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Really~the doctor said so!

It’s the only way to get the swelling down, and let my sprained ankles heal.

So, “doing as told” —I let down the porch swing, put my feet up, and was [surprised] by these observations!

  1. I’m not super good at sitting idle—there’s an unending project list running through my head.
  2. It’s not as much fun playing hooky with design mags/books, and the latest movie releases— when that’s all you can do!
  3. Wow!  The flowers are looking fabulous, and their oh-so-sweet-aroma  lies heavy in the air!
  4. It’s soooo nice to just lie swinging on the deck swing!  Although— if I found one of those wind-up baby swings, and could rig the wind-up part to the deck swing—!  Oh, God!  Another project!
  5. There are some amazing clouds in the sky!
  6. If you just sit quietly—you’ll be serenaded by a lot of birds, amused by our nosy little chipmunk, and discover a lot of buttlerflies!  **see the CAT in the clouds?!

Yeah— I really need to “stop and smell the flowers” more often!




the swing and a pitcher of sweet tea are waiting for you!

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