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a Curbie!

Last fall I saw a CURB ALERT listing on Craigslist in the FREE category.

I chased right over to snatch up this cabinet. . .

can you believe it?


This could make a really fun REinvention, right?
-tools of this job!

I love it—

but it was a stereo cabinet and the defunct compartments don’t work for me.

So demo day has at last arrived for this curbie.  I took it all the way back to a carcass and even stripped the top to see its true condition.

. .Below are pictures of that process!

And the array of tools it took to get there.

The beginning of its DEconstruction!

--stripping the top

That done, it’s time to make some decisions about its


and I thought I’d run a few ideas by you guys.

Tell me what you think!

It’s a basic and simple Federal style so I’d like to stay –simple– and make it into perhaps. . .a BOOKCASE?  With a couple of adjustable shelves?

...maybe make it into a BOOKCASE?

I could build a couple of DOORS for a CLOSED CABINET.

◊ they could be solid paneled,

◊ they could be glass doors,

◊ they could be wire doors.

...maybe make a CLOSED CABINET?

Any preferences?

Any other  or  better ideas?

I’m all ears


the Curbie cabinet-

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Spring is FINALLY here!Truly  not  an understatement.

You know how it is,

L O N G  W I N T E R,

LOTS of clean up and 101 other things!

To Do List

………….– only a few highlights –

I’ve done the bulk of the HUGE Spring Clean up by myself  ~blisters and sore muscles to prove it.

new drawer organizers-Have triple-washed every window in the house  ~washed, then cleaned twice with Rain-X for a gOOd barrier.

I’ve begun work on an ambitious new headboard project (more soon),

built out a few drawer organizers,

helped a nephew build a horse shoe pit  ~let the games begin!building a horse shoe pit

Champ-ers stole my shoes!

Got my shoes stolen by the Champ-ster…

have been sorting through a LOT of boxes in storage  ~almost feels like Christmas REdiscovering some of my cOOl belongings!  Funny to see the craze of cow-sheep-horse heads that have become so popular—I bought these hooks in a ’97 estate sale!

REdiscovering some of my cOOl old belongings!

Saturday we took down the green house for summerwoo-hoo!  But that meant I had to practically empty the garage/Page 10 Studio to be able to pack away the 8 parts it’s made up of.  Uhhhhgh.  So went the dance of the furniture projects.

*These are just the beds. . . .

beds for projects--

Like I really nEEd to look for any more projects -but- I found this on CL and have plans for it!  ; D

a new CL find!

This was a much needed end of day  (medicinal)  Kahlua & creme!

For Medicinal Purposes!

Again—just a snapshot of the many things that’ve been goin’ on.

The bigger thing was that mom took a tumble over some books and a chair, into a commode, and broke 3 ribs!  So I’ve had to REschedule some projects to be close at hand.  She’s 3 weeks into healing and finally starting to get past the worst pain.  Yowza!


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Mom's house 1961My mother’s house has come a l o n g  way since it was built in 1961.

that's me!  -finding shade the 1st summer we moved here

the raised roof line-

~A small 1½ story they saw potential in.

Our family became the 2nd owners in the later 60’s.

The first big change was to raise the back-side roof creating a mUch bigger 2nd floor. . . a large concrete patio with stone bbq/fire place, and eventually, a kitchen window was replaced by a french door and a small deck!

the evolution of changes--

Next is a simpler back view—free of shutters, and the small deck railing sections removed for the addition of a huge 2nd level/step down deck.

continuing to change--

MY scope of work was to build an addition on the front -enlarging and squaring up the living room- renovating essentially every square inch of interior house, REworking the whole backside outdoor living space, and REworking the gardens.

the back of the house transformations--

The deck and backside of the house "now!"

antique theatre seat framesSo, all of this is to show you

the next cool addition!

I found two antique theatre seat frames on Craig’s list— $20!

They’re from the turn of the century.

They’re so AWEsome!

And here’s my plan—

Often enough, there will suddenly be extra people hanging around the dining table—sometimes pulling up extra chairs, usually leaning against the railings.  So I want to spread each seat frame apart to create a double seat, and affix them to the deck rails to the left & right sides of the large planter.

the dining deck--

adding extra seating--

I’ll use deck boards to fill the new seats and chair backs.

When someone extra is there—a seat can be flipped down!

antique theatre seat frames

antique theatre seat frames

I’m sO excited the weather is finally beginning to improve


and once the greenhouse comes down,

look for this cOOl project to take shape—I can’t wait!


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CL surprise find!It was raining,

I was restless,

and “stuck” in my current project.  What to do,

what to do.

Why, go check out CL for MORE projects~ d u h.

Oh, this is cool!    Would you take $15 ??  Yes?!  Would I come 1st thing tomorrow: )

♥ ♥ ♥

Mother nature has been making me reorganize projects.  Beginning with the fact that one of the [badly] damaged tree branches from last summer’s tornadoes finally gave up.  Ironically, the tree guy was coming THAT day—until a thunderstorm backed us up to –the next day- .  Yep, Murphy’s Law.

*Murphy's Law

♥ ♥ ♥

Since we had a sunny window and I had -I thought- a quick stripping job, I figured I’d stay outside for the moment to work on my surprise CL library table!

I was thinking I’d like a stripped top-natural look with a painted bottom.  And then I thought about what else I had and how it wouldn’t really go with anything—so I decided to lightly stain the top.  Now I’m on the fence about the painted bottom~maybe I should just strip the WHOLE THING-?  Any thoughts?

the stripper I like to use when it's just old varnish and stain--This is the stripper I like to use   when it’s just old varnish and stain.

Think of it like a good bath –again–when there’s no paint involved.  This is the same stripper I used on my Grandpa’s rockers, the China cabinet, and numerous other projects through the years.

It’s stinky-strong and will burn your skin so use it in a well ventilated area and wear appropriate gloves.  And I guess my gloves are due for replacement ’cause my pinky finger got sort of burned by the end of this job–yOWza!


the ibrary table from CL

♥ ♥ ♥

So, I’m back to bouncing around multiple projects.

Since the library table needs to be dealt with outside– . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . it’s on hold for better weather,

and I’m heading back to the LL and the China cabinet.

As for the tree–it too has to wait until the weather changes. . . .again.


Ps– if you’re trying to find Zinsser products here’s a link

I’m sharing this project with a few of my favorite linky parties!


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Craig's list bonus cabinet….I could just stay on ONE THING AT A TIME.

I hate this ricocheting around routine.  Does anything really get done that way?

I’ve got more things going on than I can keep track of lately.

All winter I was scraping by finding projects to work on  –nOw–

my cup runneth over!


I have some really cool and exciting things to work on for a while now!

Craig's list bonus cabinet

Barring any interruptions,  I should be finishing THIS project tomorrow and I’ll be able to finally put those grungy work clothes away!  wooo hooo!

WoW I can’t wait to put it in place and fill it up!


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Yep.  I’m STILL working on my Craig’s list bonus cabinet.

working on the CL bonus cabinetMy mother had a pretty big surgery on Monday, released from the hospital Tuesday (she’s up and down on the feeling better scale).  Heck, the whole week was just turned upside down by an array of things.

So I guess I   should be saying

“Look how far I am on my Craig’s list bonus cabinet!”

I sanded the top clean and used a clear Varathane sealer -but- I’m not sure if I like it yet.  Ehh–if I don’t, I can just paint it white with the rest of the cabinet.

the Craig's list bonus cabinet

puttying all the bad areas--I puttied ALL the bad areas besides the faux panel cut lines, let them set up for 24hrs, and have sanded everything SUPER smooth.

Oh!  Here’s a close up of the new glass handles!

the new handles--

You can see I’ve been priming the exterior of the cabinet.

So, I’m getting there….!


my CL bonus cabinet--getting re-worked!

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Yesterday I worked primarily on the interior of the cabinet.

It was so beat up needing all kinds of work—re-gluing, putty, cleats, shelving.

the Craig's list bonus cabinet

I had a lot of interruptions throughout the day and didn’t get everything accomplished on my list.  BUT–

I did get to work on the cabinet face.

I’m not in love with the Federal style–so I’m changing it.

I hATe the cut-in fake paneling–so I’m changing it.

I don’t like the hardware either–so I’m changing it too.

And I’m painting the dark wood white.

But other than thAT……aaaa-hhahahaha!

adding picture frame molding--

Above, you see the ½” half-round (I was using leftovers from odd projects).  I needed to apply a very low-profile, simple molding because the doors are almost flush with the top and base.  And you can see I still need to fill the faux panel cut lines while I’m puttying. . . . .

creating a perfect picture frame molding "box"I used the picture frame molding to effect a change of style, but it IS a small’ish cabinet so I chose to create ONE LARGE BOX instead of 2 smaller on the face.  That’ll give a much simpler look with the large glass handles I’m also adding.

Here’s a trick for getting the “box” perfectly square and lined up exactly at the door openings.

-Create the picture frame as ONE “box” right over the closed doors.

-Then use the door opening as your guide and an oscillating saw to cut through the molding!  Voilà!

This is not a great picture, but it gives you a good idea of the changes.  I have a lot of tedious work to finish before painting.

~fun fUN times ahead.


the new face of te Craig's list bonus cabinet---h

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I feel like that “hump day” camel. . .

“Guess what day it is–guess what

DAY it is?!?”


Craig's list #3

Some one~has been touched by some Spring feev’a apparently

and listed some gOOd stuff of Craig’s list!    ~At last!

So I drove the 45 minutes to capture one ’60’s styled, undulating front, dark-blonde dresser–$20!

Ha! Guess what I’m doing with to it?  ; D

It’s a little rougher than the posting showed–nothing I can’t handle.  In fACt–I’ve already taken it apart and cut it into the two projects!


Let the FUN begin!

Omg–wait till you see the other finds!  An AWEsome architectural dining table, a cabinet, and fingers crossed–a square-backed Louis chair!  I feel giddy!


Craig's list-- #3

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A family dinner kept me from finishing my project yesterday.

**Btw–as I told my sassy nephew about my [satanic] red squirrel issues—5 down, at this latest count!he went for a drink and came back with THIS.  Told ya’ he was sassy! 

Anyway, as soon as it got a little warmer out this morning, I headed out to finish the bottom section of my craig’s list dresser project!

Just to recap~~

  1. I cut the dresser into 2 sections and the bottom section is becoming this bench

  2. I cleaned it, repaired it, then primed it–

I needed to neutralize that awful, glossy, chocolatey brown to figure out a direction for this piece.  Now, ordinarily, I would agree that—

—but not in a dresser, please!

I primed it white, thought about WHO this bench might be purchased or used for–and decided to go really girly-girl!

I dry-brushed an old muddy pink I concocted for a previous project, then dry-brushed white back over the top so you can see layers of color looking at it.  And I didn’t have to distress it to get the layering effect!  It reads really soft.  I did, at the end, give a light sanding to distress a few edges!

You can also see in the pictures that I built up the sides and back with some plywood since this “dresser” will have to bear weight now as a bench.

Here it is propped together after the muddy pink dry-brushing.  Yeah, needs to be more on the “white side.”  OH!  I forgot to show you that I padded and upholstered the top/seat from an old pillow sham!

And now after some more white dry-brushing.

I seal-coated all the parts, and added the authentic leaded glass handles—except, dang it!  I over-tightened one side and cracked the leaded glass.  Thank goodness I had found 3 handles!

Did I mention that I painted and wallpapered the drawer–?

And the final touches—some lace skirting!

I was still in the sewing spirit!

And, I said I decided to go Girly-Girl!

**But I have to ask—is my project “half” done, or,
because it’s the bottom third of the dresser, is my project only 1/3 done—??   ; D


**Hey, don’t forget that I’ve done this before~~~The Former Dresser!

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Remember this Craig’s list dresser?  $25

I was actually a little disappointed when I arrived to pay and pick it up.  It was more “petite,” shall we say, than I thought, not in very good condition–basically, a lesser grade of furniture than I anticipated (bottom lip stuck out).  **But the woman’s house and property were an incredible renovation job waiting to launch!  And I thoroughly enjoyed her mini tour!

“When life gives you lemons—“

I say, add some Tequila, limes & salt!

Re-thinking its true value, this is my plan of attack!

~still with me~?

I can’t even remember what I pilfered the Chippendale legs from ~a few yrs ago~ but this looks like a good project to finally put them to use!

Things are only propped together so you can generally see how I’m trying to re-think the situation!

What would you do?!?


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