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Adding Shiplap to the back hall!

THIS is where I left you
with Shiplap closing in the stair & back door wall.

*Walls had issues-
this was an easy repair!

Since then–

the former FRONT door replaced this door for more privacy and security, and the door casing was restored.

Brandon and I hung the new handrails we created from some more of the galvanized pipes, elbows, nubs, and flanges!

And I hung the 
wire hook rack & antique mirror his mother gave him!

the Back Hall/Entry

Brandon loves the whole Industrial vibe, so the galvanized pipes are used playfully in several ways.  The shelf brackets in the kitchen, for the handrails, and also in several light fixtures throughout the house!

But be warnedthe parts are NOT cheap!  We spent a good bit of time comparing the sizes of pipe and the galvanized vs black pipe just to keep the costs down to something reasonable!
*Plus- one store wanted $8 for a flange but another charged $4 for the same thing!  So the numerous parts needed came from numerous stores.  CRAZY.

the Galvanized Pipe handrails the Galvanized Pipe handrails

the Galvanized Pipe handrails

And here’s the fun turn
we created to wrap
the end of the wall!
There’s also a 2ft rail leading up into the kitchen.

Hmmm- maybe we need to wrap
the Shiplap around the corner too!

It’s totally him!

The steps will be dealt with in the basement renovations–
and hopefully we can get that awful textured paint off to expose the cool chimney brick!


the Galvanized Pipe handrails


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cut out for the floating shelves and brackets-Hey

remember those
holes in the
back hallway walls

Well- I added some cleating to both holes and sealed them back up!

And you see I’d already started painting back there- the grays we used elsewhere weren’t doing it for us so we went Chocolate!
–Uh, huh–and then I started CRAVING something chocolate—
a Hershey’s bar, ice cream,
a milkshake–chocolate martini!  Just SOMETHING CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate is ALWAYS a good idea!

So let me back up just a bit and show you what we started with.

An open stairwell.  When the basement eventually gets finished, walls will be erected to define spaces.  From down stairs, looking at the steps- the right side will become the mechanical-storage area.  The left side is laundry AND possibly a future kitchenette COMBO.

an open stairwell--

an open stairwell--

It’s a very cool basement with LOTS of future potential!

the basement layout-
closing in the right side of the satirwell-The initial focus is just to close in that right section.

I framed in and hung plywood to close in the open space- up to the chimney.  THAT we’d like to keep exposed!  And figure out a way to clean back to the raw brick!

Two things here— you can see how the chimney is tipped, so I had to cut the stud to fit.  AND, I added shims where the wall and plywood meet–I’ll explain shortly.

We’re closing THIS wall in with more Shiplap!  We ripped more panel board to 10″ wide.  It will be the fastest, easiest, and LAZiest way to fix wall & holes!

Panel boards were ripped to
10″ × 8ft strips.

No more coved flooring! Baseboard is coming.I did start at the ceiling to lead with a full height board.
I drew lines on/down the wall at 10″ heights, measured every row and wrote each measurement ON the wall for efficiency.
THAT gave the angle for each board to be cut and fit to the sloped ceiling.

I cut out the cove in the flooring since we’ll apply base board to finish.

Adding Shiplap to the back hall!

WHAT wall issues?  Did the wall have issues?


When I got down to the bottom boards (at the floor), I used shims to ease the Shiplap boards over the 2 levels.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the plywood to line up flat WITH the existing wall–but this worked out so the Shiplap boards hung relatively flat.

There were only 3 rows longer than 8ft, so I had to figure out
where the best seam lines would go to not look terribly awkward.

I guess I forgot to mention that I PREsanded & PREpainted each board before hanging–I sure didn’t want to paint and cut in over/in that steep stairwell!

Adding Shiplap to the back hall!

THIS guy could only go SO long without some frisbee-time,
so it took longer than I planned for this “quick” job!

TRYING to work in the back hall-

But he finally tired, and I finally finished!

TRYING to work in the back hall-

Adding Shiplap to the back hall!

I closed in the door wall too,
and we added handrails-

which I’ll share next
with the other finishes!



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-time to sand down all the wall repairs- yikes!I should back up here
(from the last post)
long enough to say that,

1st- I installed the shiplap
completely around the room.

So, should he change his mind on THIS vanity, or want a pedestal, or add on to this bathroom with future renovations—he’s covered!
Or more specifically–the WALLS are completely covered behind this vanity.  And there are extra strips leftover–just in case!

AND, 2nd-
 I had to laugh at my own self for the stupidity of forgetting a bonnet to cover my head/hair when it was time to sand down all those wall repairs!

Desperate times~
desperate measures!

When you forget to bring a bonnet to cover your hair-

You can see by my arm just how caked in drywall dust everything was!  Eeewwww.

But all that is long behind me!  Hooray!

TO RECAP– we saved the large drawer bank cabinet from the kitchen, I cut it down from the 24″ kitchen depth to 19″ for the bathroom.  Plus I notched it to fit around the chimney, and added feet!

Then I needed to cut down the drawers.  Problem.  I can’t really do that until the plumbing is dealt with.  Hmmmm. . . ?

BRANDON's -vanity and drawers

So I got busy on the counter top and sink placement to get the plumber back.

We bought a large butcher block slab.  I measured, cut, notched, double checked the fit, and got busy sanding.  And sanding and sanding and sanding, till it was silky smooth!
I conditioned the wood first–then stained–then marine varnished, 3 coats—
it’s going to be subjected to water!

I thought it was funny to hear someone ask why I would “…put WOOD in a bathroom?”
Hmmm- YOU have wood floors throughout your 1st flr, including kitchen & half bath…?

buying PREcut Butcher block

Did you know the big box stores sell PREcut butcher block?

cutting the butcher block-

cutting the butcher block-

To stain or not to stain?


So we liked the stain.  It looked better with, and connected back to the floor.  And as I already stated–I conditioned the wood before staining, and then gave the counter top 3 really good coats of Marine Varnish.  It looks wonderful, truly!

the counter top!

The butcher block counter top-

So, 3 things to highlight here.
Since I added the feet to look more like a piece of furniture, I also decided to hold the cabinet off the wall for the same effect.
The vanity is still the pale gray of the wall color–but got changed to the Shiplap white to simplify.
The butcher block slab was big enough to let me create shelving for the bathroom. . .

. . . Floating Shelving!

I’ll show you that next,
and how I reconfigured those drawers!


SHELVING, to go with the counter top!

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