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a curbie from looong ago!I found this cabinet

-looong ago-

on a curb.

Gutted and REbuilt it into a simple bookcase!

Offered it for sale–it didn’t.

Stashed it away until now– I have a new idea!

Let’s build on top of it!

from curbie to bookcase!

building a HUTCH from a window!

How about adding a top HUTCH

with an awesome arch-topped window frame!

I ripped some boards to 6″ wide, cut them to length for a base and sides.  I mitered the top of each side to receive and support a cleat.  I cut 5 cleats and attached with 3″ screws for the extra strength—you’ll see why soon!


I secured the base, sides, and cleats with counter-sunk screws.  I’ll conceal them with glued-in plugs and sand flat for an “invisible” connection.


I ripped 2 pieces of ¼” veneered plywood to 6″ wide for the top.  It’s just THICK enough to give a strong top, yet THIN enough to FLEX to the arched shape.

Starting with the OUTSIDE piece—I pre-glued each cleat, then bent and nailed the veneer at each cleat.  I used a belt sander to knock down the little bit of overhang to a flush/flat edge.

I laid the “hutch” face down and got out 5 clamps.  Pre-glued the cleats again and flexed the veneer into place.  I clamped the veneer at each cleat till things set up, then I nailed it all secure.

NOW the pictures to show you the process~

adding a base and sides~

adding cleats~

bending the veneer to the arch~the general outward appearance~creating the arched top~

creating the arched top~

creating the arched top~It's getting there!




I left the 2 outside clamps on over night–just in case!


Today I’ll sand, prime, and paint.  And I’ll decide on a back board—I’m considering ceiling tin!
I’ll have to take another look at the bookcase finishes too—so the 2 pieces “connect!” 


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*I was really eager to get back to Brody’s  dresser, so I worked on it much of the day.  It’s taking great shape and I’m pretty happy with the outcomeconsidering it’s a “plastic” dresser.

What a long way to spend New Year’s Eve day.

I had spray painted the dresser black, & gave it the night to totally set up.

So today, I started with figuring out some “new hardware,” the white knobs just weren’t doin’ it for me.  I found the 6 drawer pulls on a trip to the ReStore –I’m still trying out knobs for those top 2 drawers.

Next, I moved on to creating a new top from a thrift store side tablethat I bought for the legs.  *But held onto the top–just incase.

After figuring out the placement, I marked and cut off the excess on the chop saw.

–I’ll be using that part too–you’ll see!

The side table originally had a glass top, so I ripped a piece of ¼” plywood to fill the void.

Then I built a simple 3-sided box for the top hutch,

and attached it from the bottom side of the new top.

You can also see that I glued a band of oak around the original top’s edge,   just under the new top to visually tie the two together.

  • I cut a frieze board, and the remaining table top to form a valance,
  • added a large profile crown-cove molding,
  • and clamped one of my own flea market antlers to see how the form was taking shape.  Brody’s new daddy will be providing one of his own larger “trophies” for a personal touch!

I was planning on using live-edged wood for the shelves.  I thought someone had secured some for me, but the bark edges were cleaned.

Is it still considered “live-edged” if the bark is gone but the     edges are not properly milled–??

The boards were cut thick, which I LUV!  I cut them to length, sanded them, and used two stains for some variation.  I also stained parts of the rest of the hutch.

The overall finish will be a combination of stain and paint to bring the disparate pieces together.  The final picture collage shows you how I left it until tomorrow–when I should finish up!  YaY!



Happy  New Year


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