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Someone owed me money for design work–

and [gave me] this chandelier as payment when they couldn’t pay up.  SwellDo you think I can pay the electric bill with it too?

It’s been hanging in the rafters for a long time now and HAS TO GO.  I can’t move on as long as it exists.

So I took it downtook it apart–and started with -blowing off all the dust & cleaning it up- and altering the faded black metal.  

a chandelier as payment--oh joy.

a chandelier as payment--oh joy.

a chandelier as payment--oh joy.

a whole new look for this chandelier!

Taking the fixture apart as far as was reasonable, I protected the rest of it in Press n’ Seal.  Absolutely a staple in my “tool box!”

I used a spray primer, and then two different whites.  I painted in sections with the crisp white, then immediately misted over it with an ivory so the color had more dimension.

It took several light coats to cover so I gave it a few days to thoroughly dry before trying to put it all back together.  I took pics as I took it apart to help me remember how!

Although it looked much lighter and fresher, it still needed something and-I had an idea! And more springs!

Hanging crystals would be totally–Wrong.
Glass globes–No.
Pseudo Globes–perhaps ?!?

I thought it could be playful–but STILL needed something.

playful--but still needing "something"

That’s when I thought about a garden style.  So I did what some would call UNthinkable—I sprayed glue in specific areas and applied sphagnum moss.
To one side.  Like you see on a tree in nature.

And I sprayed the spring coils and rolled them through the moss on a table!

my Garden-styled chandelier!

a stylized garden chandelier!

I’m still trying to figure out how to stabilize the coils better, they’re a bit tippy.


I think it would be fun in a bathroom, or a sun room.

Even a very stylized guest room!



Maybe I’ll get SOME of my money back this way, right?

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Dear Lord

I can’t seem to get back in gear.


be ridiculous!


An over sized chicken wire picture frame to display cards!

I have just a few more holiday things to share—while try to find my motivation.

Mom had wAy more Christmas cards this year than the pretty zinc card wreath I got her would hold -so- Christmas eve morn’, I grabbed some picture frame molding (a cousin gave me lots of!) to create a large frame of chicken wire to display them.  *And sprayed it w/gold foil paint.

17″w x 6ft h  —  problem solved!

But me and the chicken wire—my hands looked like I was in a cat fight…and I lost!

Mom busily arranged her cards–we happened to find an old (from ’94) card that came addressed to mom’s late, zany cat Marvin! Stamps were only 29 cents?  -wOw!

Marvin's Christmas card--!



btw–this was the theme of family pics 2014!  Thought you might get a kick out of a few of them. . .

2014 Christmas theme for family pics!Christmas decor--2014

Christmas is the one time of year I find a passion for RED & Glitter!Christmas decor--2014

Christmas decor--2014

the granite urn at the entrance to my work studio--

above ◊  This granite urn sits at the entrance to my work studio (aka–the garage).  I love the red ruckus but it’s worse than rose thorns!

below ◊  This year’s Christmas tree was set in an enormous garden urn!  I had planned to use a tempered glass round with a big “donut” hole in it to become a “table tree” (hee hee!), but the urn was too tall and it all looked odd so the idea got scrapped.  booooo

I just couldn’t get this year’s tree trimmings “right,” but I do like the urn and big, sheer bow!  And the fresh tree smells sO good. . .


*Now~  if I could just find my work-groove again. . .

Christmas decor--2014

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