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I pinned this fun little project

a few Christmases back~

and I’m still thinking about it!

See why?

Com‘on~you’re smiling, right?

~my cutie little herd!

There’s nothing complicated here~it really doesn’t need any HOW TO’s.        I think it’s fairly obvious and I sure was having some fun!

I’m building a small‘ish herd for the Holiday Show!

Above was early on—below, I’ve been zhooshing them!  ; D


~now, I should open another bottle of wine. . .

~my "newly engaged" couple! ; D

~pappa, momma, & little guy!

little guy~

my "carolers!"

my "carolers!"

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Nellie’s Barn Sale.

The very name suggests things that would be more farm’ish, rustic, primitive.  Thinking about what to build~what to take—some coat hooks came to mind.  And I had some fun salvaged boards and vintage wire hooks. . .

me~at load in

Nellie's Barn Sale

Simple but fun!

barn-styled, farm-styled coat racks

I also previously showed a little bit of my overmantel-styled shelf~ and another I created using a vintage sewing cabinet door that I cut simple corbels for!

an overmantel and another shelf

Below are some snaps of things in the early workings of- and things I just ran out of time to work on…

…their day is still coming!

t b c~


~you just can't get it all done some days!

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what it looks like when you have THAT MANY things going on at once...…the direction of my life for the past –too many– weeks.

Things weren’t “done” just because it was the end of the show last weekend, oh no!

The sale was finished, we were exhausted, but you still have to REload to leave.  Both unsold dressers were laid flat in the van 1st, with everything remaining layered on top for efficiency.
But guess what was left inside a drawer during that REloading?  Oooops.

My purse. Phone. Reading glasses.

And there was NO WAY I was going to UNload & REload~again.  I reclaimed them Sunday morning when we tackled off loading~REloading to pull things intended for storage—then I felt “normal” again and headed for home. . . to OFF LOAD AGAIN at the antique mall and return my s-i-l’s van. -exhausting-
Monday I spent the entire day at the antique mall completely REsetting my space.  Tuesday I returned to finish a couple little things and load the extras for storage on this end~ A N D  I threw my back out.  I’ve hardly been able to move since, but, today is finally a better day so I’ll begin sharing projects!

just some of the ceiling tin--So~ 3 shows in 3 months.

Sept—The Vintage Market, Oct—Nellie’s Barn Sale, and Nov will be a holiday show (with more on that one soon enough).

All that ceiling tin went over big at the Vintage Market so I fabricated more for Nellie’s.  I’d collected some amazing pieces to work with~both simple patterns with lots of rust and beaUtiful designs with chippy paint!

I made a variety of planter box sizes, and framed tins for wall hangings.  A couple of my absolute faves sold, but one came back with me and—it may become my keeper!

Below was a 1st display~but things got moved around a lot & improved on!

a variety of the tins~ larger, mounted & framed tins

tin planters~

tin planters~


little baby tin planters~

small boxes with evergreen nosegays~

I filled small plastic containers with seeded evergreen for these baby boxes!

One woman waited SO patiently for a couple of women to finish paying for theirs—

“I’d like one too!”

UNfortunately those were my last baby TINS.

 ~Awwww~ so I’m making another just for her.  As soon as my back recovers.

Last to share on the TIN-front

is that I now know all too well why those ceiling tin items can be SO EXPENSIVE.  They are EXHAUSTING to make/fabricate.  NO. JOKE.
While I was pounding this guy below around its frame~ a bee stung me.
Right as I was shooting in  a holding staple.

Uh, huh.  I shot myself.

And had to pull it out of my thumb myself  for a double triple whammy.
I did think about charging extra for pain & suffering. . .


t b c. . .

no PAIN, no gain....?

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. . . that’s all I have left to finish up.

I have two MUSTs left on my list, then it’s all about tagging the last things—and figuring out some clothes! (I already have some jewelry)

I’ve had this idea in my head about a year now.

I had the parts (to do it 3 different ways).

Yesterday, about 4:30, I decided to pull that trigger.

I grabbed the legs, ripped a really cool barn board up and got out the Kreg pocket screw jig.  It really was THAT simple~I should have done it sooner.

An exaggerated (sofa) table.

5ft long, 9¼” deep.

I’ll share the simple details on making this –after the show.


a last minute -exaggerated- sofa table!

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Several things were in the works at one time.

All were in a stalled -or- waiting point.

What to do~what to do.

Well~the tools were still out to fabricate ceiling tin. . . and I have all these end scraps laying around. . . how about a few BABY planter boxes?!

creating a small box~

I measured the scraps, figured out how big a box could be based on the measurements, dug through for appropriate scrap wood and ripped it up.

I prefer mitered joints and usually tip the table saw blade to cut them, but these are small boxes and it would be a lot faster to cut them at the chop saw/compound miter saw.

cutting a mitered joint~

Most people don’t use (or understand?) the compound features of a chop saw.  And it’s actually super easy!

1st- move the left side fence over and out of the way~there’s a lever on the back side.

2nd- tip the blade by releasing the levered lock at the back-center right side~there’s a gauge to show you varying angles, then RElock.

THAT simple!

The reason I used THIS method is because the pieces are taller than the clearance of the nut that secures the blade~so the cut would not go all the way through and I’d have to flip it and line it up exactly to finish the cut.  Yeah~no.

cutting a mitered joint~

cutting a mitered joint~

This way was fast, easy, and all the pieces were cut in a few minutes~then it was just a matter of nailing the parts together.  It’s a cleaner look when you see the corners in a finished piece, but I also like the connecting points better~period.

making a small box~

I added a bottom and moved over to my pounding table!”

*See~I’m getting something out of it after all!  ; D

wrapping the tin around the box~

I made two with tin and used up some bead board scraps on a third.

I capped them with maple doorstop & other scraps!

3 small boxes!

I’ll add a small plastic container to each with saturated florist foam and a nosegay of evergreen from the garden for the sale this weekend!  I think they’ll make pretty holiday arrangements!

~like this~


…and now I’m heading back out to the remaining BIG projects…

small boxes with evergreen nosegays~

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~rescued from a dumpster!I found this old industrial scale and stand in a dumpster end of July.

I cleaned the scale and took it to the antique mall. The stand~I had other plans for.

Thursday, I finally went to buy the appropriate metal, then took all the parts to be fabricatedI don’t know how to weld.  It was an UNcomplicated job and done in no time at all!

On my way back ~consumed by my “visual” thoughts of what wood I might have for this project~ I happened on an ah-MAZ-ingly THICK-boarded pallet behind a business and hustled to load it up!  (*Y’know I’m gonna be totally stalking that place now!)

I could SEE this project even before I was able to dig it out of that dumpster.

Believe me~THAT’s how I was able to muster the strength to pry this heavy guy out of its entanglement.  Determination!

the stand from the scale~now added on to

a pallet made up of 1"+ thick boards

I ripped the boards to width, cut them to length, rounded over the edges on the router table.  Smoothed out the extremely rough milled wood with lots of sanding~but not so much to take away all that character.  3 coats of Polyurethane.

fitting the pallet boards~

searching for the right coat hooks. . .

Today I drilled holes in the metal at varying points to stabilize the wood “slats” and keep things from warping/wracking down the line.

AND I wrestled with coat hooks.

I don’t like anything I have left.  All my aMAZing stuff is used and gone now, and I’ve had no luck finding “new” stuff—even at last Sunday’s flea market.

I thought these  might look fantastic, but—ehhh.

I’ve got 4 days to figure it out, and get a lot of other things wrapped up—yikes!

Industrial-Barn Chic!

See this & a LOT more at Nellie’s Barn Sale Oct 7-8!


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. . . just one of those current projects. . .

More details soon, I promise!  But I’ll put pics on insatgram as I go~


*Have I become a tin-monger~?

one of my current projects~

Call this a dress rehearsal for the over-mantel shelf design I intend to build above mom’s cook-top. . . the kitchen project that has unfortunately not yet launched.  *I have more materials so I was willing to sacrifice some for this!

one of my current projects~

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