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I’m still alive—the shingles are finally at the end!                         Can I get a woot-woot, he-ey!

~And thEN I got hit with a 2nd punch.  About 3yrs ago, I -somehow- got a sebaceous cyst on my back, between my shoulder blades, right over my spine.  The doctor cut it open to drain it, easing the pain (after causing mOre 1st) and it was over.  For a while.  It slowly started to come back, and we’ve been monitoring it since.

About a week and a half ago, it suddenly got really inflamed and I was in just awful pain.  ~Like there was a competition going on between my head and my back.~  I headed back in to the doc—it was all infected and about the size of a golfball.  “Totally coincidental,”  I was told.  S-u-r-e.  I’m on anti biotics.

I was also told to check out a couple medical videos (you can find on Youtube) because, when the infection clears we’ll have to do one or the other—cut it out, or drain it again.  Whichever~it’s gonna hurt, and it’s gonna leave a scar—jOy.  Have I paid my dues now. . ?

cry-babying over~cry-babying over~cry-babying over~cry-babying over~cry-babying over

And now I’m going to bury myself in a thousand projects!                               No more talk of pain and misery.

a pair of chairs for Princess AleighaI was trying to work on my little princess Aleigha’s room.

I had let my niece pick some lighting from several options of things I have found, and this is one of her selections!     I asked what color she might like for the shade to be altered to—and she picked the same grEEn, like her chair!

I found this swing arm lamp at the ReStore for $5 a while back, the shade was $1 from a thrift store–and this was her choice to go beside her bed.

a light for Aleigha!

I popped the little glue-tacks that held the accordion-styled over-shade to its liner-shade.  Cleaned it with the vacuum hose/brush and then spray painted it.  Could it be aNy easier?!?

Then using an awl, I punched a small hole in the over-shade, and threaded the cut flower through.  I bent the wire into a little curly-cue, and added a little dob of hot glue for extra staying power.

After I applied all 7 flowers (that I found at mom’s Hobby Lobby on clearance for $4.76), I re-affixed the over-shade to the liner-shade with some hot glue.  Easy-peasy project!

re-creating Aleigha's lamp!

Here’s her lamp and shade finished!

Total cost of project $10.76

So cute, and I love the green and white combo!

After a big discussion about selecting flexible colors for her new room -that she can grow with- we are using more of that same green!  Wait till you see how~


I’m feeling better enough to get back to finishing her bookshelf-dresser now, so mOre to come—at last!

Aleigha'a bed side light!

Aleigha'a bed side light!

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