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I’m not off to a good start.

My computer “crashed.”  I’m struggling with the new one.  EVERYthing didn’t transfer as they said and I still haven’t figured out where my pictures are loading—just TWO of the issues.

this is not the life I ordered~Apparently I got a bit run down with my big To Do List before Christmas ~which all came crashing in on me.  Surprise, surprise.  No matter the flu shot, I always seem to catch something.  I am NOT a winter-girl.

Whatever I caught this time really took hold—mostly all in my chest.  And so goes the cycle of taking expectorants to cough out the gook, but cough suppressants to get relief  from the super sore throat-pounding headache-no sleep from coughing.  And the Dr’s office says it’s just a virus~not antibiotic grade.  The OTC stuff is making me loopy -so power tools are off limits- and I’m not level-headed enough for painting.  I’m bored silly.

It’s been 3 weeks and I think I’ve coughed out a gallon of mucus.  I’m finally getting some quality sleep and this morning can finally feel a difference breathing.

I’ve put away virtually all of the Christmas decor— s l o w l y.  It’s about all the energy I could muster.  Just one item remains—the upstairs Christmas tree is the last vestige and one source of –comfort while I’ve been sick.

A n d  Christmas songs and Christmas movies!

the last vestige of Christmas~

But since I’m not a Christmas baby and tomorrow is my B’day. . .

I guess  I should take it down now.


yeah-its my birthday

birthday cake


Actually~ where’s the wine

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Dear Lord

I can’t seem to get back in gear.


be ridiculous!


An over sized chicken wire picture frame to display cards!

I have just a few more holiday things to share—while try to find my motivation.

Mom had wAy more Christmas cards this year than the pretty zinc card wreath I got her would hold -so- Christmas eve morn’, I grabbed some picture frame molding (a cousin gave me lots of!) to create a large frame of chicken wire to display them.  *And sprayed it w/gold foil paint.

17″w x 6ft h  —  problem solved!

But me and the chicken wire—my hands looked like I was in a cat fight…and I lost!

Mom busily arranged her cards–we happened to find an old (from ’94) card that came addressed to mom’s late, zany cat Marvin! Stamps were only 29 cents?  -wOw!

Marvin's Christmas card--!



btw–this was the theme of family pics 2014!  Thought you might get a kick out of a few of them. . .

2014 Christmas theme for family pics!Christmas decor--2014

Christmas is the one time of year I find a passion for RED & Glitter!Christmas decor--2014

Christmas decor--2014

the granite urn at the entrance to my work studio--

above ◊  This granite urn sits at the entrance to my work studio (aka–the garage).  I love the red ruckus but it’s worse than rose thorns!

below ◊  This year’s Christmas tree was set in an enormous garden urn!  I had planned to use a tempered glass round with a big “donut” hole in it to become a “table tree” (hee hee!), but the urn was too tall and it all looked odd so the idea got scrapped.  booooo

I just couldn’t get this year’s tree trimmings “right,” but I do like the urn and big, sheer bow!  And the fresh tree smells sO good. . .


*Now~  if I could just find my work-groove again. . .

Christmas decor--2014

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more Christmas decor--I didn’t know how exhausted I was until I took a time out–uh, wOw.

I’ve caught up on some mUch needed sleep,

played catch up to all the amazing pre-Christmas blog posts waiting for me in my in-box and pinned some very inspirational ideas.

Watched a few movies,  watched more of the back of my eyelids

and it’s all been sO nice, but, it’s time to get back to work now.

My parents bought this cuckoo clock in Germany while we lived in France in the Air Force years.
While I jump back in to some unfinished projects,

more Christmas decor--let me share some of our

Christmas decor!

-the lower level-

more Christmas decor--

more Christmas decor--

more Christmas decor--

Christmas eve day I began arranging silver service for our Christmas day meal. This is playtime for me, and the one time a year I spend polishing all the silver pieces–so I don’t mind.

more Christmas decor--

*A big brother who got an early look, took issue with the Naughty & Nice list and made “corrections” as you see above.

more Christmas decor--

◊ Once I decided to use the vintage flea market lamp (a newly finished rewiring project, plus a vintage-inspired lamp shade), I hustled out to my work studio and whipped out an 8″ square x 12″ high pedestal box (from project scraps) and upholstered it with some scrap matelassé fabric.  A quick 30 minutes later and my lamp was boosted above the food for ambient lighting!  I’ll do a trim job on it soon and add feet or millwork to the bottom–??

◊ I was happy to finally get to break out my unusually tall 8″ crystal salt & pepper shakers. 

more Christmas decor--

 This is my flea market-find hotel server–

my flea market-find hotel server

This is how far I got on my under stair storage project –  :’ (  -but it still “served” us well!  My goal was to make it easy to serve themselves. . .

all the further I got on this project before Christmas--

my under stair "server"my under stair "server"There were stations for soup, salad (a variety of dressings were all rounded up in the low silver piece), and wine—with a reminder of how

Wine & Friends should be old.”


serving ourselves at Christmas--



Christmas day--

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Christmas decor 2013I was  s-o  s-l-o-w  getting some Christmas decor up…

…it’s probably going to stay up a bit past the holidays!

  ; D   (gotta get my money’s worth!)


Suffice it to say that, all ornamentation this year was done with a very simplistic (but elegant) touch.

Of course~beginning with images of my hydrangea-splashed tree!

Christmas decor 2013

There just doesn’t seem to be a good way to get a good shot of this window header, and how I wish you could actually see it ~it is so simplistically pretty!

Christmas 2013 decor

Again, “simple” was the theme….

Christmas decor 2013

(Okay–maybe it’s a little heavy-handed over the curio)

Christmas 2013 decor

Just little touches in the kitchen cabinets, over the fridge, beside the stove…

Christmas decor 2013

…even from the driveway door heading down to the lower level…

Christmas decor 2013

Christmas decor 2013…but in the lower level kitchenette…

I had the fun of playing with some of my silver collection!  ; D

Christmas decor 2013

the NAUGHTY & NICE list

One last thing to share~

I taunt family each year with a NAUGHTY & NICE list.

I write out the initial list and then have mAny debaters coming at me.  The list gets re-written  mANy times throughout Christmas day, but this year I decided to write only the headers of NAUGHTY & NICE–period.

As family arrived~ first looking for their stockings and then checking “the list,” I heard a lot of “HuH?”

Then they joyfully filled out the lists for themselves–of course you know where their very own names landed!

I heard one child get scolded for putting Grandma on the Naughty list~ “You NeVeR put Grandma on the NauGHTY list, are you crazy?!”

My 2nd brother didn’t like where he kept landing so added the “Everything is the opposite” disclaimer.  I also see that a lot of names are just missing–perhaps the verdict is still out–?

Look where they put me!


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https://freddyandpetunia.wordpress.com/2010/12/27/a-glimpse-of-the-naughty-nice-lists/In the beginning,

the Nice list was short and sweet,

and the Naughty list was quite lengthy—LOL!

But, soooooo many “arrows” and   “re-writes” later, the NICE list grew exponentially!


The girls you see here were not  the only ones making changes,

the “big kids” just didn’t get caught on camera!  By the end of Christmas day, the board was just barely legible!

Hey, now—how did I get  kicked off  again. . . ?


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