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REfabbing a plain box!

A decorative BOX

~to keep the clutter in check
~but at hand!

Who doesn’t like that?

A friend gave me this basic, utilitarian, sort of primitive, wooden box to play with.  Hmmmmmm

Very simple construction so, very easy to duplicate.  Luv THAT!

  Soooo. . .

We could add mill-work OR hardware for an immediate change…??

I’ve been collecting corner feet from the flea markets for a loooong time now… hmmmmmmm…yeah!

Aleigha and I played -literally- with lots of hardware options—to which she actually complained there were TOO many!  NEVER, silly girl!

Then we sanded, puttied, and sanded again.  Talked about color-schemes and decoupage and fabric coverings.

Maybe some French Script?

Stand by for this finish

Catherine & Aleigha!

REfabbing a plain box!


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Flea markets–you just never know what you might stumble on to…!!

I found the deer head and cross rifle from an old cuc koo clock—and I just knew I could do something with it!

What to do , what to do…..

I started pulling “parts,” laying them on my work table.  Looking at textures, wood grains, shapes and profiles.  I was still thinking about that elusive boy’s armoire I wanted to build.  Hmmmm. . . .

I’d been sitting on one last board of sUper grainy old pine.  I could use some old, louvered, window shutters for doors.  I still had some salvaged door casing from an old house my cousin and I “toured.”  (The owners donated the house to the local fire dept for a practice burn, but said we could take anything we wanted before the burn day….wow!)

Seems like I have enough things to formulate a plan….!

Sorry—I have no mid-project pictures to share…..

This is my cabinet.  And I like it. . . but. . .

Something’s just~~off.  It needs something~~? It just looks–pLAIN.  Kind of stripped down.  So I got out the black paint.  I was about ready to paint the whole thing black~~but I really hated the idea of covering up all that inCREDible grain.

With nothing to lose, I grabbed a small brush and started to “dirty it up!”  When the brush wasn’t getting me what I wanted, I used my fingers.  That was sooooo much fun, and I was liking the outcome!  It looked sort of “burnt.”  And THAT was working for me!

I found some “birch bark” wallpaper for the backboard, and some really simple cast iron hooks for each side of the interior.  The handles were found at a ReStore digging through bins of filthy. old. hardware.

I liked the idea of re-using the old shutters.  It’s a moving part~~and boys like to open and close things!  Right?

A little side note on the deer head.

The antlers were missing when I bought it, which to me, made it look more like a baby (doe?).  But that meant I needed to fill the holes.  Nothing would stick to the resin of the head.  Then I couldn’t get a color match so the holes would blend away.

So I had to re-paint the whole head.  Like six hundred-thousand times to get the brown right.  And then one of my big brothers insisted it looked like a cow head.  Now I keep looking at it scrutinizing–Deer head. Cow head. Deer head. Cow head.

I want to beat up my big brother.  We’re still growing up… :  /

      I like to give proper names to my little creations.  And, since it made me think of the carpenter who worked with me on the renovations and addition of my mother’s home–it’s named for him!  (he liked to aggravate me too–boys)

John Thomas


21″w  x  49″h  x  13″d

You can find this in my Etsy store!


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