whim I called Ace Hardware~JACK POT!

My last task was to cut a new, simpler, pine top for the dresser, and,

My luggage handled drawer pulls!

I luv the playful outcome!

From boring 1960’s to Well Traveled!


A "well traveled" dresser!

◊ I’m looking for an old luggage tag now and it would be kinda’ fun to see    if I could pry off and add a luggage lock!  ; D

◊ btw—if I didn’t find the handles I was going to use these flea market vintage bin pulls. . .

I did consider the old bin pulls--
details of the RETRO dresser!

From boring to well traveled!


I’m sharing this project with a few of my favorite linky parties!

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