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I’ve got so many things going on at once, I don’t know

which way to turn.

And I can barely get in my work shop—it is sO over-flowing.

No Joke.


I was just accounting to someone for my last 3 weeks—

I’ve flown and driven cross-country.  Emptied a storage unit—then a truck.  Done a flea market.  Done a garage sale (in snow even).  There’s been 2 funerals a wedding and a confirmation.  And–I’ve chased “locally” about 1,000 miles up and down the highway doing family things….

my little chalkboard signs---….so I was late turning in my test results for a glue trial I was participating in.

Here’s one of the littler projects I tested that glue on.  I made these chalkboard signs for the flea market, we also used them in the garage sale….very helpful signage!

I made them (literally) from other project leftovers-scraps-cutoffs.

I’m juggling a pair of chairs and yard work at the moment, and I’ll have that to show you tomorrow!



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