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In as much as I’m trying to work on/clean up my new spaces, well,
mom’s care comes first.
And it’s been a tough week.
With setbacks.


—The Bathroom project—

The kindly backyard neighbor-Handyman came to help me with key areas of change.  Some things I just don’t DIY—way too much room for catastrophe!

The bathroom setup worked well for mom—but not me.  AND, unfortunately,
I discovered several problems needing attention-repair-replacement.
Great excuse for change though–right?

(A wall cabinet was removed on the upper left side the day before.)

"mom's" bathroom

One change made me sad—I really liked the neutral, faux brick, textured flr tiles.  But they were looong passed good condition, and she was covering a lot of it with a decorative rug to get by.  I’d have dealt with it sooner had I realized.

Two flooring options stood out in selection.  One was “safe,” the other super fUn!  Leaning heavy on “fUn” presented two obvious downsides.  A really busy pattern opposing the diagonal Travertine shower tile—and a slick finish for a wet room.  But it’s SO pretty.  Like the popular painted concrete tiles!

“Safe” it is.  And it has a slip-resistant texture.

A practice fitting (of both tile selections) on the Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, and Herringbone showed the Horizontal to be best suited with ALL the elements.
The handyman-neighbor removed the toilet, I removed the old vanity, did big cleaning & prep work, and GOT BUSY!
AND- Gary put the toilet back in place by nightfall!  YaY!

the flooring- the flooring-

Actually, I need to back up here and add that BEFORE I laid the floor, I troweled on Venetian plaster in the toilet corner.  THAT is a project better done without many obstacles!

Then the bathroom project went —INTO THE HOLDING PEN—for much of 5 weeks.  That’s a story.  The bigger story however, is how I had to adapt to washing my hands in the shower.  And YES– water splashed everywhere!

To not lose time, I bounced back to the bedroom.  I painted the ceiling a soft white, and the upper walls Cornforth White (Farrow & Ball).  It’s a lot like a griege, and incredibly soft and neutral.
I pried off the chair rail and was going to start stripping off the toile wallpaper on the lower walls, but realized I had another problem to solve.

The upper walls were skim-coated during all the renovations years ago—but the lower walls were already covered in wallpaper.  Stripping the wallpaper would reveal two different wall textures!

So I’m going to cover the lower with $13- 4×8 sheets of plywood under-layment, add vertical strips to give it a Board & Batten look, and add back the original chair rail to finish it off.  At ¼” thickness (×2 at the battens) it will be very low profile—just “TEXTURAL” & ALSO painted in the Cornforth White.

Now THAT’s how to strip wallpaper!  ; D

starting to paint the bedroom- starting to paint the bedroom-

Although the project is moving at a  –S N A I L’ S pace– it IS moving along.

And I’m so excited to say that the bathroom sink is getting installed and reconnected –this weekend!





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*** So much time has passed, and my mom is still in a fight.
But now it’s about getting her through recovery because
A LOT of “damage” was done to kill the cancer, to which

Below exemplifies about what’s left of her and the long road ahead.

SHE WON----???


Recovery has presented OTHER challenges.

The more immediate is that mom has moved downstairs to the larger guest bedroom I occupied, and I’ve moved upstairs into the master suite.

The switch started at the New Year, and put us through varying stages of
Hoarders:  Buried Alive!  —not kidding.

I strategically moved furniture upstairs to clear the bedroom-
her furniture downstairs, to the living room, just long enough to

strip-repair-paint-REdecorate to HER tastes!

Some other construction plans are in the works to fine tune an AWEsome
New (albeit smaller) Master Suite for her.
THEN- I started flipping bathrooms.  An exHAUSTing exercise,
up & down the stairs.  About 30?  Trips each day?  —not kidding.
And there’s nothing like gutting/stripping a bathroom to discover just how good you actually clean it~ y i k e s !  The bathroom was also REdone to her tastes, complete with handicap elements for her safety.
I’ll have to share soon–it all looks SO pretty!

Now to MOI !

At last!  I’m getting to
a room for myself!

With some aMAZing architecturals & flea market finds!
AND- some prized collected antiques & vintage pieces!

Here’s a view of my first few days & initial plans!

a NEW BDRM for MOI !!!

The room is newly painted &
many changes are already in the making!

Come back!  I’m back!
With a lot to share!


You really don’t know how happy that makes me!

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