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. . . 2 of my nieces came to string marshmallow garlands to go around the candy-decorated “kiddo” tree!  A VERY sticky proposition I was glad to hand over!

*They eat the tree decorations—I have less to take down later~win win!  

The girls and I sat across the LL dining table from each other working on 2 different projects—singing joyously (me probably off key) to Christmas carols!

Hmmmm~ 2 days before Christmas, 2 nieces, 2 projects!  ; D

2 days before Christmas, 2 nieces, 2 different projects!


making a GRINCH handMY project was a little more


1st~ The night before I grabbed a latex glove and some Great Stuff, which I sprayed into the glove to fill out and create some shape!

2nd~ I poked wire down the fingers to be able to bend and shape the hand.  I tried it out in a few poses -which showed I needed to poke in some more wire.

Next~ I straightened the hand and traced around it on the long haired fur I bought.

I cut out the fur while the hot glue gun was heating up…

and at last began gluing fur to the glove.

*my own hands became a little furry in this too!

making a GRINCH hand

making a GRINCH hand

Champ-ers!And that’s the palm side glued on.

Next challenge was to connect the top side fur to the glove and close in the sides of those fingers—a most clumsy proposition.  We all laughed at how much it looked like the girls’ huge Labra-Doodle, Champ!

Once it was all connected, I realized the palm side would need a good hair cut -and the overall fingers- for additional shaping.  And THEN we could finally move on to the dye bath!  The GRINCH is green after all!

That’s me—harassing poor Champ with a Mohawk-do!

my furry GRINCH hand

We were in a major snow storm while all this was going on and I didn’t feel like running outside to the garage for more gloves, so I ended up dyeing my hands too.  L o v e l y.  In desperation, I sprayed Clorox Clean up over my hands and scrubbed.  Except for under my nails, the Rit Dye came off fairly easily!

my furry GRINCH hand

my GRINCH hand in the tree!

Unfortunately, the only way I could stabilize it in the tree was to screw it to the tree trunk.  But it’s in there!

That Grinchy Santa hat is the instigator of this whole project!

I just can’t seem to get a good photo of it in the tree, although,

in person it really looked fanTAStic and the kiddos loved it!

This was after the best candy was plucked & eaten!

It’s NOT the Grinch tree I’ve always wanted to do, so I see another to come!


my GRINCH hand in the tree!

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