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an old-fashioned mail organizerThe Shelf~

The very first ever Elkhorn Flea Market I got to go to

this very petit mail organizer came home with me!

It was cheap -as I remember- but I knew it would be a fun project at some point— and its time has come!

*Click on  –FLEA MARKETS-  under CATEGORIES  from the right column to see pictures from my many trips to market!

An idea came to me about building a SHELF around it!

building another shelf around a vintage mail organizer!I rummaged through my stashes of wood and propped a general configuration together.  I played with some corbels but decided to INTEGRATE the corbel design directly INTO the sides!  Which meant it’d be better to use some 5/4″ boards to look more substantial and echo the misc drawer.

AND- you see I contoured the wood to match the organizer form.  A band saw made cutting out the final shape in this thick wood a lot easier.

My mini-me niece, my Summer Intern, my  “SI”  helped in this creation.  She has some very strong ideas and opinions on design.  Uh, oh!  She’s definitely ME.

We’re just now starting to paint the current projects—but this one we’re painting in pieces and then we’ll put together (to make life easier).

This is our final design.

*Unless we don’t like it put together!  ; D

I’ll have finished pics to show soon!


Oh!  Next is the decorative box!

building another shelf around a vintage mail organizer!


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This story begins in 1941 when my mom’s family farm house burned down.

mom's old vanityNeeding furniture, Grandma bought this dresser/vanity 2nd hand for mom (then 7 or 8) from a neighbor for $5.

Now bear in mind that my mom loves antiques and vintage furniture~ but she has nEVer liked this piece.

HATES itto be more clear.  Couldn’t believe I would want it as we emptied Grandma’s house for sale (to a cousin).  *She thinks it’s haunting her and she can’t shake it loose.

I was going to put it in HER room at my house in Chandler until hearing her mANy complaints.  It went in the 3rd bedroom instead.  This was all in 2002.

The picture above was at the time of packing to leave Arizona—I can’t seem to find any pictures from before I painted it gold.  The caned bench is not original, it was another something Grandma found back in ’41.

In emptying  my  storage  unit  just recently,

I was thinking it would become another piece I’d let go of.

mom's old vanity--It was off-loaded from the truck and jammed in the garage with SO MANY other projects.  My plate was full and I couldn’t give it my absoLUTE focus, so I worked on it a little here~a little there.  As the project began to take shape, I noticed mom actually starting to give it some POSITIVE attention.  Huh-??

Mom's old vanity---finished!Little by little,

plugging away with each chance I found,

it is at last finished, and


So do I.  And that made it harder to let it go.

We shifted some furniture around upstairs and installed it in the alcove.  It’s a keeper!

I used the same Wickham Gray and Alabaster White from My Great Aunties’ Dresser.

I let a little of the gold pop through and changed the hardware.

And oh, dear Lord~ did we have some fun getting it up the stairs.  Oy.

Here it is in the alcove….

mom's old vanity---re-finished!I’m not going to use the caned bench with it, but rather the chair I found at the Elkhorn flea market last season and recovered the seat to go with the new shelving-bench (in February).

details of mom's old vanity refinished

The old vanity refinished!

The old vanity refinished!

Yes, yes, I stiLL have work to do upstairs….

the weather finally got nice~

I was beckoned outside!  ; D


I’m sharing this project with a few favorite linky parties!

Furniture Feature FridaysPhotobucket

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While we continue working through our ~enORmous~ project,

Elkhorn -last show 2013(of inventorying my late Uncle’s Wizard of Oz collection)

I thought I’d go back a little to share some of the great treasures I saw at the last Elkhorn flea market for this season!

1st~It seemed to be a little later in the month than usual.  It was still “dark” as the market opened, AnD, it was foggy -WeiRD.  But once the sun was fully up and the fog burned off. . .WhaT a beaUtiful day!

I showed you my fun purchases, but here are some more things that had my attention!

Well–you know I loves me some furniture!  Uuuh–how I wish I could have bought that Victorian sofa!

as always—click on the pics to see them biGGer!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Elkhorn -last show 2013

Do you recognize what these super CooL “mirrors” uSeD to be-?


ps–I hope to get back to my own “work” really soon~fingers crossed!

Elkhorn -last show 2013

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Elkhorn flea market!It’s the last show of the season for the Elkhorn Flea Market.

And you know the drill. . .

Up at 3:15.

Out the door by 4am.

There by 6:30.

Broke in 45 mins, or less.

I don’t shOP  –I BUY-!

But thIS time~I need to head back right away to hit all the FAST rides with my little great-niece!  You see, it’s also the last day of the season at her local amusement park–and everyone’s afraid of the gOOd rides, but her FAVorite (no fear) Great Auntie!  ; D

So~YES!  There IS something better than a gOOd flea market–

Roller Coasters!

It’s gonna be a gOOd dAy!


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My fAV flea market vendors at Elkhorn invited me to travel down on Saturday for the Early Entrance shopping–!  They said to “come down, meet up [with them] by noon, and jump in [their] truck to go in for free!”

The Early Entrance fee is $25.  The regular fee is $5.  Some might say I’m cheap~but thAT’s giving up $20 of shopping money.  Yea–I can’t dO that.  EsPECially because—


And I hAVe been tightening my budget more and more, show by show.  You can blow through a lOt of money there!  And this last show was inCREDible for the things I’m interested in!

Unfortunately, Elkhorn was in storms Saturday, so I was told most vendors wouldn’t come for early set up and therefore, early shopping. :’ (

Elkhorn flea marketSo I got up sUper early Sunday morning to travel the 140 miles.

Omg—I made 3 fABulous new contacts to feed my passion of architectural elements to build with!

*That’s like, better than Christmas morning!

Entering the market, I spied this head.  A mold actually.  Hmmm–gives me some ideas. . .

Below is the 1st of those 3 contacts–Dave! 

He salvages old MANsions!  Sign me up for some of thAT!!!

Elkhorn flea mrkt

I bought this pair of colonettes from him, which I’ll integrate into a tall bookcase for sale!

Elkhorn flea marketI also stumbled onto a pair of old plaster architectural niches.  I couldn’t resist them, and got the pair for $25.

I have to tell on myself here.  I forgot to go back to the vendor to pick them up before leaving the market.  Yes~I LEFT!  I stopped for lunch.  I got on the road to head home.  About four miles down the highway– “Oh NO!”  I couldn’t leave them behind!  And forfeit my prize AnD $25–??   –As If-    Can I tell you—going back in was very Déjà vu!  ; D

Elkhorn flea market

Here’s a variety of things that caught my attention!

Elkhorn flea marketElkhorn flea market

I love old concrete (grave-side) urns like above, cheap at $15–but I noticed these repos ALL OVER the market-?

And I loved the simplicity of just adding a table top to the old sewing machine base below!  I’ve seen many re-uses of the old bases, but they tend to look too contrived.

Elkhorn flea market  Elkhorn flea marketIt would be so fUn to have one of these old tandem bikes!

Elkhorn flea marketI don’t know what should have warranted the $150 price tag for this sign, but, it would make a good warning sign for the current condition of my Page 10 Studio. . .aGain. . ??  It’s what seems to happen EVery time I work on projects out of my studio. . ??

Elkhorn flea marketJeanine's new sign!

Speaking of signs—Jeanine from ChiPPY SHaBBy made a cOOl new sign for her blog and business!

~I love how the letters are raised off the old door panel at different heights!


And I have to share these items from another of the new contacts I made for architecturals!

Among Becky’s incredible items were these 2 awesome finds~

Picker's Playground, Inc.Picker's Playground, Inc.How I LUV flea markets!

*I didn’t want to inundate you with all the USUAL, inCREDible treasures this market holds. . . just click on “flea markets” under categories and you’ll see!


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Remember the


I got & showed you from the last Elkhorn flea market of the season?

It has a deep beveled mirror and a great frame!  BUT–it’s not in pristine condition, awww.  —I would usually call that character, but in this case—hmmm?

This  is why.

The missing silvering near the bottom has created a LARGE HOLE.  Ordinarily, not tragic, but someone filled the hole with glittery gold nail polish—Seriously!  How cREAtive—Not!

This is probably  one of  the craziest  –fixes  I’ve EVER seen.

On the plus side, it popped off fairly easy!

But dang it, it took a little more silver with it too.

a natural gel stripper-After removing the mirror from the frame (which needed a little repair too),  I used a natural gel stripper to remove the silver’s painted-protection.

It took a while to cut through the painted back–you have to be patient, and it often takes a couple of times with a gel stripper to get it off (a regular stripper is too aggressive and will eat through the silver).

The picture below shows the results from the 1st try.  *And how cool to uncover the manufacturer’s job# !

Once the backing was all cleaned off, I washed and dried the back of the mirror, then finally began REspraying the the problem areas with Krylon’s LOOKING GLASS.

~Sorry—got pretty busy at this point and forgot all about taking any pictures.

In the past, I’ve played with varying aging techniques.  But this mirror already had NATURAL AGE, so I just wanted good coverage.  Here’s the outcome for my aging mirror!  And–you can see some of the change to the frame here too.

I only laid the mirror on top of the frame, just to see how it was looking!

I just need to paint a protective layer over the newly [RE] silvered mirror, but, getting back to the frame

Sometimes all you need to do is “dirty” something up!  I used a gel stain for this job—my favorites are Early American and Golden Pecan.  I brushed and smudged it on and around in 1 and 2ft sections, then wiped it off.

I also used some liquid gold leafing to dress up the fillet of the frame, I’m guessing that was probably its original accenting finish- the whole frame, in fact. But it’s hard to say from how DULL the gold was as I bought it.

~After all the repairs and finishes~

Someone who really loves old mirrors will understand and appreciate the “worn” condition!  I would love to keep it, but, “You can’t keep EVerything!”

–click on the picture to see the finishes closer up, it came out really fAb!–


I’m sharing my mirror with these gREAt linky parties!






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My Uncommon Slice of SuburbiaTo order Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & Wax, click on link.









Beyond The Picket Fence

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Well–the inevitable (hate it) COLD is upon us, so the green house has been put up again for the season.  Did I mention I hate cold.

  You can see the beginnings of re-installing it–  ¦’ (

Btw— I GOT that Satanic Red Squirrel but the very next day, I discovered   he had an EVIL TWIN.  I GOT HIM TOO.  Unfortunately, part of the garage ceiling collapsed under the weight of all the walnuts he stashed up there–so now I have repairs to make.

Back to the Flea Market!

Before I show you MY fine finds, I wanted to share this one with you again.  But I wanted you to see it from another perspective.

The crazy way I so often SEE things myself.

We’ve seen all styles of beds transformed into benches,

I just really liked this example!

Look closely & you’ll see they used an upside down FOOT BOARD!

Sometimes you have to turn things on their head to create beauty!

Anyway—here’s what I found  at that last show of the season!

First thing I saw was a trio of music stands.  THIS is the style I used as a young flautist!  I had to have one of them!  $10

Then I hurried into the field to see what a few of my FAVorite dealers brought!    I LUV the details of this church pew end.  I’m thinking it’s going to become part of a hall tree.  $35

**I guess some churches used to sell seats–??  You could ACTUALLY tell someone they were sitting in your seat!  ; D

Circling the field, I spied this treasure before it was even put out.  I’m pretty sure it held logs beside the fire place—I think it would be fantastic holding some soft throws during winter!  $50

A tapestry-fragment, $12

Classic old keys and a vintage lamp finial, $14

Vintage car side mirrors, $5

A vintage dumbell, $10

Finally heading to the other side of the market, I found this deep-beveled vintage mirror.  The frame is nice, but it was all about the mirror for me, even with its STRANGE repair.  Someone filled the hole with gold, glittery nail polish–huh–??  $10

Finally, I made my way over to find Jeanine– ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!  all picked over–boo.  But I got this large cabinet finial, $14 

With only $4 left in my pocket, I saw this glass pear on one of John’s tables.  How much do you have left, Catherine?”  ;  )

I saw several MORE things that ALMOST made me go to the ATM.  Almost!  It can be tough to stick to a budget there!


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