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The landscapers showed up yesterday morning to do the fall cleanup and, I was feeling so much better, that I spent the whole day outside working on various projects.  With the landscapers to begin, but by 2 o’clock, I ran off to the thrift store to see if that gun cabinet was still there.

It was, I got it, and showed you how I jumped on the project right away!  But I stayed outside till well past dark, and—IT GOT COLD!  When I finally quit and came in—I realized I had the chills.  It took long enough to finally feel better, and I’m not trying to backslide—so today, I paced myself a bit more working on the “gun” cabinet.

Before I quit last night, I got a coat of primer on the cabinet.  So today, I gave it a fine sanding before two more coats.

I also figured out the new hardware—hinges, door pull, and drawer pulls.

–Tough to figure out when you have so many choices— see what I mean?  I know-I know…it’s a sickness.  These are just some of my hardware drawers.

Subtle changes abound!

~~more tomorrow~~


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Look what

I found.



Look what I’m doing with it!

No–I haven’t gone all Annie-get-your-guns!

But just look at the very traditional design of this gun cabinet, and how, with a few simple retro-fits, it could become a great cabinet to display all my over-flow of silver!

Now do ya see it ?!?

Good, ’cause I’m already on it!

I’m feeling soooo much better!


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Uh huh—knockin’ my socks off with some (self-inflicted) aggravation____ tell you later, and sure you’ll laugh.

Yes–this is of my own making.  Figuratively and literally.

I’ve been thinking about this design -idea- for quite a while.  **Sourcing the car part was its own challenge.  I’ve fallen asleep many a night working out some of the design concepts/construction in my head.  I’ve sketched out one design to change up to another–and finally aNOTHer.

Here’s the concept AND last sketch of my crAzy idea!

Braeden’s bed wall—is being built around a 1971 Ford pick up TAILGATE!

to be made into a bed!

the design--

You can see it is essentially a sofa.  The back of it is the tailgate, the seat is the bed.  The other half of the waterbed drawer frame is the base.  And I’m still hunting for some tail lights–oy vey!

I originally wanted a really old (1930’s-40’s) truck hood because they were small(er).  Or I thought a bumper or a grill could be really fun!  ~Couldn’t find ANYthing—affordable.

The original concept was for something unusual to become the headboard of my g-nephew’s twin bed.  But when a neighbor found this tailgate for $10, and I wasn’t sure how good it was going to look cut down from 67″ to 55″ (the space it had to fit in)—this became the new design plan!  And will probably work out better as he gets older!

I think he will be able to claim the most   ORIGINAL   bedroom of any cousin, friend or classmate around!


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He’s 4.  The little guy.  The baby.  But he’s head and shoulders taller than other 4 year olds.  And the poor guy got the littlest bedroom in the house.  1st come–1st served, you know.

His room has only been somewhat changed from the nursery he first moved into, so it was absolutely TIME TO GROW UP!

Before →

Here are the changes I made to his itty-bitty– roughly   7½ x 9ft –room.

Like walk-in-closet size.

Or NY city apartment size!  ; D

I was just starting to formulate a design plan when I found this odd garage-storage piece at the ReStore during their annual Earth Day Celebration!  Everything was ½ price!

↓ $20 –I couldn’t build this piece for thatand certainly no way for the $10 I paid for it!  It totally steered this design!

1st, I hoisted the whole piece up on “legs,” and secured it all to the wall.  Then I used the spacing of the shelves to create the stripes around the room– which distract attention from the room’s size.

To bring more texture, I cut up pallet boards to back the shelves.  To bring in more color, I painted the ceiling green—my sister-in-law thought I’d lost my mind.     Aren’t ceilings supposed to be white–??  Says who–??!!

The storage piece new bed system will anchor Landen’s bed and give him storage for books, toys, games and other little boy things without taking up any more valuable floor space!

Another awesome ReStore find was a donated old waterbed frame with under-mounted drawers, $40.  My niece wasn’t exactly enthusiastic, but said she trusted me.  Half will go to each of the boys for extra storage–after some modifications, like what you see below.

Here’s Landen’s half!

And another view–tough to get a good shot without a wide angle lens, sorry.

More details tomorrow—


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