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face book, Buy-Sell-RummageIn no particular order,

from all I listed at the end of my last post. . .


July 09

I saw this dresser on one of the facebook shopify pages.

It was during one of those little unexpected lulls.  A quick, FUN project to play with!

Structurally, it was good, but it needed some REstyling.  BADLY.

The plan

It was pretty clean, but OMG did it STINK like an ashtray!

adding corner blocks to support new wheels

new wheels to make it more mobil

a reproduction postered front!


*If anyone knows a miracle cure for ashtray stink, please, I’m all ears!

I washed it inside and out with white vinegar and left it out in the hot sun for days—it STILL stunk.  In the end, I painted the inside drawers~only an 80% cure.

Up on saw horses, I added blocking to the bottom corners so I could add wheels. It’s a fun touch, AND helps me move it in around easier!  ; D

A N D- I found this Marvels comic reproduction poster.  I thought it would be a really fun addition to the 60’s bow-fronted dresser style.

But 1st~ let’s strip and REstain the top!

stripped and REstained top

I mixed paint to match the border of the poster—because it didn’t completely cover the dresser face.  Plus, the wood was marred in several areas and would’ve required more work than was worth the trouble  ~considering a REsale price.

the Captain America poster

And here’s the end result!

Fun & Playful!


before~FUN & Playful!



N e x t . . !


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how about using some old luggage handles?!While I was busy decoupaging the vintage road maps to the drawer faces, a thought hit me

(my imagination can be a mystery). . .

“wouldn’t it be fUn to use

old luggage handles for drawer pulls?”


So, the next problem was- I happened to have this ONE handle, but where to find more old suit cases for their handles?  I checked out Craig’s List and some local thrift stores, I even checked the antique mall (the only place I found anything).

Omg—these leather handles would be AWEsome, but it would’ve broken my heart to cut up the suite.  But $30 for the set is not bad—just to have them!

awesome vintage luggage--AND, there were only 6 handles to be had.  If necessary, I could just use 4 down the center of the drawers—but, ehh.

After giving some thought to my dilemma, I called a local shoe repair to ask if they had REPLACEMENT handles~no? Uhh. And then on a whim I called Ace Hardware~JACK POT!

My last task was to cut a new, simpler, pine top for the dresser, and,

My luggage handled drawer pulls!

I luv the playful outcome!

From boring 1960’s to Well Traveled!


A "well traveled" dresser!

◊ I’m looking for an old luggage tag now and it would be kinda’ fun to see    if I could pry off and add a luggage lock!  ; D

◊ btw—if I didn’t find the handles I was going to use these flea market vintage bin pulls. . .

I did consider the old bin pulls--
details of the RETRO dresser!

From boring to well traveled!


I’m sharing this project with a few of my favorite linky parties!

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Getting a first project finished and outta the craziness was great,

my poor studio--it's sending out an SOS!but my studio is still a tore’ up mess!

Sure, I’ve got lots of projects to tackle—if I could just get to’em!

Last year April, I saw this dresser listed on Craig’s List—for FREE!

This dresser was truly in there—the pointer is trying to show you!

a Crai'g's List freebie

The back story was that it was an original purchase in the 60’s and, although they still loved it, they were moving and down-sizing and just wanted it to go to a “loving” home.  ~Even FREE, they wanted someone else to love it!  Awwwwww.

I’m not really into the retro style, but free is FREE and I kinda’ like the soft-curved front!  So let me show it my kinda’ luv!

Beginning with a little DEconstructionof course.

I removed the back so I could take the top off, and I removed it’s “feet.”  I found the drawer guides needed to be re-secured, and a couple of drawers need some attention—but hey, it’s 50-some years old!

My CL freebie gets a new look!

how about some WHEELS?!That done, I can make a fun addition!  Wheels!

I’ve got two sets of industrial wheels that I’ve found while visiting different ReStores when  I travel!

The jumbo set might have been ultimately cooler, but this smaller set might make more sense to the general buying public!

This is a nod to my friend Karen at REDOUX, who has done this to a few cabinets now and I’ve really LUV’d each!

Now onto the face. . .


how about some WHEELS?!

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