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I try to go for a good walk each day—TRY, being the operative word.

I like to walk a particular direction, primarily because of the many, decidedly European-styled houses. But the undulating landscapes and river and park make a lovely bonus!

Last fall, in one area of said walk, I noticed some acorns on the ground and excitedly bent to pick them up–where I noticed EVEN MORE!  I finished my walk with stuffed pockets (think chipmunk cheeks!).  And I returned to the Scene of the Crime the next day with a bag in hand!

While I [enthusiastically] plucked every one I could reach from the walking path–and trying not to encroach terribly on the private yard I was reaching into–the homeowner came to greet me–uh ohAs I begged forgiveness, he laughingly invited me to “. . .Take them all, please!”  I obliged him with another stuffed bag full.

And I returned for more this year–as you can see!  ; D

But–I had a new idea!

So I deviated from building a bed to play a bit–c’est la vie!

Yes, acorns are beaUtiful all on their own—but I thought they could be

more colourful!

I guess I got a little carried away, huh?

It was fun and I can’t wait to work them into some holiday decorating, but for now–I feel refreshed to get back to that Tailgate Bed!


One wreath done!

**I originally forgot to say that–most of the nuts and caps had already fallen apart, so I placed the nuts upside down on a canvass and spray painted the varying colors!  Then I spent many hours with a hot glue gun, re-applying their caps!

It was like a big ole puzzle.  Do ya like puzzles–??  Cat   ; D

I shellacked a whole bunch of the nicer ones!

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