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Warning:  if you don’t share a love affair of silver you’ll just think I’m nuts here!  Run away~run away!

Laying around sick has made me about nuts.

I’d try to work on -SOMEthing- to find it just exhausted me more.  Nothing has been getting done in any kind of fast –motion, but I DID manage to accomplish a FEW things.  YaY!

One thing loooooong over due for attention was cleaning up and REorganizing my (cough-cough hoarder) collection of silver service ware.  Instead of cramming it all in varying cabinets that would leave me fearful to ever open again—I organized everything and put things away PROPERLY.  About time!

*Oh please tell me I’m not the lone hoarder!

Below:  Beginning with the forks—I decided to (temporarily) use folded heavy card-stock paper as dividers.  Basically, supporting and separating the varying patterns.  *I love the “hotel silver” idea of mixed pattern place settings!  But instead of buying the expensive store collections, I’ve collected patterns over the years found in flea markets that I love!

REorganizing the silverware drawer

REorganizing the silverware drawersREorganizing the silverware drawers

It was wonderful to have things out and enjoy their use for Christmas—I have some truly great service pieces!

The next 2 pictures are of things cleaned up but yet to be put away.

some of my nice service pieces!

some of my nice service pieces!

Yes, some may think it’s a bit much, even over the top, but I love it all and how special it makes a meal feel.  PLUS all my beautiful china, silverware, and crystal.  I used it daily in my former home in Chandler, AZ –I miss that.  After all, shouldn’t EVERY day the Lord grants be treated as a celebration?  Just saying. . .


*I removed the cabinet backs before installing them back to back creating an island.  I added the “floating shelves” before it was all closed in~now they’re kinda’ stuck in there permanently so I HAVE TO make them work.

REorganizing my nice service pieces!

REorganizing my nice service pieces!

REorganizing my nice service pieces!

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