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I just discovered this old picture—by that I mean from 2004.

Renovating and redecorating Landen's bedroom--Three summers ago I was busy redecorating and renovating 2 of my great nephews’ bedrooms.

One of the projects was REworking a thrift store dresser (I bought and revitalized when the BIG brother was born -in 2004) to look less baby’ish as it moved to the LITTLE brother!

I shared the Before & After project with you, but couldn’t share the BEFORE THAT portion because I didn’t know what ever became of the pictures.  Since I just found one of them, I thought it would be fun to revisit this cute project!

Do you remember this?

Take 3!

This is where it started . . . original “beauty.” $15

Take 1-- directly from the thrift store.

I liked the “framed” front profileand it was SOLID wood, well made, and heavy.  Perfect for a future rough & tumble boy- right?!

My niece wanted to decorate the baby’s room with blues & greens and lots of animals!  I can do that!

Again—this was back in 2004.

Take 2!  REvamped for Braeden.

Eventually, it passed from BIG brother to LITTLE brother

-and needed to “grow up” a bit more too.  That was the Summer of 2012.

You can read about that project in the original post HERE.  In the top picture my great nephew was about even with the doorknob, at 4.  He’s 7 now  and TALL.  I should check back—wonder if it needs another update!?  ; D


3 stages--


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Eight years ago while visiting–and my niece was having her 1st little boy–I found an interesting dresser in one of their local thrift stores.  Really solid, well made, $15.  I bought it and painted it with blues and greens, the colors “LuLuChelseaBelle” wanted to use in the babie’s room. (I love to mess with my niece!)  The dresser eventually passed on to son #2.

But Braeden is 8–today!  Landen is now 4.  And the cute “baby” dresser needs to grow up too.

So I partially stripped it, and changed it to something “Americana.”        And finally got to use those spigot handles I found at the ReStore in May!

Something odd occurred to me while I was painting the red parts—I don’t paint with red.  “Have I –EVer?– painted anything RED?”

So I started searching my memory for any project in red.  Nada.  I’ve skirted all around the perimeter of it with pink-poppies and magentas–but no red.  Hmmmm.

I just don’t have a passion for the color.  And I guess I’ve just sort of “eliminated” that particular color from my repertoire.

Is there a color that you “gloss over”–??

Btw–I’m hoping this revision will hold till he’s—10??


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