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. . . so this is what I did in the end.

in the works--The dresser looked sO pretty and refreshed painted in the Revere Pewter and Alabaster White.

Yeah—WAS looking good up to The Accent Color Debacle. Ooooh well.

I’d decided to only accent a few of its subtle details, like the fluting in the full front stiles-legs, the flourishes, and the recessed upper drawer section.  And THEN I REvisited the recessed drawers.  With découpage.  Yes~more découpage.

I grabbed my vintage French vocabulary book and started leafing through for cool pages to use!  And I finally tore out the cover pages—which you can see on the 2nd drawer.

 découpage from a vintage French vocabulary book

 I also added the petit fleur de lis to each drawer.

I stained them dark to match what stain I kept.

After découpaging, I lime waxed each drawer to create a sun-faded appearance  -which also toned down each fleur de lis.

Lastly, I seal-coated all the remaining parts.

Tuesday morning I got everything REset at the antique mall and jumped on the highway to head out of town for the rest of the week!  More on that later -but- I’ve already found a new project to bring back—it’s REALLY UGLY, just wait till you see what I’m doin’ with it!

Impresively well-made dresser!Here’s the dresser, now at the mall for sale!

This is one very heavy, solid wood, well-made dresser.  Even Bird’s Eye Maple drawer boxes. Nothing cheap here!


the flourish on the back splash--…wish you could feel just how smOOth and silky the top feels—3 layers of liming wax, paste wax, paste wax all buffed out with my random orbital buffer!

my CL DRESSER  $25

I’m sharing this project with a couple of my favorite linky parties!

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Craig's list dresser #2--

A fast recap~

Found this ugly thing on Craig’s List, $30

I cut it in two,

made a bench with the bottom.

another Craig's list dresser--

the remains of the cut up dresser



And this is what I’m doing with the upper half.

I decided to make it a smallish night stand, dresser, commode.  But I wanted to completely manipulate away  that french provincial style!

creating a new look for the Craig's List dresser

I pulled 4 legs from my hoarding stock supplies (that had been cut off some table in a former project)!

I ran 2 through the table saw jUst enough to create a “flat” back to attach to the dresser front.

A 3rd leg was ripped in half to attach to each side near the back.  However~I cut the “foot” off first, and had to cut a foot off of a forth leg too.

I attached each of the new “styles” with glue, and nailed them from the back side.

Those back styles/legs—I drilled a hole for a dowel to re-attach their feet.

I also re-faced the curved rails to edit out those tell-tale routed grooves that aLL those dressers seem to have.  I glued on the thin strips, and used painter’s tape -like clamps- till they are dried.

AnD–I pried off that stUpid applied panel from the top drawer, and cut a new –plain– apron for the dresser bottom!

a new look for a Craig's List dresser

You can see that I also wrapped the top with some wood.  Primarily to fill the gap from the shortage of the table leg-new style, but also, to add another element that changes the original design!

And this is where I left construction at end of day!  Tomorrow, I will finish a few details—and begin painting!

I haven’t made a final decision on the new top yet~stand by!


a new look for a Craig's List dresser

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another Craig's list dresser--. . .well, it wasn’t thAt cheap—$30.  And the guy wouldn’t budge in spite of condition.  I hate when that happens.

I love creating benches,

I have several that I am keeping,

but thIS is another that will go to the antique mall!

Is this not the sADdest looking thing?  How did someone think this was a good thing to do–??  Shame-shame-shame.



another Craig's list dresser--

So~1st things 1st. Empty the drawers, and, cut the thing up!

1st, I decided on the height of my bench. Then subtracting for the thickness of the top, padding and upholstery–I cut the dresser at 18½” from the bottom up.

I always create a fence to make the cut safely. I prefer to use the circular saw for these tasks–it makes the fastest, cleanest cut. AnD, with a fence, it’s a nice, straight cut.

2ndly, the “card board” sides needed to be reinforced~

there’s nO way they’d EVer be able to hold weight!  So I knocked out the corner braces throughout to make way for the solid boards to fill those hollow interior voids.

reinforcing the sides--

I pulled from my stock of old kitchen cabinet doors that I buy for $1 each at the ReStore, and a whole bunch I found on the curb on overflow day.  Those really old cabinet doors are solid slabs of good, cheap wood!  I glued them up, then nailed them in place.  The structure is pretty solid now.

reinforcing the sides--These dressers are made sO cheaply, and the drawers are the absolute evidence.  So I decided to dummy the drawer front and attach it permanently.  With barely any effort of the rubber mallet–the whole thing fell to pieces~thAt was disgustingly, wAy too easy.  Once the drawer front was detached, I ran it through the table saw cutting it down to the newly needed size.

attaching the DDF--

I ripped some ½” scrap wood to 2½” wide, and cut it to length to connect and support the dummy drawer face.

*btw—and, just an FYI.  If you’ve ever seen any diy cabinetry info from the box stores, or layouts/plans from a designer—you may have seen tags like  –DDF, FF, WEP, BEP, RR, DR.  They are acronyms for Dummy Drawer Front, Face Frame, Wall (cabinet) End Panel, Base (cabinet) End Panel, Refrigerator Return, Dishwasher Return.  There are a hundred acronyms used~these are among the most common parts you’ll see used.  ~Sometimes I forget myself and write them into my project descriptions without thought (like I initially did just above, but corrected).

I cut a new bottom for it (after removing the drawer guide), filled the old drawer pull holes, and caulked all seams/connections with construction adhesive.  Before I quit last night, I used some primer to knock out that awful blue.  I’m off to a really late start for today, and probably won’t get much time working on it.  You see. . .

another Craig's list dresser makeover!

. . .I’m off to meet my nEWest great-Great-nephew!

Babies don’t keep~cabinets do!


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Remember this Craig’s List dresser?

Remember how I cut it “in half”~

craig's list dresser

~and how I had a 2-part plan for a bench and a console?

my craig's list dresser

the new plan--Well, the lace-skirted bench sold so quickly from my antique store space, that I decided to make a bench from the other half too.

1st– I needed to reinforce the new bottom of the (now) bench.  I created a frame and detailed edge using some very hard oak & the router.

And then I needed to give it some feet. Of course, I didn’t seem to have 4 of anything appropriate for this dresser- but I DiD have 2 pairs of complimentary bun feet!

figuring out some feet--

the color scheme--I wanted to use this bright, cheery linen-

-and chose a green paint-scheme to keep it perky!

Okay, I’m still trying to figure out this chalk paint— and I still didn’t get it “right,” so my game plan changed along the way.

Now, latex paints, I get.  Tinting the color, the “feel” of it and manipulating the finish.  Using glazes, dirty-ing it up with stains, aging it with waxes–I’ve been doing it a looong time.

I WILL conquer this chalk paint–in time.  With patience.  And obviously–smaller projects during this learning curve!

It’s strange to me how this paint DRIES LIGHTER, but changes dramatically when waxed!  So I learned that I should’ve picked the fabric AFTER!  And you can see that it was changed before all was said and done!

You can also see the change of hardware—from my flea market collections!

the other half of the Craig's List dresser!

It’s BRIGHT to be sure–and this was NOT my intended outcome.

When the project started, I was thinking “teenaged girl!”

Yep~there’s a definite learning curve–you have to think differently with this paint.  –I’m also still struggling with coverage and how far it’s supposed to go.

It was just ONE of the projects I took to the antique mall to refill my space today.  I tore up the whole left side to clean and reset.

*ha~while I was re-setting my space–SOMEONE BOUGHT IT!

And I thought for sure it would sit, and I would have to RE-DO it!
I quickly snapped this picture before they took it away!


my antique mall space!

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