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I found some time to steal Saturday.

Besides some  –clean up and putting things away

does that job EVER end?

I dug through my stashes for some EASY TO WORK ON things that could go to Nellie’s!  I REfound a pair of those small handkerchief drawers that used to be attached to the top of an antique dresser I deconstructed for “parts.”  Oh BOY!

They’ve been sitting on a shelf about 2 years now—I truly had no ideas for them until Saturday.  Sometimes inspiration comes  S L O W L Y.  I just thought “What if I just stack them?”  Totally simple, but it works.

handkerchief drawers~UNfortunately- I only have “after” pictures to share—sorry, but here’s the long & short of what I did!

After simply stacking them together and deciding “VOILÀ!” I gave them a good look for which should be on top.  The one selected for the bottom then got its top pried off to also get moved to the BOTTOM… because

Each drawer box was configured & constructed to support & guide its little drawer -complete with stops- which means you can’t

just turn it UPSIDE DOWN.

So, again, I pried off the top and REapplied it to the new “bottom.”

Both pieces were pretty disgustingly dirty so I took them in the house and hosed EVERY INCH of them in Clorox Clean Up, then rinsed.  INSIDE too!

I affixed them together, found a matching handle to add to the top, and cut a back to enclose everything.

I taped off the glass hardware and seal-coated the whole piece to arrest the incredible craqueleur from chipping any further and it’s DONE!

The other project next!


handkerchief drawers~NOW A 2 DRAWER CADDY!

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