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The BiG SHinDig is on thIS 20thtime is moving wAy too fast for my long punch list.

I’ve been plugging away on said list, for what seems like an eternity.    And IT is what has taken me away from fUn blogging projects–and all of YoUBuT—

The table I had built in such a hurry for [the same] party a couple of years ago, did nOt AGE well, so it was added to the punch list.  I cannot find a picture of the table as it was to save my life, and I didn’t think about that before I began its deconstruction.

REbuilding the outdoor table--So let me describe it like this for you to imagine—

Originally, when I built the boxed frame, I laid the 2×4’s flat to give more surface to, and stabilize, or attach, the pallet boards.  I always intended to “frame” the top  -like a picture-  to give it a thicker profile and prevent any sag.  I never got to it~and it began to sag.

Additionally, I found that the pallet boards did nOt fair well to be left out in the ever-changing weather, and they cupped, bowed, and twisted somewhat.  It wasn’t pretty OR “comfortable” to use.

ThIS time, I built it in the REGular way, with the 2×4’s on their sides (like wall studs).  I tacked them in place with the nail gun, then pre-drilled, counter-sunk, and screwed everything together.  The table legs were “curbies,” and set in the corners with the same application for absolute sturdiness.

Once that was accomplished, I up-righted the table to begin sorting through the barn boards to find the best ones for the new top!  And~I ran them length-wise, like an old farm table!

The guy who’s been helping me with my lOng project list got enlisted into thIS too.  But the process freaked him out!

painting outside the lines!WE’ve all been doing this for so long, and have built up a certain confidence.  Todd is one of those “perfectionist painters.”  Slopping on paint, sanding it down, scrapping it off, haphazardly adding mOre paint  -of other colors-  and rePEATing the crazy process until you like what you see. . .well, he was totally confounded by THIS STYLE of painting.

He looked like a deer in headlights (heehee!).

I don’t think he’s a convert—but he DiD like how it looked.  ; D


the new "farm table"*We sanded the worst of the rough, chippy white paint, then re-painted with diluted white paint, slopped and swooshed in some green to look like lichen or moss had set in, and sanded-sanded-sanded!  Then sealed it!  It seats 8 very comfortably—or 10 very cozily!

**btw, this came in jUst under $20 to build!  ~Cat

painting outside the lines!

the new "farm table!"


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