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Let me 1st say that life (in the form of a painful sebaceous cyst) has interrupted the flow of working on, and finishing this hall tree, and getting started on the 2nd one.  Can you say mOre stress to make both charity deadlines~yIKes.

My mom accompanied me for my scary, and painful little “surgery.”  She also took pictures so I could actually see (afterwards) what the heck was happening.  I’ll spare you the sUper gross pics–but I’m going to show my nephews-the bOys (I’m a bAd auntie).

The whole process was pAINful~beginning with the hUNdred shots of local anesthetic that sent me flinching and squirming for all the burning, to all the cutting-poking-prodding-pushing-squeezing to excise the badly infected cyst.  Which may have lOOked like a golf ball, but felt like a softball–with roots.

Before all was done, their floor was flooded with my tears, and the doc had to remind me more than once to breathe.  And after all that to empty it, thEN she packed it back up with a medicated gauze for 24hrs that left me in agony.  My body definitely knew something was in there that didn’t belong, leaving me feeling ill, pale-white, wobbly,  and back in bed for the rest of the day.

This was 2 o’clock yesterday.  This morning, I tried to focus on finishing the hall tree upholstery to distract myself from the pain until I was scheduled for the packing removal.  The cyst was sO infected, some had to remain–and I have to go back yet again.

I’ve just got to FOCUS on my projects, and the good cause they are for.  Yes, it hurts and I’m in pain~but I’ll bet my niece’s mother-in-law would trade with me in a heart beat.  And, in the immortal words of my funny, late grandmothers—

Thank you God

“It’ll heal before you get married!”


“Cry, cry, cry–you’ll just pee less later!”

That definitely helps put things back in perspective—.


a hall tree for the ReStore's Earth Day celebration!The finished hall tree may not look “perfect” –but, all considering, I’m happy with it.  My last task was to add the nail heads, and it gave me the most trouble~heck, they’re tough to get perfect in the bESt of circumstances!

(and I sure would like a do-over)

But I have to get this one to the ReStore, and finally start on the next hall tree.

I hope you like it, and I hope the ReStore gets a gOOd price for it!







ps~1. It seems I got something on the internal part of my lens, that’s the weird dark spot you see.

And, 2. The “F & P” are covering the cabinet door handle holes on the box’s front that I somehow overlooked in construction.  ; D

a hall tree for the ReStore's Earth Day celebration!

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Earth DayThis next Saturday, my favorite ReStore is having a big sale to celebrate Earth Day!          And I am building something to contribute, from the mANy things I’m always buying there.

cure pancreatic cancerAnd also next Saturday, a benefit is being held for my niece’s mother-in-law, who (at 50) has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  And I am building something for this as well.

So you can imagine~I am busy-busy-bUsy~ I’m building a Hall Tree for both events.

This one is the 1st —the materials, the construction, and its progress as I quit for the night.

the 1st hall tree--

the hall tree--

I’ll have much more to tell and share tomorrow~


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