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progress on the display cabinet!A delay on the delivery of the radio cabinet gives me more time to– uh, make changes to the paint finish.

It’s my first foray into chalk paint.  And it’s NOT GOING WELL, shall we say.

Everything you guys are always saying about “great coverage, spreads well, a little goes such a LONG WAY,”  I’m NOT FINDING.  Sure, I didn’t see a demonstration or take a class—but I’m no novice painter!  And I’ve read more of your posts about using this paint than I can count.  So, I felt pretty armed with knowledge.

Although I now have to abandon my TOTALLY CHALK PAINTED project to get this finished and swap it for the Radio cabinet in the antique store—I’m not giving up on using chalk paint.  But, clearly, I don’t understand this paint, and will pursue some “training.”

All is not “negative.”  I really love the color!

Btw–this is not all of the finished color pallet!  AND, I added the lines to the picture to help decide on

the total amount, and spacing of shelves!


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my silver cabinet!

I’ve had several things going on this week–which you’ll see in the next posts.  But I am so excited to finally show you my finished silver cabinet!

Cassie’s comment of how this “is one glamorous gun cabinet! crAcked me up! You know I usually tear stuff up and REcreate it–but not this one.  So it still does looks like a gun cabinet to me–and I whole heartedly agree with her assessment!

I love itExcept for the paint.

I’m still not happy with the “exterior” color.  I know it may LOOK like it matches the walls, but it’s actually a dark white–the walls are a pale straw color.  The whole day has been dark, dreary, and sometimes rainy–emphasis on “dark.”  So lighting was giving me trouble for pictures.

This project became a little more expensive than I originally anticipated.  $39.99 for the cabinet, and $38 for glass shelves.  Everything else used, I already had in my work studio.

Even though, I would definitely do it again!  Although, I think it would be nice with a solid, raised panel door (or two)!

No more talk—just pictures!

But at last, you can see the framed, glass shelves.
So glad I built them instead of looking at the front edge of the glass.

the new silver cabinet!

the new silver cabinet!

showing a close up of the glass shelves--

before and after---gun cabinet to silver cabinet!

Yes—I have a thing for silver.  THIS is a little-bitty sample of my collection.  I have wAy more silver than any one person probably should–it’s a sickness.  I have many–!   ; D


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This was the instigating dresser!

Something I found many years back and gave to a great niece.  When she outgrew it, I traded with her for a bigger dresser.

I forgot just how cool this one was but—I really didn’t need another dresser!  What I needed was A Bookcase!

–Parts of her were rough and needed repair, especially a back leg.  In making the repairs–I learned how it was originally made, and can now recreate parts of its design in some future projects!  hmmm, serendipity– !?

https://freddyandpetunia.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/i-had-a-dresser-but-i-needed-a-bookcase/I found this decorative “header” in Atlanta.  The story was that “they” were moving this grand sideboard-buffet in the back of a pickup on the highway–and didn’t secure it good enough.  Y e p—it fell off, got run over by a bunch of vehicles and was destroyed—except for this header piece.  And I knew I could do something with it!

https://freddyandpetunia.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/i-had-a-dresser-but-i-needed-a-bookcase/Now this piece was one good-sized window rosette bought at the ReStore.

I bought 2 each of 2 designs thinking they were interesting and “I could do something with them!”

They were too wide, but this design/this one had a natural center–so I cut it in half. A great size now, with a natural left & right side!


Here’s the carcass.

Dresser gutted, repaired, the interior re-fitted with old pine boards, and the shelf installed.  Hutch top roughed out, header attached.  Doors are next, and I’ve made a decision on the hardware!https://freddyandpetunia.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/i-had-a-dresser-but-i-needed-a-bookcase/

The back leg is now repaired,

the doors finished and installed, and the hardware chosen.

The doors are inset with 3/8″ brass chicken wire found at a ReStore for $7.50!  I was going to order it from one of my designer catalogs– same piece $89.  Visit your local ReStoresand donate too!

I still haven’t decided on the lower back panel—more tongue & groove boards like the top, a solid wallpapered panel–??–I don’t know.


Since the dresser was already painted

–and it’s such a big piece–

I decided to stick with a “white’ish” color, using Farrow & Ball’s CLUNCH,

and “age” it with an over-glaze.

Even with the top shelf missing in the hutch—can’t you just see all the storage potential?!

A real workhorse!

36″w  x  7’11″h


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