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Cutting to the chase
I’m currently working on a custom bookcase.

My main project is taking care of mom,
but I squeeze in anything else I’m able.
And right now that is a custom bookcase for mom’s bedroom so she can have
the things around her that make her happy & bring her joy.


While I complete this project, but before I share with you–
I just wanted to share a few of those special things that will go on the shelves!

pictures of my grand parents

my grandpa's baby shoes!

Above are pics of my grand parents in their youth-
my grandfather in his WWI uniform.
And those little leather shoes were my grandfather’s, 1890-something!

my mom with her favorite dolly! my mom in her dance costume!

The other two pictures are of
my mother as a little girl.

One in a dance costume, and the other with her favorite doll!  It was applied to wood and cut out—back in. . .1936?
Aren’t they so sweet?

Bookshelf project next!

Finished, paint drying, about to get loaded up!


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