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a curbie from looong ago!I found this cabinet

-looong ago-

on a curb.

Gutted and REbuilt it into a simple bookcase!

Offered it for sale–it didn’t.

Stashed it away until now– I have a new idea!

Let’s build on top of it!

from curbie to bookcase!

building a HUTCH from a window!

How about adding a top HUTCH

with an awesome arch-topped window frame!

I ripped some boards to 6″ wide, cut them to length for a base and sides.  I mitered the top of each side to receive and support a cleat.  I cut 5 cleats and attached with 3″ screws for the extra strength—you’ll see why soon!


I secured the base, sides, and cleats with counter-sunk screws.  I’ll conceal them with glued-in plugs and sand flat for an “invisible” connection.


I ripped 2 pieces of ¼” veneered plywood to 6″ wide for the top.  It’s just THICK enough to give a strong top, yet THIN enough to FLEX to the arched shape.

Starting with the OUTSIDE piece—I pre-glued each cleat, then bent and nailed the veneer at each cleat.  I used a belt sander to knock down the little bit of overhang to a flush/flat edge.

I laid the “hutch” face down and got out 5 clamps.  Pre-glued the cleats again and flexed the veneer into place.  I clamped the veneer at each cleat till things set up, then I nailed it all secure.

NOW the pictures to show you the process~

adding a base and sides~

adding cleats~

bending the veneer to the arch~the general outward appearance~creating the arched top~

creating the arched top~

creating the arched top~It's getting there!




I left the 2 outside clamps on over night–just in case!


Today I’ll sand, prime, and paint.  And I’ll decide on a back board—I’m considering ceiling tin!
I’ll have to take another look at the bookcase finishes too—so the 2 pieces “connect!” 


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making a mirror~



I hit “publish” prematurely on yesterday’s post ~sorry.

I forgot to show you what the mirrors looked like when they were finished —my’bad!


Click on pics for closer view!

old window mirrors

~ and now ~

My newest “bench.”

If you remember–

my mother’s neighbor went into a nursing home, and his children have had to deal with his house and belongings.  How sad to bear witness to this necessity–but they let me save a few things, including this dresser!

-SO busy with many other projects, I just haven’t had the time to focus on this art deco piece.  But I DiD know I would cut it up for a new lease on life!

cutting up the dresser--

Now, cutting it up–

cutting the dresser--

and putting it back together ~in a new form.

the new form


my inspiration--

My inspiration–

Sure, its Art Deco design and the turquoise paint gave it a juvenile feel. . .

But to me, it spoke of   old Hollywood –and- sophistication!  And made me think of this favorite old pair of shoes!

Two things of note~

1- I had two last sample pots of chalk paint to play with, and the colors happened to be exactly what I had in mind!

2- I hadn’t given up on image transfers ~yet!  I tried the freezer paper method this time~better.


I only used dark wax~mostly to give more depth to the brown.

Oh!  And how do you like the “new” hardware?  More flea market finds!

paint and dark wax

I’m pretty sure this dresser actually belonged to the neighbor’s late wife ~Kathy.

I like to think the initials in the transfer image are her maiden name initials, so I added the brass letters to reinforce the idea!

Oh~ here’s my store space reset!


my reset store space

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old windows bought in Louisville!Our visit with Gail netted a pair of great old windows!

I knew they’d make some fabulous mirrors and just had to have them!  –But it was the start of our trip to Atlanta, and I prayed they wouldn’t get busted up so early on. Thankfully–they made it!

But I wanted to add a twist!  And here’s the basics of what I did~

  1. I cleaned the glass,
  2. applied old sheet music,
  3. sprayed with silvering paint,
  4. and, coated the silvering with a protective coating.

making a mirror~

They’re now hanging for sale in my store space.

The outcome is okay on one, better on the other, but, you knowPractice Makes Perfect!

I’ve got a few other pieces to try again.
I’ll try to get better pics next go ’round and be more descriptive!

But until then, if you remember this dresser. . .

Joe's dresser~

It’s now cut down for another bench!

Construction is done–I’m busy painting now to get it to the antique mall.

I’ll show you pictures of this project (hopefully) tomorrow!


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