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weeding--what fun!My mini-me came to spend the night!  We did an assortment of goofy auntie-niece activities, including watching the old movie Clueless!

(the one-liners are fabulous!)

Day 2, after we finally got up and moving, we blew up the inflatable kiddie pool (with the air compressor) and filled it with the garden hose (and many pitchers of hot water).  We laughed that if we had to do it all manually, it might be finished—next week!

Aleigha was such a help—we weeded!  All day!  Thank God she loves me.

Well, actuallywe rotated weeding some, then wading in the pool.  After lunch we also threw in a painting project she wanted to play with.  It was a fUn day!

Break time!  Again!

Break Time--again!

All the “pool time” seemed to be exactly what my ankle needed and is SO much better today!  Who knew!

Here’s Aleigha’s projectit’s something she saw on pintrest.

Boy did I do some searching to find the origin of these photos—they’re all over pintrest with NO credit to the person who did it (sad).

1st—we/she placed tape on her jars to see about how big she wanted to make her hearts…

…but I had her peel them off to cut out the shape with a scissors, I thought it would be safer for her than using a knife.

Aleigha's project!

I suggested she place the jars upside down to paint…so paint over-spray wouldn’t go inside the jars, and I thought it would be easier than trying to both hold and turn the jars.

Aleigha's project!

She sprayed 3 coats—and we went back to our “weeding & wading” in between each!

After both jars had ample time to dry, we “primed” the chalkboard paint and THEN we took off the tape.

Aleigha's project!

from HEART.LOVE.ALWAYS.Her mom came to pick her up before we could finish and decorate, so we’ll play with that next week!

The finished jars at left are from Alexandra at LOVE.HEART.ALWAYS. and this was my niece’s inspiration!

Catherine & Aleigha

btw—this is how I finished the day!  ; D

it was a LONG day!

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