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How much FUN it was–

Atlanta, and back now!

While I sort and edit pictures to show you,

and recover from the little bug I picked up traveling -dang it-

“Emma” traveled home!

-It was planned that the cabinet would be placed in Emma’s room, but a pair of Big Brothers intervened with another arrangement!


A few REvisions to the original design

My cousin asked that it have a combo of hooks and shelves.

I thought small, simple, corner shelves would be cute!

Since she mostly wants to put books on them–I created “book stops.”

B.U.T.  Ultimately– I didn’t quite like the “visual balance.”

a REvision of the 1st design

–The final REvision and design.

I grabbed more wood, duplicated the side contours (with a few alternative cuts), and routered in the bead detail–

closing in the shelves!

*None of these cabinets have exceeded 48″ in height– until creating this arch.  This cabinet tops out at 55″.  Yikes!


the final design--

"Emma" in her new home!

I’m sharing “Emma” with these linky parties!





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The Shabby Nest

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**I sure hope this isn’t considered REgifting!

Just more than 2½ years ago, this lovely grandmother asked if I would consider a partial trade for a custom cabinet for her baby granddaughter.  She had something I coveted in her flea market space–so we worked out a deal!

She loved the elements of two cabinets, so I sketched out varying designs until we came up with a winner, and I began building a couple weeks later!  In the process of construction, I had a few other ideas and wanted to confer with her—but I couldn’t reach her.  For more than a year and a half, I  left messages on her home, cell, and work phones–with no luck.

At last, I reached her to learn that health issues, family issues, and a major move happened.  You know -LIFE.  But I was happy to hear the chaos was settling down.  —We talked about the cabinet, the design, my new ideas–but also how I could take my time, ’cause she wouldn’t be able to pay me right now.  And I haven’t been able to reach her, or heard from her since.

I’ve been patiently storing the partially-built cabinet.  Remember, she gave me this incredible “traded” item–it wasn’t going to kill me to have patience.

But—my cousin has a baby girl now,

–and I’m leaving for Atlanta Friday to visit,

–and I wanted to build a cabinet for her little sweetie-pie,

–and it’s been soooo busy these last months,

–and these little cuties take some time to build and finish,

–and. . . .on, and on, and on. . .

So why do I feel kind of guilty now for finally finishing this cabinet —for another little girl–?

. . . look at that little face—-awwwww. . . .

These are the two primary cabinet designs she wanted us to meld together– Rachel & Brooke!

Freddy & Petunia

She liked the scalloped sides, but preferred a drawer, and WE made a lower deck for her little one to sit on.  She wanted a more solid paint pallet in a peachy-pink, not the design patchwork, but she still wanted the “Oooh, la la!”  And she wanted a combo of shelves and a hook for a coat.  I’d been wanting to build an arched top for a while, and she liked that change-up!

Here was the beginning of the design–

building "Emma" (formerly Sophia)

Figuring out the beveled cut/angle to create the arch was quite a challenge.  I tried several approaches before figuring it out–and since I haven’t done it since—I don’t remember how I got it!

But to revamp the design for Miss Emma, I DE-constructed the base.    No more drawer–it now has a flip up lid.  I gutted the cavity and opened it up entirely–much more storage capacity!  I left the “look” of the drawer (a dummy-drawer front), and added a 3-leaf clover drop.

re-building for baby Emma!

I haven’t quite figured out the paint scheme–that’s today’s project!


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All kinds of things are on the move, right OUT OF MY SPACE!

I don’t think I’ve EVer spent so much time in an antique mall.

Look what I found!

Yes, such a good problem to have!  But, even my big 7ft radio cabinet is leaving Friday (for delivery), so I need to quickly build another tall display!

I’ll write a final-project post for the radio cabinet very soon!

Until then— remember this “look what I found” piece?

Its time has come–so I’ll be sketching, building, painting, and putting it to work by Friday!

–Just wanted to share my changing space!  Many small things gone too!

12-11-12 Antique Mall

Let me “introduce” you to some of my babies!

*Don’t forget, none of these is more than 48″ tall, and they’re all built “green!”


*happy 12-12-12 tomorrow!


Sophie, JeanAnn, Rudy, Jack-er Thomas–

Catrina, Nancy, John-Thomas, and Lukie!


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…..OMG!  Sooooo much fun antiquing-thrifting-shopping,

especially at  A Classy Flea.

Found lots of great parts to build new cabinet designs–

already busy sketching new ideas!

♥  ♥  ♥


The reason for the trip was to personally deliver a specially-built cabinet to

Music for Megan!

Hope you like it!

Such a good feeling to make this contribution for a very worthy cause!


◊ The raw frame and then deciding on the finish and details.











This is a standard cubby frame–it can be built many different ways to make it customized just for your little one(s)!

◊  by height, width, and other design choices!

◊  This basic cubby sells for $295  —  – –  -and adjusted based on alterations and customization.

◊  Shipping is available to contiguous US




-Other customized versions-

Contact me about building one for you!


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