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french-y chalkboard

That cool chalkboard I made for, and just sold in the flea market was such a fUn project!

And since I happened to have a couple more doors~I thought I would create a couple more chalkboards!

So, 1st things 1st—I cut off the outer door profile that IS the dead-giveaway of BEing a cabinet door!  Plus- fresh, flat sides make it easier to add a frame (like you see on this 1st one).

*I also had to putty and sand out the routered grooves in the smaller door.

chalk boards

Next—I painted the whole door with chalkboard paint.  We’ve aLL done this so you don’t need me telling you how–

but if I could throw out these 3 helpful tips.

1) I’ve heard a few complain about their boards not being smooth to write on.  Sanding between each coat remedies the lines from a brush or the “eggshell-dimplingappearance from a roller.

2) I usually paint and sand out 3 coats.  THEN–I pour a small amount onto the board and TROWEL IT OUT WITH A VENETIAN PLASTER SPATULA.  Spreading the paint out yields the smOOthest finish, and helps to FILL ANY VOIDS missed in sanding.  I usually do 3 coats on this too–with sanding.

~Sure, it’s a little extra work, but I find it leaves me with the most durable chalkboards for lots of writing and erasing!

3) I’ve found my boards easier to write on and clean up better when they’re PRIMED!  Just lay some chalk on its side and cover the whole surface with it–then use a soft dry rag to wipe it down/clean it afterward!  I’ve never had a board leave that 1st “ghost” writing behind.

a couple more chalkboards

best way to cover the intricate applique!

Did I mention that I added an applique to each of these new boards-?!

The larger board got the “crown,” and to make it easier to cover all those nooks and crannies–I dunked it, then brushed it out!

Then~I découpaged!

more chalkboards!

I sanded off the excess of découpage and roughed it up a bit too!  Then I miter-cut some of my extra-run of bullnose to create frames for each chalkboard, and painted them with a liquid gold-leafing paint (just like the first board-pictured up top).

You can see I also hit some extra areas with the gold!

And now they’re off to the antique mall for sale!


2 more chalkboards!

*Click on the pictures to see the details closer up!details of the chalkboards!

I’m sharing this project with this FABulous linky party!

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