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a Bird Song Dresser

Oh how this Craigslist dresser gave me such…

heart burn.

Don’t remember?
Read about THAT nightmare HERE.

And then it never sold.

It had  g o o d  exposure—?
But no one pulled the trigger.  :’ (

It got bounced from the antique mall to make room for other things, but I worried it would be abused in my over-flowing workshop (garage), so in the last few days before Christmas I put it into use in the LL. It gave me last minute storage of misc. ribbons and sewing supplies. . .

AND~became a coffee station during our Christmas lunch!

the Christmas Day coffee station!

To -even temporarily- put this here, I had to remove a tilt top table and booster chair.  This dresser will still go for sale, but I’m really sold on the extra storage!    I see a future project!

hmmmmm~I think it needs something...Having opportunity to really LOOK at this project—I think it NEEDS something.  And I have an idea!

I turned to thegoogler (as Wendy Williams always calls it cracking me up) and searched for phrases and bible verses with birds in it.  I found some cool stuff that I’ll probably use in the future!

I played with some graphics on the computer.  Hmmmmm. . . I don’t know.  How ’bout translating it to french?

I block printed my text.  I played with placement on the dresser front.  Slept on it—REarranged it some more. . .

then used tracing paper to transfer the image.  Pulled out a silver leaf pen and “wrote” over the top.

amending the Bird Dresser

handwriting with a silver leaf pen


An amended project.

I like it!

Please let someone else like it too.  (fingers crossed)
I might lightly sand the lettering…I don’t know…


“Comme deux oiseaux dans le ciel ouvert, des âmes incassables, toi et moi.”
“Like two birds in the open sky, unbreakable souls, you and I.”

A new~ Bird Song!

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I got super lucky to see this ad on Craigslist

& get there 1st!

I’m usually like 5 minutes too late.

Craigslist ceiling tin!

Now~several sheets were pretty ROUGH but I happily took them anyway—I just knew they could be salvaged!  AND~those were the sheets I started with!

I took a rubber mallet and pounded the sheet “flat.”  Then cut off the GOOD row of 4 squares.  I did NOT toss out the cut off~it’ll be used in another project~wait & see!  ; D

pretty rough~but still worthwhile!

THIS is my newest tool!  An angle grinder!  I’ve wanted one for a while, but I’m pragmatic and only buy as I actually have need.  It cut through that tin like a hot knife through butter!  And I came away INJURY-FREE!

Worth its weight in gold for THAT alone, right?

My newest tool--the angle grinder!

Pretty rough~but still worthwhile! And DON'T through away the scraps!

building the box~Next job was to rip wood and build a box.  Noticing they tend to be very heavy, I thought it prudent to only create a solid bottom ~and framed sides.

That done, I headed back to my cut tin to try wrapping and securing around the frame.  A little trial & err here.

I found it actually harder and really awkward to bend around the frame, so I REgrouped and tried bending and pounding the tin around the edge of the table, THEN went back to wrap the box.  Bingo!

the 1st part of my Ceiling Tin Boxes!

So here’s a tin box.  Whoopie-doo.

Looks like every other tin box I’ve seen flea marketing ordinary.

I like to be different!  And I like things with at least a LITTLE BIT of refinement! So I added a cap.  It also cleaned up the top edge which was bothering me.  I used Maple bull nose molding scraps I had from casing the doors and windows in the house.  AND I stained it—better!

adding a cap~

It still felt like it needed something -I consulted with my bf who agreed- so I dug through my stashes of small feet—and THAT made all the difference!

-adding feet!

MY version of a chippy-rusty-crusty tin box!



is MY version of

chippy, rusty, crusty!

The refined kind!
You can see the progress of a 2nd, and I’ll begin working on a couple of troughs too!
As for those scraps. . . .


MY version of a chippy-rusty-crusty tin box!

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CL Bookcase faceliftYou know the bookcases

100% assembly-required, (kind of) cheap materials but interestingly~NOT a cheap price tag.
Convenience is the name of the game here, not necessarily style.
I found this on Craigslist for $15 and wanted to use it for display in another antique  mall (that still may or may not happen–??).

--free from Craigslist!Long story short~

since I don’t NEED it for its intended purpose, now it’s in the way and needs to go—BUT CERTAINLY NOT LOOKING LIKE THIS!

Also found on Craigslist were these split log fence boards—free!  I got first dibs and took a LOT but not all. By the time I thought about what I could do with them the rest were gone~ boo-hoo.

Heyit’s finally cottage season, how about a fun


styled piece using the free CL-boards!  But they were used raw and were really filthy from the elements, so I pressure-washed them clean!

Even after sort of disassembling the bookcase and giving it a new WOOD face frame, it was actually a SIMPLE, EASY face lift!  Albeit  t e d i o u s!
















--adding crown molding

Adding crown molding required some compound cuts.  The challenge was fun but you can see I miscalculated a tiny bit on the left (dang it!)—I caulked it in.

I laid the cabinet down on saw horses to work easier, and then set boards between to create a “stop” to start the first course of board-facing -or cladding.

the face lift

the Bookcase face lift

The fence boards were not quite long enough for my tall cabinet so I added a wood base from some salvage.  AND- you know, it gave a cleaner-finished bottom.  You can also see I added cedar feet—cut from a long 4×4 post several summers ago for multiple burgeoning projects !

I didn’t like the PLAIN wood face frame so I clad it too—which messed up the crown molding.  I’ll play more with that later.  But my immediate fix was to use a ripped length of a board as another layer of “crown molding.”

"crown molding"

playing around with the doors and hardwareThe doors. . . ugh.

I tried laying the boards vertically, horizontally, and in a chevron pattern. Nope.  Nothing looked right.  A picture frame pattern looked the best of all -but what to do with the center void. . .

Did I mention there’s going to be some leather—?

Perhaps another surprise to the finish!

More tomorrow,


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Craigslist--FREE!…you find a surprise FREE listing on Craigslist that’s TRULY interesting!

SHIELD-back chairs—and table.

The table –ehh– but how I love a shield-back chair!  And, well, that table does have some fun legs to use in a future project!

Free is always good, but is it truly—FREE?

In THIS instance, NO.


All four chairs were SO loosey-goosey and with some open joints, that I just grabbed the appropriate tools and knocked each completely apart.  It took a good bit of time, but I REglued every. single. joint.

Those chairs are now really  S O L I D.                  from CL ad ↓

the FREE chairs--

repairing the FREE chairs--

repairing the FREE chairs--

I love the fleur de lis backs!

Fleur de lis Shield-back chairs!

I set the chairs aside giving them over night/24 hours to fully set up and dry, and moved on to stripping off the nasty, soiled, fur encrusted fabric from the seats.   -Just gross enough -I donned some gloves—eeeeewwwwww!

After stripping down the double layers of fabric, I beefed up the padding, then REcovered with a botanical print.  BUT- each seat has a different interpretation of the print!

*I toyed with sewing a box cushion and welting, but considering their REsale value—I couldn’t justify adding that much more work.  Oh well.

new fabric for the free SHIELD BACK CHAIRS &Table -CL-001

I took the easy way out and sprayed each chair with a soft white primer, sanded & sealed.  Period.  Time was running out to take them to the pop-up show and my Time-Materials-to-REsale was NOT adding up.  So much for “FREE.”

My "FREE" Craigslist shield-back chairs!. . . forgot to get some “after” pictures to show you the botanicals on the seats, sorry

but they were really pretty!

Trust me!   ; D

They didn’t sell during the show and I was bummed—

but Hip-Hip HooRaY!

A fellow vendor snatched ’em up before I could load them again.


the free SHIELD BACK CHAIRS from Craigslist

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-my birdsong dresserThe Urban Dictionary describes a Birdsong as

When something really awful happens, but it turns into something fantastic!

HuH~ a pretty good description for this whole project.  Except let’s just say- awful, ending with pretty good.


a $15 CL dresser

I found this dresser on Craigslist and negotiated a $15 sale.  With an action-packed schedule, it was a “..hustle to pick it up – check it out later.”  I sure was disappointed when I finally got to look it over. Uhgh~ $15 was too much and I should’ve left it there.

*Cannot find my Before picture—it’s already getting worked over here…

It needed a LOT of repair and REbuilding and was disGUSTingly dirty!  It still amazes me how people can sell stuff like that and keep a straight face.  1- I take care of my belongings, and 2- pride, decency, and upbringing would never allow it.

I stripped its top

—because I’m just not a BIG fan of painted tops—things like to stick to them.  It revealed an interesting veneered top—also in rough shape.  I opted to leave it natural and only waxed it (adding a little liming wax later).

the stripped top-

Realizing the REsale limitations of this dresser—I was trying to strike a balance between doing right by it and not giving up a lot of my time.  Ha-ha.

I chose a paint color scheme and started painting.  Of course that didn’t work—it had some awful, inconsistent finish that resisted the paint.  I tried to give it a “tooth” by sanding, but—NO.  I think it may have been polyurethane’d, even Kilz primer needed 2 coats, but I was finally back to painting—

a Gray frame with white drawers.

I thought it would look clean, simple & classic, but instead, it just looked boring. Moving on to Plan D -or E or F by now- I pulled out a bird stencil to help expedite an idea, loosely moving it around and flipping it over to create a form I liked.  I added dimension with some over-painting by hand—

and gave it a light sanding, then clear waxed and lime waxed.

I also switched its hardware to simple wood knobs painted white.

hand painting a Bird dresser

The drawers were the bane of this project with multiple broken drawer boxes to repair ~beginning with undoing and correcting someone’s totally awful trys at repair!  This all meant even MORE time spent on this $15 mess.

In the end, there was no choice but to paint the insides too—like 50k times.  Yes, even the drawer boxes were still resisting paint- 4 coats in.  Arrrgh!

And here’s the perfect ending to this project—

-a BIRDSONG project--really.BeaUtiful pre-summer day!  So I opened the big overhead door of my work studio (aka- the garage) to let it “air out.”  I shifted the many working projects around and staged THIS dresser by the big open door since it was leaving for the antique mall by afternoon.

A bird flew inside and


on its top.

Etching through the wax.

ANOTHER repair.

And I thought this would be a fast, easy flip.
There’s probably some deep seated message in here, huh?



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CL side table-I’ve had some sudden progress with my finger!

(YaY!) So I’m testing the waters in ways I haven’t dared to of late.  I just have to find new ways to hold- grip-secure things so I can get back to work.  SAFELY.

The projects sitting in my queue are things that need big REinvention—so they’ll remain there.

I need PRACTICE pieces to work on—

Craigslist, please, could ya’ help me out?

THIS looks interesting~ $20.  Got it for $15.  And had quite the drive to go get it.

Interestingly~the FRONT is the panel, the SIDES are open.  Huh.  MY plan is to make the open ends the front, cut it in half, stack it, and

create a Scalloped-front Bookcase!

Since I can’t securely hold my circular saw yet, the safe route is to completely DEconstruct the table.  THEN cut it in half, and THEN put it [back] together!  The next test is to find safe ways to cut the individual parts in half!

1st~I turned the table upside down and started removing ALL the screws, and one layer at a time—the feet, the two-layered bottom, and so on.

DEconstructing the CL side table

Then I turned it right-side up and continued the same exercise from the top side down.  The last thing was to separate the sides by removing the center shelf.

DEconstructing the CL side table

NOW to cut things in half.

Some parts were easier than others.  Some parts were nerve-wracking.  The chop saw is easy-peasy now—the table saw is still challenging, depending on what I’m trying to do.

cutting things in half-cutting things in half-

cutting things in half-

Wish you were here.  To help me!

Whew!  It took me longer, but I got the job done!

Putting it back together was a combo of REassemblage, and gluing, screwing, nailing. And it was generally the easiest part of this exercise!  woot-woot!

Putting it all back together--with a few changes!

Here’s my new BOOKCASE!

43″ tall × 24″ wide × 14″ deep

And you can see I’ve begun painting—


from side table to bookcase!

from side table to bookcase!











from side table to bookcase!

CL side table-

Sharing this project with The Curator’s Collection

Kammy’s Korner

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the CL secretaryI bought this secretary (and another) off of Craigslist the beginning of July, but with all the craziness going on—

I’m  just getting to work on it.

It’s in good condition, but for the drop-down part, and that should be a fairly simple repair!

Now to figure out a color scheme.

spraying the interior of the secretary-First, I knew I wanted a pop of color for the interior.  But it was NOT going to be easy to paint.  Spraying it would help—but I don’t have a sprayer so I used two cans of spray paint.

I taped off for over-spray using Paper Tape.  I bought a generic brand to save some money~and make a comparison from the one I usually buy.  Not bad, but not quite as sticky a hold in the humidity. All in all, I’d probably buy this generic again (save some money).  Plus- painters tape gets really expensive and this works well for many projects…TRY IT!

-using Paper Tape for this part

I liked the chartreuse green color—good for a girl or boy, & a young, fresh feeling!

Once I removed the divided insert, I kind of preferred the clean open interior. It leaves more room for today’s uses (computers and all).  So I left it out—less work to do too!

WITH or WITHOUT the divided insert--?

a base of a pale blue-gray, and a top coat of a soft white--Now the outsidehow about just a soft white…?

But with some dimension.  I painted 2 coats of a very pale blue-gray, THEN I painted a top coat of white.  I did a little distress sanding to reveal the base color and some wood—then I burnished it with a razor blade to a fine hand and a slight sheen.  The finish feels almost like a waxed piece.  Oh, and, you can create some interesting distressing!

not the usual manufacturer's stamping-

Instead of the usual painted manufacturer’s stamping it had a metal plate.  I love those little extras!

We’re having another weird-weather day & the light is  s t r a n g e!  But you can see some of the sheen on the secretary’s lid.

Again, that’s from burnishing the finished paint with a razor blade.

-you can see some of the burnished finish on the lid

◊ I still need to burnish both sides,

have already restored the drawer hardware,

just have to put back the drop-down hardware—IT HAS PROBLEMS.

Then it’s off to the antique mall,

and hopefully a new owner sOOn!


just need to repair the drop-down hardware--

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my sprained ankle is recovering…have had my 1st full night of sleep in almost 5 weeks since this freak accident happened! Didn’t wake up even once in pain last night—a reward for dutifully staying off my ankle-?  For the most part—you can only take sO much boredom.

That “lump” you see is NOT my ankle bone, it’s the last visible part of the injury -which is still a little swollen and -still- painful.

Since things are on the UPswing, I’m going to PACE MYSELF and start working on some backed up projectsthey’ve been waiting long enough for my attention.

These are just some of what’s been on hold—


my newest projects-

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