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Cutting to the chase
I’m currently working on a custom bookcase.

My main project is taking care of mom,
but I squeeze in anything else I’m able.
And right now that is a custom bookcase for mom’s bedroom so she can have
the things around her that make her happy & bring her joy.


While I complete this project, but before I share with you–
I just wanted to share a few of those special things that will go on the shelves!

pictures of my grand parents

my grandpa's baby shoes!

Above are pics of my grand parents in their youth-
my grandfather in his WWI uniform.
And those little leather shoes were my grandfather’s, 1890-something!

my mom with her favorite dolly! my mom in her dance costume!

The other two pictures are of
my mother as a little girl.

One in a dance costume, and the other with her favorite doll!  It was applied to wood and cut out—back in. . .1936?
Aren’t they so sweet?

Bookshelf project next!

Finished, paint drying, about to get loaded up!


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*** So much time has passed, and my mom is still in a fight.
But now it’s about getting her through recovery because
A LOT of “damage” was done to kill the cancer, to which

Below exemplifies about what’s left of her and the long road ahead.

SHE WON----???


Recovery has presented OTHER challenges.

The more immediate is that mom has moved downstairs to the larger guest bedroom I occupied, and I’ve moved upstairs into the master suite.

The switch started at the New Year, and put us through varying stages of
Hoarders:  Buried Alive!  —not kidding.

I strategically moved furniture upstairs to clear the bedroom-
her furniture downstairs, to the living room, just long enough to

strip-repair-paint-REdecorate to HER tastes!

Some other construction plans are in the works to fine tune an AWEsome
New (albeit smaller) Master Suite for her.
THEN- I started flipping bathrooms.  An exHAUSTing exercise,
up & down the stairs.  About 30?  Trips each day?  —not kidding.
And there’s nothing like gutting/stripping a bathroom to discover just how good you actually clean it~ y i k e s !  The bathroom was also REdone to her tastes, complete with handicap elements for her safety.
I’ll have to share soon–it all looks SO pretty!

Now to MOI !

At last!  I’m getting to
a room for myself!

With some aMAZing architecturals & flea market finds!
AND- some prized collected antiques & vintage pieces!

Here’s a view of my first few days & initial plans!

a NEW BDRM for MOI !!!

The room is newly painted &
many changes are already in the making!

Come back!  I’m back!
With a lot to share!


You really don’t know how happy that makes me!

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just checkin' in!

Late June marked a year
for my mom of
sickness, diagnosis, treatments, and all the difficulties of recovery.

All those treatments beat her down to—nothing.
T h e n   you have to
work find your way back.
Which means a mix of
bad & good days.
ote that order.

“Life” as a caregiver is completely exhausting.
You truly have no idea until you’ve walked a mile in those shoes.  Uh, huh.
It seems I only get to work on projects in my dreams now, but they are A-W-E-some!  ; D
I have been collecting some things here & there for when I can “RE-launch!”
I can hardly wait for the day!


Really miss you guys too!

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So- I’m finding a “rhythm”

to my newly learned nursing skills, and,
spend so much time at the hospital –I should be put on salary.
I now know my way around that HUGE place, AND even the tv channels.

But with Knowledge comes Power
and I’m much more confident in all I’ve suddenly had to learn & do.
THAT has been calming in many ways.

And mom is doing “better”___!

And as things progress and we settle in to some sort of “schedule,”
I think I can start to fit some projects into my days—for sanity’s sake!

There’s PEACE in those projects, y’know!

Christmas decorating!

But 1st comes some Christmas decor!


W e l l- maybe the 1st project might be to REarrange
this top 20 Christmas movie list—

#4 is my favorite and a seasonal MUST!

I disagree with their order!

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Our world is shaken~

quite. literally.

I spent the summer in such a frenzied pace.
Brandon’s house reno AND my mother wasn’t feeling well,
so I was chasing her back and forth to Dr’s appointments.

The projects were progressingmom wasn’t.

And we now know why.  Cancer.  Bladder cancer.  Very serious,
life-threatening –the Dr said to drive home just how serious the situation is.
How those words just shake you to your core.

You picked the wrong broad!BLADDER CANCER

Oh, she’ll finish this fight.  While still in the hospital, all sassy with the nurses, equating the hospital gowns to insurance—you only THINK you’re covered.
She’ll win!

So- I have a new job-
taking the best care of my mother,

’cause cancer can’t have her!

This fight is on!

She’s not ready to goand we’re certainly not ready to let her.
I know you’ll understand~ postings are going to be sporadic. . .
I hope you’ll include my mother in your thoughts and prayers. 


fighting cancer-fighting cancer-

Oh yes– you  C A N  go!

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