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misc projects in a snow storm. . .trying to do a bit of clean up in my work shop helped me REfind some small, forgotten items I’ve collected for projects.  Wellwe’re in a big snow storm and I can’t go anywhere, so. . .

. . . let’s get on it!

I really like this little view of the birdbath w/little cast birds out the kitchen window as I cleaned up end of day—and it’s STILL snowing.

The tray.

I REdiscovered this metal oval frame during clean up.  Taking a fresh look at it, I thought it would make a great tray project.  So I dug through my wood supply for something complimentary, and then through my hardware for handles.

Below are my “parts,” with the wood already cut, sanded, stained and clear coated, and both the metal frame and wood drilled out for hardware.

a picture frame tray--

all the parts ready to go-

Here it is put together.  The hardware is holding everything together very firmly, but then there are the tabs you see hanging down.  They turn under to hold a picture and backing in place and I could have cut them off, but I had another idea and kept them.

I drilled holes and nailed brass tacks through each of the tabs for extra support AND aesthetics!

the finished tray with a view of the tabs

the finished tray with a view of the tabs

And you see the transfer I added.

The 1st time it just worked–without a fight!

More snow storm projects to come,


a picture frame tray-

a picture frame tray-

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Penny-pinching.  Tight.  Cheap.


Thrifty.  Frugal.  Economical.

Sparing.  Careful.  Prudent.  Efficient.

k a y—a pinch of Parsimonious.  Yes, I’m a bit of all of the above.

Call me thrifty!

I cut a LOT of wood.  And I’m not very fast to toss the scraps into the garbage OR burn pile.  You just NEVER know when you’ll NEED some small scrap.  For a test cut, a spacer, all kinds of—things.  And then there’s always that UNexpected—Project.

Call it a WooD CraFT project!


MY version of the DIY Workshop Home Depot challenge~ CHRISTMAS TREE SHELF!

-made from SCRAPs!



All kinds of STARS for Christmas!

From all kinds of scrap wood AND some leather-clad wood!


barn-styled, farm-styled coat racks

Do you SEE why I don’t toss wood scraps so capriciously?

I picked up a CRAZY CHECK today for—
a variety of my stars, the Christmas Tree shelf, a scrap wood box, and the bottom rustic coat hanger-shelf!  Woot-woot!

From the TRASH to Paid TREASURES!


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a vintage mirror and some rustic scrap wood--

1~I’ve had this very old mirror for a long time now. It’s very heavy because of its thicker glass, and some of the silvering is flaking away ..~which I luv.

2~I also had some left-over scrap wood that was kind of rustic—hmmmm,


3~I had this idea!


Sorry, limited pictures—I got busy ripping wood and routering rabbets in some parts and dados in others…

But~here’s the long & short of it.

running some rabbets and dado's in the frame parts

At the table saw and the router table

◊ I ripped the inner frame wood to 1″ thickness, then routered a ¼” rabbet for the mirror to sink/set into.

I reset the table saw to rip the outer frame pieces to 1¾”, then ran those pieces through the router to create a ¼” dado for the back board to slip into.

◊  Again, I reset the table saw to rip ¼” veneered plywood to 4½” wide.

With all sides of the frame and back board cut, next was to make the miter cuts to all, sand everything, and put things together.

putting all the pieces together--

putting all the pieces together--

Tomorrow I’ll make a decision on what to fill the center frame with. . .


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