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a curbie sewing machine cabinetYes– SO many things to do with those old sewing machine cabinets.  Here’s my latest!

This was probably from the 70’sbased on style and construction.   The machine itself was “fairly easy” to remove, BUT THEN, I stashed the cabinet until further notice. . .as it took forEVER to figure out what I wanted to do with it!

W-e-l-l  guess what?  I needed something medium-big to fill a “hole” in my antq mall space–so let’s get THIS project finished!

How about a side table with a drawer?  Nice by a chair OR a bed!

The crux of the job~

The first issues—the controls to the sewing machine left holes in the face panel, and the door that enclosed it didn’t work with my plans.  SO- I made a new face frame that would accommodate a drawer.  I also dragged through my drawer stash for the closest size/style and modified it.

modifying the SEWING TABLE

the new top and some extra detailsTHEN I went in search of the original top—WITH NO LUCK.  (You just know it’ll show up when I least expect it)  It’s generally no problem to create a new top, but my “supplies” were low and nothing was “working.”  With perseverance, I stumbled on to the top of another discarded sewing table top.  It had a great edge detail, but unfortunately was WAY too big and had to be cut down.

the new top and some extra details

the "NEW" sewing machine side table!

–I did give the new top a run through the router with a smaller, simple Roman Ogee bit.  Sadly- the top was actually particle board and painted black with a thick acrylic (NOT a top for stripping~stain), so I sanded it smooth and painted it white.

AND, if you look closely you’ll see little white edges–like it was outlined!

The new table is painted a soft watery-blue with white accents.

And you see it’s at the mall filling that hole!


*Another sewing cabinet project tomorrow!

my antq mall space!

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