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a little "trouble"1st, a little


I found this old game board in a thrift store for $1  -because the pieces were missing.  Awwww.

But you know me—I bought a 3ft ½” wooden dowel and cut it down to a bunch  of 1 inch pieces.  20 of them –actually.  Then I painted 5 each~

red  yellow  green  and  blue!

No more missing pieces!

a little "trouble"

Blue is currently drying!

Can’t wait to play a round with the kiddos!

a little "trouble"

I actually have another FUN project I’m just wrapping up to show you—
B U T  –I’m also launching into a big

architectural bookshelf makeover!


launching into a BIG makeoverIn terms of this project~we’ll call this Before.

But you can see by the arched piece, I’ve been kicking around ideas for a while.  Below—it’s stripped down to the carcass for me to get going. . . Catherine

launching into a BIG makeover


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