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the RED LACQUER TRAYAt some point I found each, bought, and used these trays in my decor.  Then at some point I didn’t need them anymore and offered them up for sale.  One was black~the other red lacquer.

I played with varying things to makeover the black one—but let’s face it,

everything I tried landed in the FAIL zone.  It happens.

trying to jazz up the black tray~


Above is my attempt at change to the Black tray, the Red Lacquer tray I left alone because it was really beautiful at Christmas.  Apparently, I was the only one who thought so–it didn’t sell.

So~I had another idea and ONE MORE attempt before I throw in the towel.  And THIS time I think I got it!

I painted both with a rusty-brown paint

now painted a rusty-brown...

I pulled some of my stock LATH–I love its thin, rough texture.  I sanded the long strips smooth and cut to length to fill and REface the interior.

REfacing the interior with LATH

I stained and sealed each and at last

I think they look


And I won’t even mind if they still don’t sell!  ; D


AT LAST~they look awesome!AT LAST~they look awesome!


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a curbie sewing machine cabinetYes– SO many things to do with those old sewing machine cabinets.  Here’s my latest!

This was probably from the 70’sbased on style and construction.   The machine itself was “fairly easy” to remove, BUT THEN, I stashed the cabinet until further notice. . .as it took forEVER to figure out what I wanted to do with it!

W-e-l-l  guess what?  I needed something medium-big to fill a “hole” in my antq mall space–so let’s get THIS project finished!

How about a side table with a drawer?  Nice by a chair OR a bed!

The crux of the job~

The first issues—the controls to the sewing machine left holes in the face panel, and the door that enclosed it didn’t work with my plans.  SO- I made a new face frame that would accommodate a drawer.  I also dragged through my drawer stash for the closest size/style and modified it.

modifying the SEWING TABLE

the new top and some extra detailsTHEN I went in search of the original top—WITH NO LUCK.  (You just know it’ll show up when I least expect it)  It’s generally no problem to create a new top, but my “supplies” were low and nothing was “working.”  With perseverance, I stumbled on to the top of another discarded sewing table top.  It had a great edge detail, but unfortunately was WAY too big and had to be cut down.

the new top and some extra details

the "NEW" sewing machine side table!

–I did give the new top a run through the router with a smaller, simple Roman Ogee bit.  Sadly- the top was actually particle board and painted black with a thick acrylic (NOT a top for stripping~stain), so I sanded it smooth and painted it white.

AND, if you look closely you’ll see little white edges–like it was outlined!

The new table is painted a soft watery-blue with white accents.

And you see it’s at the mall filling that hole!


*Another sewing cabinet project tomorrow!

my antq mall space!

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I’ve had this  2ft × 4ft  unusual piece of ceiling tin

for quite a while.  I’ve ALMOST used it in a number of projects, but just couldn’t cut it up–or surrender the whole piece.  I guess it just wasn’t the right project–or I was (cough-cough) hoarding.

*Now cut—I still have this left-over!

ceiling tin!

I was thinking about a “POCKET” to hang on a door with greenery or flowers.  Something  –in lieu of-different from–  the STANDARD DOOR WREATH.

a ceiling tin door pocket

  I played with several round objects of varying sizes—to make a half circle bottom for the pocket.  Then I played with height—by way of the tin AND what felt natural.  I totally over-thought this part and went back and forth on both fronts for way too long.

  I cut the half circle with the jig saw, and the back on the table saw–free hand, because of the diagonal shape.  *I honestly wouldn’t suggest this without a LOT of table saw experience~it’s easy to get a “kick-back.”

Yeah- forgot process pics.  But this should explain the 2 parts!


my cone-shaped TIN DOOR POCKETIt’s hard to see, but, there’s a slight flair making the shape get wider at the top.  Think CONE shape.  Hopefully you can see better in the following pictures!

FastSIMPLE (haha)

and I’m pretty sure to cut a handle in the top.


I think I'll cut in a handle~

a ceiling tin door pocket

a ceiling tin door pocket

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BIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStoreSeriously

not trying to beat the subject of Birdhouses to death-


Back in November of 2011, roaming around one of our local ReStores, I saw this gargantuan light fixture.  Presumably for a 2 story foyer.  $34

I saw interesting parts.

Even back then- my thoughts gravitated towards the ROOF of a birdhouse.  Two of them!

Do you see it?






Maybe this helps?

BIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStoreBIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStore


BIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStore

Obviously, I bought it–  and promptly deconstructed it!

But sadly, any kind of project got back-burner’d into my stashes.

BIRDHOUSE makings from the ReStore
my Bespoke Birdhouses!

So now I’m thinking about this potential project–again

I just think the two BIG “roofs” will make super fun  -and even biGGer-  Birdhouses!
Btw~ yesterday I ran back to the antique mall with a few props for my latest two favs!  I really love them—and if for some reason they don’t sell- I really won’t be so terribly upset about it.
So you see- my mind is stuck on spring. . .  if only Mother Nature would get on board!



my Bespoke Birdhouses!

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. . . something I’ve never built before–a birdhouse.  You?

The construction of both was actually a lot of fun, and a project I see taking on again—I have some other ideas!

Monday– I started working on the 2nd design idea I had in mind.  I got a late start, but got the key parts laid out and cut out.

I discovered my choice of dimensions and angles made for some tough construction.  Well, actually–CHALLENGING CUTS.  THAT slowed me down and challenged me to problem solve just HOW I would make some of these cuts.  I messed up one of those cuts not just once but- twice.

So maddening—I really hate wasting materials.

By end of Monday night the birdhouse was constructed.  Tuesday was really busy and I was lucky just to get it painted.

details of a birdhouse~

Thursday—something was bothering me—it was the roof line.  It had an awkward overhang.  But easily remedied by a saw!

I took my painted birdhouse over to the strippers asking if they would “wreck” my paint job!  They already think I’m nuts so this was not a very strange request.

"wrecking" the paint job


"wrecking" the paint job

"wrecking" the paint job

I gave it a light sanding and REcut the depth of the corbels I’d already made for it.  I had to do a bit of paint REtouch, but it was more a matter of rubbing it down with some Natural Oak stain to “age” the white paint and darken the exposed wood.  I seal coated everything—

But something was still. . . felt. . . missing.

my Bespoke Birdhouse

I added a very little FINIAL!

Like any good pediment would have!
Both of these birdhouses can be hung on the wall, but can become a table top piece by detaching the corbels!  Both are large-
yellow  27w × 26h  —  white  30w × 13h


my Bespoke Birdhouses

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the TREFOIL table & bench

It’s a completed project–that’s about all I can say.  I love the construction of both pieces, but that’s where my affection ends.  I guess things fell apart at staining the wood tops.  As I said last post~it’s all the same wood used in several other projects that I LUV’d!  It looked EXACTLY the same raw, yet finished COMPLETELY different.  NOT in a good way.

◊ Did it squash my inspiration?

◊ Did I just run out of steam in a tough week?

the tops to the Trefoil table and bench

the TREFOIL table & benchI don’t like painted tops—and I was about to go there,  I really hate them that much.  Things like to stick to them in humid weather.

But I left them stained and began the struggle with the color of a painted base.

White–too easy.

Popular pale gray–I’ve done several in a row already.

Green–WAY too cliché here.

Blue, barn-red, mustard—uhh, NO.

I still had out a range of pale beige & peanut butter, so I mottled them together in a sloppy finish.  The finish looks better in person, but just –EH– with the stained tops.  I wouldn’t be surprised if whoever buys them REpaints them.

At the end, I waxed both completely to a silky smooth touch.

W e l l– I guess not every project can go 100% right.  Moving on. . .


*It’s really tough getting good color pics in the antq mall with all the fluorescent lighting.

the TREFOIL table & bench

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Quatrafoil imageI’ll start with my

TREFOIL project!

I’ve always known about a


so –duh– I guess I’m working with a TREfoil!  Although~did you know that each “leaf” is called a LOBE?

Thanks people for cluing me in!

image of my TREFOIL salvage piece


My project is actually 2 parts.

A sofa (or console or hall) table & a bench!

I shared my LAZY-girl’s pattern-making and cutting it out in my last post.

Sunday was so aMAZingly beautiful that I got to open the big overhead door to my work shop– blow out the excess sawdust and let things air out!  AND, it meant I got to play with –and problem solve– my SIMPLE table design—OUTSIDE in the SUNSHINE!  YaY!

Sometimes SIMPLE is pretty complicated.  I want to nestle a bench under the table, which means no bottom shelf or stretcher connecting the legs for support/stability.  Finding the right angle for the legs to flair out became a bit of a game—5° seemed to be the magic number!

THEN– to leave the legs/sides solid and plain or cut in a design.  Leave the very bottom of each side SOLID or cut them to create FEET?  Without “feet” the table could wobble on an uneven floor.

I ALSO FOUND– that the Trefoil design was hidden under the top and I needed to lower it.  2″ seemed enough to still clear a bench.

AND– what about a bench design?  To be a MATCH or just be a fun bench?

This was Sunday night

working on the design-

Monday I loaded everything up and headed for the strippers.

They gave me their thoughts on the 5° angle of the legs and “yes” to cutting in “feet” for stability–but not too deep with soft pine!

AND they let me use the pressure washer to clean the boards for the top, and the bandsaw to cut my bench legs!  I owe them BIG!

I’ll have finished pieces to share next time!

Until then~

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!


I playfully made one from misc lamp parts laying around!

a BIRD FEEDER from misc lamp parts! a BIRD FEEDER from misc lamp parts!



Parts from a hanging lantern, a mercury glass cover from a ceiling mount light fixture, the center rod for a lamp, an escutcheon plate for a chandelier, and a very large lamp finial!

drilling holes in china!

AND- last week I drilled holes in 2 Noritake plates to make a cupcake/goodies stand!  I used my diamond-encrusted drill bit, water         and a DEEP BREATH-  at a little slower, steady speed!  I have a collection of those tiered handles!


making a cupcake stand!

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