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I pinned this fun little project

a few Christmases back~

and I’m still thinking about it!

See why?

Com‘on~you’re smiling, right?

~my cutie little herd!

There’s nothing complicated here~it really doesn’t need any HOW TO’s.        I think it’s fairly obvious and I sure was having some fun!

I’m building a small‘ish herd for the Holiday Show!

Above was early on—below, I’ve been zhooshing them!  ; D


~now, I should open another bottle of wine. . .

~my "newly engaged" couple! ; D

~pappa, momma, & little guy!

little guy~

my "carolers!"

my "carolers!"

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3 French Hens French Country MarketThe LAST thing I want to think about is


OR holiday decorating.

Let it be perpetual summer, please!
But my 3rd show (in as many months) is the

3 French Hens French Country Market

I spent last week doing essentially nothing trying to rest my back from a pulled muscle.  All that rest gave me a chance to form a projects~action plan to work on.  And with the help of a supportive back brace, I’m working -slowly- on some stuff again!

1st up~

 This site had the absolute  easiest to follow  instructions of all I researched~

5 Pointed Origami Star
Christmas Decorations

5 pointed origami star front view:

I didn’t watch the video, I literally needed the step-by-step pictures to keep up with ALL those folds.

  There are 2 halves to this project~the 1st is to create the pentagon.  I thought it would be more efficient to do ALL 24 papers together, then move on.

  I started the whole thing by printing out some vintage sheet music onto card stock paper, cut it all square, then began folding.  And folding.  And folding.

* That marking pen you see helped me press each fold into a crisp crease.

making my Christmas oragami stars

 The 2nd half creates the star!  The collage below takes you up to the star “shape.”  The final folds define it more and make it more 2-dimensional!  Let me add here that this is a WHOLE LOT EASIER with normal paper—I, of course had to make it harder with heavier paper (of course).  But I had my reasons.

making my Christmas oragami stars

making my Christmas oragami stars

making my Christmas oragami stars

Now I have 24 Stars!

And now I get to play!

 I spent some time SHAPING each of my stars to perfection!

 I “opened” each star back up just enough to paint the insides with gold leaf paint.

  Lastly, I used an artist brush to paint select front edges with glue, then covered them in crystal glitter!  When they were dry, I glittered a part of the back side too!

~glitter and gold leaf!

~glitter and gold leaf!

~glitter and gold leaf!

~glitter and gold leaf!

~glitter and gold leaf!

Some will be used to make a garland,

the rest will be left individual~

I just need to decide on those final details and finishes!


~so how many does it take to create a garland?

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Several things were in the works at one time.

All were in a stalled -or- waiting point.

What to do~what to do.

Well~the tools were still out to fabricate ceiling tin. . . and I have all these end scraps laying around. . . how about a few BABY planter boxes?!

creating a small box~

I measured the scraps, figured out how big a box could be based on the measurements, dug through for appropriate scrap wood and ripped it up.

I prefer mitered joints and usually tip the table saw blade to cut them, but these are small boxes and it would be a lot faster to cut them at the chop saw/compound miter saw.

cutting a mitered joint~

Most people don’t use (or understand?) the compound features of a chop saw.  And it’s actually super easy!

1st- move the left side fence over and out of the way~there’s a lever on the back side.

2nd- tip the blade by releasing the levered lock at the back-center right side~there’s a gauge to show you varying angles, then RElock.

THAT simple!

The reason I used THIS method is because the pieces are taller than the clearance of the nut that secures the blade~so the cut would not go all the way through and I’d have to flip it and line it up exactly to finish the cut.  Yeah~no.

cutting a mitered joint~

cutting a mitered joint~

This way was fast, easy, and all the pieces were cut in a few minutes~then it was just a matter of nailing the parts together.  It’s a cleaner look when you see the corners in a finished piece, but I also like the connecting points better~period.

making a small box~

I added a bottom and moved over to my pounding table!”

*See~I’m getting something out of it after all!  ; D

wrapping the tin around the box~

I made two with tin and used up some bead board scraps on a third.

I capped them with maple doorstop & other scraps!

3 small boxes!

I’ll add a small plastic container to each with saturated florist foam and a nosegay of evergreen from the garden for the sale this weekend!  I think they’ll make pretty holiday arrangements!

~like this~


…and now I’m heading back out to the remaining BIG projects…

small boxes with evergreen nosegays~

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a winter "look"

Yesterday I


what remained in the house.

Since the decorations went up so late~they’re coming down late too (they were up a month total).
For me, this is always a sad day—removing all the merriment.
And~ I’ll admit I’m still listening to Christmas CDs.  Don’t they just lift your spirits ?!
But every year, while I UNdecorate & put it away, I wonder—

how can something so beautiful and joyous. . .

be so·much·work?



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Christmas 2016A slow recovery has not just interrupted working on projects,

it totally messed with my

decorating for Christmas

motivation~which didn’t begin until December 16th and stayed simpler and more natural this year.  Even  s l o w e r, the kids’ tree went up Christmas eve, and was finally decorated Christmas morn’ (tsk~tsk).

I’d still like to share some of the pretty pictures before things are packed away.

How long do you wait before UNdecorating?  Especially when-  if- you start so late?

This year’s decor was kept more ‘simple.’

1st~I really love adding hydrangeas from the garden to the tree.  I dipped last summer’s crop in scarlet Rit Dye, but didn’t leave them long to keep a lighter tone.  I also picked, dried, and dyed some Sedum Autumn Joy from the garden.

2nd~I have bags full of pine cones from so many trips to the Grand Canyon when family & friends visited me in Phoenix.  I selected my fav’s and rolled them in glue, then in rolled them in crystal glitter.

I sprayed the tree with “snow,” used silk lamb’s ear, some ice-crystal’d strands and picks, and feathered Cardinals. But to add a little oompf– I included gold sugared baubles and the gold crown tree-topper.

Christmas 2016

I bought a glittery Merry Christmas banner at Hobby Lobby to swag from the drapery rod, only to discover it was misspelled!  MeRRRy ChristMSto  y o u  too.

Here are some of my Cardinals

Christmas 2016

and some views of my pine cones, hydrangeas and Sedum, the ice-crystals and lamb’s ear!


Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016Christmas 2016Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

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Washington St Holiday Market '15You know how it goes,

an exhausting pace of
all the prepping,
then the packing,
setting up & styling

for a very festive

Holiday Show!

See more ↑ beautiful pictures   on the show’s fb page!

It was a great show!

Even through a foot of snow—that then iced over.  Oy

It started in the middle of offloading Friday night.  I took the picture below Sunday morn’ as the sun rose and we were about to leave for our last looooooong day.  Not really so light out as the picture shows though… (more…)

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Thought you might like to see some of those holiday stockings

I’ve been sewing.  Yes, they’re all on the feminine side.
Probably more for decorating with than truly stuffing!
And, at the end of the day~ I liked the plainness of them and wrinkled linen.
Like this, I think they’ll be more flexible to embellish with/in other holiday decorating.  Like- stuffing them with a bit of evergreen, sage, or holly.  Or by hanging a personalized initial from the backside hanging loop.
Holiday Stockings
And these are two other styles and textures I was playing with. . .

...a couple other styles and textures-

...a couple other styles and textures-


Besides sewing, I’ve been hard at it on the fall clean upoh my aching muscles!

Raking leaves -endlessly- rounding up and covering furniture, cleaning out gardens, cutting down a LOT of plants prepping for the snow to fly.  Unfortunately SOONER than later—they’re predicting a big snow storm this weekend.  Boooooo

fall clean up-

fall clean up-

fall clean up-.


. . . and prepping for

holiday decorating. . .

I decided on this iron urn for this season’s front steps arrangement.

*only bumped finger like 21 times getting work done.







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