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THIS was Monday–

the room is ready to go!

THIS is Friday!

the newly REstyled bookcases!

And THIS is how the week went!

Monday- I finished the last of the prep work.
Tuesday & Wednesday- picked up my stained parts, propped the key parts together to see where adjustments would have to be made –just plan on it, ’cause it happens– and got to work.  All was coming together!


I’m still not quite satisfied with the bookshelf’s natural break line.  I may be making a change.  –We’ll see.
I started painting the interior to brighten it.  I used the satin finish from the Lower Level I had mixed to match the Living Room’s suede texture.  But without the suede texture, the satin finish read too “white.”
Thursday- So I ran off to get another paint mixed just a bit darker than the walls, and got everything finished including the shelves!
While I was out, I stopped in to have a conversation with my lighting guru and made a last minute (literally) LIGHTING decision.

painting the interior~

Early this morning I gave a light sanding to a few “rough” areas and REpainted.  While it was drying, I got crackin’ on the new TAPE lighting!

adding concealed TAPE lighting

You can see that it’s very small, low profile, and concealable!  BEST- it gives a consistent –not spotty– wash of light flooding across the shelving.  I had my lighting guy make TWO 66″ lengths to go behind each pilaster, an appropriate length to feed back towards the outlet, but connected to plug in to ONE spot.  The outlet is triggered by a wall switch I added in construction.
This lighting is  so flat~low profile, it easily slips between the slight wall~shelf gap.  I only needed to drill a small hole through the lid and the center shelf to feed the tape through, from top to bottom.  It attaches by a sticky taped backing.
The down side is that it’s still a new format~meaning EXPENSIVE.  $126 + tax.  I’ll probably add this underneath the upper kitchen cabs for counter task lighting—it’s really nice!

Look at the difference—in DAY light!

Just imagine at night!

adding Tape Lighting

the 2nd life of the Shaker bookcases
Here’s the “before” to THIS project!
I have a few things left to finish, which I’ll share later, but in the mean time~

I’ll REwork and REload all the family photos~


the NEW bookcases W/NEW lighting!


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my freebie French Provincial desk REinventionI just couldn’t decide on a paint scheme so I hit the pause button.

This REinvention came out so cute that I toyed with keeping it, but the reality is -I have no need or place to use it- so she’ll go to the antique mall for sale. But that left me in a quandary once again on the paint–it’s just always safer to stay classic and neutral when it’s for sale.

I kept the outside neutral but decided to play with the interior!  I chose my own concoction of an aged-muddied pink!

*…which I’m getting low on and need to make more!

the REinvention of my freebie French Provincial desk--

Because the removal of the desk left “scars” in the laminate side panels that could not be totally remedied/camouflaged, I painted a faux panel detail on each side to distract those flaws, then edged them with a gold-leafing pen.

*This is never going to be a high end/high price piece or I would have re-skinned the sides.

detail of the French Provincial bookcase

the new top--




I’m not a fan of painted tops, mostly because of the FEEL it leaves–Not Smooth.

When I do paint a top, I like to use a Venetian Plaster spatula to spread it out and around in thin built-up layers.  The finish is baby-bottom smooth with dimension!

Below, you can get a better view of how I applied the former drawer-section-rail to the shelf’s front edge so it would match up to the top & bottom detailed profiles.

details of the new little bookcase

 the new little French Provincial bookcase

Remember where it started?


a French Provincial desk

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